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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Bullet Armors 3

Conducting a stake out!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 28, 2012 03:07 | Go to Bullet Armors

-> RTS Page for Bullet Armors 3

I hope no one assumed this would be monthly because I only seem to do once a month like Boku to majo....

I also hope it gets scantlated. :)

k.i.s.s scans only.

Techno 3: Conducting a stake out!


{Plyon city: Testarossa}

Ion: All right...


Ion: We're here bullet!!

The Plyon city, Testarossa!

Whoa, this city is huge!

I get the feeling we'll find Dad here for sure!

???: What'd you say?!


???: There are breeders around here?!

Suit: Sure seems that way, Tanpachi-san!

A breeder so crazy strong that even the Beika's had trouble!

Tanpachi: Hmm...sounds like the kind of prey a beika like me would hunt for...

{Beika: Tanpachi.}

{Tanpachi's cronies: Oneson (Right) Twobert (Left.)}

???: Oooh.

Tanpachi: All right, lets go bust us a breeder!

???: We knew you'd do it, Tanpachi-san!

Ion: Uh-oh...better not move Bullet!

(Sfx- Kyuuh)


Ion: O—oh! A watering hole!

Great timing, I'm sooo thirsty!
Oneson: What's with that kid?

Twobert: Did you see that thingy? It looked like a right arm.

Tanpachi: Right arm you say...?


Ion: Hah...


That freaked me out...

Geez, there are beika in this city?

I'm worried but I can't leave town...


Big dude: Watch where you're going, brat.

Ion: Uh, sorry!



???: Hey you there.

Are you a beika?

Ion: Well..um...


Yeah...lets go with that.

It's going to be tough staying here...

Dude: Hey, you know what I heard? There's a breeder in town!

Ion: If they find out, they're gonna beat me up for sure!

There are only beika here too...!


???: Has everyone gathered?
{Beika: Bungari}

Bungari: Ahem..



(Sfx- kanpe kanpe psst psst)

(Sfx- Kanpe psst)

Bungari: My name is Bungari.

I'd like to thank all of you for coming here.

Now I will explain our plan, so listen close!

Ion: Plan?

Bullet: Kyuh?

Bungari: This is the planning committee for..

the tremor subjugation project.


{Tremor subjugation?!}

{N—no way...}

{Then everyone here is...}

{A beika?!}

Bungari: I'm deeply moved that all of you beika came here.

I'm sure that each and every one of you is a man of valor.

Now to the main part of our meeting..


Bungari: In about a week...

We will go and lay waste to the tremor nest within the confines of Sungaide valley.

The enemy is slowly making its way to our fine city.
If we are to stop them we will need to lay waste to their nest.

It is the only way...

We can guarantee the city's safety!

Everyone: Yeaaah!!

Bungari: Again, we have a week to prepare.

I would insist that all of you come prepared for battle.

Though there is one other matter that you should be aware of.


Bungari: The existence of...

One who controls tremor...the breeder!

You must think of someone who collaborates with the tremor as an enemy!

There is a breeder in the vicinity that targets us.

We've gotten information that he's attacked more than ten beika....

He appears to be a man with a huge tremor on his back.

{A huge tremor on his back...?}

{No way, It couldn't be...}



Lady: Question.

Bungari: What is it?

Lady: Suppose there's a breeder hiding among us or within the city...

Do we have permission to kill on sight?

Ion: Eh!?

Bungari: Well...

We don't need the people of the city to fear us...

So if you must hunt...

Be sure to do it outside of the city limits.

(Sfx- Chi crick)


Bungari: We'll leave for Sungaide valley in a week.

Don't be late!

(Sfx- Kui kui wave wave)

Ion: What's going on Bullet?

Bullet: Kyuh?

(Sfx- Koi koi wave wave)

Ion: A back road?


Ion: Eh?



What the?!



Ion: What the heck are you doing?!

It stinks!

???: Pipe down!

They're going to find you!

Ion: Who's going to fin---

(Sfx- Patan clunk)

(Sfx- Zarii sffft)

(Sfx- Giii glaaare)


Dude(?): Where did he get to?

We're in the middle of the city so he couldn't have gotten far.

You go over there and search.

Get a move on!

Ion: Puwahhh!

What's up with those guys anyway?!

???: Well obviously they're beika aren't they?


Girl: Ugh.

So hot in there.

Ion: A...

A girl?!


Ion: OW!!

A frying pan...?!

Girl: It was in the trash.

More like, are you retarded? Why would you walk into a den of beika like that?

Do you even have brains?

Bullet: Kyuh.

Girl: The beika really want nothing more than to kill you!

If you want to live long enough to protect your tremor, try using your head!
Ion: Owie~

Girl: HEY! Get back here!!


Girl: Are you hearing me?! I said hide your tremor!

Do you always treat people who are trying to protect you like this?!

Fine I'll show you then.


Come on out!

(Sfx- Kyuiii)

Ion: P...



Proto: Kyui!

Girl: This is Proto!

My tremor!

As for me, My name is Selena!

A lovely breeder who's traveling the world!

Ion: Ooh! That tremor is sweet!

Bullet: Kyuuh!

Ion: Aww it's so cute too!

Proto: Kyui~

(Sfx- Mushii husssh)


Ion: My name is Ion!

This is my buddy Bullet!
Bullet: Kyuhi!

Ion: Thanks for saving us!

Selena: Well it would have been a problem for me if they found you now...

Geez, it's all because some breeder had to go and start acting buck wild...

Bungari: A breeder with a huge tremor on his back...

Ion: Selena! Do you know where that breeder is?

Selena: As if!

(Handwritten- I'm covered in trash...)

Selena: I just got into town myself!


Selena: It seems like a rumor spun out of control to me.

There's a chance that it's not even true!

Though for your own good you shouldn't loiter around here!

This city is crawling with beika!

Ion: I have to find out for sure if Rez is around here...

Selena: Oh right! I almost forgot!

Since I did go out of my way to save you and give some pretty nice info,

I'd say you owe me one!


Ion: You sure can pack 'em away...

Selena: Whew! I'm full!

I haven't eaten for two days!


Bullet: Kyuh kyuh

Proto: Kyui?

Bullet: Kyuh?

Proto: Kyu~

(Sfx- Pichon drip)

Ion: Hey Selena? Why were you at that meeting in the first place?

(Handwritten- Clean up, clean up...)

(Sfx- tatami tatami fold fold)

Selena: You can't do anything without money obviously.

I'm sure some bounties will come up with this whole subjugation thing going on.


Selena: Once I make some money, I'm going to go far away from this place!

To a world far, far, far away!

Ion: So you have somewhere you wanna be, Selena?

Selena: ….I don't really....

I mean I don't have a place to go.

Or anywhere to be...


Bullet: Gyuuh!

Proto: Kyuuu~

Ion: Hey Bullet!

Bullet: Kyuuh!

Ion: You should know better than bullying the weak, man!

Bullet: Kyuuh.

Proto: Kyuh!

Ion: Don't worry about it Selena!
It's a wide world.

You'll find somewhere just for you! I'm sure of it!


Ion: Eh?


Tanpachi: I knew it...

You two are breeders...

Oneson: Ooh! They really are!

Twobert: They are Breeders, Tanpachi-san!!

Tanpachi: Calm yourselves Oneson, Twobert.

At a time like this...


{Handling things in a...}

{Cool manner is a must!}

Oneson: He's so cool he's glowing!

Twobert: You're awesome Tanpachi-san!

Oneson: It was totally worth stalking these two until they stopped moving!


Tanpachi: Heheheh...

Selena: What does he want?

To get in our way?

Ion: He's a beika right...?


Tanpachi: You're not going to find a stronger or more fearsome beika than me...I'm the sort of cold blooded demon who won't hold back against even children.

Though I suppose I can let you go if you hand me those tremor without a fuss.

Selena: What?

Are you stupid?

I mean, come. on. Targeting kids doesn't make you strong...

It makes you a total loser...a weakling!

(Handwritten- Say what?)

Selena: Just a duuuumb lil' weakling!

(Handwritten- Stupid, stupid, stuuuupid!)

Ion: Uh, Selena? Wait a minute...

Proto: Kyuh?


Oneson: Don't think we'll take it easy 'cause you're kids!

Twobert: You want us to wreck them, Tanpachi-san?

Tanpachi: No...we are adults after all...

We have to act with manners as high minded beika.

Selena: Moreover...

Nice hairdo idiot!

Tanpachi: Oh hell no! For that you go down in one hit!

Ion: He's mad!!

Selena, were you TRYING to start a fight?!


Selena: Take 'im down, Bullet! Ion!

Ion: WHY ME?!

Bullet: Kyuui!

Ion: No this is NOT okay!
Selena: Just be quiet and beat them up for goodness sake!

Oh and if you can take care of his cronies at the same time that'd be good mmkay?

Ion: What are you talking about?!

Tanpachi: Who's got a stupid looking ugly hairdo you brats?!

Ion: No one said all of that!!


Ion: Bullet!!

Waaah!! I'm sorry!!


Selena: Don't sit there spacing out Ion!!

You're a breeder aren't you?!

Oneson: Look at what you've done to Tanpachi-san!!

Twobert: Damned breeder!!

Selena: Kick their butts!!

Oneson: We're gonna teach you brats what true pain is!!

Twobert: ORAHHHHH!!!


Oneson: Eeh?

Twobert: Ahh!!

Ion: Sorry about this Selena..


Selena: Eh?



Tanpachi: Those kids...
Ran away?

(Sfx- Ooh.)

Selena: W—what the heck are you doing?!

Ion: Ooooow!!

I don't fight pointless battles!!

Selena: So why did you do this?!

Ion: Quit shaking!


Selena: As I said before you don't want to stand out since the beika are looking for breeder like us!

We're going to have to stake things out from here on in!

Ion: eeh?!

But you were the one trying to pick a fight with them!

Selena: You talk too much! Do you have a problem with how I do things?

Ion: No...I don't.

Selena: More like do you even know how to land?

Ion: I'm beggin' ya don't shake us!

Proto: Kyuhi...

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