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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bullet Armors 4

The rumored breeder.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 13, 2012 01:43 | Go to Bullet Armors

-> RTS Page for Bullet Armors 4

And so I finish Volume one of Bullet Armors! It's been a while since I've finished a volume of something that isn't just coming out weekly, so yay for me! Some individuals have approached me about scantlation, so perhaps that is in the works or something. Dunno, no one ever talks to ol' BDR about anything, nope.

Anyway starting with Volume 2 there are little 4 komas that are included as extras. Anyone want me to do those too? Or what? Let me know or something.

k.i.s.s scans only.

Techno 4: The rumored breeder.

Dude: Hm?

Bungari: What is it?

Dude: Captain Bungari....I wonder what that is?

Bungari: Obviously a bird.

If you've got time to stare aimlessly in the sky, you've got time to find tremor!

Dude: Just a bird huh...


???: Cough


(Sfx- Bafu tamp)

???: Hah...


Ion: We've landed! Somehow.

Proto: Kyhooh Kyhooh.

Bullet: Kyuuh.

Selena: Is being covered in charcoal a part of that...

'wonderful' landing of yours?

Ion: I was just thinking landing in a hole would be best.


Selena: Wouldn't outside of town been a better choice?!

Why a chimney?!

Proto: Sneeze sneeze.

Ion: Hmph.

Well exuuuuse me. If our direction hadn't changed so suddenly...
Selena: The subjugation battle begins in a week.

I'd think not being found in that time would be best, yanno?

Hm? The door won't open.

Ion: Leave it to me Selena!

Selena: Eh?



Ion: Open sesame.

Proto: Kyuii!

(Sfx- Zah sfft)

???: What was that noise?!


Guards: A tremor?!

Was a tremor here?!

Hey you! Are you a breeder?!

Guy: No, I just clean up here...

Guards: Only a tremor could crush the door to pieces like this!!

Guy: I'm telling you it wasn't me...

(Handwritten- My neck!)

Guard: Quit your squawking!



Guards: Take him away!

Guy: It wasn't me...

It wasn't me.


Selena: Get it Ion?

We are in a den of beika right now.

No running wild.

Ion: Understood ma'am.

Selena: Just a week!One measly week till the subjugation battles..

Do you really intend to run around doing things like that till then?!

Ion: C'mon. Even if we're ousted as breeders...

It's not like they're just gonna attack us off the bat.


Selena: You really understand nothing.

It's a beika's modus operandi to destroy tremor right?

So of course they'd come after you!

(Arrow- Targeted.)

Selena: To the rest of the world we're the bad guys!

(Blocks: Bad guys// targeted.)

(Handwritten- Bad guys...)

Selena: If you don't like being treated like a bad guy don't get caught!

Bullet: Kyuu

Selena: Now....in the beika's shadow...

There's no one around.

I wonder if there's a key to open it...?

Ion: A bad guy...

Selena: Geez..They're totally lumping us in with that rumored breeder...!!

Ion: A rumored breeder?

Selena: You heard about it during the subjugation meeting right?

A breeder with a tremor riding on his back.

Ion: Rez?!

Selena: It's because of him that we're going through this now...!!

He's the absolute worst!

Ion: No way!

Rez isn't that sorta guy!

Selena: No way, you aren't saying you know him?


Ion: That breeder who's causing trouble for the beika...

Might just be my master!

Selena: Master?

I wouldn't have taken you as old fashioned based on looks alone.

Ion: His name is Rez..

He's a perverted and clumsy idiot, but he's my master!

I think this person might be him!

Selena: So basically...

A useless master creates a useless disciple?

(Handwritten- Useless...)

Selena: Geez, whatever then!


Selena: I can't say I even have the teeniest interest in finding your master or whatever.

But If I leave you to loiter around town it'll just be trouble for both of us.

Proto: Kyuui!

Selena: Lets get moving then.

To find this Rez guy.

Ion: Selena!! Do you know where he is?


Ion: Eh?!

Proto: Kyun

(Sfx- Tan tap)

Selena: Of course I don't!


Selena: But I have an idea of where we might find breeders!

So get your butt over here!

Ion: Sweet!

Let's do this Bullet!



Ion: Ngh...

Selena: What the heck are you doing!?

Quick!! QUICK!! Climb up before someone sees you! (Whispering.)

Ion: Ngggh....

Guy: Dude, did you feel that?

Was it an earthquake?

Guy: What?

Naw, it was like this 'boom' sound you know?

Ion: It's cool!

I'm on my way!

Selena: You can't even do a long jump?!


Ion: It was an eensy bit wider than I thought...

Selena: Hurry up!

Before they see us!!

(Sfx- Pokin crackle)

Ion: 'Crackle'?


Ion: Oopsie!

Guy: Hey! Do you have a tremor?!

Guy 2: What are you guys talking about?! Aaaaugh!!

Selena: This is what I thought would happen earlier...

{Ragu wild-lands.}


Ion: Whoa! Sweet!

It's crazy huge out here!!

Selena: Once you find him, get out of town!

I'm a busy gal you know!

(Handwritten- So wiiide!)

(Handwritten- Wiiiide!)

Ion: Lets stop for a tea break, Bullet!

Bullet: Kuh.

Ion: NGUH?!

Selena: Quiet!

I see a beika!!


Ion: Hey! I remember him from the subjugation meeting!

Selena: It appears he's looking for something...

Ion: Maybe he dropped his wallet?

Selena: I doubt the situation is that simple!

(Sfx- Mozo wifft)

Tremor: Kyuuiiin

Both: A tremor!


Tremor: Kyuuiiiiin!!



(Sfx- Chacha sffttssst)



Big dude: Hmph.

Nothing but small fry tremor crawling around here.

But I know he's hiding around here somewhere...

and the other beika can't find him.

That 'rumored breeder' is here somewhere...

And imma kill him dead!

Big dude: Just my imagination...

Bring your asses out and come and get this, tremor!

I ain't got time for small fry!

Move it!

Outta the way!

Selena: So what are you going to do?

Ion: Eh?!


Is moving in the opposite direction an option?

Selena: Aren't you looking for this Rez dude though?

Ion: Ah...

What to do...


Ion: Anyway...

Lets chase after him..!!

Selena: Hold your horses!

At a time like this, you've got to follow without being seen!

Ion: Like this?

Selena: Too much of your face is sticking out!!

Ion: Um...are we sure following him is gonna help us find Rez?

Selena: Dunno, but I’ll say one thing...he's pretty much unmatched.

More like, if he attacks us what are you going to do?

Ion: I couldn't beat him in a fight that’s for sure.

But Rez is a different matter completely! He won't lose to that guy!

Big dude: Hmph!

Ion: Ow!


Ion: He disappeared!

Selena: Ion!!


Ion: What just happened?!

Selena: He SAW us!! We've gotta run away!


Ion: Whoa!

He's hella fast!

Selena: There's a wall behind us!


Big dude: Oh?

Heh heh...

Bullet: Grrr...

Proto: Kyuuh!


Big dude: I see...so Imma get two for the swing of one am I?

Selena: Guh..

Looks like running isn't an option now...

Ion: Looks like we're on!

Bullet, lets do this!



Ion: A..

A raid?!


Ion: Selena!!


Ion: Rez!!



???: Shut yer damn pie-holes beika!!

Or am I gonna have to kill you all?

Ion: ….Or not?!



{The breeder who aims for the two...}

{Be he friend or foe?!}


Release in Spring of 2011!!

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#1. by Gradonil_Ral ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2012
Please translate 4-commas too.
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2012

Will do then~
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