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Boku to Majo no Jikan 7

The end of semester test from hell.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 18, 2012 19:03 | Go to Boku to Majo no Jikan

-> RTS Page for Boku to Majo no Jikan 7

Ever since I started doing this series, this was the chapter I dreaded doing the most. So guess what happened when I finally got here?

It was worse than I feared. I just hope Arakawa never does this again. For my sake.

See you guys in April.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

{A recap of previous events in 'Boku to majo no jikan'.}

(Side text- Was it always this sorta manga?)


{A reaaaallly brief recap.}







{Recap complete.}

{There are probably a few other questions you have about 'Boku to majo no jikan' that were not covered by this recap...}

{Question 1: Why do those siblings hate Hakuu so much?//Question 2: What are the Zero officers?// Question 3: Am I really being paid for my work..?}

{Though a student like me doesn't have the means or need to answer that right now.}

{The reason is the same as why so many students will suffer from temporary insomnia starting tomorrow.}

{The same as why student's mental capacity drains away.}

{ It's the demon like event thought of by the adults....}


{That's right...}

{The end of semester exams.}

(Side text- Volume one of the manga is out in stores!!)


(Side text- Go forth with your mechanical pencil sword and eraser shield!!}

7th Hour: The end of semester test from hell.


???: Although I'm letting class out early,

You shouldn't go play around okay?

Starting tomorrow everyone should be preparing for the test.

{Maya L Cordelia// Home room teacher for class 1-D}

Maya: Pass the test first, and then you'll have plenty of time to play around.


Guys: Yes...


{All of the male students.}

(Handwritten- Why are THEY so fired up?)


Maya: Oh!

By the way..

Tsudzuri-kun...I hope you'll take your studies seriously...

If you don't...

(Handwritten- And there are several teachers saying this..)

It'll mean bad things for you, okay? I'd much rather not see you again.

(TN- She says 'Bad' but the kanji is for 'staying back.' or 'repeating a grade'.)

Maya: Then everyone, do your best to get your best marks!

Guys(?): Yes teacher!!

Naitou: No fair! The teacher gave you a special warning, Tsudzuri-kun!

(Handwriten- You suck!)
(Handwritten- Geez!)

(Handwritten- You just plain suck dude!)

Susutake: Damn man! I want to be told off by her too!

Enji: Um, were you guys listening to what she said?


Enji: She's implying...

That I might have to stay back....!

Susutake: ….and so...

Today begins our 'save Tsudzuri plan'.

The major component of our plan is 'Studying our asses off while in the tea shop'...

I heard you were specially promoted into our class Mizuta-chan, but can you really study on your own?

(Handwritten- This is the first time she's done something like this, so she's over joyed.)

Mari: Don't worry!

I'll be just fine!


Susutake: I'm not really all that smart, so I'd be really happy if you would lend me a hand.

(Handwritten- Sorry...)

Mari: If there's anything I can do, please feel free to ask.

I have to show my gratitude to everyone for saving me after all.

Susutake: We saved you?

Mari: You know, from that irrational employee...

Hakuu: Maaaarrriiiiii~

Mari: Eh?

Oh right...!

{All of Susutake and the others memories of that incident...}
{Have been completely erased...}


Mari: Oh..um, sorry! I think I was mistaken...don't mind me.

Susutake: Hmm...okay.

Hakuu: Although I could really use Enji's help around here...

If he has a test, I suppose I have no choice but to over look it.

(Handwritten- Here's your cake.)

(Handwritten- Ooh cake!)

Mari: I just hope that this isn't too troublesome for you...

Huh? Can I really have this much cake?

Hakuu: Go right ahead...it's a freebie just for you Mari.

With you here I'm doing quite well.

How about you come over every day?

{The amount of customers who come to see Mari have exploded.}

(Handwritten- Boobies!)

(Handwritten- Oh yeah~)

(Handwritten- Time to make a 20 percent markup on the menu!)


Naitou: Oh yeah..

Mizuta-chan, I'm sorry to throw this at you so quickly...

But could you read this for me?

Mari: Fwhaa?

Susutake: Hey Naitou-kun, we're here to study all right? You can do that later.

Besides if you need help reading, you just get a text reader for your phone...

Mari: Um...this says...

Susutake: Hey wait a damn minute Naitouu!!

Why the freak are you trying to get her to say nasty things?!

Naitou: But as an innocent young man, I have no idea what this word means...

Susutake: Shut your filthy mouth! What is this note?!

'A list of the words I'd like to hear a girl say'?! You wrote this clear as day dammit!!

Mari: In the end, we're just being loud and annoying...

Enji: H—hey Mizuta...

Mari: Yes? What is it, Tsudzuri-kun?


Enji: S---save me...

If I end up staying back in a private school....

I'm seriously gonna be in trouble.

(Side text- Especially financially.)

{Although he looks like it, he is not abusing drugs.}

Mari: Tsu..

Tsudzuri-kun, are you really that bad at studying?

Enji: You know the X and Y in math? I have no idea what they're used for.

(Handwritten- They're alphabet letters right?)


Enji: There are times where I can't tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese.

{He's speaking of knowing the districts in China.}

The prime minister switches seats every year right? Or not?

(Handwritten- Who were the two guys before that?)

Mari: That's enough!
I understand where' you're coming from now...there really isn't very much about politics or...anything you know! Please, no more!

Mari: F—for now...

We'll just do what we can, maybe cover about three years of school curriculum? We'll have to really jam it in there by tomorrow.

Enji: Y—yeah...please Mizuta...

Naitou: Oh! Let me get mixed in, Mizuta-chan!


Enji: S—sorry I just don't remember any of this...

Mari: Oh...

{Mizuta Lv. 15 Hp 2/100}

(Handwritten- This is terrible...)

Hakuu: I guess Enji has a disorder where he's unable to focus on things that don't interest him, huh?

To be honest, I thought you might need this...

(Handwritten- it's a liquid type)

Hakuu: How about using this 'Benedict man side'? It'll help you remember simple things I think.

{Benedict man side 'Remembrance'}

{Upon drinking this one will smoothly be able to remember everything.}

{The limit of memories is about one day.}

{It's normal use is to dig up confidential information.}

Enji: No way! If I study hard with Mizuta, I'm sure I’ll be able to do it without..

Mari: Please use that medicine, Tsudzuri-kun!

Enji: If Mizuta says I should...


{And then the next day...}

Student: Good morning.
Student 2: Hey,

I'm in so much trouble today...

Student 3: Mornin'...

Student 4: 'Sup

Naitou(?): Hey Kousuke..

You **** pretty early this morning.

Kousuke: Shut the hell up!

Susutake: Hey Tsudzuri.

(Handwritten- You're up early.)

Susutake: I'm feeling pretty confident in my geography today dude. How about you? Were you able to perfect your own studies?

I had to leave in the middle of things yesterday..

But you guys ended up staying up late into the night right?

(Handwritten- Musta been nice hanging out with Mizuta-chan and Hakuu-san.)

Enji: Heheheh...

Susutake: Tsudzuri-kun?

(Handwritten- What's up?)

Enji: Heh...



{What's with...}

{His confidence...!}


Enji: The Japanese plains downstream of the rivers of Yaguchi open into the mouth of the rivers empty into various shapes of the earth's crust due to the incline of the rivers and the pebbles at the bottom of the valley. These deposits open into a delta like fan shape because of the flow that's washed about through the river as it meanders through the river flow.
(TN- It doesn't make sense since a lot of it is cut off.)

{Dude! Somehow...}

{It's like he's a friggin' genius!!}

Enji: I can tell you everything I remember...there is nothing I don't know.

(Side text- Thanks mostly to the Benedict man side.)

Enji: The test covers pages 4~60 and there are still another 45 I know even besides that, thanks to my indiscriminate memorizing!!

(Side text- Thanks again to the Benedict man side.)

Enji: There' s no way I can fail!

(Handwritten- I even got a lucky prediction on my horoscope!)

Susutake: Awesome Tsudzuri!

Naitou: Good morning you guys! Did you hear?


Naitou: Apparently today’s geography test has been shifted back to cover the latter half of the last 10 pages because of the other class being a slight bit behind.

(Big text- Say what?!)

Naitou: So the advanced class would normally cover this part, right?

But there's a bit more I heard...

It was only our teacher who forgot to tell us of the change it seems....this sucks hardcore.

Enji: W—wait, what are you trying to say?


Enji: Out of the 15 pages I thought I memorized...

they're only going to use 5?!

Susutake: F---

Five pages man? That sounds like an assured fail right there...

Enji: NOOOO!!


Maya: Okay..

Everyone take your seats...

I'll pass out the tests now~


(Handwritten- Riiight?!)

Maya: Be quiet Tsudzuri-kun.

{Semester Test Battle 1: Geography.)


Question 1

What manner of technique is used to determine just how much of the earth's surface area is actually flat space? Please answer.

{The very first question...}

{And I have no friggin idea what it means!!}

{What method?!}

{How the hell would I know something like that?! I don't think I know the name but isn't that what a map is for?!}

{I've lost half of my advantage, and my perfection has become fail!!}

{Wait no, I did study half of this with Mizuta didn't I?!}

{What did she tell me again?! C'mon remember! Remember!!}

Mari: You're not too good at memorizing things?


Mari: If memorization isn't working out for you then you have to find another method.

{Mizuta//Lv. 15// Hp 90/100}

Mari: Try putting it to rhythm and a song! If you'd like I can try to think of one and teach it to you?
{A song!!}

{That's right!}

{A song!! We used a song to help us study!! I knew I could count on you Mizuta!}

{She's like an angelic savor born to deliver me from hell!!}

{You've saved my ass, Mizuta!}

(Bottom text- To be exact, she's the Buddha that saved you from hell.)


Mizuta: Achoo~

Teacher: Is the air conditioning bothering you?

Mizuta: N—no, I'm fine.

{Considering that we did get some studying done, and he used the Bendict man side...}

{Tsudzuri-kun should be able to pass with no problem.}

{Her eyes are still empty.}

Maya: 20 minutes left on the clock.

{I can't remember the song...or anything else!!)

(Sfx- Pkiihh crack)

{Dammit, why?! We had some pretty damn good songs too..}

{Can't I remember just one track?!}

{Didn't I study this yesterday?}

{Yesterday's study session.}

{Mizuta//Lv 15//Hp 20/100}

(Handwritten- Um...well...)

{This map of the earth....how about this...}


Mari: Hmm, about the rhythm to remember this....
(Handwritten- Her bra...)

(Handwritten- I can totally see her bra...)

Mari: D—Do you understand?

Enji: Eh?!


I totally do! It's so easy to remember!! Thanks Mizuta!

I should be in perfect shape for tomorrow!


{Question 1: Despite studying my ass off, why can't I remember one track to the study songs we made yesterday?}

{Answer: Because I was so focused on her bra; I couldn't focus.}

{Dammit! I haven't written anything here!! Fine, I'll just put this there!}

(Handwritten- Ramaazu method.)

{It's probably completely wrong though!}

{Battle two// English.}

{Please find the place the accent is strongest and put it here.}

{A pronunciation problem?}

{Pronunciation is waaay different than geography and finding means to measure the earth. I wonder what country's pronunciation I should use here?}


{I'm not going to waste time over a question that I don't know and isn't worth it!}

Enji: Hmph!

(Handwritten- I'm just going to have to leave everything to my Japanese...!!)

{Besides it's not like I'd ever be able to figure out what this answer is supposed to be!}

{Kids, don't do this at home.}

{Just like this...}
{Battle 3// Chemistry}

(Handwritten- The answer to these questions...)

(Handwritten- Are on top of this yellow tower....just a roll away!)

(Sfx- Pita poit)

Enji: 6?!

Enji: There's no answer like that here!! What should I do?!

{Tsudzuri continued to challenge the end of semester test.}

{Battle 6// Physical health}

{Health and physical education is his pride.}

{I gotta take a dump.}

{And then...}

{Which seal is it?}

Enji: I don't know!! What kind of question is this?!

{The final day arrived. The final part of the school curriculum.}


{Battle 9// Math.}

{I'm finally here....}



{I know I'm barely above a failing grade because of how I answered the questions..}

{Mostly because of the Benedict man side.}

{Math is really the weakest part of my whole school career and there really isn't way to memorize it.}

{I've got to find some way to do this myself.}

{It's up to me to escape getting a failing grade...!!}

Maya: Have all the tests been handed out?
All right then, start!!

{I'll have to take Hakuu's suggestion and use my final gambit here...!!}


Hakuu: Although it really doesn't matter to me if you get promoted to the next grade or not...

But I know it'll be tough for you to work here otherwise, so I'll tell you something special.

Up until now you've thought only of yourself.

And honestly thinking of 'kris' suits you much better I think.

Your body can be useful even for something like a test.

You do understand what I’m trying to tell you right?

{Yeah, I totally get it! Since I have the body of a superhuman, there's only one way to use it!}

{And that's to cheat!!}


{I have no choice but to turn around and peer at his paper with such a speed that the teacher doesn't find out.}

{Normally I wouldn't be able to pull this sorta thing off, and I'm pretty sure I know what might be on Naito-kun's paper too..!!}

{But at this point I really don't have a choice.}

{Because I don't want to stay back!}

(Handwritten- Should I have Osoba or tempura noodles?)

(Handwritten- So sleepy...)




(Sfx- Sha sha sha Shfft shfft shfft)

{Why is he using the back of the test sheet....}

{To draw a nude picture of the teacher?!}

Enji: Ugh...

{I know that Naitou-kun is an idiot though...}

{But to think he'd piss away valuable testing time just do do this...should I just give up on math?!}

{I'll admit that she is really pretty though...}

{But at a time like this, Naitou-kun?!}

Enji: Crap..

{She totally saw me.}


{Naitou's no good since I know he's going to perfect that design until the test is over.}

{So I guess I’ll target Susutake instead.}

{He's not all that bright...}

{But he's probably got more on the ball than me right now.}

{All right, I'll take a quick look..}

{W-wait a minute...i have to think of a simpler method than this..!!}

{I know, I can just take his test and write my name in place of his.}

{It's faster for me to just change our tests over with my slight of hand!}


{I'm a bastard for even thinking of this method..}

{And that doing this to him is probably the lowest thing I could ever do..}

{But I get the feeling,}

{Susutake is gonna be able to pull this off!}

Susutake: Whew!


Enji: Hahahahaha....

{Sorry Susutake!!}

{He's totally not on drugs.}

{Forgive me!!}


(Sfx- Kan bump)

(Sfx- Korokoroh sppnn)

(Sfx- Karaka clatter)

Maya: Here...

You dropped this.

Enji: Ah yeah, thanks...


{Wh—whoa that surprised me....}

{What was that feeling just now...}

{It was like something was glaring at me.}

{Something with a really serious killing intent.}

{Killing intent? But why me?}

{More like, who here?}

Maya: Be careful...


{My aluminum mechanical pencil...}


Maya: All right, thats it!

You worked hard everyone!

So take a nice and long break today~
Guys: Sure thing..


(Handwritten- Lets take a breaaaaak!!)

Maya: Oh yes, Tsudzuri-kun...

Could you come and see me later?


(Sfx- Niko grn)

Naitou: N—no fair Tsudzuri-kun! The teacher's calling you!

Susutake: No way dude, are you really staying back?

Naitou: That doesn't matter at all!

What the heck are you two gonna do in Maya-sensei's room?!

It's gonna be erotic for sure!!

(Sfx- Bushii bllort)

Naitou: Probably a bit of this, and a bit of that huuuuh?! Well I'll never forgive you!

(Censorship lines: This material has been censored.)

{Top most box: Sensei....//why are you naked?//Don't be embarrassed//No way Sensei// Wai..//how are you going to use that...?//Hah hah...//}

{It would be great...}

{If that's all it is..}

{Imagined some of it himself.}


Maya: You were cheating, right?

There's no point in trying to hide it from me....I saw you.

Enji: Y—You saw me...no way..

Maya: Well it's not something one would have ordinarily been able to see...especially at that speed.


Enji: Then that feeling I had earlier...

was that you, Sensei...

Maya: Yes it was.

(Handwritten- All of it.)

Maya: You can't think that a homeroom teacher would allow this, right?

(Side text- Its all no good.)

Enji: Sensei...are you....

Maya: Huh? You didn't notice...?

I'm a 'Kris' too.

I'm a regular customer at the teashop...

(Handwritten- How rude.)

Enji: Wha?


I remember! Hakuu had told me about you!!

(Handwritten- I just noticed.)

Maya: Even with that, you didn't remember me?

(Handwritten- Is your head okay?)

Enji: I've been through a lot lately, okay?

So then Sensei, what kind of kris are you?

(Handwritten- Just going with the flow huh?0

Maya: What kind am I...?


Maya: Not telling.

In 'Benihi city'...
There are plenty of human like kris who have fit into society like me.

'Kris' aren't...

All out there to be found if you stick an antenna out and search.

Maya: Someone like you is 'rare'.

There are plenty of ferocious types out there who would love to gobble you up.


Maya: You don't agree with my tastes...

So I won't eat you.


After this...

You'd better work hard at Hakuu's place..

If you do that I'll over look your cheating.

Do it again however...

And I'll kill you.

Enji: Ye--

Yes ma'm...

(Handwritten- Scary...)

{As for the test results....}

{He failed the math section and had to take supplementary lessons.}

Enji: Today's my treat!

Everyone eat up!

Susutake: What?

Can we have some too?!

(Side text- She really wants to eat him....maybe.)


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