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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Anagle Mole 17

Boss of the hole.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 21, 2012 01:45 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 17

Okay....due to a clerical issue with the supplier I got my subscription from, I ended up getting the first issue of my subscription this week rather than four weeks ago when I first signed up. What does this mean for you? That I'm actually only missing ONE chapter of Anagle rather than two. I'm serious though, I don't have a way to get chapter 16 unless you, the audience at home speaks up.

Reserved for Pinoymanga scans.

(Sfx- Pori pori scrtch scrtch)

Luke: I've been waiting for you....

You have the chips with the human data on them, right?

{Majin//Luke//Age 15.}

(Sfx- Zuh sfft)

(Sfx- Pikuh poit)

Luke: Hmm?

Or did you return without completing your mission?

(Side text- He's been found!!)


Kyousuke: Crap!

Luchiru doesn't have those chips!!

If they find out....

Luchiru: Of course I have them. Do you think I’d return empty handed?


(Top text- Just what you've been waiting for! Volume one hits stores on March 16th!!)

(Side text- Scared? This is a do or die situation!!)

Luchiru: It's these that you want right?

Now lead me to the boss!

17th space: Boss of the hole.


Kyousuke: Why...

Why does Luchiru have the chips?

Luke: Oh wow...
So you do have them.

Nice job.

(Handwritten- Amazing! You're great!)

Luke: I'll take those and...

(Sfx- Guh clench)

Luchiru: These chips I have are really important, got it?

I don't want them to get lost or broken....if you get my drift.

Luke: Ok, I got it. Sorry.

No need to worry, I have a strong dislike of breaking or destroying things...

So don't worry your pretty little head.

(Sfx- Pon pon pat pat)

(Handwritten- You're so cute.)

(Sfx- Kera kera kera heh heh heh)


(Sfx- Kera kera kera heheheh)

{I've got you now.}

{The chips I have now are just extras I saved from my time on the surface!!}

{I figured I might need them so I didn't toss them out....they're a total lifesaver!}

{He's strong.}

Luke: Now lets be going!

{If I were to pick a fight with him, I'd lose for sure!}

{Though, the real problem here isn't me getting my ass whupped...}

{It's Kyousuke getting discovered!}

Luchiru: Okay.

(Sfx- Zah tp)

{For now I'll just follow this guy, and make sure he doesn't leave my sight}

{This'll be fine.}

{Kyousuke has Bahamut with him.}

{Even if it means I might die...}

{I have to save my 'family'.......!!}

Kyousuke: Luchi....

(Sfx- Zah tmph)


Kyousuke: Do you seriously think sacrificing yourself like some damn hero would make Chiwa happy?

Of course not asshat!!

Luchiru: Kyou....

Kyousuke: There's no meaning in you dying in vain!!


And you....


Kyousuke: Are a part of the family!!

(Sfx- Zuh doom)

(Sfx- Zuhzuhzuzh sdooooom)

Luke: A huuuumaan??

(Sx- Bah fwap)

{This is....}

{This is the worst case scenario!!}


{What am I going to dooooooooo?!}

Chiwa: And now just add a lil dash of soy sauce!

This is what is called pyou-sauce

Isn't the taste just amazing?

Luiido: Yeah...

can you use some sorta cooking majinagram too?

(Sfx- Zuzu sllurp)

(Sfx- Guh guh bubble bubble)

Chiwa: Hehe, no. This is the fundamentals of Japanese style cooking!

(Handwritten- Japanese?)

(Sfx- Zuzuhh sluuurrp)

Chiwa: Gah! What am I still doing here?!

(Sfx- paahn fwaah)

Chiwa: Well, I’ll be taking my leave now...

(Handwritten- gotta sneak away...)

Luiido: Wait.

(Sfx- Gashhh grab)

Chiwa: What for?


Luiido: Getting my ass whupped by a little girl like you...

Then having her nurse me...

And cook for ya think I’m just gonna be like 'that's cool' and let you leave after all of that?

(Sfx- Guuriiiiii spnnnnn)

Chiwa: Um...that's totally like...

Luiido: Do ya think...
You could stay here and help me out?

Chiwa: 'Kay.

Then there’s...


Kyousuke: Don't you get any closer to Luchiru!!

Hey Luchiru, get your ass over here!

You don't have to follow that idiot!!

(Handwritten- Get back here!)

Luchiru: What am I gonna do!? He's completely seen through my plot to fool him!!

(Handwritten- More like, how do I get Kyousuke to stop talking?!)

Luke: Human....

Luchiru: Heh?

Luke: Wh---

Why is there a human here in Anagland?


{That's it...!!}

{I'm such an idiot!!}

{This guy probably still thinks...}

Luchiru: That humans are to be feared!!

(Sfx- dododododododo)

Luchiru: If that's the case..




Kyousuke: Luchiru?


Luchiru: You fool...those chips are 'fake'.

You really thought I could gather information on humans that easily?

Kyousuke discovered the truth about me....

And ordered that he be brought here himself!!

That's why...

I brought him...!! The strongest 'elder' on earth...!!!

I am now the underling of the demon king himself....Kyousuke-sama!!

(Sfx- Dododododododo)

(Sfx- Babaaan fwaaaah)


Kyousuke: ...Say what?

Luchiru: He is a human among all humans!

Kyousuke: hey.

Luchiru: Why, if he so deems it he can return anagland to dirt in an instant!

Kyousuke: Luchiru-kun?

(Handwritten- Why's my set up gotta be like this?)

Luchiru: Please, I’m beggin' ya to get scared and run away!!

(Sfx- Bakun bakun throb throb)

Luchiru: I don't want to die in a place like this!!

Go on!!

Luke: Well drat it. I don't want to die..

But breaking a 'promise' is bad form.

You win Luchiru....
I never would have thought that human was your buddy.


Luke: But I'll have to kill you then, right?

You broke your promise.

Luchiru: Huh?

(Handwritten- You aren't going to run?)

(Sfx- zuzuzuzuzuzh doooooom)

Luke: 'If that spy doesn't return to this place with the chips..'

'Then he must be destroyed.

(Sfx- gokii crack)

Luke: Yes...that's the promise you broke.


Luke: When things are 'broken' or 'destroyed' I get really upset.

So now you've gone and put me in a bad mood.

(Sfx- Zozhh throb)

Luke: It truly depresses me to have to 'break' you...

But when someone 'breaks a promise'....

It sickens me 100 times more than having to break something myself.

Do you have any final words?

(Sfx- Gachigachigachi clatter clatter clatter)

Luchiru: I can't stop shaking...!!

I'm so scared...

I have to move...!!


{You will never be the same as us...}



{A member of our family too!!}

Luke: If you have nothing to say...can I start?

(Sfx- Shahhh sfft)

(Sfx- Dooooon fwffffh)

Luchiru: That's right..

I have nothing to be afraid of...

{What really frightened me was 'loneliness.'}

{That's why I tried my hardest to fit in with everyone.}


Luchiru: Double layered Dekos!!!

If that's the case I'll be fine!!

(Sfx- Goooohh fwooom)

Luchiru: I've got Kyousuke...!!

And Chiwa!!

I have a family!!!

(Sfx- Dooonnn fwooof)

Kyousuke: A---

{Another layer?!}

Kyousuke: He...

(Sfx- Gahh tppph)


(Sfx- Guuunooooh blooooorrp)
(Sfx- Baaiiiiin boooooing)

{Th—The dekos...}

Kyousuke: It's become slime?!

Luke: I reaaaallly hate...

Breaking things...

(Side text- He's strong!!)


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#1. by RyuzakiRen (Scanlator)
Posted on Mar 21, 2012
which chapter you won't have?
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