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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Anagle Mole 17

Boss of the hole.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 21, 2012 01:45 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 17

Okay....due to a clerical issue with the supplier I got my subscription from, I ended up getting the first issue of my subscription this week rather than four weeks ago when I first signed up. What does this mean for you? That I'm actually only missing ONE chapter of Anagle rather than two. I'm serious though, I don't have a way to get chapter 16 unless you, the audience at home speaks up.

Reserved for Pinoymanga scans.

(Sfx- Pori pori scrtch scrtch)

Luke: I've been waiting for you....

You have the chips with the human data on them, right?

{Majin//Luke//Age 15.}

(Sfx- Zuh sfft)

(Sfx- Pikuh poit)

Luke: Hmm?

Or did you return without completing your mission?

(Side text- He's been found!!)


Kyousuke: Crap!

Luchiru doesn't have those chips!!

If they find out....

Luchiru: Of course I have them. Do you think I’d return empty handed?


(Top text- Just what you've been waiting for! Volume one hits stores on March 16th!!)

(Side text- Scared? This is a do or die situation!!)

Luchiru: It's these that you want right?

Now lead me to the boss!

17th space: Boss of the hole.


Kyousuke: Why...

Why does Luchiru have the chips?

Luke: Oh wow...
So you do have them.

Nice job.

(Handwritten- Amazing! You're great!)

Luke: I'll take those and...

(Sfx- Guh clench)

Luchiru: These chips I have are really important, got it?

I don't want them to get lost or broken....if you get my drift.

Luke: Ok, I got it. Sorry.

No need to worry, I have a strong dislike of breaking or destroying things...

So don't worry your pretty little head.

(Sfx- Pon pon pat pat)

(Handwritten- You're so cute.)

(Sfx- Kera kera kera heh heh heh)


(Sfx- Kera kera kera heheheh)

{I've got you now.}

{The chips I have now are just extras I saved from my time on the surface!!}

{I figured I might need them so I didn't toss them out....they're a total lifesaver!}

{He's strong.}

Luke: Now lets be going!

{If I were to pick a fight with him, I'd lose for sure!}

{Though, the real problem here isn't me getting my ass whupped...}

{It's Kyousuke getting discovered!}

Luchiru: Okay.

(Sfx- Zah tp)

{For now I'll just follow this guy, and make sure he doesn't leave my sight}

{This'll be fine.}

{Kyousuke has Bahamut with him.}

{Even if it means I might die...}

{I have to save my 'family'.......!!}

Kyousuke: Luchi....

(Sfx- Zah tmph)


Kyousuke: Do you seriously think sacrificing yourself like some damn hero would make Chiwa happy?

Of course not asshat!!

Luchiru: Kyou....

Kyousuke: There's no meaning in you dying in vain!!


And you....


Kyousuke: Are a part of the family!!

(Sfx- Zuh doom)

(Sfx- Zuhzuhzuzh sdooooom)

Luke: A huuuumaan??

(Sx- Bah fwap)

{This is....}

{This is the worst case scenario!!}


{What am I going to dooooooooo?!}

Chiwa: And now just add a lil dash of soy sauce!

This is what is called pyou-sauce

Isn't the taste just amazing?

Luiido: Yeah...

can you use some sorta cooking majinagram too?

(Sfx- Zuzu sllurp)

(Sfx- Guh guh bubble bubble)

Chiwa: Hehe, no. This is the fundamentals of Japanese style cooking!

(Handwritten- Japanese?)

(Sfx- Zuzuhh sluuurrp)

Chiwa: Gah! What am I still doing here?!

(Sfx- paahn fwaah)

Chiwa: Well, I’ll be taking my leave now...

(Handwritten- gotta sneak away...)

Luiido: Wait.

(Sfx- Gashhh grab)

Chiwa: What for?


Luiido: Getting my ass whupped by a little girl like you...

Then having her nurse me...

And cook for me....do ya think I’m just gonna be like 'that's cool' and let you leave after all of that?

(Sfx- Guuriiiiii spnnnnn)

Chiwa: Um...that's totally like...

Luiido: Do ya think...
You could stay here and help me out?

Chiwa: 'Kay.

Then there’s...


Kyousuke: Don't you get any closer to Luchiru!!

Hey Luchiru, get your ass over here!

You don't have to follow that idiot!!

(Handwritten- Get back here!)

Luchiru: What am I gonna do!? He's completely seen through my plot to fool him!!

(Handwritten- More like, how do I get Kyousuke to stop talking?!)

Luke: Human....

Luchiru: Heh?

Luke: Wh---

Why is there a human here in Anagland?


{That's it...!!}

{I'm such an idiot!!}

{This guy probably still thinks...}

Luchiru: That humans are to be feared!!

(Sfx- dododododododo)

Luchiru: If that's the case..




Kyousuke: Luchiru?


Luchiru: You fool...those chips are 'fake'.

You really thought I could gather information on humans that easily?

Kyousuke discovered the truth about me....

And ordered that he be brought here himself!!

That's why...

I brought him...!! The strongest 'elder' on earth...!!!

I am now the underling of the demon king himself....Kyousuke-sama!!

(Sfx- Dododododododo)

(Sfx- Babaaan fwaaaah)


Kyousuke: ...Say what?

Luchiru: He is a human among all humans!

Kyousuke: hey.

Luchiru: Why, if he so deems it he can return anagland to dirt in an instant!

Kyousuke: Luchiru-kun?

(Handwritten- Why's my set up gotta be like this?)

Luchiru: Please, I’m beggin' ya to get scared and run away!!

(Sfx- Bakun bakun throb throb)

Luchiru: I don't want to die in a place like this!!

Go on!!

Luke: Well drat it. I don't want to die..

But breaking a 'promise' is bad form.

You win Luchiru....
I never would have thought that human was your buddy.


Luke: But I'll have to kill you then, right?

You broke your promise.

Luchiru: Huh?

(Handwritten- You aren't going to run?)

(Sfx- zuzuzuzuzuzh doooooom)

Luke: 'If that spy doesn't return to this place with the chips..'

'Then he must be destroyed.

(Sfx- gokii crack)

Luke: Yes...that's the promise you broke.


Luke: When things are 'broken' or 'destroyed' I get really upset.

So now you've gone and put me in a bad mood.

(Sfx- Zozhh throb)

Luke: It truly depresses me to have to 'break' you...

But when someone 'breaks a promise'....

It sickens me 100 times more than having to break something myself.

Do you have any final words?

(Sfx- Gachigachigachi clatter clatter clatter)

Luchiru: I can't stop shaking...!!

I'm so scared...

I have to move...!!


{You will never be the same as us...}



{A member of our family too!!}

Luke: If you have nothing to say...can I start?

(Sfx- Shahhh sfft)

(Sfx- Dooooon fwffffh)

Luchiru: That's right..

I have nothing to be afraid of...

{What really frightened me was 'loneliness.'}

{That's why I tried my hardest to fit in with everyone.}


Luchiru: Double layered Dekos!!!

If that's the case I'll be fine!!

(Sfx- Goooohh fwooom)

Luchiru: I've got Kyousuke...!!

And Chiwa!!

I have a family!!!

(Sfx- Dooonnn fwooof)

Kyousuke: A---

{Another layer?!}

Kyousuke: He...

(Sfx- Gahh tppph)


(Sfx- Guuunooooh blooooorrp)
(Sfx- Baaiiiiin boooooing)

{Th—The dekos...}

Kyousuke: It's become slime?!

Luke: I reaaaallly hate...

Breaking things...

(Side text- He's strong!!)


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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2012
which chapter you won't have?
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