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Translations: One Piece 885 by cnet128 , Gintama 660 (2)

Gintama 395

Paradise and Hellfire.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 5, 2012 22:38 | Go to Gintama

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So now we're up to 10 chapters of this. Will it rival Yoshiwara in length? Needs another ten chapters to do something like that.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- Appearance of the Shogun!!)

Guards: N—No way...

Th—this can't be..!!



Sadasada: I see..

To force the Shinsengumi and Mimawarigumi onto good terms..

And call upon every police squadron...

Besides me, there is only one other person...

who could cause all of this to happen.


Lesson 395: Paradise and Hellfire.
(Side text- Shigeshige VS Sadasada?!)


Sadasada: Shigeshige...

Was this your doing?

Guards: Y—Your highness!!

Why have you come to a place like thissssss?!


Shigeshige: Cast aside your weapons.

This meaningless struggle ends here.

Those people are soldiers who are protecting the country.

If anything should occur to threaten their lives, my forgiveness will not find you.

Guard: B—But Shogun-sama...

Sadasada-sama ordered us to...
Shigeshige: Did you not hear me?

I said to throw your weapons aside.

(TN- Did he stutter fools?)

(Sfx- Karan kara clatter clatter)

(Sfx- Zazaan ssffft)


(Sfx- Zatsh sfft)

Shigeshige: Move aside.

(Sfx- Zahzah Sfft sfft)

Guards: Y—your highness!!

You musn't do this!!

Those people are traitors to the country!

If you get any closer to them you'll be in dang---



Shigeshige: It seems when I wasn't around you have been plagued with nothing but trouble.

For bearing with it, I express my gratitude.

Not only that, but you have had to shoulder such disgrace in order to protect me.


Soyo: If it weren't for those people...


Our precious...

Father figure would have been killed right before our eyes.


(Sfx- Dakiiih squeeze)
Maizou: Hi-


(Sfx- Guzu sniffle)

Shigeshige: Jiiya you have my apologies.

I've always been right beside you..

But I have never noticed...

how much pain you were in.

You've dedicated your whole life to serving the Shogun's household..

Yet....it is because of us..

That you've been made to suffer.


Shigeshige: Jiiya...

You still can make it now...

To your promised appointment.

Maizou: Shigeshige-sama...

Shigeshige: Soyo, I leave Jiiya in your care.

Soyo: Yes brother.

Shigeshige: Open a path.

(Sfx- Zazaaah sffft)


Shigeshige: It appears...

I must have a word with our uncle.

Sadasada: Beloved father figure...?

Oboro, what nonsense is that man saying?

When his father passed away, and he could do nothing...
Who was the one who hoisted him up as shogun?

When everyone scorned him as a traitor to the country...

Who was the one to protect it in his stead...?




Sadasada: I used military might to rule this country in order to protect it!!

I've given you blessing after blessing...



Oboro: You might have believed you were raising him to be an obedient little doll with no mind..

But it seems that within him a troublesome soul was residing.

Sadasada-sama, you weren't protecting the country...

But your own body, and because you didn't take notice soon enough..

This happened.

It would have been better for you to have noticed your soul chipping away honestly..

At this rate, you'll not only lose your stronghold on the country...

but your life if you continue to stay in a dangerous place like this.

I believe it would be for your own good for you to return to the Tendoushuu where it is safe...

Sadasada: I've given half my life to gain what I have...

And you're telling me to abandon it all...?

After being betrayed by those fools, you want me to leave everything to them..

And run to the Tendoshuu crying?


Oboro: Sir, I believe going back to the Tendoshuu and being under their governance is a trifiling matter
compared to staying here for the sake of what you've worked for until now.

In any case the position known as 'Shogun' is nothing but a decoration.

But they knew all too well that if this country lost it's governing body it would be a wound they'd never recover from.

This is the only reason why they indulged you with power.

Sadasada: Quit with your nonsense...

The Tendoushuu are at Shigeshige and I...

No, this star itself..

is nothing more than a tool that we can use and abuse...then toss away when we're done.

You know it's true....Yatagarasu messenger of the heavens.

The Naraku needed my political prowess after the country's borders were open.

Even those people..the Tendoshuu needed someone to oversee the politics of the whole affair..

That's why they made sure even when the other political parties glared at me with death in their sights..

The Tendoshuu would watch out for me in the darkness...giving me people like you to slay my opponents.


Sadasada: That's why as self protection I took this country. If there are traitors..

You Naraku, will eat what's left over to live.

Like the crows you are.

A rescue ship? Don't make me laugh.

Where do you intend on taking me?

I know full well if I return to the Tendoshuu now, I will never see earth alive again.

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)

Oboro: Where is it you wish to go?

I know you still have your apprehensions about the traitors but...

So my men will use their power to insure that the problem is surpressed.
Sadasada: Where to I want to go you ask...?

Well then...

How about we make a stop in Yoshiwara?


Sadasada: It is where my military force began...

And the rather unpleasant place where betrayal resides.

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmble)

Sadasada: I can feel safest if we go there.

Oboro: For what reson?

Sadasada: To kill Suzuran.

With your strength, we should be able to topple Yoshiwara in an evening.

Its at that time that you people will be able to put an end to all of the betrayal.

Plus it is the source of all of those who seek betrayal.

If we are to speak of where these traitors were born, it would have to be there.


Sadasada: Well then Maizou, Suzuran...

Betraying me means I will strip your promise bare before breaking it.

Your fate will come to a full stop here.

And all those who would dare to betray me...

Will have a front row seat.

Oboro: Your safety is our number one concern...

So feel at ease and board.

No need to worry sir..

I will follow you in a moment.

Point the rudder to Yoshiwara.

(Sfx- Aaaaaahhhh)

(Sfx- Gagooon shooof)


??? Goin' to Yoshiwara?

Too bad.


???: Your itinerary doesn't have paradise on it...


Gintoki: Your next stop is hell, bastard.


(Sfx- Gapaaaaah craaaaaaash)


(Sfx- Dodododdo tktktktktk)

(Sfx- Dododohh thokthok)

(Sfx- Gagoooooon thooooom)

(Sfx- Hyahnnnn shsshhhh)

(Sfx- Chin shink)

GINTAMA LESSON 395...........END.


(Sfx- Doooooon BOOOOM)

(Sfx- Gooooohh roaaaaaaar)

(Sfx- Gogogoggo rmmmmmble)

Oboro: Y--

You filthy bastaaaaaard!!

(Side text- There's no escaping for a second time!)

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