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Anagle Mole 23

That's...a problem.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 18, 2012 23:10 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 23

I--I--I--It's not like I posted two translations for you! I--I--I was just around okay? It has nothing to do with you! B---b--b--but...you'd better read it and comment//thank me!

Pinoymanga scans only.

(Top text- Volume one of the manga is in stores everywhere!!)


Luchiru: H--

He's gone?!?!

(Sfx- Baaaan dooom)

(Side text- Dorche has been crushed!! but where is the other majin, Kamomill?!)

23rd space: That's...a problem.

Luchiru: Why....?

I know I saw him fall into that hole....

(Sfx- Zokuh throb)

(Sfx- Kuru spn)


Kamomill: Whew~

(Sfx- Kyuuiiiin wheeeeen)

Luchiru: He--

He's flyinnng?!

Kamomill: You idiot.

You think I, the great Kamomill-sama would let himself fall down a hole?

(Sfx- Jiji zzt)

Kamomill: Do I look that stupid?!

(Sfx- Doooon fwooom)


Luchiru: You're the idiot, idiot!

I was sorta scared for a second, but all you can do is fly!!

(Sfx- Ni sgrin)

(Sfx- Jijii zzzt)

Luchiru: Whoops!

(Sfx- Chih zzt)

(Sfx- Dohuuun fwooof)

(Sfx- Kurun Spn)

(Sfx- Fuh fwf)

(Sfx- Zazah ssft)

Luchiru: With that aim you'll never hit me!

Compared to that guy who copied stuff before you're kinda...

(Sfx- Bahh fwap)

(Sfx- Ji zzt)


(Sfx- jijiji zzzzzt)

(Sfx- Juhoouh fwoof)

Luchiru: Wha...

Kamomill: My ability isn't limited to just flying around.

(Sfx- Guii grnnd)

Luchiru: Eh?

(Sfx- Dooon fwop)


Luchiru: M-

My clothes are being pulled...


Kamomill: Heheheh...

(Sfx- Gyuun gyuun wfff wfff)

Luchiru: Waaah!!


Kamomill: This is my majinagram...'Mario'!!

I can use this majinagram in the air.

(Sfx- Jiji zzzt)

Kamomill: Anything without 'consciousness' that I touch is under my control!

(Sfx- Baaaan)

Luchiru: Wah!!

Kamomill: Take for example...your clothes!!

Now eat dirt.....

(Sfx- Goaaah fwooom)


Kamomill: Huh?!?

(Sfx- Pitaah wff)

(Sfx- Baaan dooom)

(Sfx- Fuwa fuwa wff wff)

(Sfx- Zuzaaah sfft)

Kamomill: Hmph.

How utterly tasteless....

(Sfx- Fuhh fwff)


(Sfx- Hah hah)

(Sfx- Baaan)
Luchiru: This is all it takes to wreck your ability.

I'll bet you can't control me without my shirt now, huh?!

Kamomill: “Mario”.

(Sfx- Jibooh fwoof)

(Sfx- Daan taaap)

Kamomill: …..Fine.

So I can't do anything when you take off your clothes.

(Sfx- Goooh fwooom)


(Sfx- Tan tap)

(Sfx- Kuruu spn)

(Sfx- Zahh Sffft)

Luchiru: Flying again? Gonna give up?!

If so, it's my turn!!


Kamomill: Here's a little brain teaser for you.


Kamomill: A-kun doesn't like the idea of having his face slammed into the ground,

And to keep from being controlled he removes his 'clothes'.

At that point B-kun got to thinking...

'What if there were 'equipment' that he couldn't remove'...?

So then...

Where do you think B-kun touched?

(Sfx- Jijiji zzzzt)

(Sfx- Gogogoggo rmmmble)
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)

Luchiru: No---

No way....

(Sfx- Gogogogo rmmmble)


(Sfx- Dodododdodo rmmmmmm)

Kamomill: If you said 'the miguard on his ears' you're correct!!


(Sfx- Dogyuuuun fwoooom)


Kamomill: C'mon, take 'em off. I dare you.

If not, you're gonna get a nice healthy serving of soil.

Get me?!!

(Sfx- Gooh thomp)

(Sfx- Gyuruun weeehooo)

(Sfx- Dokaaahh thonk)

Luchiru: Dammit...

(Sfx- Meki meki grnd grnd)

Luchiru: I can't take these off..!!

Kamomill: The miguards are a majin's lifeline...!!

Only the owner of the miguard can take them off...

But if he does his head whirls around and he loses all sense of reasoning!!

(Sfx- Guiiii grnnnd)

Kamomill: Whether you take 'em off or not..

It's the end of the road for you!!
(Sfx- Dooon thuuud)


Kamomill: Hah...


(Sfx- Fuwa fuwa Wff wff)

Kamomill: My my, where does the time go....

(Sfx- Dooon dooom)

Kamomill: I was right in letting that idiot Dorche go first and scout this other idiot's majinagram for me.

Though don't expect me to split the reward evenly~

(Sfx- Chuun tweet)

Kamomill: Now to hand this guy over and get my two hundred thousand!!

And if I can get the human too, I'll be raking in the cash..!!

(Sfx- Kuru spn)

(Sfx- Zah sfft)

(Sfx- Kuii wiff)

(Sfx- Fuwa fft)

(Sfx- Fuwa fuwa fft fft)

Luchiru: Already going back...?


Luchiru: It's a little early...

for dinner don'tcha think?


(Sfx- Jii zzzt)

(Sfx- Dogyuuu wfffff)

Kamomill: I don't hate you or anything.

You're just an idiot who talks big but doesn't know crap about using a majinagram.

But I need less talking and more shutting up.

(Sfx- Zuh sft)

(Sfx- Goohh fwoooof)

(Sfx- oooooooooh)



Luchiru: I know how to use my majinagram....

And you've given me the instant I need to use it!

(Sfx- Goooh fwooooo)

(Sfx- Goshaaah thuuud)

(Sfx- Gahh grnnd)



(Sfx- Zuuun doooom)

Kamomill: Gonna use the last of your strength...!?


(Sfx- Gahh sffft)

(Sfx- Fuwaah ooohhh)

Kamomill: You idiot!! No matter how many times...

Luchiru: Aaand....



(Sfx- Gooooh fwooom)


(Sfx- Doh doh doh doh tmftmftmf)

(Sfx- Pih wf)

Kamomill: Wh--

What the...?

(Sfx- Shiii ddsssh)

(Sfx- Doh doh thump thump)

Luchiru: Dammit...

I missed.

{Kyousuke should be fully recovered soon..!!}

{Until then...}

Luchiru: I won't miss again....

now then..

Kamomill: Why...



Kamomill: Why?!

Luchiru: Ready for round two?

Little puppet man?

Kamomill: Why is he still moving?!


(Sfx- Dododododo tmpmtpmtpm)

Bahamut: Hah...



Why is this happening?!

(Sfx- Dododododo)

Bahamut: He's not healing!!

He's not healing at all, Luchiru!!!

(Sfx- gafuhh Cough)

(Sfx- Biki biki crackle crackle)

(Side text- Both sides are in big trouble...Next issue is a must see!!)


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