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Bullet Armors 5

Those who are free.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 20, 2012 16:21 | Go to Bullet Armors

-> RTS Page for Bullet Armors 5

Volume two engage.

So I just got Volume 4 in the mail, and damn if it didn't get my blood boiling. This is what shounen is supposed to be. Awesome art, badass fight scenes and simple but effective writing. I love it all even if it is a bit on the generic side. Anyway new rules now!

helz0ne only.

I have gotten official word that helz0ne will take over scantlations so the translations are reserved for them. If anything changes I will post it on a future translation. Enjoy reading, and give them all your love and cookies.


Vol 2

Morita comment

Whoooa, Volume two is totally out now. That was a long time, like I didn't think it'd be this long. It was long enough for a person's personality to change, yeah. In any case I'll keep on studying, keep my pen moving and work hard. See you in a half year!


Breeders (Tremor users) Using the Bikkon they are able to grant consciousness to the tremor, and using their 'bodies' as a foundation utilize their powers. If a breeder's body should become naught, then the unification of powers cannot be utilized.


Techno 5: Those who are free.....003

Techno 6: The same question....041

Techno 7: I promise you.....079

Techno 8: The way to use a tremor.....115

Techno 9: Premonition......151


Techno 5: Those who are free.



???: Who the hell are you?

Ion: You're not Rez...

You're not Rez at all!!



Selena: Is he an acquaintance of yours?

Ion: Sorry, can't say he is!

???: So you're a breeder too huh?

Ion: I am a breeder, and my name is Ion!!

She's Selena!!

Selena: Why are you causally introducing yourself?!

He just defeated those beika in an instant!!

He could be our enemy too...


???: Hey don't worry...I won't attack you.

If you guys really are breeders that's a different story.

(Handwritten- Wh—what?)

???: We just met after all!!

Tremor: Gurururu

???: As fellow 'freedom seekers', we oughtta become friends!

Selena: Freedom seekers?


???: I am a breeder..

and with a tremor at my side there's nothing I can't do!

{Breeder: Aibrock burst.}

{Aibrock's tremor Shade}

Aibrock: Weak little beika can only gather in numbers and hope to match us,

cause they're jealous.

(Sfx- Pashuuu shffft)

Selena: Geez, so it IS you...

The rumored buck wild guy attacking beika!


Aibrock: The name's Aibrock.

Use it.


Selena: F--


Aibrock: What about you whimp?

Why'd you let one beika beat you down like that?!

Ion: W--Whimp?

Aibrock: Aww, could it be you're just a newb who doesn't know how to use his tremor?

Ion: How to use it?

Aibrock: Hah! So you don't! You're an idiot dude! A super idiot!

Selena: I already hate him!!


Aibrock: C'mon. We're all breeders here, so lets be buddies!

Selena: I can't believe YOU can say that after all the crap you were talking!

Tremor: Kyuuuuinnn!

Aibrock: Right?

Ion: A tremor!!

Tremor: kyooooooh!!

Aibrock: Shade!!

(Sfx- Vooon)


Aibrock: Shoot 'em down!

This guy here is Shade.

He can shoot down anything....and he's my tremor.


Aibrock: I'm not a small time breeder like you guys!

The two of us are loyal to no one else but each other, and we're headed to central cause we've got big plans!

Ion: Central heading?

That does sound impressive!!

Aibrock: I said to 'central' asshead.

'Central' is a tremor paradise!!

I've heard all kinds of strong tremor that no one's ever heard of lurk there!

The nick name for this place is 'The mecca of mecha'!!

Ion: Mecca of mecha!!


Aibrock: As of now, no one's ever actually been there..

Cause tremor keep them at bay.

Ion: So awesome...!! I wanna go and see it!

Selena: You're such a simpleton.

Going to that place is basically suicide!

What on earth would you accomplish there?

Aibrock: Strength...

I just want more strength!!

(Sxf- Meki grind0


Aibrock: See, Imma find 'central' before anyone else and wreck up the place.

After there's not a single tremor left, Shade will be the ultimate tremor!!

Ion: Ultimate tremor?!

Selena: That's a perfect reason to go.

For a retard.

Aibrock: I didn't expect someone with the body of a kindergartner to get it.

Ion: Selena!! Socking people in the face is rude!!

Selena: Who do you think you're talking to?!

What about all the rude stuff he's been spouting?! Say that to him!!

Ion: Ow!!


Aibrock: Ain't you guys interested in central now though?!

Well I’ll extend a special invitation to you!

If you're willing to be my subordinates...

We can all go there together!



Aibrock: Welp, the lady is out.

How about you buddy? Interested?

Ion: Thanks for saving us!

But I can't go. I'm on a journey to find my dad!


Aibrock: B—but I went through that trouble of saving you...

Ion: He got depressed?!

Selena: Bleh!

We don't have the time anyway!
Don't try to drag us into your suicidal trip to central!!

Ion: But he doesn't seem like a bad guy...

Selena: We'd be best off not getting involved.

If we stand around arguing with that moron any longer it'll be problematic for us.

So before it gets worse...



Selena: It's worse....



Beika: There he is....the guy with the tremor on his back..!!

And the two with him are probably breeder too.

Seize them!!

Ion: Beika...!!

Selena: Ion, be a good lure and let them capture you!

Ion: That's asking for too much!

Aibrock: Only six guys?

That's nothing....!!


(Sfx- buswahh sssssh)


Aibrock: Just try and catch me!!

Selena: W—wait!!

Ion: WHOAA!!!

Aibrock: You idiots...
Get down for a minute!

Shade: Kyuiiiiii


Aibrock: Rush shoot!!


(Sfx- Kabaaa fwfoop)

(Sfx- Kkikkikn tnktnktnktnk)

(Sfx- kakikikin thintntnknktnk)

Aibrock: Fuh...


So this is how it turns out?

Beika: Uugh...


Aibrock: Damned small fry!

What are you people doing?

Ion: I thought I was gonna die...

(Sfx- Bakubakubaku poundpound)

Bullet: Kyuh.

Selena: What on EARTH are you doing!?

Aibrock: I did this for you two!

See, we'd be an awesome three some! Be my subordinates!!

Selena: WHY!?

Ion: Looks like one beika slipped through!


Aibrock: So one's still left huh?
Beika: S—stop! Please!

Just let me go! I beg you!

Aibrock: Hahahah...

Sorry buddy...

But there's a bullet here with your name on it.


Aibrock: Shoot em down!!

(Sfx- gigigii grnnnd)

Selena: Ion?!

Aibrock: Hey buddy, what's the deal?


Ion: You don't need to attack this guy!

That's enough of this!

Aibrock: You let one beika run, and they'll be back with more you know!

Move it!

Ion: No!

Bullet: Kyuuh!



Aibrock: Listen. Quit blabbering dumb crap and let me finish him.

Keep in mind, if he leaves here alive they're going to double up their efforts to capture us!!

If you keep acting naive then you'll find yourself in your grave soon enough!

This isn't some fight for kids!!


Ion: This makes us no better than bad guys!

Selena! Take that beika somewhere safe!!

Selena: Eeh? Me?!


Selena: You want me to save the guy who just tried to capture us?!

Quit fooling around!!


Fine then I'll do it! Is this good enough?!

Why do I have to do these things?!

To make a maiden do heavy lifting...

You men are the worst!!


Shade: Kyuuuuun

Aibrock: If you're seriously gonna get in my way...

I'll kill you!!

Shade: Vooon.

Ion: As if i'd die!!

Bullet: Kyuiii!


Ion: Punch!!

(Sfx- Sukaahh ssshh)

Ion: Ungh!

He's fast...


(Sfx- Kiiiiii weeoooo)
Aibrock: Shoot!!

Ion: Uwahhhh!!

Aibrock: Damn!

What's wrong?! Weren't you gonna stop me?!

(Sfx- Koso koso Sneak sneak)


Ion: Punch....


Aibrock: Heeyah!

Ion: Ow!

Selena: Geez..

Why do all breeders have to be headstrong idiots with violent streaks?

They're really...

Battle heads....!!

Maybe I should go back to town...

(Handwritten- But they're so heavy...)


Ion: He's so strong....

Just what is he?!

Aibrock: Where are you?!

Ion: Oh crap!

Aibrock: You wanted a fight right?! So get your ass out here and quit hiding!

If you get on your knees and beg me to be your boss I'll be willing to reconsider!

Ion: You're just a bad guy Aibrock!!

That's why I won't apologize to you!
And I don't want to be your subordinate either!!


Ion: Whaat?!


Aibrock: You don't know anything about how this world works..

The strong eat, and the weak are meat!

The moment you let your guard down on the battle field is when you die!

Even if you beg or cry now, I don't give a damn!

Your ass is grass!!

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