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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Gintama 398

Two demons.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 30, 2012 16:40 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 398

Probably not the only translator who works on vacation, but most likely the most pathetic.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- all is well that ends well?)


Lesson 398: Two demons.

???: You did some amazing work this time,


Well, it certainly is a shame that the work you did sent you right back to the hospital to cool your liver down..

It is proof of your loyalty that you would complete the mission despite the injuries you have.

Nobunobu-sama admires you as well.

Now we the Hitotsubashi group can establish a new political party and the standing to go along with it.

(Sfx- Pih pih beep beep)

???: The group that was standing in our way is now no longer a part of the Bakfu.


???: Our greatest foe, the political advisor Sadasada has...

confessed to all of his crimes and as such has been imprisoned.

He now awaits judgment.

Much more surprising is the actions of Shigeshige. In order to judge his uncle..

he discarded his own position as shogun and chose the same path as Sadasada.

I thought he was merely a puppet, but...

to abandon himself without thinking...he is a different breed from his uncle it seems.

In any case, thanks to that our leader Nobunobu-sama can fit snugly into the shogun's seat.

For goodness sake, it seems in the very end that wooden puppets are what pass as wise rulers now.

(Sfx- Ahahahahah.)

Sasaki: Nezu-dono...

You do realize this is a government run medical facility? There are most certainly ears on the wall, if you understand what I mean.

Nezu: Oh please. Before long the Hitotsubashi group will be the rule of the roost...there will be no one for us to fear.

(Sfx- Zath sfft)

???: He's right, the walls DO have ears, and the sliding doors have eyes.


Hijikata: And your shoulders...

Kondo: Have little fairies on them.

Nezu: KYAHHHH!!!

(Sfx- gatata clatter)

Nezu: D---DEVILS!!!

S-Sasaki-dono!! I—I have to take my leave!!

T—Take care!!

(Sfx- Pyuu whfffft)

Sasaki: Well, well. If it isn't the Shinsengumi.

I'm surprised that you'd actually come here to check on my well being.

Seeing you like this really does make me think of faries with pure hearts.


Hijikata: Oh c'mon.

You're going to be the future chief inspector of the police right? There's so much to be done that if we don't stop by now we may not have the chance.

(Sfx- Jakki Shiink)

Hijikata: Things to do such as attending a funeral.

Sasaki: Hmph.

So before it's noticed that you've been used, you've come to cut me down?

Kondo: If it's for the sake of correcting a grave misuse of government, I'm happy to be used.
But this is for the sake of protecting our vassal, we have to put aside self interests and burden ourselves with the wrongdoings of our lord. There's no way that we can just put a lid on this.


Sasaki: For your lord?

My, my. I had no idea that your loyalty for the vassal runs so deeply.

To correct mismanagement of the government?

Do you really think that's how things will go?

Is it really worth unsheathing your swords for something like this?

If you've been thinking that i've been trying to overthrow the current lord for the sake of the Hitosubashi group, that's a misunderstanding.

Despite my overwhelming eliteness, I am not clairvoyant.

Though to think that for the sake of a mere rounin....

(Bubbles: Uncle...//No matter how much they are stigmatized//Those hearts and souls will never be defiled.)

Sasaki: The head of the country would be moved enough to abandon his status.

And for one rotten bond....

That a band of scattered mountain monkeys who know nothing about loyalty would find a reason to take up their swords.


Sasaki: He truly is a man I cannot comprehend...

that Sakata Gintoki...

Even she with her fickle nature...

Despite stubbornly claiming that it was for completion of the mission, I can see that his bad influences have begun to take root within her as well.

Am I right...?



Sasaki: And that how things are. I'm deeply sorry for disappointing you, but...

If you think I allowed the Tendoushuu to replace the shogun's head....

Even I’m not naive enough to believe that such a thing would change the world.

The Tendoushuu's raison d'etre became the complete ban of the older policies....which allowed for new government standing...

Before we didn't deal with or depend on foreign nations, but this is exactly what is needed to create a strong country.

The young leader of the Hitotsubashi group understands and embraces this ideal, or so it seems.

I however have no interest in unearthing such a stunted little lie.

I am much more intrigued by a bigger more ridiculous fabrication...

a whopping lie if you will.

No need to worry, I doubt the Hitotsubashi will assume governmental duties yet...

It's about time for the Tendoushuu to move.

While Lord Sadasada was around, they did a good job of keeping lookout.

My men reported this to me just a little while ago...

That the corpse of the crow disappeared.


Tendoushuu: Damned Sadasada...

he was lacking in skill.

To not even notice the sound of the ground that is your status cracking under your feet...

If you had, maybe your restoration might have happened sooner.

And from the beginning the Hitotsubashi's youngster is far too late and far too foolish to allow their administration to be of any merit.

Puppets that are useless should be cut off and tossed away.

Even if that puppet has no use....

it still has worth as bait for it, does it not?

(Sfx- Gouuun veeeen)


(Sfx- gashiin clank)

Tendoshuu: Oh? So you've returned...messenger of heaven Yatagarasu....

Oboro: Please excuse my tardiness..

I had to bend the meridian points to restore myself, and ran into unexpected difficulty.

Tendoshuu: Just who could wound you that severely?

Oboro: I was the prey of a demon.


Tendoushuu: Oh? A demon?

Oboro: A symbol from the dark side of the patriot wars out for Sadasada.

He became the prey for that demon.

It's lamentable that he doesn't know anything of the Hitotsubashi group's existence...

But it goes to so that he is the same as Sadasada and his group...a fool beyond measure.

This means that now another is creeping close to the center...

this other existence is our true enemy.


(Sfx- Jaraaan chiiime)

Sadasada: Aren't we late?

I've been waiting.

Foolish Tendoushuu, thought you had me under lock and key did you?

I'll say your judgment is impressive...to hoist me as your representative....but I suppose I am the only choice you have.

Too bad Shigeshige....

You have neither the power or volition to judge me!

No one, not even heaven...

Can judge me--


Sadasada: ee?


???: You're absolutely right.

Neither the shogun or heaven....

or anyone else for that matter can judge you.

The one who can is...


Takasugi: ME.


Sadasada: Y--


Takasugi: I don't need you to remember anything...

In any case, the Tendoushuu...or those foolish crows...

No...the heads of all of the world...

i'll slash them all and roll them neatly into hell.

Give my regards...

to sensei for me.


Oboro: Yes...

Our true enemies are...

The demons...

Known as..
Shoyou's students.


Nobume: A little too late, are we?


Oboro: It seems you're taking this seriously....


Excuse me, I forgot you're going by 'Imai Nobume' now.

(Sfx- Hyuuuuu wffffft)

Oboro: At one time, you were used by heaven...

One of the Naraku's three wings in your childhood.


Oboro: Moreover even that man....

Is a member of Shoyou's group of students...

And now he's pointed a blade at heaven?

Nobume: Isaburou says he will see through that man; Takasugi's whopping lie...

So I will do the same.

Oboro: Is that so?

I suppose next time we meet we'll see just who loses the most feathers from their wings.


Do they fit him?

Those two students of his....

Are they like Shouyou....


Nobume: Not really.

One of them...
Seeks to protect what it is Shoyou left behind.

The other...

Seeks to destroy what he left.


They are the same as each other.


Nobume: They both....

Have eyes full of sadness.

(Sign- Karaoke pub Pineapple)

(Side text- Their ways of life merge....)

GINTAMA LESSON 398.............END.

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