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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 399

An unsinkable moon.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 9, 2012 23:26 | Go to Gintama

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Geez. With all of this political talk, I actually miss toilet humor, believe it or not.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

???: It seems he got his just deserts...

After all the assassinations he had ordered, that he would meet his end through assassination.

(Side text- At the end of the battle...)

???: Well, whether you want to say his judgment came too slowly or too soon..

It goes without saying that if the world were to find out the truth of his demise it would be big problem.

I guess the officials decided to chalk it up to 'sickness'.


Okita: I dunno what kind of agreement the higher ups came to, but that's the order being handed down.

Gintoki: What about the criminal?

Okita: As expected, I don't think they intend to make any effort to look for the offending party.

Tsukuyo: I'm bettin' that them Tendoshuu people are keepin' people from flappin' their gums about it, and plan on sweepin' tha whole thing under tha rug.

Okita: They're not even mobilizing many officers to look into recapturing the group working with Sadasada.

More likely than not, the Tendoushuu are going to take this chance to get back what ground they lost with Sadasada.


Okita: It's totally like they were expecting ol' Sadasada to get bumped off...


More like this is the Tendoshuu's way...

of declaring war on the Hitotsubashi.

The only proof you'd need is...

the imperial command handed down by the emperor.

Shinpachi: Really?!

The Shogun's resignation has been appealed?!

Soyo: Yes.

Even after the incident and everything that happened, they wish for him to continue his duty.

Especially now that uncle has passed away. It is the Shogun's role to support the Bakfu, as ordered...


Shinpachi: That's awesome!

Kagura: This is good! It was our fault that Sho-chan would have been fired. I thought so much about this, it had me worried.

Okita: Well, idiots might have something to celebrate....

But this imperial order has a dark side to it. It's proof positive that the Tendoushuu are planning to move.

See, it's obvious now that they consider the Hitotsubashi group their enemy.

To keep the Hitotsubashi from usurping the throne, they've placed Shigeshige-sama upon it. Of course him being there is just a temporary gig.

Within the illustrious families of the Bakkaku, there are swarms of guys who would love to take the Tendoushuu down.

Eventually the Hitotsubashi will be able to take advantage of this and even their stopgap measures will be rendered meaningless.

Tsukuyo: Ya think them Hitotsubashi guys will oppose tha Tendoshuu in order ta get the leadership to themselves?

(Sfx- Mogumogu chew chew)

(Handwritten- Uh, those are mine.)

Okita: Well, look at it like this. Do you think they JUST want the leadership....

Or the Bakfu itself?

If they turn the Bakfu inside out, then the whole world's gonna change.

There are things lurking in an even more pervasive darkness...

Either way, the Hitotsubashi and Tendoshuu's political pissing contest is gonna put the Bakfu in a tight spot.

(Sfx- Ponpon patpat)


Gintoki: Hold up.

If the Bakfu is screwed up, then what about the geezer...?

Okita: Well, he's alive and all...

But with things the way they are right now, going to Yoshiwara...

or hell, even taking a step out of the castle is a no go.

Even if his body is in tip top shape...

With the higher ups circling each other, and Sadasada's assassination...

The whole castle is on super lock down, and guards are on the Shogun like the white on rice. Leaving or entering the castle is forbidden, and anyone who's found trying to break in will lose their head...literally.

Nobume: Hime-sama...

It is time to return.


Soyo: Nobume-san...

Nobume: …..

Don't make that face.

Okita: Well...

I'm sure you guys understand why things ended up this way...

I'm just beginning to wonder...

Just what the hell...

Are we even fighting for?


(Side text- Unclear thoughts...)

Lesson 399: An unsinkable moon.


???: Seems the moon is full tonight too.

Hinowa: I suppose...

It may be because this is the final moon Suzuran daiyuu will ever see.

There's no need to make that face...

After all, Suzuran-san has done her best, as have all of you.

You thought that your actions would go unnoticed underground, just because you snuck around?

For goodness sake, you're so reckless.

You know, lately you've been acting very similar to a certain Gin-san, and placing yourself into all kinds of danger.

I thought I’d try to remain tight lipped on this subject in hopes you would be careful...

But it seems that it was a futile effort.


Tsukuyo: Hi—Hinowa...you ain't sayin'...

You ain't tryin' to tell me you knew who Suzuran was waitin for...?

Hinowa: Who knows?

But for her to wait this long for this gentleman to come and pick her up...

He must have been someone special.

That much I do know.



Suzuran: Hinowa-chan, it's about time...

Would you please get me my makeup?

He'll be coming to keep his promise soon, so I must be ready.


(Sfx- gishii gishii ree ree)
Sasaki: And where pray tell are you going?

Oh, are we off to frolic in Yoshiwara with a body like that?

You'll die, you know.

If there's any more of a commotion after all of this, it'll be quite problematic.

I believe you were told that no one is allowed to leave or enter here.

So I invite you to go back to your room.

Maizou: I'm one hundred percent aware that I’m breaking a law.

If it pleases you, then cut me down as my punishment.


Maizou: If it isn't enough for a blade to take my arms....

Then take a leg or my head as you see fit.

However, everyone has granted me...

One more chance to honor the promise we exchanged that night.

The promised string that connects our souls...

no matter what blade you use on it, will never be severed.

Sasaki: If you expect me to sever this tight guard...

Just to allow an old man to abscond to Yoshiwara to play around, I'm afraid you don't really understand the situation at hand.

This tension filled political situation is not to be trifled with...

Even the smallest error will create a gap for our political opponents to exploit...and I cannot allow that to happen.


Sasaki: So once more,

I request you go back to your room.

Hinowa: There we go, you're all made up.

Suzuran-san, you're beautiful.
The image of a woman who is about to meet the man she fell deeply in love with.

Now Tsukuyo...

Her kimono....

Tsukuyo? What are you doing there?

Suzuran: Tsukuyo-chan...

You made a pledge with a good man, did you not?


Tsukuyo: …..Naw.

It wasn't nothin' important....


Bring tha old man back with us to Suzuran for sure.

Suzuran: If you did...

Then you should believe in him until the very end.

Good men....

Always keep their promises.

(Sfx- Kararan clattter)

Suzuran: Isn't that right?


Tsukuyo: Yeah...

Yer right about that.

(Sfx- Dooon Thoom)

Sasaki: Y—you all...

Where did you come from...?

Gintoki: The person that this finger stops for...

has to kick the can~
(Sfx- Garaaa clatter)

(Sfx- Gararaaa clatter)

Everyone: Okayyy~

Sasaki: Wha...

What are you people doing?

You've even involved the Shogun.

Okita: All right, lets all decide who 'it' will be with rock paper scissors.....against Hijikata-san.

Hijikata: What?! Why?! With this many people here against me, it's basically just bullying!

(Handwritten- Besides, I never even said I'd play with you guys!)

Shigeshige: We've had enough in-fighting, so please stop.

As the Shogun it is my right to make this decision.


Shigeshige: Jiiya, I leave this to you.

Sasaki: Enough nonsense. Do you think the higher ups are going to allow a brazen act of insubordination such as all of these outsiders being here to pass?

Who do you think will have to take responsibility...

(Sfx- Goshaaann craaaaaaash)

Nobume: Hurry up and pick up the can.

I believe it flew in the vicinity of Yoshiwara....


{I detest that moon.}

{The moon may have brought the night and you to me....}

{But the moment dawn stirs, it sweeps you away with it.}

{I am of the firm opinion that it would best if the moon never disappeared from sight...}

{If it were to do that, we would be able to remain here in Yoshiwara together forever.....}

{You know that once again...}

{The moon will go along with the night....}

{And once again...}

{Once dawn approaches, it will take you away from here with it.}

{The next full moon...}

{Wait for me in front of the Sakura tree.}

{Is that a promise?}

{Yes...it's a promise.}

{I will....}


(Sfx- Dosaah thud)


Maizou: I...

We finally meet again...

Suzuran: The night of the final moon...

Has brought you here to me...


I'm sorry...

While waiting for you...

The sakura and I have both withered...

Maizou: What are you saying?

(Sfx- Hiraa flutter)


Maizou: Nothing...

Has withered.
Nothing has changed since back then...

You and the night blossoms are as beautiful as ever.

Suzuran: Maizou-sama...

Is this...a dream?

Will you disappear with the moon....?

Is this a one night fantasy?



Maizou: No...

Tonight the moon is unsinkable.

This is a dream...

That we will not wake from.

For now on...


Always be together.

That is a promise.

(Sfx- Potaah drip)

Maizou: I promise you.

(Side text- Towards another moonlit night...)

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