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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 400

Heads of the editorial committee do it alone.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 16, 2012 23:38 | Go to Gintama

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Welcome back gags, welcome back clinical depression.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- The revival of that duo...)

Sachi: 'Cuse me.


My intestines have started acting up again....can I borrow a bed?

Sensei: Sachi-san, how many times have your intestines been an issue?

You do realize that the infirmary is not a bedroom for prisoners, don't you?

Sachi: Aww, but this is only like..the third time! It's totally a bow knot, and I'm super in pain.

Sensei: You just said they were acting up, and that’s it.

Goodness, what am I to do with you...

(Sfx- Shaah shfft)

Sensei: Fine, It hurts. You can lie down here but not for long okay?


Sachi: Umm...could you like, not look in here at me? Please?

It's gonna be one hell of a fight against my ass, and it's hard to go when I think someone is there.

Sensei: Fine, fine.

(Sfx- Gacha clack)

(Sfx- Gacha clack)

(Sfx- Zubooh fwoff)

(Sfx- Basaaah sffft)


{If I wanna get the manuscript done, Imma have to bust my ass all night long!!}

{Tomorrow's the cut off date for the manga competition...I have to work fast!}

{At least in here the guard won't be peeking over my shoulder.}


{This time, our dreams are gonna come true!!}

(Sfx- Chun chun Tweet tweet)

(Sfx- Gabaahh fwaff)

Sachi: Ah!

{Dammit! I got so comfy here that I fell asleep!!}

{Huh?! Where's the manuscript....!?}

(Sfx- Shaaah sffft)

{Oh shi--}

Sachi: Sensei!! It's not what you think!! That's....

(Sfx- Kusu kusu snicker snicker)

(Sfx- Ahahahahah)


Sensei: Truly....

Your intestines would have to be twisted to write something like this!

Although it was a joy to read.



Lesson 400: Heads of the editorial committee do it alone.

(Side text- This development is...)

Gintoki: Huh?

You're interested in sensei?


Gintoki: So what are you trying to tell me? You want to change our manga into a forbidden love comedy between teacher and student?

Dude, that's so last century. Love comedies like those went out with the Jomon period....yet you think you can pull one off?

Listen, what people want to read about nowadays are gangster girls wearing pajamas with all kinds of parts showing; rubber people who are actually sons of hokage....you know, manga where shit like that happens every...

Sachi: I'm not talking about manga, I'm talking about me!!

In this prison there's a physician named Narutaki-sensei.

She actually read my manga before and thought it was hilarious....she was actually laughing.

I dunno man, it was like...no one's ever looked at my manga like that before...and then when I saw her smiling face,

I sorta...my heart sorta started to ache.

(Sfx- Moji moji figet figet)

Sachi: I mean, I’m not the sorta dude who's got a lock down on affection or anything...

But I’m sure that's what this pain in my heart has to be...right?

Gintoki: Yeah, no. You're hallucinating.

(Sfx- Meki meki grind grind)

Sachi: Gobuahhhh!!

(Sfx- Doodooo thuuud)


Sachi: Bro..!! What was that for?!

(Sfx- Para para clatter clatter)

Gintoki: You dipshit. I was beginning to wonder why all the protagonists of manga lately have been chicks with four eyes....

You've totally got the hots for the weather lady don'tcha?

Sachi: No way bro! That's YOUR thing!!

Gintoki: You wanna know if this is love? News flash, it ain't. It's a fluffy and very PLATONIC relationship you have with her, and it's obvious it's getting between us and our manga.

If you're really serious about this, go on and confess to her. It'll make great study material for a 'while in prison' love comedy if you know what I mean.

Sachi: What?! You're actually encouraging me?!

(Handwritten- So why'd you deck me just now?)

Sachi: More like, she's a doctor bro! Not only is she out of my reach, but she's basically out of sight for a prisoner like me!

T—there's no way I could possibly even think of confessing to her.

I don't have what it takes to talk to her, much less make a pass.

Gintoki: True, true. You are a filthy prisoner.

But your hands produce some beautiful things my friend.

You may not have what it takes to talk to her....

But writing down witty stuff may be up your alley.


Gintoki: What I'm saying is pick up your pen...

And use manga as your weapon of choice.

Sachi: Use....manga?

Gintoki: You said that she liked the manga you drew, yeah?

Sachi: Yeah...she even gives me advice from time to time.

Gintoki: Then go with this as your battle plan.


I think I'm stuck.

Sachi: What's the matter, Gintoki-san?

Gintoki: Sachiko-sensei...I'm sorta stuck on this storyboard...

See, this is supposed to be an important scene...

But I can't think of anything to write.

Sachi(ko): Oh my. That is a problem.

Gintoki: Hey, um...Sachiko-sensei? Can you look at this for me?


Gintoki: I've already decided on this much of the conversation...

Manga guy: Sensei, please go out with me.

Gintoki: But now I’m kinda stuck on what I should write as a response.

Sachiko-sensei, what should I put here?

Sachi(ko): How about 'YES'..?

Sachi: Brooooo!! She said YES!!

Gintoki: Of course. That's how a manga artist confesses when words fail him.

Sachi: I knew I could count on you bro! Imma do it! I'm serious!

If I do it that way, it's a piece of cake! I'm off to draw the manga now!

Just you wait bro!

I'll be back carrying good news!!


{Sensei and I.}


Sensei: Goodness....

You always seem to be getting in fights...

The nurse's office isn't some kind of hospital in the badlands you know!

(Sfx- Pin tap)

Sensei: Little warrior!

Though, our fencing club could use someone with undying zeal like yours...

Boy: I didn't get into a fight.

Sensei: Hm?

Boy: I used a stick to hit myself.
Sensei: Why....

Would you do that?

Boy: It's because...

I had something I needed to tell you Sensei...


Boy: Sensei! Please go out with me!!

Sensei: Oh good! I welcome you to the Fencing club, Chousokabe-kun!

Gintoki: Oh, so he joined the fencing club did he? Good for him.

Sachi: ….Bro...

How did things end up this way?

Gintoki: She musta mistaken 'go out' with 'thrust'...

Or something.

(TN- Going out with and thrusting are both written and read as 'tsukiau' but with different kanji.)

Gintoki: This appears to be a sports manga....with this kid, Chousokabe as the protagonist.

Sachi: It looks that way, but it isn't.

(Panels: Eh?// I used a stick to hit myself.)

Gintoki: See the problem here is you used fencing as a part of your setting.

Even mentioning 'hitting oneself with a stick' was kinda going too far. Now it looks like this
Chousokabe is some sorta fencing genius or something.


Gintoki: Moreover why does this manga have a Sensei in it too?

I mean, its sorta weird for you to have a Sensei being confessed to just for you to confess to your Sensei you know what I mean? It's hard to follow.

Sachi: Um...which Sensei are we talking about again?

Gintoki: Obviously that one.

Sachi: Which is that one?
Sachi: Bro, what should I do? I know I said Sensei enjoyed it before...

Gintoki: When you say Sensei, which are we talking about again?

Sachi: Obviously that one.

Gintoki: Right. Well I mean how about having him confess again now that he's in the fencing club?

Sachi: But...I don't really know anything about fencing....

Or why the protagonist's name is Chousokabe...

Gintoki: Chosokabe's gonna be fine. It's a great name, trust me.

Well, ex nay on the fencing and do it on the double, so you can get back to confessing.

How about right here...

Hmm...this'll do.

{Sensei and I}

{Chapter 2}


(Sfx- Karaaan clatter)

Chosokabe: It's no good....I suck at fencing!

I can't do this any more! My parents are divorcing and I'm going to have to take the last name Mikoshiba!!


Sensei: Cheer up...

I'll cheer for you.

Chosokabe: Sensei, those aren't...

the words I want to hear.

Sensei, please go out with me!

Sensei: 'Sensei please go out with me'?

That sounds good Chosokabe. We can return here and practice.


I thought it was clear when I said 'Sensei please go out with me'!!!

More like, there doesn't seem to be a way to escape fencing at all!!


Sachi: More like, after saying he's going through a divorce, she still just wants him to try harder?! She's not going to budge on this fencing thing at all?!

To what extent does Sensei not understand delicacy?!

Gintoki: She just doesn't want to see Chosokabe give up is all.

You know, the problem with this is Sensei doesn't understand your intention to quit the club.

What is it that you want to do after that? Isn't there anything?

As long as you don't make that clear, she's never going to understand your intent to quit the club.

Sachi: I don't have those sorta feelings in the first place though!

Gintoki: Moreover, you're giving Sensei a lot of leeway with these hugeass speech bubbles.

It's because she's got so much room that she ends up saying a bunch of unnecessary crap.

If all she needs to say is 'yes' , then you can make this bubble a lot smaller.

Sachi: Oh, I see. Well, now all I have to worry about is the fencing thing.

It seems that all her head is filled with is fencing and whatnot..

Gintoki: If you guys like, Iunno win the nationwide championships then you could retire.

Sachi: But...what if she wants to take it on a global scale?

{Sensei and I}

{Chapter 3}


Chousukabe: Sensei, I get it now! I'll work even harder at fencing!

All right then, goodbye!


(Sfx- Kiiiiii screeeeeech)

(Sfx- Doooon thooom)

Sensei: Kyahhhh!!

Chosokabe: Sensei...sorry...but with my body like this, I'm in no shape to do fennicing ever again...

No matter what anyone says, I'm pretty much too beat up to ever pick up fennicing.

Sensei: That's fine...! You've worked so hard!

I won't make you fence anymore...

Chosokabe, you don't have to say anything more about it...

Chosokabe: Th—that's great...

Then there's only one more thing I want to ask you...


Please go out with me.

(Sfx- Dosu thuok)


(Sfx- Bushiii bllorssh)

Sensei: Buwahhhh

(Sfx- Dosaa thuddd)

Chosokabe: Se...


???: Hmph.

(Sfx- Zahh Sfft)

???: You're a mere weakling, which is why you'll never know love.

Chosokabe: D—Dad?!

Dad: A fool like you that can't fence worth a damn doesn't have the qualifications to carry the Mikoshiba name! Chosokabe, you just find a grave and sleep there forever!

{Mikoshiba Yuu}

{One of the fencing Shitenou. Unable to bear being adopted into his wife's family, he decided on divorce.}


The confession ended with a 'thok' noise!

You've sorta taken over drawing it form this point haven't you?! It's become a different manga completely!!

Gintoki: Having an enemy appear here is just common sense, Sensei.

Sachi: No it's not!! It's a development that can't be taken back at this point!!


Sachi: More like, who is he?! The dad?!

This ain't the fencing Shitenou! More like we've already establish that he can't fence!!

Gintoki: But this is Chosokabe's chance to turn the tables and become a master fencer.

Sachi: Why use a dirty method like this?! More like, to what extent does life want to push Chosokabe into fencing?!

Everything's gone to hell! There's no way he can confess to Sensei now!

If he wants to take back the name Mikoshiba he's got no choice but to get into fencing!! I can't do this bro!

Gintoki: Don't give up till the end! There's got to be a way for him to win! There just has to be!!

{Sensei and I}

{Chapter 4}




(Sfx- Gasuuuh sfft)

Dad: N—No way...you...

You said you couldn't fence!! How could you...!!

Chosokabe: Yeah....I did say that.

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmble)


Chosokabe: I said I can't do fennicing.

Fencing on the other hand is a whole different story.

Dad: N—no way!! Fennicing you say?!

Then you aren't a Chosokabe, but a Mikoshiba after all?!

Chosokabe: To bring an end to you once and for all, I'll use the fencing ougi that Sensei taught me!

My 'Sensei please go out with me!'

(Sfx- Gogogogoggo rmmmmnmble)

Dad: I'll answer you with a display of my full power as well!!

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmble)

Dad: Behold my ougi! 'Yes'!!!


(TN- They're....both sorta using kanji that make it sound like these are attacks.)

(Sfx- Dohh sfffft)



(Sfx- Gohhhh fwhooom)


(Sfx- Gooooh fwhoooom)


I can't do it!!

Game over!! It's all over!!

Gintoki: Not yet!! It's not over till it's over!!!


Gintoki: The TOC comment!!!

{Sensei and I// Akurogi Musai// Narutaki-sensei, please go out with me.)


{Akurogi-Sensei, I'm not Narutaki. I've changed my pen name.}


(Side text- Thoughts that failed to reach her!!)

GINTAMA LESSON 400............END.

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