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Anagle Mole 26

Two alternatives.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 28, 2012 03:37 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 26

Whats up with Fukuchi and showing his characters viciously dying in a false flash-forward? This didn't happen in Ueki or Takkoku...

Pinoymanga scans only.

Requests OPEN, but be sure to read the requirements and stipulations here. This notice will be posted on translations for the next few weeks.

(Top text- Volume one of the manga is popular with humans and out in stores on the surface!!)


(Side text- These powers have fully awaaakeenned!!)

Space 26: Two alternatives.


(Sfx- Baaaannn thwoook)

(Bottom text- Kyousuke has awakened and taken down the majin Kamomill...?!)

Luchiru: Hahah....


Kamomill: Mario!!!

(Sfx- Jiboooh fwoof)

(Sfx- Gyuuun wffffft)

(Sfx- Zashuuuu fwfff)

{I just took an attack from a human...!!}

{I'm dead....!}


Kamomill: …..?

Well actually, it doesn't hurt.

(Sfx- Gikuu poooit)

Luchiru: ….Eh?

Kamomill: You mean...

(Sfx- Buruburu wffwffwff)

Kamomill: That Kyousuke guy....

{He's awakened the powers to dig.....}

{But humans themselves are actually really weak?!}

(Sfx- daraaa droop)

{Bulls eye.}

(Sfx- Gakaaaan pooooit)


{Humans are weaklings....?}

{No way that's true...}

{This is still...}

Kamomill: Mario!!!

I still have to fight on the safe side here!!

{I'll find it out myself....}

{What the true strength of that human is...!!}

(Sfx- Sutann thunk)

Kamomill: Here's a little brain teaser for you.

(Handwritten- What's with him all of a sudden?)


Kamomill: A-kun dropped a huge rock on B-kun.

(Handwritten- Take this!!)

(On rock- rock)

(Handwritten- Auuugh!!)

Kamomill: No matter where it is, B-kun can dig his way out...where it be above or below.

(Sfx- Doon thooom)

(Handwritten- Hah!)

(Sfx- Dooon thooom)

Kamomill: But B-kun can't dig through certain things...as in 'Things that are smaller than himself'.
Well then....

If you want to live, which do you dig through?

'Up' or 'down'?!


{You can't go up!!!}

{Choose down, Kyousuke..!!}


Kyousuke: This again huh?!

If you wanna know so bad...

I choose up!!!

(Sfx- Dopuuun blooorsh)

(Sfx- Dogooooohh fwoooom)

(Sfx- Zubooohh wfooof)

Kamomill: Ready for....

(Sfx- Kuuun wfiff)


Kyousuke: Geh!!

(Handwritten- No way...!!)

(Sfx- Hyooooh)


Kamomill: Release~

(Sfx- Fuhh Wffft)

(Sfx- Gakuun crackle)

Kyousuke: WAHHHH!

Kamomill: Heheheheh...

(Sfx- Kyuuuhhh wffff)

Kamomill: Can't go diving in mid air can we?

(Sfx- Vn veeen)

Kamomill: Die!!!


(Sfx- Bohhhh fwoop)


Kyousuke: ….Is what would happen right?!

I ain't goin' up there!!

Down I go then!

(Sfx- Dopuuun bloop)

(Sfx- Doooooon thoooood)

Kyousuke: But I can't breath when I’m underground...

I gotta surface somewhere else!

(Sfx- Goboboboh bloopbloop)

(Sfx- Puwahhh)

Kyousuke: Waaaah!!!

(Sfx- Zuuuun bloop)

(Sfx- Dopuuun splissh)

Kyousuke: He's playing whack-a-mole with me dammit!!


Kamomill: You mighta chose 'down' but...

(Sfx- Gogogogo rmmmmble)

Kamomill: Heheheh...

(Sfx- Jijijiii zzzzt)

Kamomill: But it appears that you can't breathe underground can you?

If you had chosen to come up, rather than dropping the rock, I would have attacked you in mid air!!

But if you really like staying underground, I don't have a problem with that either! In fact you can stay down there till you suffocate!!

Kyousuke: Air!!


(Sfx- Gopogopo bloop)

Kamomill: No matter what choice you made it was the wrong one!! Ultimately both choices leave you SCREWED!!



(Sfx- Hah?)

(Sfx- Gahh grabbb)

(Sfx- Dobuuun splllish)

Kamomill: A...

A third choooooooice?!?!

Luchiru: Kyousuke....

What are you doing?!


(Sfx- Paaan splish)

Kamomill: Huh?

{I can't move?!?}

(Sfx- Gachiiin plissh)

Kyousuke: I see, so I can drag people underground with me....

As long as I grab them and don't let go.


Hows the view down there? Since you always look down others...

I figured you'd appreciate the irony of being underfoot for once.

Kamomill: Asshead! I can easily get out of this if I touch my clothes....

(Sfx- Bogoohh fwooof)

{Dammit! My hand is stuck in place and I can't touch my clothes!!}

(Sfx- Guguu grnnd)


Kyousuke: Here's a brain teaser for you then...

A-kun's been buried.

There's option one....'Wait to be saved'.

Or option two, 'struggle pointlessly'.

Which choice will allow him to keep his life?


Kyousuke: Relax. I'm kidding.

We didn't come here to waste time with the likes of you.

The big lummox over there should wake up and save you eventually.

Though I guess..

It might be kinda hard for someone who thinks of others as trash to be saved by 'some idiot'.

Looks like your cred will be shot for the rest of your life if this gets out.

Kamomill: Mario!!

(Sfx- jigatsu *zzt*)

(Sfx- Sugogogogo *rmmmmble*)

Kyousuke: Huh?

{Watch out...}



Kamomill: HNNNGH!!!

(Sfx- Bogooohhh thooom)

Kamomill: HAH!!

(Sfx- Bagaaah Thooom)

(Sfx- Hyuuuuu fwooooof)

Kamomill: Heheheheheh...
You slipped up!!

Did you really think I wouldn't just manipulate the ground around me?!


Kamomill: Here's my answer! I choose two!! Struggle pointlessly, get out, and kill your dumbass!!

What the hell are you going on about 'Choose one to keep my life?!'

Don't make me laugh!! As if a stupid organism like a human could kill me!!

Consider this a lesson!!

Don't believe in 'rumors'!!

Especially a certain rumor about how 'Humans are monstrously strong'!!

What's wrong with treating the stupid like the brainless cattle they are?!

(Sfx- Zudan dppph)

Kamomill: D'aww, did you really think I couldn't get out of the ground? Too bad, loser!



Kyousuke: Sorry, wrong answer.


Kamomill: Wha?!

Kyousuke: Obviously you can only control one thing after releasing another....

I knew you'd try to jump out of the ground with your powers.

That's why I buried you there.

The moment you smashed out of the ground, you lose control of your old buddy Mr. Rock, and guess what? He wants to see you!

Kamomill: Th---

Kyousuke: That's how it goes.

{That idiot....!!!}

Kamomill: Mari---


Kamomill: UNGH..

(Sfx- Doooon thooom)

Kyousuke: It's up to you if you want to look down on others as garbage...


Kyousuke: But looking down means missing what's going on overhead, you dig?

(Handwritten- Damn, now I’m lecturing him.)

(Side text- Kyousuke is awesome!! Next week is a break, but new developments begin from issue 24 on!!)


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