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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 402

When served with sake, dog food becomes a surprisingly good side dish.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 30, 2012 23:58 | Go to Gintama

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Another break? I dunno. Maybe the Gorilla is like a final boss in an RPG where preforming or muttering enough curses at and on him wears him down enough to allow for an even battle. For every week you're off Gorilla, I get stronger...like a boss.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Requests OPEN, but be sure to read the requirements and stipulations here. This notice will be posted on translations for the next few weeks.

Shinpachi: Huuh?

You found a job?

Gintoki: Sweet huh? A client at long last.

Looks like our dog food days are a thing of the past.

Shinpachi: I had no idea while we were searching for Sadaharu you were looking for something like that.

Gintoki: 'Something like that?' Are you asking for an asswhupping?

Lesson 402: When served with sake, dog food becomes a surprisingly good side dish.

Shinpachi: Aren't you worried at all, Gin-san?

Sadaharu ran away from home two days ago.

Considering that he left home on an empty stomach,

(Handwritten- Sadaharuuu come hooooome!!)

Shinpachi: We've got to ask ourselves if he's eating, or if he's in any sort of trouble...

With all this on our minds, doing a job seems...well I'm just not feeling up to it.

Gintoki: That's no good Shinpachi-kun. That's the way a NEET person thinks.

(TN- NEET is someone who's 'not in education, employment, or training.')


Gintoki: If we don't do anything, nothing will happen.

(Sfx- Satsu shfft)

Gintoki: Put simply, if we don't put food out he won't show up.

Don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that.

Even if you call him a member of the family, a beast is a beast.

Besides, there are times where even I get fed up and want to be alone. Despite being a beast,

he's got times like that too.

(Panels- Then let's split this three ways//Thanks for the meal.)

Gintoki: That's how it is. Well, if you like dog food eat it for your whole life.

As for me, I'm out to get a chocolate parfait. Smell ya later.

Shinpachi: W—wait a minute Gin-san!!


(Sign- Veterinary hospital.)

???: Kyaaahhh!!!

(Sfx- Gatsu thonk)

(Sfx- Goh thhnk)

???: He's a monster!!!


People: The inugami (dog god) has come from the mountains to steal our happiness!!

Begone, mountain beast!! There's no place for you among humanity!!

Go back to the mountains, monster!!!

Sadaharu: Grrrrr....

(Sfx- Buri buri shiver shiver)

Lady: Kyaaah!! What's that! Something came out of it!!

Be careful!! If you touch that wriggling thing, it means death!

(Sfx- Hah hah)

(Sfx- Perooh liick)

(Sfx- Guuuuuu grrrrrlll)


Kagura: Sadaharu~!!

Come back home!!

(Collar: Kabuki chou fourth district 1st street.)
(Sfx- Kun kun snif snif)


Gintoki: Is that so?

The master of this house has passed away?

And he kicked the bucket all alone too huh?

Lady: He was a popular and strange old man...he didn't interact much with the other people in the neighborhood.

Instead he preferred the company of the dogs he kept in his house...and there are quite a few of them.

Because of all the dogs the neighbors would often complain about the smell and the noise...

It even drove his one relative, a daughter who loved dogs; out of the home...she's been estranged from him for a while it seems.

Though after he died, the number of dogs seemed to decrease, except for a lone puppy.

But the neighborhood association wants to take care of it too, since it was a problem while the old guy was alive.

It's just a mongrel after all...

And the poor thing appears to be sick and weak.

Rumor has it that the puppy is roaming around this area as a stray...

Gintoki: If someone were to take him in there wouldn't be any complaints, but seeing as the dog is sick, that's unlikely to happen. So what do you want me to do?

Lady: If possible we'd like you to catch it...

And dispose of it.


Gintoki: That's not a problem or anything, but are you sure? He's sick but killing him seems sorta like overkill.

Lady: It'll be more of a problem if we let the problem get worse. It's best to do something before it's too late...

And besides the poor thing is gonna die pretty soon anyway isn't it?

For goodness sake, that old man died and left us with one troublesome gift~
Sadaharu: GRRRR!!

Lady: Wh—huh!?

Gyaaah!! Where did that big dog come from?!

Gintoki: Well damn. You're a bit bigger than I'd thought, stray mutt.

I'll probably fracture a few bones trying to dispose of him.

You know that little pup dontcha?

If you brought me a present, I might consider taking you back in.

The entry fee is a full course meal.

It'll be one badass party, no?

(Sfx- Datsh Dash)

Lady: W—wait!!

Yorozuya-san! You have to catch that monster!!

What are you doing?! Hurry up!!


(Sfx- Guruuuu grooowl)

{If you brought me a present, I might consider taking you back in.}

{It'll be one badass party, no?}

(Sfx- Porohh droop)

(Sfx- Hah hah)


(Sfx- Pakuhh chomp)

(Sfx- Mucha mucha chew chew)

Puppy: Woof.

(Sfx- Guuuuuu groooowl)

Kagura: Then let us split this..

Gintoki: Three ways.

(Sfx- Potaaan splat)

Sadaharu: Guuuuuh...

(Sfx- Perohh slurp)

(Sfx- Pero pero slurp slurp)


(Sfx- Dosha splisssh)

(Sfx- Doshaaah spliissh)

Puppy: Woof!

(Sfx- Guuuu Grooooowl)

Sadaharu: Woof.


(Sfx- Doshaaah splissh)

Puppy: Wuuun?

(Sfx- Guuuuuu grrooool)

Sadaharu: Woof...


Sadaharu: Wooof...

(Sfx- Guuuuh grrowwwl)


(TN- No text, just....just....ಥ_ಥ)


Sadaharu: Woof...

Ladies: Kyaaah!! IT REEKS!!

What is this?! Who'd play a prank like this on us?!

There are so many fish!! Who did this?

Gintoki: Oh, just my dog~

(Sfx- Buuun buzzzz)

Gintoki: Seems like he was trying his best to take care of a puppy...

And kept working hard to bring it food.

(Sfx- Buuun buuun buuzzzz)

Gintoki: Look, see this?

He's quite the smart and loyal doggie isn't he?

He's been acting in the place of the master, taking care to bring food, despite the fact that these little things were slowly poisoning him.


About my payment...?


Gintoki: Look who's up.

You were suffering from a severe lack of nutrition.

Whether you're mad or not, If you can't get food for yourself, then I’d appreciate you not having a pet of your own. Mmkay?

You decided to run away from home all on your own.

(Sfx- Yoro whifft)

Gintoki: Geez, you're a real piece of work.

Well, thanks to you I got that whole puppy matter wrapped up...

So go on pal, eat up. Today it's on me.

(Sfx- Gagoooon craaash)

(Sfx- Garururururu rrrrrrrrhhh!!)
Gintoki: What's up? You mad cause you went through all that trouble to look out for the dog for nothing?

Well I guess I was kinda stretching the truth there...


Gintoki: I guess the amount of your payoff is..

A little lacking there huh?

But don't get mad.

There were a lot of costs associated with this job, so the payout kinda got paid-out. If you know what I mean.


(Handwritten- Upsy daisy..)

(Sfx- Giii greee)

Gintoki: Us at the Sakata household know how to share when things get tough.

Whether it be food...

Or pain.

(Sfx- Hah hah)


Gintoki: Thanks for the meal.

Girl: Thank you so much.

Please tell the big dog who protected my grandfather’s puppy..

how grateful I am for his help.

???: Wait a moment!!

(Sfx- Dota dota tmp tmp)

???: What about this big dog's food and medication costs?! This isn't nearly enough!


???: Wait a moment!!! Sakata-saaaaaaaan!!
(Sfx- Hyuuuun fwissssh)


Puppy: Woof!

Sadaharu: Wooof!


(Sfx- Gachiiin clang)

(Sfx- Gariihh gulp)

(Sfx- Guuuuu grrrooooowl)

(Side text- Be it sadness or happiness, lets share it together...)


(Bottom text- Next issue is a break. The series will resume in issue 29.)

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