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Bullet Armors 8

The way to use a tremor.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 31, 2012 03:37 | Go to Bullet Armors

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Hopefully sometime soon there will be a scantlated version of this manga. Sometime...soon.

Helz0ne scans only.

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Techno 8: The way to use a tremor.


???: Good luck at the subjugation battle.

Ion: Ooh. So with these cards we can participate too?

This is my first time, so I'm a little nervous...

Selena: You slack off, and I'll pop you in the neck. Got it?

Ion: We'll teach those evil tremor a lesson!!


Ion: Don't worry! No matter what happens, Bullet and I will protect you!

Bullet: Kyu!

Selena: I've got a terrible sinking feeling. Can I really depend on an moronic idiot?

(Little bubble- Emphasis on idiot?)

Selena: Do something about Bullet too.

Ion: ….Why?

Selena: You're making me uncomfortable...

{Beika building 20th floor: Meeting hall.}

Ion: Dude, it's totally clean here!

Ooh, is that a cooler?

Selena: Be quiet!

Ion: Don't hit me!


Bungari: Gentlemen, I thank you for your attendance.

Welcome to the preparations for the subjugation battle.


The time for war approaches.
In order to fight against the enemies of mankind....

The tremors that approach Testarossa.


Ion: There must have been a lot of tremor here before.

Selena: Seems that way.

Bungari: Before all we could do was to about face and run from the tremor.

But now things have changed, since we beika have developed weapons to level the playing field.

For our friends, and loved ones that the tremor have stolen...

Now is the time we stand and fight back!!

Have a look at those two in the center seats!


Bungari: Despite being youngsters...

they still wish to stand up against the tremor!! Behold the bravery of our youth!!

Ion: Uh..Yay us! Hahaha...

Bungari: I would like to praise you two for your bravery personally....

so please come forward.

Ion: He's asking us to come up, Selena!!


Bungari: Young beika...

Why is it that you fight?


Ion: To protect my friends!

Bungari: For your friends? How admirable!

And you?

Selena: Me? Uh..well...

Bungari: Hahahah, nothing wrong with that.

Ion: My name is Ion!

And her name is Selena!

(Sfx- Jakkin clack)

Bungari: Ion and Selena...

Good names.

Welcome to the subjugation battle.

Selena: Ahaha, Thanks.

Bungari: Let's give them a warm welcome, everyone!


Bungari: These are the 'breeders' Ion and Selena.

Give them a hand. Preferably the one with a weapon in it.

Ion & Selena: Huh?




Beika: They're gone?!

They ran for it!!

Find them immediately...and kill them!!


Bungari: I wasn't expecting them to be THIS good.

To break down a steel door like an afterthought...

Beika: Captain Bungari!

It appears the breeders have escaped outside..
Let's try to keep the damage control low.

Find and eradicate them!

Beika: Yessir.

Bungari: That ruckus is sure to rile the attention of other hidden elements!! Find them all and deal with them!

Beika: You don't mean...

Bungari: Damned monsters!!


Ion: Th—they--they found us out!!

Selena: And it's alllllll your fault!!


Ion: But I hid Bullet! See!?

Selena: Our plans are all scrapped now!!

Ion: Hah hah...

Selena: Hopefully no one comes in here...


Ion: Oops...


Ion: Um...hello!


Bullet: Kyui!

(Sfx- Paan clap)

???: That's a tremor!!

Bullet: Kyuui!

???: You idiots!! What are you doing?!

They've run into the offices!!

Ion: Hii!!

Proto: Kiii!!


Ion: That lady is a beika too?!

Selena: We have to head up!!

There are more beika waiting for us if we go below!

Ion: Going up should be easy enough!!


Ion: SELENA!!!

Selena: Quiet already!

Just get your butt up here!!

Now for these screws...

Proto: Kyuii!

Ion: Whatcha doin?

Selena: Just playing a little prank~

Beika: Surround them!


Beika: They disappeared....

In the middle of the stairwell?




Ion: Just now....was that Proto?

Selena: Sure was! That's my Proto's ability!

Coming through~



Selena: Nfufufuu.

Ion: No wonder people want to steal Proto!!

Selena: Proto can break down machinery!!

Ion: Break them down?

Selena: If you learn how to use your tremor properly, they can be really convenient!

Ion: Proper use...


Bullet: Kyuuh?



Selena: Shouldn't YOU be up here?!

(Handwritten- You're so heavy...)

Ion: Se-Selena, don't drop us!!

(Sfx- Gatsh grip)

Ion: I'm going to fall!!

Selena: Grab any more, and I'll kick you off.

Beika: It's game over, brats!!


(Sfx- Kiiin craaackle)

(Sfx- Kikikiiki crackckck)

Selena: Wha..
Ion: Wait...

Selena and Ion: Wah!


Selena and Ion: UWAHHHH!!!


Ion: Bullet!!

Grab hold Selena!!

Beika: Aim for their landing trajectory!!


Selena: Remember how I said there are Beika down there? They haven't left!!

Ion: We're going to bust through them!!

Selena: That's impossible! Once you land...

The beika will swarm us!!

Pail laser set!!

Selena: Ion!!


Beika: Make mince meet out of them!!


The manhole cover is gone?


Ion: I've never been happier to see sewage water!

Selena: Ugh, you are too reckless!

I seriously thought I was gonna die!

Ion: I knew I could count on Bullet!

Selena: How did you open up that manhole anyway?
Ion: Bullet Grapple!

Selena: Whoa! You totally flattened that manhole cover!


Ion: Geez! You guys are persistent!

???: You two aren't going to get away again.

That's not a threat, just fact.

{Beika: Oluwa}

???: Well you have a sliver of a chance...

So for your benefit i'll throw in a 'maybe' you won't get away again.

{Beika: Sari}


Oluwa: What? Are you saying I can't crush them?

(Handwritten- Owww)

Sari: No I didn't say that!

Allowing for variables is just common sense!

Oluwa: Now..

Who wants to die first?

Go on, speak up and then die!

Ion: Stay down Selena!

Oluwa: You spoke!

I'll beat you to death first!


Sari: So I get the girl then? Sweet. Do you like to be tied up, girlie?

Selena: You've got some sick, sick hobbies bandana-perv!

Sari & Oluwa: The punishment for breeders is death!!
Ion: 'To death' she says...

Selena: I guess we have to clean up this trash before we can get going, huh?


Selena: Arara~

Oluwa: HAAAH!!

Bullet: Kyuuh


Ion: Its so heavy!

Oluwa: This arm wrench is specially made to crush tremor.

Bones break like twigs when hit by this!


Sari: This rope is made from antaru...

if you're not careful you'll be cut down by it.

It'll be over quick if you don't resist!!


Wow! It's almost as if you have clairvoyance!

Tying you up isn't gonna be easy!

Selena: Don't underestimate me!


Selena: I'm not as nice as Ion, who likes to live and let live!!

Sari: Ooh! A tremor!

Selena: I know us breeders have to fight or get crushed!!

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