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Anagle Mole 27


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 31, 2012 04:53 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 27

Why am I up at 1AM translating manga that no one scantlates? Oh right. *Smacks forehead* I'm an idiot.

pinoymanga scans only.

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???: Hey did you hear about that wanted dude, Luchiru?

Someone witnessed him at the Leona springs...! He seems to be on his way to 'Kita city'!!

(Side text- Luchiru defeats yet another formidable foe...)

???: He's probably real beat up by now.

Hey, maybe we could even take him on!


???: Hell yeah! It's Luchiru after all! A fight against him isn't even fair!....for us that is!


???: You just don't get it.

(Sfx- Daah drriiip)

???: Huh?

???: Whether it's Luchiru or not isn't the problem here! You have yet to see him do anything yourselves!

But the truth remains that he did defeat the boss of the hole, Luke!

But I’ll be the one to beat him...

And my name will be known throughout the whole nation of Anaguland!!


(Top text- Marked with a picture of Chiwa, Volume two hits stores on June 18th!!)


27th space: Mask.

(Side text- It's been one thing after another, and we're still not through....)


Kamomill: Why won't you finish me off?

Kyousuke: What?

Kamomill: I lost to your ability...

And I don't have any strength left myself...


So you could easily finish me off now....

Kyousuke: What the hell are you going on about being all beat up like that? No one's listening, dummy.

I'm not here to kill you guys.

I'm not interested in your 'common sense'.

(Handwritten- Let's go Kyousuke!)


Kyousuke: Cause I’m a 'Mole'!

Dorche: Kamomill!!

Are you okay?

Kamomill: Dorche...

Dorche: Those bastards ran away while I was sleeping!!

Kamomill: Dumbass...

(Handwritten- You got your butt kicked.)

(Handwritten- Those cowards!)

Kamomill: A mole...?

I don't get it...


Luchiru: Looking for the spring took up more time than I thought!

We have to hurry so we can find Chiwa in 'Kita city'!!

Kyousuke: I'm cool with hurrying, but can you do something about the shaking...?

Luchiru: Go go! Train-gou!!

Train: Bururuuun.

Kyousuke: Luchiru...looks like your injuries aren't an issue anymore.

Luchiru: Yeah! My body feels as light as a feather!
Maan...I didn't think the spring would feel this good though!!

I wonder why us commoners don't get the chance to use it?

Kyousuke: Hey! Although it worked out in the end, there's a big issue here!

When I got into that spring, I really thought I was gonna die!!


Bahamut: Probably because that spring is 'poisonous' to humans!!

Kyousuke: Poison?!

Isn't that something I shoulda been told at the beginning?!

Bahamut: We really didn't know it was something that could have killed you though.

Kyousuke: So then, why was I saved?

Why is it instead of dying I got a weird superpower instead?

Bahamut: Mmm...

You got lucky?

Kyousuke: Yeah! Nooooo.

Well whatever. Just know that I ain't gonna hold us back any more.

No matter who comes out after this, no matter if they're number one fighter or whatever...

Now that I'm able to fight in this bout, we're in it to win it.

Luchiru: Huh?

What are you saying?

You can't possibly fight!

Okay, sure you have a majinagram now, but you're still only as strong as a human!!

There's no way you'll be able to fight against a majin!


Luchiru: I'll just keep doing the fighting.

Kyousuke: What?!
Don't screw around with me!! You fighting alone is too damn risky!

Let me do it for now on!

(Handwritten- Hey, wait you two!)

Luchiru: I'm a majin so I should do it! I'm stronger!

Kyousuke: Oh?! And who was the guy who was lying on the floor decked out until I took over, huh?!

Luchiru: I wasn't decked out!

I just got a little beat up is all!

Take five! I've got this!

Kyousuke: You were decked out!

So damn decked out that you couldn’t even use your majinagram anymore!

You take five, and let ME do this!

Luchiru: Listen, you've got something good going for yourself Kyouske!! Majin's still think you humans are 'really strong'!!

If they find out that it's actually the opposite then blheeheh!

(Sfx- Gyummuuuh grnnnnd)

Kyouske: They ain't gonna find out, cause i'll kick their asses.....oowowwww!!!

I give up dammit!!

{It hurts him a whole lot more.}


Kyousuke: Hah...hah...

You're one hell of a little brother...

I mean geez, you're stronger than your older brother.....

(Handwritten- Damn...!!)

(Handwritten- Are you okay?!)

Luchiru: Little brother?

Kyousuke: You're younger than me, so you're my 'little brother'.

Luchiru: Then...what do I call you?

Kyousuke: Huh?

Luchiru: What are you to me?

Kyousuke: Your big bro, obviously.

Luchiru: And Chiwa?

Kyousuke: Your big sis.

Luchiru: Makoto?

Kyousuke: Your little bro.

Luchiru: And mom?

Kyousuke: A hag.

Luchiru: And gramps?

Kyousuke: He's gramps.


Luchiru: So I'm smack dab in the middle...

(Handwritten- Big bro...so...)

Kyousuke: Dude, you're not really saying you don't have a family are you?

I mean, no matter who it is...they should at least understand the general concept of family.

Luchiru: Majin don't live with their father and mother.

A child is born without any realization of anything other than solitude.

Kyousuke: Okay, so you don't have any siblings, but what about friends?

Like...someone you played with when you were kid or something?

(Sfx- Pikuh poit)


Luchiru: I don't know what 'friends' are...

but there is one person who would go hunting with me.

Kyousuke: So there is someone!

What are they like?

Luchiru: They're sorta....

They'd kick me down....a lot.

Kyousuke: Oh? So someone who hassled you? Hahah, I'll bet you just ran away didn't you?

(Handwritten- Something like that huh?)

Bahamut: Look you guys!

It's 'kita city'!!

(Sfx- Dododododo tmptmtmtmp)


???: Kildo!!

(Sfx- Zubaaah slisssh)

Luchiru: Wha?!

Kyousuke: What the hell?!


The ground...!!

???: There's nothing in this world that I can't cut...

Other than the hearts of others!

Kyousuke: Huh?

(Sfx- Bababann ddsssh)


???: They call me....

Severing Bazaaru!!

(Sfx- Bebeeen fwafff)

Bazaaaru: Unfortunately society still doesn't know my name...
But I have come here to seize the opportunity to rectify this fallacy!


Bazaaru: I'll defeat you and become popular!!

Someone: Ooh! Bazaaru-sama!!

Cut 'em down!

Bazaaru: Hahahah! But of course!

Today I’ll be a smashing, no cutting success!!

Kyousuke: Seems like we're dealing with a dumbass here.

Luchiru: Kyousuke, you're standing out too much, so stand back and watch me take care of this.

Stay down and out of the way!

Kyousuke: What?!

Are you still saying that bullcrap?!

I said I'll fight too, and that's that, asshole!

Luchiru: I'm not an asshole!

Bazaaru: Infighting is it?! Very good!

You can continue your debate upstairs! I'll send you both to heaven!!

Bahamut: Luchiru!! Kyousuke!!

Watch ou--

Bazaaru: Dieee!!


People: Guaaaah!!



Bazaaru: Huh?

(Sfx- Hyuuu wffft)
(Sfx- Bakaaah thoook)

Bazaaru: What is this?!!?

(Sfx- Dododododododododo)

???: Where did I come from~

I came from kita~

(Handwritten- Huh?)


???: What's under the mask~?

That's a secret, don't ask~

Kyousuke: Wh--

What's going on?

???: Fpr tomorrow's bravery...

Luchiru: T--

This song...

???: Whether I'm called or not, I come to beat the unsavory~

Kichata mask~

Through the ages they ask~

Bazaaru: There's a second set of lyrics?!?


(Sfx- Veen)

Bazaaru: Kill you dead!!


(Sfx- Shyruuu shiffft)

(Sfx- Baaaan fwooom)

(Sfx- Bishiiiin wffft)
Luchiru: Those are....

Wrap 'em up boots!!

Kyouske: Eh?


(Sfx- Guuun grnnnd)

Luchiru: No way it couldn't be...

(Sfx- gyuuuun grrrnnnd)

Bazaaru: Ngouoooh!!

???: Helllls~


(Sfx- Goooooon THOONK)

Bazaaru: I was cut down by...

A hellish kneecap...

(Sfx- Dosaaah thuuud)

???: Whew.

(Sfx- Pakaah dddshh)


Arulu: You should have called me as soon as you got back to the hole, weak lil' Luchiru.

Or do you want me to stick my boot up your ass again? Hmm?

(Sfx- Dooooon thooom)

Luchiru: Ar---


Kyousuke: Uh---

Is this the person? The childhood friend you mentioned?

The one who kicked you around? She's so fast, I barely even saw her feet move....!
(Side text- Starting with the next issue, this manga will be on hiatus. It'll return in issue 28. Look forward to it!!)


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