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Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko 1


-> RTS Page for Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko 1

I feel sorta like that kid who has just learned how to ride his bike without his Dad holding on to the backseat. 'Course you guys should probably have your Dad check this for accuracy. 'Course your Dad should probably also speak and or read Japanese too.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

This series is so weiiiird, and I love it along with it's slightly off art. For now it's pretty text lite, so I think I can swing it for a little bit, and yes I will still be taking requests till about the end of June -mid July. This is a sort of 'can I pull this off?' type thing. If you like, let me know and there shall be more~

Requests OPEN, but be sure to read the requirements and stipulations here. This notice will be posted on translations for the next few weeks.




Table of contents.

Chapter 1.....3

Chapter 2.....31

Chapter 3.....59

Chapter 4.....89

Chapter 5.....113

Chapter 6......143

Chapter 7......167



???: Michiko, you've really gotta watch your step.

I mean seriously, who trips over nothing?

Michiko: Kei-chan, could you be more gentle?

(Sfx- shuun wifft)

Kei: Yeah, yeah. Gentle. Got it.

Anyway let's get home and put some antiseptic on it.

If we don't hurry, the Goldfish bowl man will attack us.

Michiko: Let's dash home at full speed then!


(Sfx- Gath grab)

(Sfx- Min min min min ree ree reee ree)

Michiko: Ah...


(Sfx- Dzhuuuuh ssslllruup)

(Sfx- Dzhuuuhh sssluurrrup)

Michiko: Ah...


(Sfx- Pon pluck)

Michiko: Go--



(Sfx- Dopunn bloop)

(Sfx- Juuuwaaaah ssshhhhppt)

{Goldfish bowl man.....}

(Sfx- Guwahh glaaare)




(Sfx- Para para blipblip)

(Sfx- Paku paku chomp chomp)

???: I'm off then.


(Sfx- Fuaaaah Yaawwwn)

(Sfx- Toh toh toh tmptmptmp)

(Sfx- Susuuu snnnrrr)

???: Mnyah mnyah.
(Sfx- Suuh suuuh snnrrrr)

(Sfx- Pitah tmp)

???: Huh?


(Sfx- Min min miin ree ree reee)

(Sfx- Min min miiin ree ree ree)

(Sfx- Min min miin reee ree ree)


???: Ah...


(Sfx- Suu suu snnroore)


{I'm sorry.}

{I just get the distinct feeling that I shouldn't get involved here and should just keep on going...}

???: Mmm?





???: Wah!!! When did I fall asleep?!

(Sfx- Gabaaha clatter)

(Sfx- Gagoooh clump)

(Sfx- Gagoh gagoh clunk clunk)

???: Oh! Now I remember!

I got stuck trying to get some juice!!
???: Uh!

(Sfx- Bikuhh poit)

(Sfx- Fuihhh wfft)

(Sfx- Jiiiii staaaare)


(Sfx- Jiiii staaaare)

???: Uh..


(Sfx- Mi mi miiiin ree ree reeee)

(Sfx- Gagoooh clunk)

(Sfx- Gyuuuh glooomp)

???: Owowow! I get it! I get it already!

You're smothering me with your gratitude! I get it!

???: I'm Ringo!

(Sfx- Pushuuh pshhht)

Ringo: And you?


???: Kousuke.

Hayama Kousuke.

(Sfx- Doki doki throb throb)

Kousuke: Dammit! You're so soft! Just what the hell is this! Thank you!!

(Sfx- Goku goku glup gulp)

Kousuke: Um, by the way....

(Sfx- Suh sfft)

Kousuke: Did you lose a bet or something? Cause the way you're dressed....
(Sfx- Bih wfft)

Ringo: Hm?

Oh this?

(Sfx- Kui kui tug tug)

Ringo: This is my work uniform.

(Sfx- Gagoh clank)

Kousuke: Work...

You say?

Ringo: Yup!

(Sfx- Hyoui wfft)


Ringo: I 'blood dive'.

Kousuke: B—Blood?

Ringo: Well...I'm still an intern though.

As the name of my occupation implies, I dive into blood to save it.

From vampires and such.

Kousuke: Vamp—hold on, you don't mean...

(Sfx- Zuiih fwfft)

Ringo: Here.

Consider this my thanks for your help.

If anything comes up...

Please feel free to give me a call.

(Sfx- Puran puran wib wib)

Ringo: I'll come running.

Ringo: You'd do best to take caution.....

On sunny days like this, fresh after it's rained....he's bound to come out.

The vampire, 'Goldfish bowl man'......

???: Yet another victim has surfaced.


TV: Another incident in the ongoing Gold fish bowl man blood sucking serial case.

An eyewitness testimony has confirmed it.

While Oota-san was purchasing peanuts...

{Oota Yumi (16)}

TV: She had a nosebleed and was suddenly attacked...

{News: Oota-san was attacked while buying peanuts...}

TV: Allowing yourself to bleed after rainfall has become exceedingly dangerous.

For those who have their blood sucked by the Goldfish bowl man...

are also turned into 'goldfish'....

(Sfx- Jii riiiing)

(Sfx- Jiriririririri riiiiiiing)

(Sfx- Gachah click)

Kousuke: Hello?

Yes, it's Hayama....

TV: No one has yet discovered a way to change those afflicted back to normal..

At this rate more victims will fall leading to a pandemic.


Kousuke: What?

Officer: This is the school uniform we found abandoned...

(Sfx- Gotohh thud)

Officer: This is the goldfish she became.

'She' being your little sister.


Kousuke: Yu...


(Sfx- Kachi Clack)


{You have 18 voice mails}

{And one E-mail}

{1: Hayama Yuzuno//2: Hayama Yuzuno//3: Hayama Yuzuno//4: Hayama Yuzuno//5: Hayama Yuzuno//6: Hayama Yuzuno.}

Kousuke: Dammit...

I had my cellphone on silent mode, and I didn't even notice her calling...


That's right...

The e-mail....

(Sfx- Pih beep)

{Hayama Yuzuno//Help me, big brother...}


Kousuke: If only....

If only I had noticed my cellphone then...

Maybe I wouldn't have a gold fish for a little sister....


(Sfx- Hah hah hah)

Kousuke: She's not here....

(Sfx- Toh bmp)

Kousuke: To save those who are victims of blood suckers huh..

Maybe...just maybe...

That girl knows a way to turn Yuzuno from goldfish back to human...


Kid: Hey...

Ringo: Hm?

Kid: What are you doing lady?

It's not gonna rain.

Ringo: Oh, this umbrella is an antenna.

I'm looking for the Goldfish bowl man right now.

Kid2: Let's go to the swings.

If we get whatever she has, we're done for.

(Sfx- Jiwah wbble)


Kousuke: Ah!

Now that I think of it...

She did give me a means of contacting her..


I gotta do what I gotta do.

(Sfx- Zah swfft)

(Sfx- Pushi click)

(Sfx- Purururu rinnnng)

Kousuke: Whoa, dude is this thing actually connecting?!

Kid2: What the heck is this?

Kid: It wasn't here yesterday...

(Sfx- Jihhh zzt)

(Sfx- Jiririririrri riiiiinggg)

Kid: Wh—what the?!

(Sfx- Jiriririrri riiiiing)

(Sfx- Dododododo tmptmptmtmp)

(Sfx- Dododdodo tmptmptmtmtmp)

Kids: Wahh!!

Kid2: The weird lady is coming this way!

Kid: She's a ultra pervert! Run for it!

(Sfx- Jiriririri riiiiingg)

Ringo: I'm gonna cry...

Seriously, I'm crying here...


(Sfx- Jiririrri rinnnng)

Ringo: Is it Kousuke-kun?

(Sfx- Pon pat)

Ringo: Th--

The police....


Kousuke: I didn't get through...

Well...I gotta take a leak.

(Sfx- kana kana kana)
Kousuke: Wheew.

(Sfx- Jirorororo splisssh)


Kousuke: Hm?

(Sfx- Gobobobobo blooohp)


(Sfx- Kana kana kana kana kana kana)

(Sfx- Dopaaah bloosh)

Kousuke: Gold...


Kousuke: GYAHHHH!!!

Police: You've got to have an address and place of residence.

Don't try to fool us into thinking you're some kind of vagabond.

Ringo: N—No, wait! That's wrong!

Police: What is?

Did you really think a girl wearing a school swimsuit and brandishing a model gun while claiming not to have a place to stay...

WOULDN'T raise suspicion?!

Ringo: Ugh..!!

You dogs of the state!!

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#1. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2012
Sure you are.
#2. by Nintakun ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2012
This one looks interesting. I will read it! Thanks for translating, Bomber.
#3. by X4nim3fr34kX ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2012
Can we use this script?
#4. by X4nim3fr34kX ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2012
Can we use this script?
#5. by X4nim3fr34kX ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2012
Can we use this script?
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