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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128
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Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko 3


-> RTS Page for Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko 3

Hahahahah. I'm up to three, and I have nothing to show for it. I'm even out of Dad metaphors, unless you include the one of finding Dad after graduating from med school in the very same bar that all the graduates are drinking in to celebrate graduation, just to find he's a janitor because the lady who isn't your mom left him.

....I'll go to bed now.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Requests OPEN, but be sure to read the requirements and stipulations here. This notice will be posted on translations for the next few weeks.




(Sfx- Gakiiin click)

(Sfx- Guii Grnnnd)


{Thanks to the freeze bullet that Ichigo-senpai shot into him...}

(Sfx- Dooon thoom)

(Sfx- Byuunn fwffft)

(Sfx- Pikikiki cracckle)

{The 'Goldfish poison' that had been draining his body has stopped.}

{But I've only got three minutes.}

{After three minutes are up the Goldfish Poison will thaw,}

{And the draining and transformation will continue.}

(Sfx- Gugugugugugugu grnnnnnd)

{In an explosive way.}


(Sfx- Guaaaaaaaaaaah fwfisssssssh)

(Sfx- Guaaaaahh roaaaar)

{With nothing to stop it, the Goldfish Poison will take his body over completely.}

{And Kousuke-kun will become a goldfish.}

(Sfx- Dochaah blsssh)

{But I won't let that happen!!}

{This time, I'll save scoop Kosuke-kun's life for real!}

(Sfx- Washa washa sploosh sploosh)

{I promise!!}

(Sfx- Waaaah roaaar)

(Sfx- Washa washa sploosh sploosh)

Ringo: My body is so stupid!!

How come it's taking so much effort to swim over there?

(Sfx- Dorohh blooosh)


(Sfx- Fuhh fwoff)

Goldfish: GYOAHHHHH!


Ringo: It's awakening!! But it's not fully thawed yet!!


(Sfx- Guguu cracckle)

(Sfx- Bakkiin crasssh)

(Sfx- Hyuun huun whifffft)

(Sfx- Gahhh waffff)

Ringo: Uuh!!

Oh no!!!

The Poi!!

(Sfx- Hyuun hyunn wifft wifft)


(Sfx- Byuooo fwoooof)

(Sfx- Buchuhh ssshhht)

(Sfx- Douroooooh blooooop)
(Sfx- Gogogogogogogo Rmmmmmble)

Ringo: Ngh...

Senpai gave me that poi.....

(Sfx- Biri biri shiver shiver)


Ringo: If I have to go get it back, I won't make it in time....

What do I do...?

(Sfx- Giyoaaaaah roaaaar)

Ringo: Wha...!!

Where is it going?!

(Sfx- Gobobobobo bloooosh)


(Sfx- Gyoro gyoro whifft wifft)

Ringo: What's it doing?

(Sfx- Koh thump)

Ringo: Huh?

Kyousuke: Unngh..


Ringo: Kousuke-kun?!

Kousuke: Eh?


Kosuke: Huh? Where am I?

(Sfx- Kuru spin..)

Ringo: I see...

He's going for Kosuke-kun..
(Sfx- Kyoro kyoro glare glare)

(Sfx- Chiraa peek)

Kosuke: I thought the Goldfish man drank my blood...


(Sfx- Gahh Grab)

Ringo: Listen up Kousuke-kun!

This is your bloodstream!

You are the existence of your 'soul' within your blood!

We call this your 'Tamachi'!!

(TN- Well...It's 'Chi' Blood, and 'Tama' soul, so 'Tamachi'.)

Kousuke: Tamachi?

Ringo: And it's the you within the 'Tamachi' that the Goldfish Poison is after!!

(Sfx- Kyoro spin)

Ringo: If he eats you, you're going to be literally sleeping with the fishes..!!

So please, lend me a hand!!


Kousuke: Y—You bet!!

(Sfx- Gobohh bloosh)

(Sfx- Guriiin spinn)

(Sfx- Guriiin Spinn)

Ringo: I'm sorry, it's cause I'm no good at swimming that things turned out like this...


Kousuke: No problemo. I'm awesome at swimming.

(Sfx- Sui sui wfft wifft)

Kousuke: I'm off!!
Ringo: Th—thanks!!

(Sfx- Fuah Wffft)

{Do you understand what needs to be done Kousuke-kun.}

{First you need to recover the 'Poi'}

(Sfx- Pahhh fwffft)

(Sfx- Gopooh blooosh)

{When you do that, the 'Goldfish Poison' will make it's way over here.}


{Draw him in...}

(Sfx- Gobobobohhh blooosh)

{Wait for it....}

(Sfx- Dokuuh dokkuh throbb trobb)

(Sfx- Gyohhh Fwofff)

(Sfx- Bashuuuh fwooof)

(Sfx- Gyooooohhhh Fwooooooom)

{Then lead him over to me!!}


(Sfx- Gyoooooh fwooooom)

Kousuke: H-he's fast!!

And here I thought I was a demon in the water...!!

(Sfx- Gyooooooh fwoooof)

Ringo: Go for it, Kousuke-kun!!

(Sfx- Fuhhh fwofff)

Kousuke: Ah...

(Sfx- Bakuuun thooom)

Ringo: Noooh!!

(Sfx- Gobohh blooorsh)

Kousuke: Nnngh...




Ringo: Kousuke-kun!!

Kousuke: URAHHHH!!


(Sfx- Buchiihhh riiiiip)

Kousuke: Ringo-san!! Here!!

Ringo: Kousuke-kun!!


(Sfx- Pahhh fwapp)

Ringo: Nngh...

Gold fish: Chew chew.

Kousuke: Ringo-san what's wrong?

If you don't hurry up, we're screwed!

This is our only chance!!

(Sfx- Zuki zuki shiver shiver)

{You've got to be kidding me....at a time like this...}

(Sfx- Gahh sffft)

{My hand won't move...!!}


(Sfx- Gasshhh sffft)

Kousuke: If your hand won't move...

Then I’ll help you scoop him! We'll do it together.


Ringo: ---Okay...

Kousuke: On three!!

Both: THREE!!

(Sfx- Zubahhh blisssh)


(Sfx- Dooon thooom)

(Sfx- Shuushhh shiiish)


(Sfx- Chiraa glarre)

(Sfx- Boshuuhh blooosh)

Ringo: W--

We did it...

Now Kousuke-kun won't become a goldfish....

(Sfx- Goboboh bloosh)


(Sfx- Gobobobo blooosh)

(Sfx- Bashaah bllissh)

Kousuke: H--

Hey Ringo-san...



Ringo: Th--

Thank you!!

(Sfx- Miiiin reeee)

(Sfx- Min min min min reeee ree ree ree)

Kousuke: I see...so that's how it is...

Ringo: Sorry, If I had acted sooner...

You might not have come so close to becoming a Goldfish..

Kousuke: So my sister Yuzuno...she's stuck like that...

Ichigo: No...I wouldn't say there's nothing we can do about this.


Ringo: Eh?

A—are you serious?


Ichigo: I'm not sure if it's true or not...

But I’ve heard some things.

Pertaining to restoring a goldfish's humanity...

So Ringo...

For the sake of this boy...Kousuke-kun...

Will you find out what method will change her back?

Ringo: Eh?!


Ichigo: And you Kosuke-kun?

Kousuke: Y—yes?

(Sfx- Sutaah tmp)
Ichigo: Ringo is still learning how to blood dive...

And as you can see she's not too great at swimming yet, and this is really her first success.

Kousuke-kun, I'm saying that you were her first success.

So with that in mind, I believe your wish should be the first she grants...

For now on, you and she will work together to achieve this common goal.

(Sfx- Gah tmp)

Ichigo: Would you like to 'Blood dive'?

As you can see, I've been injured and as such cannot go blood diving...


Ichigo: But if you so decide to take this mission, you may just find the means of returning your little sister to norma--

Kousuke: I'll do it!!


I mean...Please allow me to help!!

Teach me how to 'blood dive'!!



{I'll change you back to normal..}

Kousuke: Um...

Ringo-san...is it okay that I team up with you?

Ringo: O—

of course!!

I mean...

Thank you for helping me out!

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