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Boku to Majo no Jikan 10


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 12, 2012 00:59 | Go to Boku to Majo no Jikan

-> RTS Page for Boku to Majo no Jikan 10

Summer is the time for beaches and family outings, unless you're a single, antisocial, nerd. Then it's the time for doing more translations of Japanese media that no one thanks you for. Such is the edict of my pasty, thankless life.

See you in July.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Requests OPEN, but be sure to read the requirements and stipulations here. This notice will be posted on translations for the next few weeks.

Rantarou: I'm friggin' overjoyed that you'd actually come to me....


(Side text- This is the man even Hakuu fears!!!)



Rantarou: Now...

Lets fight!!

Kamiju: I've only come to recover the stone.

I have no time to waste on you.




Kamiju: Could you..

Put on some pants?

Rantarou: HELL NO!


(TN- Well...Arakawa did me the favor of writing this page in English, so on to the next.)


Kamiju: Do yourself a favor and take a nap there.

I have no interest in fighting someone who's injured.

Enji: Oyama!!

Hakuu: Stay back, Enji!! He's not the type of opponent you can beat!


Kamiju: Do you intend on opposing me? Benihi?

Hakuu: Are you kidding?
If you want the stone you can have it.

Kamiju: How surprising...you sure are being obedient today.

Hakuu: I'm sure you don't want to start trouble with me either.

We've both got far too much to lose, right?


Kamiju: A wise decision.

I'll take my leave then.

Enji: Was it really a good idea to give him the stone?

Hakuu: That was...

The best decision to make.


Rantarou: Ka...


Sure, I admit it...

I said come at me with any weapons or moves you want to...


Rantarou: But ain't this a bit much?



Dammitall, I can't move my legs....

(Sfx- Mekiki grinnnd)


Dude: You're the one who wanted a fight right?

So you should have no problem with this!

You beat the crap outta our guys without a care in the damn world.
So now in response we're gonna murderlize ya!

{Abandoned building city.}

{A place established in hopes of 'brightening up the city', it instead became a forbidden area because of the buildings that were not built up to code, and were uninhabitable, unsafe, and unsavory.}


{At some point there were plans to demolish this place...}

{But since the proper funds couldn't be gathered, it eventually became a city of its own.}

{As the years went by, more vagrants gathered within this city.}

{And it became a land of lawlessness.}

(Guy's bandana: Superior.)

Rantarou: Huh?!

Dudes: What?

What was that?


Dude: Ru--

Run away everyone!!


Dude: A ogre..

A ogre has...

Dudes: Who are you...bastard?

What did you do to Afuyama-kun?!

Kamiju: A certain person has requested...

That I clean out the insects in 'Abandoned building city'.


Dude: What the hell is he talking about?

Isn't he that ogre people have been talking about?

Dude: Huh?


Wait you don't mean...

That ogre...


{At that time...}


{The underground freelancer, Kamiju...}

{Had a request to sweep out those living in the city.}

{And with his overwhelming strength....}

{He had become what many would later call....a ogre.}

Dude: He-he's crazy strong...

Dude: J—Jackass! Don't get scared on me now!


Kamiju: Time is up.

You're quite lucky.

Dude: Huh?

Kamiju: The allotted time I had for today's mission has expired.

I will return however.

Rantarou: Heheh....

Dude: What the hell?

You tryin' to diss us buddy? Do you think Imma just let you walk off after all of that?


Kamiju: I'd advise you to stop.
My orders were to clean you insects out, not to kill.

Anything after the allotted time is outside of the request.

I could really care less what happens to you but,

shouldn't you treasure your own life?

I will return to this city tomorrow to continue cleanup. If you don't want to get hurt, leave before then.

Rantarou: I'll be your opponent, ogre!!


Dude: Did..did he just say that?

Dude2: I-I think he did....

Rantarou: I said I’ll fight you!


Dude: What are you, retarded?!

I just busted your legs! You can't even stand up!

Rantarou: Shut your noise hole.

I came to this place to fight the ogre! I aint' about to let him go home without kicking his ass first!


Rantarou: Besides, who says I need my legs to fight him?

See look!

I can totally fight now!


Kamiju: I—I suppose I'm supposed to laugh now?

Rantarou: Why? Do I look like I'm joking to you? This is as serious as a heart attack! Now fight me!!

Kamiju: Were you able to follow my movements just now? Am I to assume you could feel them?

Rantarou: I sure could!

Obviously I could see you! It's not like you flew up to heaven or something!
Kamiju: …..?

Then why would you still insist on fighting me?


Rantarou: Cause I want to feel alive dammit!!

I can tell right now that a fight with you would hurt more than any other! But it's that pain that I wanna feel!!

It's only when I fight strong guys like you that I’m gonna get stronger!!

Kamiju: Heheh..

You're quite an interesting child.

All right. I'll fight you once you've recovered.

Rantarou: What?!

I don't care about being recovered dammit! Fight me now!!

Fight me...



Rantarou: Eh?


What the hell...

What's this on my stomach?

{Chumaimai// A kris used for medical treatment. Its 80 feelers secrete a liquid that can be used to patch up open wounds. (It can also be used for sterilization.)}

Hakuu: Oh good.

You've regained consciousness.


Rantarou: Oh right...I got beat by Kamiju...

(Handwritten- And knocked out for 20 hours...)
Rantarou: The stone was stolen from us too, huh?

My bad..

If I had just caught the cat right away and reported back to you Hakuu...

Hakuu: Don't worry about the stone.

I'm not sure who hired him, but...

It's already too late to worry about it once he's been put on the case. It's just faster to comply with him, even if it means giving up the stone.

Besides, your mission was to recover the cat, which you did.

(Sfx- Nyah meow)

Hakuu: By doing that, you've done a good job.

Rantarou: No, I'm just a useless sack of crap....


Rantarou: I'm weak as hell..

And I keep doing stupid stuff that puts you in a tight spot too Hakuu....I'm to stupid to live...

Hakuu: Ugh...

His negative switch has been flipped on...

Enji: Hey Hakuu,

Kankuro-san says to hurry over.

Hakuu: Ah...

Okay tell him to wait a moment. Oh, and would you mind hanging out with Rantarou for a bit?

Enji: Huh?

He seems....sorta very depressed.

(Handwritten- Has he been infected with a negative hollow?)

(TN- One piece reference. Check out the Thriller bark arc.)

(Handwritten- I'm just so...so...)

Hakuu: This periodically happens to him....


Hakuu: Rantarou, I'm going to help Kuro out with some work..

If you're hungry you can grab yourself some food around here.

Rantarou: Eh?

You're gonna give Kankuro-san some help?

L—Let me help you guys too...!


But I am worthless...

I'd probably just get in the way....since I am garbage and all..

(Handwritten- I'm stupid, and can't get much work done, and since I'm nothing but a stupid wet sack of crap, I guess I wouldn't be much use to you...)

Hakuu: For goodness sake!

Quit your moaning and grumbling already! Are you going to come or not?

Rantarou: And now even Hakuu's mad at me...I am SO useless....


Kankuro: The assignment here is to give these kris a medical examination before we ship them to another facility.

Well, in truth it's just another run of the mill job...

is Rantarou going to be okay?

Rantarou: Uuuungh I can feel something coming out...I'm going to hurl...


Kankuro: And...why would you bring him here in that condition?

Hakuu: I couldn't help it. I'm afraid if I leave him alone he might try to off himself.

Besides, I’m certain if he gets some work done, he'll snap out of this funk

and return to his usual self.

Rantarou: HORRRRK.

Enji: Are you gonna be okay?

Hakuu: I'm certain....

All right. Enji, you and Rantarou will assist in the examination, so lift the boxes, and bring the kris over.

Enji: Sure thing.

Rantarou: Okay...

Enji: Hup.




Rantarou: Haaaaah...

Enji: Hey, try to put them down more gently.

Rantarou: I-I'm sorry.

Enji: You sure you don't want to like...take a break or something?

Rantarou: I-I'm fine. I want to do this. I mean, let me do this please Tsudzuri-san.

I'm still good to go.

I've got lots of energy to spare, so please let me...


(Sfx- Shuuuuuuhh ssssssshhh)

Rantarou: That friggin' HURT Tsuzuri!!

Enji: Oh. Look who's back.


Rantarou: Ahh, am I so usless that he has to hit me in order to get the work done like it's supposed to? Aah, I'm just pissing everyone around me off aren't I? So pathetic...

Enji: Nevermind.

Enji: Okay little buddy! How about we fight a little bit to get you back in a good mood?

(Handwritten- Okay?)

Rantarou: Sir, while there might have been a time where I would have indulged you in such an endavor, now that the world has seen my private parts, I believe my life should be forgotten as the farce that it has now become.

Now back to work.



Rantarou: Owie...

Enji: What happened to all of the energy you had up until yesterday?

Trying to make it sound like you're actually into this busy work?

Well listen, you're just getting in my way. If you ain't gonna work, go home.

A person who's injured should be at home resting, asshead.


Kankuro: Rantarou's been real negative since he came back from treatment...why is that?

He's lost so many times to Kamiju that his self confidence has been shot?

Hakuu: Probably.

I'm pretty sure that any time he experiences any sort of setback (or failure) he ends up regressing into that.

Kankuro: So how does he go back to what he was before?

Hakuu: Well, originally he was no more than a weak crybaby...

And so he's just revisiting that past part of him where he used do nothing more than sulk and cry.


Hakuu: And let me tell you. He just goes on and on...it's a pain really...

Enji: You idiot! Stop that!

You're going too far!!

Rantarou: Shut up!!

Enji: Wah!


They're flying out of the cage!!


Enji: Hey! Stop wrecking stuff you idiot!

Don't you feel bad for the kris in the cages?!

Rantarou: I—I'm...

Enji: Huh?

Rantarou: I'm just doing my damned best to work hard...

But then you said all that mean stuff about me getting in the way...It makes me feel so...so..


Rantarou: You're making me feel bad!!

Enji: W—wait, you're beginning to scare me.

You've run out of things to wreck, so now you're recking yourself?

Fine! I'm sorry! I'm a big mean dumbhead!

Let's just make up and finish our work here? Okay?

Rantarou: Shut up idiot!

Enji: Whaaaat?!

Rantarou: I....don't..

Enji: Wait....


(Sfx- Kiih)

(Sfx- Bumoooh)
(Sfx- Kiii)

Enji: wahhh!!


Hakuu: I thought it was taking you guys a long time to come out...

And when I come back I see....this?

Why are all the kris outside of their cages?!


Kankuro: My salary is gonna get cut again for sure...

Enji: Um..well I was just trying to snap Oyama out of his depression..

So I started kind of hassling him to get some kind of response, right?

Rantarou: It's not my fault, it's not my fault, it's not my fault...

Enji: What the hell?! You just go straight back into negative mode again?! What's wrong with you?!

Hakuu: This is turning into a serious illness isn't it...


Hakuu: Rantarou...

How long are you going to keep moping huh? Straighten up already would ya?

Rantarou: But...

But the stone got taken...

Hakuu: And I believe I told you not to worry about that, right?

Rantarou: But that stone was awesome wasn't it? If it's been taken we're in big trouble right?

If I were stronger, it wouldn't have happened like that..

Hakuu: Are you an idiot?

Yes the stone got taken, but what of it?

Do you take me for some kind of fool?


Hakuu: Free is not in my vocabulary.

The stone wasn't 'just' taken.

{A few days later.}


Hakuu: Welcome.

Looking for non smoking or smoking section?

Kamiju: I'm not here for either.


Kamiju: I'm returning this.

Hakuu: Oh my.

You don't want the Demon king stone?

Kamiju: Apparently, no one can remove the box that surrounds the stone.

My client doesn't have a need for things they cannot use, so I brought it back.


Kamiju: I didn't even receive payment because of you. This job was a complete and utter waste of my time.

I knew you had your reasons for feigning meekness.

Hakuu: Something like this should be used for the sake of the entire world.

Rantarou: Wwahahahah!!

Hows humiliation taste Kamiju?! Does it taste good?!

Hakuu ain't an idiot like you!!

Hakuu: While I'm glad you're not Mr. emo anymore, this side of you also pisses me off.

Rantarou: Wahah...

I'm back to black Kamiju, and it ain't just my energy that's up..

But my body's been fixed up too.

Rantarou: I ain't injured anymore! So guess what that means? Showdown time!

Let's go Kami...

Wh—What the hell are you doing Tsudzuri?!

Enji: You aren't completely recovered yet! We lied so you wouldn't be emo anymore! If you fight again you'll get messed up bad! Are you trying to go emo again?

Rantarou: Shut your pie hole! I haven't even gotten serious yet!

Next time I whoop your ass, I'll have plenty of self confidence!

Hakuu: Okay, sure.

Kamiju: How very boisterous it is here...

Hakuu: You sure you don't want some coffee at least?

Kamiju: No.

Dives like this aren't to my liking. I'll take my leave for today.


Kamiju: I'm always on call, since I never know when a client with a request will come to see me.

If you need anything, or if anything should happen let me know.

Hakuu: Don't say foolish things.

I know your clients are the types who have open wallets and fat checkbooks. Even if my life depended on your help, I'd never be able to afford it.

Kamiju: Well...I do have special offers and coupons for those who can't afford standard fees. Even I have to bring my prices down if I want to do business with the general public.

(Handwritten- For example, I'm having a 30 percent off sale now.)

Hakuu: Are you serious?

Rantarou: Huh?

Kamiju, are you running away?

Fight me!

Kamiju: See ya.

(Sfx- Kararan claater)

Hakuu: Rantarou, just knock it off. If you get hurt again it'll mean more medical treatment you know?


Hakuu: You should just quit while you're ahead. You're so much of an idiot that I’ll bet you haven't even thought of the fees you've incurred so far.

Rantarou: Huh?

Hakuu: Let's see, for your treatment yesterday, and the costs of being a general pest....

If you were to pay now, this is how much you'd owe.

Rantarou: Three hundred thousand....?

Enji: Your medical treatments cost more than the affliction itself.

Rantarou: I sorta don't have monkey.

{Currently has 20 yen.}

Hakuu: Is that so? Well, you'll have to work here to earn it back.

Rantarou: Eh?

Hakuu: You're pretty much useless in a tea shop, so you'll be mostly working underground for me.

Of course that'll mean plenty of bounty hunting and the like.

Rantarou: S--

Seriously Hakuu...?!

Hakuu: No.

Rantarou: What?!

{And so, daily life became just a little bit more lively...}

(Side text- Hakuu's second toy?)


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#1. by PROzess ()
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If you say it so outright I feel bad for sitting inside translating stuff when all my "friends" are out eating icecream at the pool oO
But just a bit^^
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See, the problem with me is that I have no friends to be envious of. So you're already a step ahead of me.
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Who needs friends anyway when he has 2D :P
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.....Well played my friend. Well played.

Though 2D girls do nothing for me. They're cute and all, but....
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