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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 403

The thing known as a beam can pierce through the hearts of everyone.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 13, 2012 17:41 | Go to Gintama

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Online raws that are EARLY? I think I have a fangirl crush on Mangateers's website. Now if only they'd show a little more skin and lower the straps on that nightgown logo stamped in the middle of the page...

Hi wa mata noboru only.

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(Grave marker: Shimura Ken.)

Tae: Father…

It has been a while.

But, today I have something to tell you.

I think it is about time I made my move.

And faced our plot again.

The dojo you left us father…

Our Kadoukan…I intend to restore it.

(Side text- At long last, restoration efforts resume!)



Tae: I apologize for delaying things for…40 volumes…

But it’s not like I forgot about the original plot of the series or anything.

And I haven’t been slacking off on my duty either. It’s just money’s been tight…

I know for sure that since that time….

You’ve been cheering us on to restore the dojo back to its former glory.

???: Huh?

Ain’t you….




(Side text- Memories of the good old days…)


Lesson 403: The thing known as a beam can pierce through the hearts of everyone.


(Sign: Kadokan Dojo)

???: Huh?

We’re going to…

Take on new students?!

Shinpachi: Bu—but sister! I thought we had already forgotten about that part of the plot!

I thought you had pretty much said it might be better to turn this into some kind of night club dojo….

Tae: Oh come now. Do I really seem that heartless to you?

‘The divine intervenes in matters man cannot.’

The other day when I was at a coffee shop reading manga, I thought I should get moving or else the divine will..



Tae: We’re 40 volumes in and not getting any richer…

I just figured if we’re going to do something, now’s the time.

Gintoki: You should talk in your sleep when you’re in bed. As if ANYONE is interested in taking up the sword nowadays…

The age where dudes swing swords around sorta ended already.

Nowadays it’s all about being like Kato-chan, you know…swinging around a wife that’s a lot younger than you.

Shinpachi: And when did this conversation shift to Kato-chan or Ken-chan for that matter?

Kagura: The children no longer dream of being samurai or ninja. This age is no more, yes?
For those who are unable to be idols or Kato-chan’s wife, they aim instead for being back up bands or back up dancers. This is the age we are in.

(Kid’s writing: Back up band..)

Shinpachi: I don’t remember such a dirty age starting!!

Tae: That’s the problem though, such antiquated notions of Japanese culture and traditions are all but tarnished and forgotten nowadays.

It is of course our duty to uphold these traditions, protect them, and convey them for years to come.


Gintoki: But dude, don’t you know the kendo guards smell funny?

If you’re gonna put up with holding that thingy that smells like nattou and straw, you’d be better off looking for a new job right?

Think about it. Considering that everyone wears masks, and they’re all doing a bunch of thrusting, it’s sorta like they’re out to kill someone.

Do we really have an obligation to keep such a tradition alive?

Shinpachi: Do you even know what practicing the sword is?

Tae: It is true that dojo’s no longer seem to fit the age we’re in..

But that’s why we have to keep things lively, make a few changes for the sake of keeping this tradition alive.

That’s why I believe it’s time for the Tendomushin style to undergo a little renewal.

Shinpachi: Renewal?

Tae: Yes. We’ll change the Tendomushin style to the Beam saber style.



Shinpachi: I’m seeing something that I really can’t explain here! What we wanted to preserve and convey sure changed in a hurry, didn’t it?

Tae: The only thing that changed is we’re using a beam instead of a bamboo chute.
What’s most important when learning the way of the sword is forging your heart and soul. Heart, soul and physique are so blasé now.

From here on in, its beams, beams and more beams….oh and the occasional chill.

Shinpachi: Beams can pierce right through people’s heart’s right? So can chills!!

Tae: Though with the beam saber style, we certainly could pierce through the hearts of children.

We might even be able to attract a few Amanto to our sword style.

Shinpachi: That’s not the problem here! Moreover who would teach this beam saber travesty?

Tae: I was hoping you’d ask that!

Shinpachi: Eh?

Tae: There’s actually someone veeerry qualified for this position.

Not to mention he’s familiar with our sword style the Tendoumushin.

Shinapchi: What?

Tae: Shin-chan you’re going to be so surprised, tehee!

(Sfx- Zun zun *sfft sfft*)


???: ‘Sup?

Been a minute ain’t it?

Aintcha gone and gotten big on me,



Shinpachi: Ha…


(Sfx- Dah *glomp*)
???: Whoa!


You’ve gotten stronger too!

Shinapchi: Hajime-nii!

You’re alive!!

Oh thank god!! This is so awesome!

Gintoki: Say what?

The former chief coach?


Tae: Yes, though this was back when the dojo was active.

At the time he was the most proficient with a blade in the entire dojo.

He not only taught us the way of the sword, but is like an older brother to us.

Obi: Sup? I’m Obi Hajime!

Though that’s a mouthful, so just call me ‘Obi One’, or ‘Won’.

Gintoki: Yeah, no. That’s a pain in the ass too.

(TN- Hajime can mean one. I don’t think I need to explain the reference here.)

Obi: But daaamn. I gotta thank ya’ll for lookin’ after Shin-boy and Otae-chan for me while I wasn’t around.


Gintoki: Sankkyu? Hamunida? Dude what country on what planet did this guy come from?

Tae: Obi Won-sama has spent a long time traveling through space, and has seen all sorts of planets.

Obi: Wahahaha! It was sure a pain in the ass!

Gintoki: Uh…yeah, why was this guy in space?

Shinpachi: Gin-san, Hajime-nii is awesome.

In his younger days, his title as the sword genius roared all throughout edo.

It was because of his talents that he was chosen to go into space to teach the way of the sword.

But since the incident at the terminal…you know, when the transfer unit exploded…?

It seemed that his whereabouts became unknown and we had given up hope that he’d ever come home.

Obi: Eh, well I just made do with what I had yanno? While I was up there I just kept learnin’ sword techniques from guys in space.

I couldn’t do nothin’ other than hop from star to star wanderin around from place to place.

Eventually people started callin’ me by this weirdass nickname….’Galaxy sword master’.

And people stopped challengin’ me.

It was so damnd boring up there that as soon as I could get back ta’ edo I busted my ass o do it!


Shinpachi: You’re a galaxy sword master?! That’s so awesome!

I knew you were the best, Hajime-nii!

(Handwritten- He’s a galaxy sword master?)

(Handwritten- His character and his title are both dazzling, yes?)

Obi: D’aww, what are ya goin’ on about? Yer pops still could best me if it came down to it! He was one strong samurai!

In fact, he’s tha guy I’d say is the best in all of Edo!

But ta think that while I was out swingin’ my sword around that tha dojo would end up like this?!

I could kick myself! I wasn’t here when you and Otae-chan needed me most, Shin-boy!

If this beam saber that I trained out in space can be useful to you guys, then use it anyway you see fit!

(Sfx- Shagaaaah *sheeeen*)

Obi: Wahahah, now it’s even attached to my arm!!

Gintoki: Watch where you’re swinging that!!

Obi: With everyone workin’ together we’ll have yer pappy’s dojo up in no time flat!!

And then..


Obi: We’ll make this the best damn dojo in the universe!


(Sfx- Dogooooh *dhoooom*)

(Sfx- Dogagashahh *dssshhhh*)

Gintoki: What are we restoring again?

(Sfx- Basaaah *fwfft*)

(Sign- Tendoumushin Beam saber-style.)


Tae: Come one, come all!!

We’re honored to bring a fresh new sword style to Edo!

Shinpachi: Tendoumushin Beam saber style!!

It’s now the age of the beam!!

There’s nothing the beam can’t do!

It can fry that mole that bugs you right off your face! It can pierce the heart of that girl you’ve had your eye on!

Won’t you all beam up with us?
(Handwritten- Um..why and how did we get stuck doing this beam nonsense with you guys?)

Obi: Yer lettin’ me down, Gintoki-dono! You gotta get more hyped up than that!

Gintoki: Um…why me?

Obi: How bout this? Me and you. Right here, right now. We show these people what tha beam is all about!

Gintoki: Um, here’s the thing. I don’t use or have a beam saber.

Obi: What are ya blabberin’ on about? Aintcha a man who’s dedicated to the art of beam sabers?!

Gintoki: Wut?


Obi: Don’t be playin’ dumb with me. I know you and Otae-chan are like this aintcha?

Gintoki: What the hell does ‘this’ mean? I’ve never seen something that sinister before in my life. More like, even your fingers shoot beams?

Obi: You’re slow on the uptake buddy! Yer supposed to use yer beam on Otae-chan’s crotch…

(Sfx- Dosuuh *dhuuud*)

Tae: Could you please stop that, Obi Wan ni-sama? Things aren’t that way.

Obi: I’d expect no less from Otae-chan! She’s already a beam master!

Gintoki: That’s not beam saber style, but beam doggy style.

Shinpachi: Hajime-nii, you’re the one who’s slow.

You should know by now that when it comes to sister’s first love it’s definitely…

(Sfx- Dosuhh *thuuud*)

Shinpachi: GYAHHH!!

Gintoki: Oooh, did someone just say first looooove?

Kagura: I believe so. He is speaking of boss lady, yes?
Tae: Quit talking about uncessary things! Do you want me to kill you?

Shinpachi: I’m sowwwy…

(Sfx- Daguuhh *droop*)


(Sfx- Zahhh *Sffft*)

Kyuubee and Kondo: Beam saber style?

We wanna enroooolll~


Kondo: If this beam crap is so great, you wouldn’t mind if we gave it a shot? AM I right, Kyuubee-kun?

(Sfx- Hoji hoji *Rubrub*)

Kyuubee: I’m not even sure what that Bi—Bichigusoma-style is anyway, Kondo-kun.

(TN- In Japanese it’s Bichigusoma-ru (Ru being style). It’s the name of a certain monkey, and it ultimately means diarrhea.)

Kondo: No, no. It’s obviously Bi—bi—bitch thunder style, Kyuubee-kun.

Shinpachi: Heeey!! When did the two of you become pals?! Is it because her first love is here that you two stalkers have managed to put aside your differences?!

Kondo: Though before we get inducted and all that jazz, we should really see how great it is for ourselves, right Kyuubee-kun?

Kyuubee: You’re right about that. Shall we test our luck in a bout?


Obi: Awwright! I’m down with it if that’s what you guys want!

In fact it sounds like it’ll be a hoot! I haven’t tangled with a samurai in years!

(Sfx- Gachakoon *clank*)




(Sfx- Dooooon *booooom*)


(Sfx- Gogagagagaga *thooooom*)

(Sfx- Gogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)

Obi: Waahahahah!

Ya’ll can’t go blastin’ that sorta thing in a plae like this! People might end up dyin’ ya know!

But me?

No worries!

I’m fine!

(Sfx- Bushiii *Riiip*)


(Sfx- Dofuuuhh *fwoooom*)

(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmmble*)

Obi: Cause…

I’m only half human.

(Sfx- Dothh *CRASH*)

(Side text- Just what is this?!)


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#1. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2012
Ya know, I sent you the regular raws BEFORE online raws showed up... Or within the same like 10 minutes or so.
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2012
Shifu don't mope. I can't read your raws at work, but the mangateers one I can. So I can actually translate it at work if I wanted to. That's not to say I don't need your raws or anything. It's just easier to do it when I'm on break, hence this translation being really early.

#3. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2012
Online raws that are EARLY? I think I have a fangirl crush on Mangateers's website. Now if only they'd show a little more skin and lower the straps on that nightgown logo stamped in the middle of the page...

Agreed...I don't mind watermarks, but I just wish they make it a little more transparent...-_-"
#4. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2012
@ Ju-da-su.

Seriously. What's the point of putting up raws if no one can read them? And I'm not just talking about nobody as in 'Can't read Japanese', but 'Can't read because of ugly watermark smack dab in the middle of the page.
#5. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2012
Totally. If they want to go around and say "THIS IS OUR RAW AND WE'RE THE FIRST TO PROVIDE IT!!" by labeling what's yours yours, then go ahead, but at least make it readable for those who can read Japanese...-_-"
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