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Six Trigger 1

Ice moon.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 7, 2012 17:18 | Go to Six Trigger

-> RTS Page for Six Trigger 1

So um, yeah. Bullet Armors is set to end soon, so I turned my attention to another Gessan manga. I was sorta on the fence with this one since the premise is sorta gimmicky, but it ended up selling pretty decently. I'm still kicking myself for missing out on Magi, so I'm hopping on this bandwagon before it leaves the station, though I seem to have an anti-midus touch since anything I translate ends up getting cancelled. Anyway, the usual applies.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

All in all, it could be a fun series....the chapters in the latest issues of Gessan seem to indicate a longer story arc, though the first volume is mainly episodic stories. As for the girl's 'accent', she speaks like a foreginer in the original Japanese, and so I went with a quasi-British accent. Japanese experts and linguists can feel free to yell at me only if they offer alternatives since it's distinct enough that I feel like it should be indicated in some way.

Translation 600~ Wooo. Also Read this.

Cover flap


Back when I was in middle school, I wanted to study art. So I drew up a manga with a temporary title, and when the teacher was coming I quickly hid it. I really got upset with myself and said 'You idiot, if you want to draw, you have to till the very end!!'


1st Bullet: Ice moon.
2nd Bullet: Tin soldiers.
3rd Bullet: Cross road blues.
4th Bullet: Bon Voyage warf.
5th Bullet: PLACE

Girl: Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

(TN- There a lot of these. I'm not going to write each one.)

Girl: Bang bang bang bang bang!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Awwright! Mission complete!

That felt great!!

???: You overdid it, idiot.

Girl: Did I?

???: Now hurry up and go back to being 'me'.


1st bullet: Ice moon.


Girl: Ummm.

Your hand is the red one right?

???: Yeah.

Girl: 'Tay.

Here we go.

???: Geez.

Suzume, You were bitching about not coming out for a while and this is how you thank me...


Girl: Here's the recompense for the job~

It's certainly hard to make money nowadays.

???: Looking at you, I find that statement hard to believe.

Girl: Oh? Sounds like someone is lonely.

But, you are quite the lifesaver.

It's quite the task to find a capable assassin nowadays. In this age many of the ones who are good at their job have disappeared.

???: You sure like to talk, woman.

Girl: Oh, didn't mean to blather on.

Anyway your old boss has left you hanging for a week now.

And it's the job of an organizational representative to be able to communicate well.

???: I don't like women who talk too much.


Girl: Although, I've got the savvy in regards to your strengths and skill set,

In this business, seeing is believing. I think you know that though.

Before I can acknowledge you, you'll have to pull off a jolly big job.

And so,

Here's your next job.

Do you know this person?

???: Ide Tatsumi?

Girl: Right on.

He's a celebrity with assassins, indeed.


He's gone and kicked the bucket.

???: And? What does your organization want with him?

Don't tell me you want revenge against the guy who killed him?

Girl: Of course not.

It's something that Ide had that we want. A Diamond!

???: Diamond?


Girl: While he was alive, he possessed a round diamond placed in a ring.

They called this the 'Ice moon'. And of course it's quite valuable.

???: So that's your objective?

Girl: Yup.

As for the assassination...

???: Who's arm am I gonna have to yank it off of?

Girl: You don't faff about do you?

The target is Jun Anzai. Here's 'is photo and address.

No nicking off with it, okay?

???: Where's the proof that the diamond didn't get grabbed already?

More like, how come this guy didn't just take that thing and hock it?


Girl: There are all sorts of maniacs for this kind of thing around the world.

Some of the top assassins have learned about his hobby of selling merch like that, and have come looking for him.

???: Sounds like he's a busy guy.

Girl: You've got that right.

Ide was one of those top class assassins, and even he bought it.

You should know that his castle isn't half arsed either. You'd need at least three blokes to even climb the thing.

Are you sure you'll be able to do this on your own? Don't you have any partners?

???: Let's just say I don't play well with others.

Girl: Are you sure you'll be okay?

Well. I'll grant you this chance.

If you are successful at this job, then consider yourself acknowledged.

???: I ain't interested in that.

Listening to a frog faced woman talk crap about nothing only serves to piss me off.

All you need to tell me is who I need to shoot and where they are.

Girl: Well, your attitude is right as rain at least..


Girl: Four out front..

And they don't look inclined to do anything but stand there.

???: I can tell that by looking.

Why the hell did you come here too?

Girl: I believe I told you already. I want to see you handiwork in action before I'll acknowledge anything.

???: You sure love to work.

Girl: Not at all.

It's just I'd like to see this job through...

???: Huh?

Girl: Nothing at all.

Girl: And?

How are you going to get in there? I'm rather interested in seeing you strut your stuff, indeed.


And who are you?




Guard: What the hell!?




Girl: Wha...what's with this little kid?!

Who are you?

More over don't ignore me!


Don't ignore me I said.



Girl: A mechanical arm?

Hey there little wean, where's Tsubame?

Or are you one of the assistants he claimed not to...


???: Why are you looking at me like that?

Girl: What is this?!

Where'd the wee lad go? Where did you come from?!
Tsubame: Shut up, will ya?

It's multiple bodies.

Girl: Huh?


Tsubame: With this mechanical arm known as a 'Mekando' I---We can overcome our individual natures and call on a different body.

That brat just now is a sniper. His name is 'Penguin'.

Girl: An assassin with multiple bodies...

I had heard rumors in our line of work about you, but to think it's for real...

Why didn't you tell me?

Tsubame: If I had said something, then you'd probably start blabbering about how I’m similar to some movie or commercial. I said it before, I hate women who talk too much.

Girl: Hmm. Well if anything upon learning this, I think your value shot up a notch.

Though you shouldn't misunderstand. That special trait makes your value as a person go up a little, not so much your value as an assassin.

Tsubame: All right. Time for little girls to go home. You're not needed here.

Girl: Eh?


Tsubame: Something smells funny here. All you do is shuffle around the organization's papers and sit pretty at a desk. Not exactly the type you'd expect to be on the field doing dirty work.

I dunno what it is you want, but it ain't something simple.

Girl: I don't want anything I particular..

I just...

Tsubame: I told you, talking pisses me off.

Girl: I get it. I'll go.

But you'd better not come back without the ring then.

Tsubame: My job is to get it, so obviously I won't.

Tsubame: What was that about....?


Guards: Oh?

So you're the dude who opened fire?

Tsubame: For christssakes....this is happening cause I spent too much time with that blabbermouth bitch!

Guards: Shut your pie-hole, jackass!

Get ready to get stung by the bees!!


Tsubame: Dammit, this is exactly why I hate small talk.

Do your thing,


Suzume: Okay!

I loooove long conversations!


Guards: What the...

It's a woman!

A woman just came outta nowhere!

Suzume: It's cool if I finish them allllllll off right?

Tsubame: Yeah, just do it quick.

Suzume: Bangbangbangbangbang!



Suzume: Bangbangbangbangbangbang!



Suzume: Whew!

(Handwritten- That felt great!)

Suzume: There's nobody that can stand up to my two bullet style! You guys better recognize!!

Tsubame: Good work. Now head on in.

Suzume: You're not the boss of me!

So what ugly mug does this target have?

Tsubame: It's better if you don't see.

Suzume: Whatevs!~ Imma kill him anyway right!

Tsubame: When you see the target, switch over to me.

Suzume: Dude, total buzzkill!

I'm not gonna let you hog all the best parts!




Suzume: Looks like I'm gonna have some fun regardless~

Guards: Fire!!


Suzume: Bangbangbangbangbangbangbang!!


Suzume: Bangbangbangbangbangbangbangbag!!


Guard: This woman is crazy strong!!

Her mechanical arm is pumping that trigger at an ungodly speed!!
???: Hey now gents, no need to strong arm a beauty, even if she is your opponent!

Guards: Jun-san!!


Jun: Guys who gang up on girls are what I'd like to call...weak.

Guard: But...!!

Jun: Take this guy for an example gents. Next one who talks out of turn dies.

Guard: Gyah!!

Suzume: You're the guy with Ide Tatsumi's ring right?

Tsubame: Hey, Suzume. Switch over to me.

Jun: That's right, missy.

Although I'm overjoyed that I was able to meet a cutie-pie like you.


Tsubame: Hey Suzume. Switch to me now.

Jun: Why, are you interested in that ring?

I've got nicer things than that you know.

Tsubame: Hey Suzume...

Are listening to me?!

Jun: How about we discuss this over dinner?

Guard: Oh god. There he goes again. Jun's bad habit is flaring up again.

Guard2: Well, at least that woman isn't shooting anyone anymore.

Guard: But she's probably never gonna accept..

Suzume: Okay!

Guard: Whaaaaaaaat?!

Tsubame: Hey Suzume, do you understand now why I didn't show you his picture?

Jun: I'm glad you understand.
Tsubame: Whenever you see a semi-hot guy you tend to flip out, and jobs don't get done...!

Suzume: Shut up Tsubame.

Jun: Did you say something?

Suzume: Nope~!


Tsubame: Hey...





Tsubame: Knock this shit off, dammit!

Suzume: Hey...do you see the Leonids star up there?

Tsubame: You can't actually see that star from here, dammit!

Jun: Yeah it's right there beside the M78 nebula with all its radience.

Suzume: You know so much Jun-kun!

Jun: Heh, it's nothing.

Tsubame: Are you guys idiots? I mean...seriously?

Guard: Jun-san!

Jun: What do you want? I'm busy.

(Handwritten- We were just getting to the good part.)

Jun: If you're came to tell me something pointless, I'll end you here.

Guard: We saw this suspicious woman loitering around outside!

Jun: Hm?


Tsubame: I'm pretty sure I told her to leave.
Suzume: Huh?

That girl...

Jun: Well hello there little lady.

Are you a fan of mine?

Girl: Bugger off!

Who'd want to associate with scum like you?!

Jun: Ah, wait...I vaguely recall you....aren't you Ide Tatsumi's...

Girl: Shut up!

Jun: Why not forget that zero and hang out with a hero?

Tsubame: Suzume, c'mon. Switch with me...!

Girl: You must be bloody insane! I'd never associate with a git like...!

Jun: Hmmm?


Jun: Then you can die.

Girl: Kyah!

Jun: Butcher that woman and throw her out.

Women that annoy me aren't worth keeping alive.

Guards: Yessir.

Girl: Mark my words! I'll kill you!

Jun: Seeya.

Sorry about that Suzume-chan, now that things have quieted down, where were we?

Suzume: At the part where I kill you.


Jun: What's the deal Suzume-chan?

Why are you making that scary face all of a sudden?
Suzume: I really hate guys who raise a fist to women.

Girl: A mechanical hand...

So she too is...

Jun: Huh? But why's that?

Actually on that point, when we were in the pool I noticed you have a heap of scars on your back. Could your reaction be related to that?

Or could it be that mechanical left hand?

Suzume: Shut up.



Jun: No thanks.


Jun: I hope you didn't forget that I killed Ide Tatsumi.

Which means I'm sorta strong.

You're a boring woman too.

I'll kill you with blondie over there.

Girl: Eh?



Guard: Ow!!

Hey! You'd better not run away...

Oh, you're not.

Girl: I'll leave everything....

To you now!!

Jun: A rocket punch?!


Jun: Ow!!


Suzume: Thanks!


It's your time to shine...!

Friggin' kill him for me,


Tsubame: You're late, dammit!


Jun: Eh?

Who are you?

Where's Suzume-chan?

Suzume-chan is a guy?!

Tsubame: Yeah, you're sorta annoying so I'm just gonna shoot you to get this over with.

Jun: Looks like someone wasn't paying attention. I'm a prize class fighter you know?

Tsubame: And?



(Sfx- gashuu grab)

Tsubame: Peh.


Jun: You're not too bad.

Tsubame: Are you saying that cause you went and pissed Suzume off?

Cause i'll tell you that's not the reason why she switched with me, just so you understand.
It's cause I wanted a one on one with you.

Jun: Changed? What's that?

Tsubame: I'm saying that there's going to be a death pretty soon.

Jun: Death?

Yours, right?

Tsubame: Yours.


Tsubame: Gugh.

Jun: Hyahahahahnugh.


Jun: Huh?

(Handwritten- It stopped?)


(Sfx- Kata Clatter)


Jun: D--

Don't hurt me..

Okay, how about this?! You can have half of my treasures!! No...all of them!

It's a lot of money...

Tsubame: Sorry bro.

I ain't some singer who takes requests from the audience, and the idea of boozing with one woman after another just pisses me off.

I live to work, and work to live.

So there's really only one thing you can do.


Tsubame: And that's to die.



{Curiosity room.}

(Handwritten- No one but Jun-kun is allowed to enter!)


Tsubame: Jesus.

He's sure got a lot of shit gathered here.

Girl: No kidding.

I knew I was right to trust you with this mission.

Tsubame: You didn't think I could do it?

Girl: And what would have happened if I didn't tag along?

Tsubame: I would have been fine if you didn't show.

Girl: Oh right. Fine then.

I'm glad things worked out in the end though.

I'll appraise you a bit more.

Tsubame: Gee, thanks.

And what about this 'Ice moon' diamond?

Girl: Hold your horses, I'm looking for it.

Tsubame: You're Ide's woman, aren't you?


Girl: You lack delicacy don't you?

Tsubame: Sorry toots. I'm straight to the point.

Girl: I recall someone also saying they dislike idle chatter?

Tsubame: Yup.
Girl: Here we are.


The Ice moon...


Girl: Ide Tatsumi and I were orphans.

We grew up in the same facility....

Tsubame: Oh.

Girl: Quite a lame reaction.

Tsubame: 'Cause I don't care~.

Girl: This ring was a present he gave to me when we were children....it's merely a glass ball.

It essentially has no value as an accessory.

Tsubame: What a nice story, or whatever.

Girl: It's pathetic really. To think i'd be entranced by his memory and a chunk of glass...

Tsubame: Probably cause the person behind it is worth more than the thing itself.

Hey wait a minute.

This whole job was for a piece of glass?

Girl: Now..

Shall we be going?



Girl: I'll have a whopper of a job for you next time for sure.

Tsubame: By the way, I saw you swipe an emerald ring in there.

Girl: Hm?

Tsubame: If you had left with just the glass ball, this mighta turned out to be a heartwarming story.

Girl: Reality is quite harsh, indeed.

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