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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 406

Everyone's dignity.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 7, 2012 17:22 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 406

I love that in Gintama, Gintoki's so carefree and badass that the mere act of him bowing his head to someone else for a favor is treated like a momentous event. That there is good character development.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also read this.


(Side text- Gintoki's expectations are....?)


Lesson 406: Everyone's dignity.

(Sfx- Gogaaaahh thoooom)

Gintoki: You're in the way...

So move.

Every single one of you is making that face...

Great samurai know what face to make when a time like this comes.

Have you forgotten what was taught in the beam saber style?


Coach Obi Won?


(Sfx- Gabaah bloorsh)

Shinpachi: Ha--


(Sfx- Datsu dash)

(Sfx- Gashiih graaab)

Shinpachi: S—stop it! Please don't do this!



He's....he's still...

(Sfx- Gariih grab)

Gintoki: I told you to stay out of my way, right?

Gintoki: Weren't you listening?!

Tae: Shin-chan!

Kagura: Shinpachii!

Gintoki: Dammitall....he got away?

(Sfx- Zahh sfft)

(Sfx- Bashaaah sdsssh)

Shinpachi: Please, wait!!


Why are you...

Why are you okay with doing something so horrible?!

Hajime-nii already understands what's going on!!


Shinpachi: Despite almost dying, he risked himself with his body being torn in half like that to come and see us!

He's even said he'd cut his own belly.....yet....yet...

Gintoki: Seppuku?

No way he's gonna do something like that.

Because that body is no longer his to control.

The back that you just washed....

Is a corpse lumped together with a broken down machine.

Shinpachi: I dare you....

To say that again.

Tae: That's enough Shin-chan!!

I'm begging the both of you...

please stop this..

Gintoki: Not happening.

Sorry but I've gotta play the role of the cold hearted bastard.

I don't have the luxury for you to make amends while washing one another’s backs.


Gintoki: If you won't kill him, I have to.

That's all there is to it.

Between the planet's well being, and your bro's, there's really no contest.

Or if you're saying it's between...

My life, and his life....

Well, you're free to choose whatever you want.

If it were me, I'd cut him down without any hesitation.

Maybe your luck sucks to be a little brother with such a lousy ass older brother...

But hey, maybe two brothers spinning their wheels straight into hell together is a good look on you.

Shinpachi: Wait...

I said wait.


Shinpachi: We're not done here!!


Tae: Shi..


(Sfx- Para para clatter clatter)

(Sfx- Karaan clatter)

Shinpachi: It--

It's the same...

Shinpachi: You both are like brothers to me, despite how different you are...

If it were Hajime-nii...then..

Gintoki: Take a look at my face....

Do I look like someone who should be admired as a big brother?

Shinpachi: Heh, you're right...seriously.

I see nose hair hanging out.

Gintoki: Yup. Sure enough.

Tae: Shin-chan!

Speak to me, Shin-chan!


(Sfx- Puchiih pluck)

(Sfx- Don don thump thump)

???: Excuse meeee!!


(Sfx- Zazazazaa ssfffft)

Obi: The emergency system isn't activating.

That guy...he must have done something.

(Sfx- Pishiiih zzzzt)

Obi: To make this happen....

He must have...

Already noticed the presence of me the machine...

I thought I had suppressed myself perfectly...

That brat....he somehow was able to detect my killing intent?

(Sfx- Hyuiiiii whooooo)

Yamazaki: Hey! What are you doing up there?
Come down now! We need your name and ID!

(Sfx- Gahh sheeen)

(Sfx- Chudooonn thooooom)

Yamazaki: Waaah!!


Yamazaki: What the hell was that?! Beams came out of his eyes!!

No way, he's....!

Tail him guys! We can't let him get away!!

Guy: Vice Captain! I can't find it anywhere!

(Sfx- Bata bata bata clump clump)

Dude: Toujo-san! I don't see anything either!

Hijikata: Once I'm done smoking we'll find it.

Toujo: Once I’m done fixing this shower curtan ring, and keep it from going back and forth, we will continue searching.

Otherwise it's Seppuku.


Kagura: You bunch of useless middle management are failures, yes?!

We do not have time to waste with the likes of you!

Toujo: Then please, inform us as to where this gentleman is?

Hijikata: I heard everything from Kondo-san. Where is that guy?

Kagura: We want to know that as well!

Move! If we do not hurry Gin-chan will...

Hijikata(?): If you can't tell us that much, why should we move?

Shinpachi: Don't you think that this has gone on long enough?

Tae: Shin-chan..

Shinpachi: Just what are all of you doing? Do you want to be rid of Hajime-nii that badly?

Can anyone tell me what it is he's actually done?

How can we really judge him based on what others have said?

Or is it that you guys are stopping us cause Kondo-san and Kyuubee-san have asked you to?

I notice that they've left their number twos here but aren't present themselves.

It's probably because they want to have their love vengeance, so they feel justified in their actions?

I mean really? That's the worst.

Every single one of you is the worst.

Hijikata: We ain't the boss of you.


???: Please respond...

This is Kenofi.

A problem has arisen...I'll need emergency support immediately. My current location is...

(Sfx- Goaaaaah CRASH)

Toujo: We aren't taking orders from..

The young master or Kondo-dono.

(Sfx- Gara gara clatter clatter)

Toujo: But from...

Your general.


Shinpachi: Gin-san?!

What are you talking about?

Okita: Hijikata-san..

Looks like the cat is out of the bag...

There's roughly..
Fifty or sixty guys out there.

Tojou: No helping it, I suppose we'll have to consult with our terrible general.

Hijikata: Sougo, take care of the rest, wouldya?

(Sfx- gara gara clatter clatter)

Kenofi: It appears I miscalculated...

I thought that dojo would be a good hiding place so I made my way in..

But it appears I was sniffed out...


Kenofi: Perhaps it is the duty of a new older brother such as myself...

(Sfx- Shagaaaah fwooffm)

Kenofi: To strike down a dangerous man such as yourself?

Gintoki: Geez, what's up with everyone and their brother complexes lately? It's friggin' annoying.

(Sfx- Chakii clack)

Gintoki: In any case, whether it's me or Shinpachi...

The only wish here is to take you down, bastaaaaard!!

(TN- I'm sorta lost with this line. I hate when they use looooong 'tsu's' It read negai Saken da tttnda kono yaro!)

(Sfx- Kyoro kyoro glare glare)

Okita: Hurry up and get moving.

(Handwritten- Move it.)

(Sfx- Goshaah doosh)

(Handwritten- Ungh!)

Okita: Do you have to take a piss or something?

Kagura: Hey, what are you doing?

(Handwritten- It hurts...)

Kagura: I thought you were here to capture that Obiwon person, yes?

Okita: Well, tangling with the galaxy sword master would probably be a scream for a few minutes, but sadly Kondo-san put the kibosh on that.

Tae: Then what are you all doing....


Hijikata: Sorry but we can't let you guys in.

We, the Shinsengumi are taking up residence here.

Tojou: No need to worry, we've washed every nook and cranny,

So you gentlemen may go and **** and **** while washing up somewhere else.

Guys: Whats that, bastards?!

Okita: We're not here to capture Obi Won at all.

Dude: You're in the way! Move!!

Toujo: We've even got a point guard here already.

Okita: We're actually here to stop the police from pursuing him and back you guys up.

Shinpachi: Wh..

Why would you do that?

Okita: Cause boss came by and asked us to.

He came on his knees, bowed his head, and asked for this favor.


Kenofi: It's obvious that you don't really believe you can cut me down.

What I don't understand is why you'd come here despite knowing that.

Gintoki: After watching everyone crying uncontrollably, a battle to the death...

Makes me feel all fresh and clean.

(Sfx- Gakiiin claaaang)

Kenofi: A battle to the death?

Don' make me laugh.

(Sfx- Gigigi griiiiind)

(Sfx- Dopaaah fwoooom)

(Sfx- Dokaaah craaash)

Kenofi: You wouldn't dare to attack the unconscious left side of me.

Now tell me the true reason why you came here.

(Sfx- Gogogogo rmmmble)


(Sfx- Gahhh grab)

Gintoki: Was that seriously an attack from a galaxy sword master?

Dude that was nothing great, especially with a title like yours.

I think that 'bro' is much more fitting....

Right? Obi Won...?

Okita: I'd never thought I'd see the boss..

Do something like bow his head...especially to us.

He says he wants to bring that Obi won guy in alive...

So he begged us to leave him be and wait for him.

He lowered that light head of his...

And dug it into the ground.


Okita: Well maybe you'd like to see it?

The pathetic form of your general bowing...?

(Sfx- Gaahh grab)

Shinpachi: Why would he do that...

Why would he go to you for a favor...

And not say anything to us?! That asshead!!

Tae: He...

Wanted to take Obi Won Nii-sama somewhere far away...

Gintoki: There's no need to worry Obi won..

No one's here but us, and no one's coming here.

I don't want your hands to become any dirtier than this...

No, I won't let you dirty them any more.



Gintoki: Go back,

Obi Won.

I know you don't give a crap about your title, and it didn't matter that you became some sorta bio weapon.

But as an older brother...

You wanted to come back and...

see them just one more time.


Tae: While we wallowed in our self pity, only that man didn't give up on him.

He wants to save Obi Won nii-sama.

He wants to return Obi Wan nii-sama to us as he was before...

But at the same time not hurt the older brother we care for so much....

So that's why he told us nothing.

Okita: That's why he asked us to back you guys up.

He probably understands the role, the pain of an older brother.

The Earth, you guys, hell...everyone has ganged up against him but...

He wants to protect Obi Won's....

He wants to protect a brother's; and his own...


(Side text- A man's feelings!!)

GINTAMA LESSON 406............END.

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