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Anagle Mole 28

Dolsa Griyuudo.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 7, 2012 18:27 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 28

I actually have Volume one and two of Anagle mole now, so I intend to translate the chapters I didn't before, and if anyone is interested do the little 4 koma omake that are included with the volumes.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Also, read this.

(Top text- Thank you for waiting! The serialization reopens!)

(Side text- Their feelings to rescue Chiwa are one?)

Space 28: Dolsa Griyuudo.

(Bottom text- Volume 2 of the manga will be released June 18th!)


Arulu: Okay~ Time for punishment games...

A punishment game~

(Sfx- Pan pan pan clap clap clap)

(Sfx- Pan pan pan clap clap clap)

(Sfx- Pachi flicker)

(Middling text- Luchiru and company were saved from a tough situation by his childhood friend Arulu. Is she really on their side though...?)

Luchiru: You're wrong Arulu!!

Cough cough

It's not what you're thinking!!

(Sfx- Waaaaaah!!)


Luchiru: Cut me some slaaaaaaaack!!!

Arulu: Traitors~

Traitors shall be dealt with~

Luchiru: Let me goo!!

(Sfx- Pachi pachi flicker flicker)

Kyousuke: What's with this situation!?

(Handwritten- Is this the Salem witch trials or something?)

Arulu: Explain yourself~

Better explain your self~

Luchiru: I will!

I promise I will!!

Arulu: Oh I get it.

And that's why you brought that human with you?

(Handwritten- Ehghhh)

(Handwritten- You okay dude?)


(Sfx- Deen)

Arulu: And?


(Sfx- Mocho mocho chew chew)

Arulu: So you came back to save this human named 'Chiwa'?

Luchiru: Y—yeah!!

(Sfx- Mocho mocho Chew chew)

Luchiru: So that's why we gotta get to kita city!!

Kyousuke: Um, are you sure it was a good idea to tell her everything?

I mean I know she's your childhood buddy and all...

(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)

Luchiru: We can trust her, I think.

Besides you saw her eyes when I was hanging over that fire!!

If I lied or said anything she didn't like, she would have fricasseed me!

(Handwritten- Punishment game//Punishment game)

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
Kyousuke: ….True.

(Sfx- Sukuh tmp)


(Sfx- Patapatapa-taa wffwfffwff)

(Sfx- Patapatapataa wffwffwfff)

(Handwritten- Suisuisuiswiiim)

(Handwritten- Suisuisuiswiiiim)

(Handwritten- A working we shall go, on three, on three.)

Arulu: Hey!

Kyousuke: What the hell was that?!

Arulu: Hmm...well it doesn't look like you're being mind controlled.

(Handwritten- I'm telling you I'm fine.)

Kyousuke: So it was a method to break hypnosis?!


Arulu: And you mean to tell me Humans are weak?

It's so sudden I’m not sure if I can believe it or not.

(Sfx- Jiro jiro jiro staaaaare)

(Handwritten- Hmmm...)

(Handwritten- Yah.)

(Sfx- Gyuuh griiind)

Kyousuke: OWWWWWW!!

Arulu: Okay I get it. Humans are weak.

I suppose there is reason to forgive you.

Kyousuke: Did you need to inspect me further to find that out?!

Arulu: Do you believe I won't tell anyone?
That you betrayed us...?


Luchiru: Please....Arulu.

Arulu: Fine then.

But before I agree completely you'll have to pass a 'test'.

(Sfx- Gacha gacha clack clack)

(Sfx- jiii zzzzt)

Arulu: Boss? It's me Arulu. The one who works there part time?

No, I don't have a shift today.

(Handwritten- Ah geez, we're already so close to you..)

Arulu: I just need you to meet this guy with me...


(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmble)

Boss: WELCOME...


(TN- Said in English for maximum fear.)

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmble)

Boss: So you were the one who said my shop is lame and pathetic, were you? Boooooy?

Luchiru: Arulu made up some things didn't she?

Boss: Morover, that's a strange mask you have on, booooy.

(Sfx- Gikuuh throb)

Luchiru: The same could be said for you.

(Handwritten- Arulu lent her mask to him temporarily.)

Kyousuke: Luchiru....!

(Handwritten- That old dude is huge!)
Luchiru: I have to beat your boss first?


Arulu: If you can beat him, then I’ll forgive you and forget I saw anything.

But you will be making enemies of everyone in Anaguland.

I hope you're 'prepared' for that.

Kyousuke: But that guy looks strong...

Can he really beat him?

Boss: It's been many a year since someone had the balls to pick a fight with me, boooy.

Luchiru: And? What are the rules for this fight?

Boss: It will be 'Dolsa Griyuudo'.

Luchiru: Dolsa...


Bahamut: There are still practitioners of Dolsa griyuudo in this day and age...?!

Kyousuke: H—hey...what is that?

That Dolsa thingy....?!

Arulu: Begin!



Boss: Here we go...

(Handwritten- Haaaah)

(Sfx- Kooohhh fwooom)

Luchiru: Nghhhhh....

Bring it!!

(Sfx- Kashii sheeen)

{I've seen this before.}

???: Dolsa Griyuudo is!!

Both use their strongest blow or the 'dolsa' on each other!

The first one to utter 'Griyuudo' loses the match!!

Kid: Dolsa


(Sfx- Bikiiiii craaack)

Kid 2: One strike!

???: It is Anagluland's banned fighting challenge!!


Boss: There hasn't been a single person who has taken my 'Dolsa' without crying 'griyuudo' immediately after!!

{It's this sort of trial huh?}

{But I know Chiwa's somewhere underground probably scared out of her mind!!}

Boss: Now let me bring upon you the regret and pain of hell!!

{Don't worry...we're coming for you Chiwa!!}

Boss: Dolsa!!



{It huuuurts!!}

Luchiru: Gu...


(Sfx- Bekohh crash)

(Sfx- Baki bakkii crackle crackle)

Boss: How is it booooy?! Painful, no?

(Sfx- Mekiii Grinnnd)

(Sfx- Mekiii Griiiiind)

Boss: Go on, cry out 'griyuudo'!!!

Luchiru: Griyu....


{Grant me strength...!!!}

Luchiru: Griyuu....!!


Bahamut: That's enough!! Stop this madness Luchiru!!

Griyuudo out!!

Say you'll Griyuudo out!!

To stop his dolsa, you have to say griyuudo!!

(Sfx- Waaaaaah!!)

Luchiru: Gu..


(Sfx- Pikuhh poit)

Luchiru: I'll never...

Give in....


???: Waaah!!


{My leg hurts!!}

{You're overreacting. A sky snake's bite isn't that painful.}

{But, but...!!}

{You're a piece of work.}

{Fine, I'll piggy back you into town.}


(Sfx- Hiku hiku Sniff snff)

(Handwritten- Hehee.)

(Handwritten- Hmph.)

{Although he's learned to bear some things since going to the surface...}

{He's still a crybaby....}


Arulu: That's enough.

Luchiru: Awesome! I did it!

(Handwritten- Oh yeah, Oh yeah, oh yeaaaah.)

Boss: N—no way...

Kyousuke: Whoa! He took it like a boss!!

Bahamut: He actually made it through without saying Griyuudo!!

(Handwritten- Awesome!)

Kyousuke: But he still has to attack the old guy back!

Does Luchiru have the power to smack that majin down? He looks like he could resist anything he throws at him!

Luchiru: Dolsa.

Boss: Griyuudo.

(Handwritten- Owie.)


(Handwritten- Is weak to being hit.)

Luchiru; See ya, Arulu.

Oh your mask...

Arulu: You can keep it.


Arulu: When you go to 'kita city' you don't want anyone to see your face right?

You know 'Pishakurif' is there.

Luchiru: Oh right! Thanks!

Arulu: Hey human.

Kyousuke: Huh?

(Sfx- Dohh Thok)

Arulu: Those are miguards and majin clothing.

I just randomly threw them together at the shop we were at just now. Use them whenever you want.

(Handwritten- Because you're with Luchiru I'll give them to you for free.)

Arulu: Luchiru's a crybaby and full of flaws....

And there's plenty he can't do.

Which is why I'm depending on you.


Kyousuke: You wanna come with us?

I mean... it wouldn't kill us to have one more person around to help out....

(Handwritten- Or whatever.)

Luchiru: Wh—whoa! Hold on there a minute Kyousuke!! You can't say that to her!!

Arulu: Okay. I'll go.

(Handwritten- Get moving Human.)

(Sfx- Ten tap)

Kyousuke: That decision sure was fast!!

Arulu: I've changed my mind. Luchiru needs to stay here.
Luchiru: See!? She changes moods at a drop of a hat!

Arulu: After all, all he's gonna do on the surface is run away from humans, cause he's a chicken.

Don't worry Luchiru, I'll apologize to the humans for you. 'I'm sorry that Luchiru is a big fat traitor'. How does that sound?

Luchiru: I'm going to the surface too!!

Kyousuke: This sure has gotten annoying in a hurry...


(Sfx- Gaya gaya gaya gaya hustlebustle)

Luiido: We're here Chiwa.

The center of kita city...


Chiwa: S—So this is it...?

The 'Majingram certification examination'?!

Luiido; Yeah.

Though with your majinagram, you should ace this easy.

Should be like shooting the breeze.

Chiwa: Yeah!

(Handwritten- Huh...did I just bump into someone? Or am I imagining things?)

(Sfx- Zawa zawa zawa hustlebustle)

Chiwa: This is the only way for me to get home...!!

I have no choice but to lie and trick my way out of here!

(Side text- Save the reckless Chiwa!!)


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