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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 407

We never wished for this, you bastard.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 10, 2012 12:32 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 407

Geez, did Sorachi also never wish for color pages this year? I mean Sket's getting one for it's annversery, as well as a couple of other series, yet Gintama's not gotten one. On top of that, Gin's nearing it's 10th year...

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also, read this.

(Side text- Aniki VS Aniki!!)
Lesson 407: We never wished for this, you bastard.
Kenofi: Fool….
You actually think you can restore that man; Obi Hajime?
To take back that man from me? The other half of him?
With that paltry resolve….
Do you really believe you can…
Defeat me…?

(Sfx- Dohhh *fwooom*)
(Sfx- Bukiiiii *reeeeeee*)
(Sfx- Gafuhh *Sffft*)
(Sfx- Gopaaah *fwhooom*)

(Sfx- Gagogogoh *thooom*)
Kenofi: Please respond, this is Kenofi.
I’ve dispatched my pursuer, but it’s highly likely the authoritys will be here soon.
I’ll report my coordinate axises to you, so I can be picked up immediately.
Not! Yoda: Kenofi…
This is Anaman.
Are you really Kenofi?
What’s going on here?
We managed to capture your signal…
But what is this nonsense about picking you up?

Anaman: Kenofi, where are you right now?
Because as far as I can tell you’re on our ship, aren’t you?
(Sfx- kahhh *Sheeeen*)

(Sfx- Dogooon *Thoooom*)
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *rmmmmmbe*)
Not! Yodas: Ke—Kenofi’s ship just exploded!!
This is impossible!! What the hell is going on?!
(Sfx- Zaah zaaah *sffht sfft*)
Not! Yodas: Kenofi?
No..it isn’t.

Okita: Geez…
Our bosses are a bunch of good for nothings.
Every single one of them.
Shinpachi: Everyone?
You don’t mean…?
Okita: Your general isn’t the only one…
Who has trouble knowing when to throw in the towel.
Not! Yodas: Who—who the hell are you people?!
What the hell are you doing here?!
(Sfx- Jyaki *shssft*)

Kyuubee&Kondo: Tendoumushin Beam saber style…
Kyuubee: Yagyuu Kyuubee.
Kondo: And Kondo Isao as well.
Kyuubee: We’ve come to reclaim…
Kondo: The other half of our coach.

(Sfx- Para para *clatter clatter*)
Kenofi: You…
Gintoki: Sorry, but your buddies aren’t coming to bail you out.
Right now your signal to the mother ship should be getting jammed, and the other students should be keeping your boys from coming to interfere.
Kenofi: Ridiculous…
Are you telling me that attack back then is the trick that’s scrambling my system?
You’re just here giving them time…
And while we’re doing this, they’re infiltrating the mothership,
To sever the root,
And put a stop to the beam cannon, is that it?

Gintoki: I told you…
No one is coming here to bug us.
There’s nothing you can do halfy.
This is where it all ends.
Whether you and that body disappears first, or I disappear first….
Comes down to who’s got more endurance.
(Sfx- DOhhh *Fwooooom*)

Not! Yodas: We’ve been completely surrounded!
You damned Earth monkeys! You fooled us?!
Surround those two!
We’ll use them as hostages, and make those primates open a path!
Kondo: Isn’t this a sad sight?
Lending a hand to the one we wanted to get our love revenge against..
Even if we win this bout, there’s nothing left for us huh? Kyuubee-kun.
Kyuubee: It’s worse for that idiot Gintoki.
He had to bow his head and lost his standing as an older brother…
I understand…
Tough times…
Sad times…

Kyuubee: Tae-chan had…
A reason to smile.
Even if it turns out her smile isn’t for us…
As long as her true feelings, her true smile returns…
That’s fine…
Kondo: I see…
Well then…
I’ll smile with you guys too.

Kondo: ‘Cause I’m sure, that guy…
Is laughing too.
{A truly strong person…}
{During times he or she wants to cry..}
{Smiles instead.}

{Through the pain...}
{Through the tragedy…}
{They embrace everything…}
{You should walk with guys like that.}
{And someday you two…}
{Will become strong samurai.}
Yamazaki: Commanding officer Okita…
Was that really okay?

Okita: Sorry boss, but I couldn’t stop them.
This isn’t just about big brothers…
(On phone- Movie deleted.)
Okita: But little brothers…
Have their pride too.
Toujo: Well then…
Hijikata: It’s about time we went too.
To our…
Bro’s side.
(Sfx- Gakaaah *sheen*)
(Sfx- Hyuun hyuun *wiffwiff*)
(Sfx- Doh *thok*)

(Sfx- Baragara *clatter*)
(Sfx- Kahhh *cough*)
Kenofi: While you were trying your best and still failing to stop me…
your friends were looking for methods to stop the beam cannon.
Despite your struggles however,
You failed to grasp the fact that he…that man is dead.
A shame it took this many broken bones though.
Kondo: What?
Not! Yoda: Heheheh, sorry but what you’re saying is impossible.
Besides that, the power for the beam cannon has already been collected and charged. Game over gents.

Not! Yoda: Once the energy has been charged…
There’s nothing outside of discharge that can stop the beam cannon.
It’s already too late for you or even us…
Or even him to stop what will happen….
Heheh…we wanted the beam to go off no matter what happens..
So we installed a system just in case the emergency system didn’t go off, one beyond even his control.
And when that happens, you earthlings are all done for---
(Sfx- Gahh *Graaab*)
(Sfx- Dokaaah *thooom*)
Not! Yoda: Guah!!
Kyuubee: Kondo…
(Sfx- Mishihh Mishiihh *Grrinnd*)
Kondo: Don’t you fucking screw with us….

Kondo: Why do you think that bastard Gintoki…
Would dirty himself?!
That he’d lower his empty head…
And bow to us?!?!
Shinsengumi: Captain!
(Sfx- Gaku gaku *shake shake*)
Kondo: I’m begging you! DO SOMETHING!!!
So that those two older brothers…
Can go back to Shinpachi and Tae’s place…
So they can return home…
Kenofi: The system will be restored in 30 minutes…
And the only way to stop the beam cannon and save earth is…
To destroy…
The Obi Won half of this body.

Kenofi: There was only one answer from the very beginning.
You just refused to acknowledge it is all.
And because you refused it..
This fight shall be the final one you ever have.
No need to worry though, your cute little brother..
And the entirety of this planet will go where you are about to.
So just wait there patiently…
In hell!!
(Sfx- kaaah *Sheeeeen*)

(Sfx- Pishii pishii *zzzzzzt*)
(Sfx- Zaah *shiffft*)
Shinpachi: Who’s the cute little brother?
Each and every one of you…
Shut the hell up with the damn brother complex! It’s annoying!
For one thing..
Neither Gin-san, or I..
Have a wish for this, you bastaaaard!!!
(Side text- In the nick of time!!)

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