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Mori no Naka Oneshot : Mori no Naka

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 18, 2012 01:53 | Go to Mori no Naka

Aaaaand here it is. Yellow Tanabe's one shot from the August Issue of Gessan. It was pretty good I think. I never got to really translate Kekkaishi as good as it was, so I'm rather glad I got the chance to do this. Anyway my choice of what I'll be translating from everyone's requests will be revealed within the next week or so. So now let us go into the forest~

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Also, read this.

MORI NO NAKA (In The Forest.)

(Side text- Tonight we go to the world of Tanabe Yellow...)

(Red circle- Special guest oneshot, center color, 49 pages!!!)



Adverts for Kekkaishi and Yellow Tanabe's book of oneshots and short stories. Buy them.


(Sfx- Hah)

(Sfx- Hah)


Dude: Are you okay?


Girl: I'm fine.

I can still run.

Dude: I am sorry.

But I needed to get you out of that mansion quickly or else...

Girl: If we can make it through the forest, we'll be safe right?

Dude: It--

It will not be easy.


Dude: In the forest...

Is the domain of those women....!!


Even if it costs my life, I will protect you...

(Sfx- Gyoro glare)
Dude: Do...

Do you believe in me?

Girl: Yes...

I know you'll be able to take me from this forest and save me.


Girl: I could never really understand why I was enclosed there myself...


To think I was meant to be a sacrifice...!

Dude: It is not something to laugh at.

Girl: But there were so many snacks, tea and a large bed for me to lie on..

Although these things were present, being sealed in that room was inconvenient.

And oh so boring.


Girl: I had no one to talk to...

It was hard on me.

Why didn't you ever try to talk to be before this?

I know that it was you who was cleaning up the food...

wasn't it?

Dude: I was forbidden...


The fact that a person like you was being kept in a room like that made me sad...

I thought endlessly about that.

Girl: And then you suddenly appeared out of nowhere...

It gave me quite the shock!

Dude: I-I-

I-I-I-I-I-I-It's dangerous here!!

We must flee at once!

Girl: You really shouldn't appear in a lady's room like that.

Dude: I apologize. I will reflect on my actions.

Even though up until now I couldn't think of what to say to you...

Girl: So then why are you so frantic right now?

Dude: It is because of the full moon tonight.

Moreover tonight's full moon is special.

The moon will be closest to the earth, and it's light will be at it's strongest...

The forest,

the mountains,

the valleys...

will be bathed in a mysterious power.

This is a night like no other.


Dude: It is tonight with this mysterious power present that they can serve up an offering...

And without fail those women will appear....they have been waiting for this night.

We've got no choice but to run. This timing is the worst however...

Girl: That would mean that you're considerably brave!

Escaping like this has got my heart racing!

(Sfx- Kgahhh Graaab)

Girl: What are you doing?

Dude: B--

Believe in me...
(Sfx- Mishi mishi mishi Grnnd grnnnd)

(Sfx- Bogoooah craaaaash)


Girl: Kyaaah!!

Dude: Quiet...!

Girl: Wh--

What was that just now?!

More like that's impossible!

You can't expect me to jump down from this window to that clif!!


Dude: Tonight is our only chance....

We will go!

Girl: Kyaaaah!!

Dude: I will advise you...

To close your eyes.


(Sfx- Hyooi wifft)

(Sfx- Hyuuuuhhh whoooooh)

(Sfx- Yoh)

(Sfx- Hah)

(Sfx- Hyuuuuuh whooooooh)

(Sfx- Kyahhhhhhh!!!!)

(Sfx- Hyooooooo whoooooh)

Dude: Close your eyes!!

Girl: How did you get me down from that high place?!
Dude: I cannot discuss much about myself without it being a problem.

Girl: You know what I think? I believe you can use magic!

Am I right?

Since you are...

The son of a witch, right?


Dude: I cannot

Use magic.

Girl: Really?

Then what of those women in the mansion? Aren't they witches?

Dude: That would be right....

But the ones who wield true power are the two elders..

But I can tell you this much...

All of the women there were witches.

Girl: Ah!

I see!

So then you're betraying your family aren't you...?

Will you be okay?

Do you...regret it?

Dude: I do not.


Girl: Um...

What is your name?

Dude: That is a secret.

Girl: Secret?!

Dude: Don't you know? 'Secrets' carry 'magic power'.

Girl: Magic power?

Dude: It is a spell type.


Dude: The things known as secrets are actually bits of superfluous knowledge.

When one keeps a secret within their heart it becomes stronger and stronger day after day.

Keeping a secret without revealing it is a way to gain power.

I will need as much power as possible to run away from those women.

Tonight I will try to keep as much power as I can.

(Sfx- Doku throb)

(Sfx- Gakuun throbbb)

Girl: What's going on?


What's wrong?

(Sfx- Gaku gaku gaku throb throb throb)


Girl: Maybe we should take a break...?

Dude: I am fine!

Absolutely fine!!

Girl: Why is this place so creepy?

Dude: Over here.

You've never left the mansion before....

Girl: How do you know that?

(Sfx- Basaah fwap)

(Sfx- Basaaah fwapfwap)

Dude: Not good.

Girl: What's that?

Dude: The owls and crows are pawns for the witches. You saw plenty of them back at the mansion, no?

Girl: They couldn't have found us out already?!

Dude: The crows act as their 'eyes'...

It seems that we have already been found out.

Girl: We'll be fine though, right?

Since you're so strong...


I'm sure...




Girl: I'll fight too!!

Dude: Eh?

Girl: I don't really know much about witches but,

I can't just sit around and do nothing!

I know I don't look it but I know martial arts!

Well, I actually just read about them.

But I know the basics of oriental martial arts is kicking.

That's the fine arts after all!


Girl: It's not exactly ladylike, but don't let that bother you!
Let me show them my one hit lethal attack...

Though I really hope nothing happens and I don't have to do that..

Dude: Princess, your specialty is 'kenpo' then?

Girl: That's right! You know about it?


Dude: From time to time I'd stop by your room and watch you train.

Girl: What?

Were you peeking at me?

Dude: Are you nervous?

Girl: Eh?

Dude: I'll have to prove that I am an able guard for your envoy princess.

(Sfx- pon pat)

Dude: This isn't the time for us to get worried about these things..

Climb upon my back.

As long as you believe in me, I will get you out of this forest.

Now scrunch up your body....

And clench your teeth...!!

(Sfx- Hyooooooh fwhoooooh)

Girl: Eh?


(Sfx- Donnshh fwfff)

(Sfx- Zuzazazazazazaaaza sssshshhhht)

(Sfx- Zazazazazaa Ssshhhhhht)

(Sfx- Bahh fwafff)

Girl: G...

(Sfx- Zuboooh ddosssh)


Girl: Kyaaaaaahhh!!!

(Sfx- Baki baki baki baki Cracklecracklecrackle)

(Sfx- Baki baki baki baki Crcklecracklecracklecrackle)

Girl: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

(Sfx- Gahh graaab)

(Sfx- Zuushaaaah dssoooh)

(Sfx- Baaan thunk)

Girl: Wah!!





(Sfx- Gakagakagakakgakagaka clackaclackaclackaclacka)

Girl: Awesome!!

Dude: Lower your head!


(Sfx- Zazazazazazaaah Sssfssssh)

Girl: If we make it out of this forest...

Will you tell me...

your secrets?

(Sfx- Basaaah flap)

???: Trying to buy time are you?

???: I'll lend you my power...

Now awaken.

(Sfx- Shraaan twiinkle)

(Sfx- Baki baki baki crackle crackle crakle)

(Sfx- gyuuuh Wfffft)

(Sfx- Doh dodododododdo thoom thokothokthokthok)

Girl: Uwah!!








(Sfx- Guruuh sppnn)

(Sfx- Gaahh sffft)

(Sfx Zazazazassuuhhh Sfffft)

Girl: Kyaaah!

(Sfx- Goroooh sppnn)

(Sfx- Dosaaah Thuud)

Girl: Ow...


(Sfx- Bahh fwaap)

Girl: Ah..


(Sfx- Meri meri meri meri grnd grnd grnd grnd)

(Sfx- Oooh)


(Sfx- Zuushaaah dsssssh)

Witch: You've got guts to steal a witch's prey boy....

I hope you're prepared for the consequences.

(Sfx- Zahahh sfft)

(Sfx- Dokuuu throb)


(Sfx- Gakuun shiver)

Girl: Are you okay?!

Where are you hurt...?

(Sfx- Gaku gaku gaku shiver shiver)

(Sfx- Pota drip)

Girl: Now just wait!

No matter what he's done, isn't this going too far?!

I'm not sure if he's your son or grandson....

But isn't he your family?!

Look! He's bleeding so much...

(Sfx- Doroooh drriiip)

Girl: Huh?

Why is this green?

Witch: Witches don't have sons.


It seems you've told this naive girl some outrageous lies..

(Sfx- Hyoooooooh whoooooooh)

Witch: Men aren't allowed within this forest...

Ordinary men can't get near the curse here....

So then...

You must not be human.

That green blood is more than enough proof.

And looking closely one can see you cast no shadow.

Do you prey on humans by taking their form? What do you desire that you must take a human girl?

Could it be...

On this extraordinary night brimming with mysterious power...

You intended to use our sacrifice to rise to the up to human status?

It's truly fascinating to witness how a lower life form thinks..


(Sfx- Gahhh grab)

(Sfx- Zaahhh Sffft)

Girl: Who...

are you?

Witch: You're faster so now it's your turn.

Do it, Gariina.

Gariina: But of course, Debuna.


(Sfx- Gashaaan clank)


Girl: Is what they're saying...


Are you....

trying to deceive me?

(Sfx- Gooohh fwoooom)

Gariina: It's a powerful suction...

Debuna: We're not interested in sucking up trees,

So aim carefully!

(Sfx- Oooooohhhh)

Girl: Why do you know so much about me?

Just what are you?

(Sfx- ooooooohhhhh)

(Sfx- Ogiiishhii rinnnnd)

Dude: No...!


Dude: Don't let go of my hand!!



If you so desire it...I can become anything...!!


Dude: I can be strong, loyal, gentle...I can even become your knight...

Girl: Eh?

Dude: These legs that you've so praised....
Are what allowed me to watch over you as you practiced your fine arts and became a master of kenpo!!

Even if it costs my life, I will protect you...

Please believe me...

Believe in me..

Are you nervous?

I'll have to prove that I am an able guard for your envoy princess.

(Sfx- Gooooohhhh fwooooohhhh)

Dude: If it's you...

If you...

Just believe in me then...!!


(Sfx- Gashiiihh Graaab)

(Sfx- Bahhhh fwaaap)


Girl: Wah...

(Sfx- Guiiiii Griiiind)

(Sfx- Gashhh grab)

(Sfx- Zazaaah Ssshhh)

Dude: Nnngh!!!

(Sfx- Guraah shfft)

(Sfx- Gooohhh Thooom)

(Sfx- Oooohhh)


(Sfx- Dogooshaaah ddsssssh)

Debuna: Gariina!
(Handwritten- Oh deaaar)

(Sfx- Shntaaan Thunk)

(Sfx- Tohh sfft)

(Sfx- Zathhh Sffft)

(Sfx- Gashhiii Graaab)


(Sfx- Hyurururu whffff)

(Sfx- Geshi geshi kick kick)

Debuna: You..!!

Let go of me!!

(Sfx- Gashhh sffft)

Debuna: You little whelp!!

You think you are something just because you can transform?! Then I shall change you back!

(Sfx- Kuruuh sppinn)

Debuna: Return to your form!!

(Sfx- Shuraaan twiiinkle)

Girl: It disappeared!

(Sfx- Fuuhh sffft)


Debuna: Che...

Not enough hmm?

Then once more...

(Sfx- Kuruuhh spnnn)

(Sfx- Baahh fwaap)

(Sfx- Bakthh crack)
Debuna: Wha...

(Sfx- Guraah crakle)

(Sfx- Doohhh fwooomp)

Debuna: Kyahhhhhhhhh!!!!


Dude: Princess,

are you hurt...?

(Sfx- Zeh zehh)


Debuna: Zeh...

Little whelp...

Don't you get overconfident...!

(Sfx- Boroohh Drooop)

(Sfx- Zehh)

(Sfx- Mekii Grind)

(Sfx- Meki meki meki meki meki meki throbthrobtrhobtrhob)

Debuna: End of the line!!

Now return to your filthy form!!

Dude: Everyone!!

Please lend me your strength!!


(Sfx- Mozuuuh bamf)

Debuna: Wha--

What is the meaning of this?

(Sfx- Ugyaaaaaahhh!!!!)
Dude: Princess?

(Sfx- Gahh fwp)


(Sfx- Geshiii thonk)

(Sfx- Guraaah wobble)

(Sfx- Dosaaah thump*)

Girl: He ISN'T dirty. Got it?


Dude: I knew you were a master at kenpo.

You're amazing Princess.

We've made it out of the forest.

They won't come any further than this.

The witches hate the bugs of the forest so they won't come here to try anything against you.

Girl: You're...

Gustav aren't you?


Dude: Yeah..

Girl: Books are fine, but I'm so bored.


And when did I get a roommate?



A princess having someone living with her is strange.

Oh I know!

You can be the knight in charge of my envoy!
Since you've got long arms and legs it'll be so cool!

Your name will be..


Girl: Gustav!

That's it!

I know you're gonna be really strong so I’ve got big expectations of you.

From today on...

You'll be my strong, loyal and gentle knight!!

Looking forward to it, Gustav!

Gustav: At that time..

I had been enchanted by magic.

Girl: Good morning Gustav!

Your legs look incredible today too!

Gustav, I had a bad dream last night...

I hope you'll be able to protect me tonight.

Gustav: The magic of being called by name...

Made me really feel like

I was the knight who protects you.


Gustav: But thats all they were...

Just feelings...

I heard from the other bugs that you were set to be the witches sacrifice....

And that the day where they'd take you was drawing near.

But there was nothing I could do to save you....I had no strength...

And time was running out....tonight was the night.
I looked upon you, sleeping without knowing your fate...

And a strange feeling came over me as I prayed...

I want to be able to protect you...

To be able to save you...

I don't care what happens to this body...!!


I am just a simple spider..

With no strength...

My curse was that I had no strength...so I prayed betting my own soul...

But not a single thing changed....

So at least...


Gustav: I mean...

If I couldn't be in your envoy...

At least...

I wanted to be able to touch you one last time...

(Sfx- Kaahhh fwaaash)


Gustav: At that moment a miracle happened...

My wish came to pass...

Because of the special full moon...

And the power of the witches and the deep forest...

And let me not forget you...

Because of you everything with smoothly...

So now...
We must part ways.

(Sfx- Zawaah sffft)

Girl: Eh?


Gustav: The miracle ends here...

As long as I touch you my body remains that of a human...

But the full moon's power makes it hard for me to sustain this form.

So if I venture out of the forest I won't be able to stay this way.

That's why I cannot leave.

My secret...

Has already been exposed too.

It was my dream to be in your convoy princess, and although I'm nothing special,

my dream came true.

Girl: No!!


Girl: No..I mean you have it wrong...

I'm not really a princess...

I just like to dress that way and act like it...that's all..

It's just a silly dream of mine....I’m just a girl from the countryside...

I'm the one who's nothing special!


To meet you...

Even if you aren't human you're....

Gustav: It doesn't matter...

As long as you're you, it's all fine.

Gustav: Now we have to go our separate ways.

Girl: No..

Gustav: Even if it's just in your dreams...

I don't want you to see me as that useless spider again...

Thank you for being kind to this simple bug...

Girl Gustav....!

Gustav: Take care.

(Sfx- Guiii grab)


{On the night of the full moon...}

{Deep within the forest where the witches dwell...}

{A princess's kiss...}

{Would cause something to happen to a poor spider.}

{As for what...well...that's a secret.}


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