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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 410

Booze, Gasoline, Smiles and Tears.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 3, 2012 01:18 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 410

Why does the title of this lesson sound like one of those teen coming of age movies?

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Aaaaand requests are open again~ Read here for details.

(Side text- GINTAMA)

(Side text- Peaceful daily life?!)

Guy: Come on in Gents~

We've got a bevy of cute babes here for you~

They're easy on the eyes and on the wallet! How about it gents!!

???: For real?

(Sfx- zath shfft)

???: I can choose anyone I want?

Dude: Yeah. We've got plenty of fresh young faces...

No matter who you choose, you're bound to pick a winner. They're all cuties.

???: I see...

Well then..

(Sfx- Zuhh sffft)


Kondo: One fresh...

Otae-jyou please.

(TN- Jyou is like...'Missus'. Since the translations normally leave honorifics as is, it seems strange to write it as Missus Tae here now.)

Dude: ...Seriously?

You two again?

The whole 'coming to see her everyday' shtick is wearing thin you guys.

No matter how many times you come back the answer won't change.

Otae-chan isn't here...

She asked for a vacation a month ago, and no one has seen hide or hair of her since.

As you know that leaves us crippled and unsuited for battle. Now if you would excuse me, the fight is on, and I don't need you two dragging me down.
Hey there gents!

Come one down!! We've got cuties by the dozen~


Kondo: It's been one month....

Kyuubee: Thanks to that man..

The planet was protected...

Kondo: But in the end...

We weren't able to protect what was really important.

Kyuubee: I asked Toujo to investigate...

And it appears that even Shinpachi-kun hasn't been at the Yorozuya since that incident.


Kyuubee: It's at a time like this that I'd really like to be by their side but...

But the person that Tae-chan, no...they want to be with the most...

is gone.

Even if we could find them...it would be impossible to help..

I...don't even think I have the confidence to bring Tae-chan and Shinpachi's smiles back..

Kondo: All we can do now is believe in them and wait.

The day where Tae-chan and Shinpachi-kun overcome this tragedy and walk forward will come.

What we can do for them then is...

Be there waiting...

With smiles.

Right now they'll be fine..

But when that time comes..

Kyuubee: Yes..

They'll smile again for sure..
(Sfx- Kyah Kyah)


???: Maaan! That was a blast, wasn't it?

???: You're right about that. When was the last time that we did something together as siblings?

???: If we could have, I would have liked to stay a bit longer.

???: Now now, That's enough of that. If we stayed any longer there, we would have caused everyone so much trouble. We've been away for so long as is.

???: Hmm?

Oh! Isn't that Kondo-san and Kyubee-san?

Long time no see!!

Shinpachi: The Shimura siblings are back from Waiha!!

Tae: Here you go! Have some souvenir Macadamia coconut chocolates!

(Side text- Read the flow guys!!)

Lesson 410: Booze, Gasoline, Smiles and Tears.


(Sign- Koudokan Doujo)

(Sfx- Bori bori chew chew)

Kondo: A vacation?

Tae: Yes...

We took a short trip to the everlasting summer planet Waiha star.

We spent an entire long arc here! It was high time for some R and R elsewhere.

Shinpachi: Since as siblings we've never gone to the beach, we decided to take a leave of absence and go!

But maaan Waiha star was just awesome.

I thought Waiha would be really boring but it turned out to be at least a bit less uninteresting than I would have imagined!

Kyuubee: Ah...I understand...


{As if we'd understand thaaaat!!}

{That's a friggin' confusing time to take a vacation isn't it?!}

{Here we were thinking you'd be in mourning..}

{Too sad to step foot out of the house!!}

{But instead you've become crispy black!}

{You guys look like you bathed in Macadamia nuts!!}

{Kondo, you understand how hard it was for them?}

{That wasn't a vacation, but their way of keeping their tear stained faces from us! They left Edo so we wouldn't worry about them.}

{And now they're trying their best to keep a semblance of a poker face by acting as if nothing is the matter.}

{If you slip up, you might end up opening an old wound. So don't mess up.}

Kondo: Ooh I see. You two look great...glad things are okay.

But going to Waiha star must have cost you a pretty penny....is it really okay for you to splurge your money like that?

Tae: Oh no need to worry, Obi Won-niisama had life insurance, so we're actually quite well off.

{Forget ME opening old wounds, isn't she saying some outrageous things her damn self?!}


{But he's still sticking out in your mind right? Like a grave marker in the ground, Obi Won-niisama is still sticking out right?!}

Tae: It appears Obi Won-niisama had some funds stashed away just in case something should happen to him.

We can now use that money for the sake of the doujo so...

{Wait...did you use that to go on your trip then? His money?}

Tae: And it's thanks to that money...

That we were able to get Macadamia nuts...

(Sfx- Basaaaah thuud)



Tae: It was quite a bit of money.


{Hey Kyuubee-kun!! Those two seem to be doing pretty damned great!!}

{Their older brother has died and they're using his corpse as a step stool!!}

(Sfx- Pakuuh chomp)

{Kondo, don't you get it?}

(Sfx- Bori Bori chew chew)

{They just want to deal with their memories of Obi Won quickly.}


{That's why they exchanged Obi Wan's life for macadamia nuts...}

{So memories of him would melt like this oh so sweet milk chocolate...}

Kondo: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's not it.

{Kondo...do you get it? Macadamia nuts are...}

{Totally delicious.}


Tae: No need to be shy Kondo-san, have as many as you'd like.

Please partake of the last crystallized pieces of Obi Won-niisama's life.

(Handwritten- I'm sure you'll enjoy it.)

{It's too hard to eat those!! Chocolate gotten like that isn't something I can just chow down!)
Shinpachi: Hajime-nii...

We won't let our memories of you go to waste..

We'll revive this dojo no matter what.

And make it the same dojo you saw back in the good old days.

With these Macadamia nuts...

{No waaaay!! No matter how much you think about it, that's impossible! Macadamia nuts are tasty but can't do the impossible!!}

(Sfx- Don don thump thmp)

???: 'Scuse us!!

Tae: Oh my! They're here sooner than I thought Shin-chan!


???: Excuse me!!

Is this the dojo that's taking applicants?

Shinpachi: We've been waiting for you.

Welcome to our Koudokan dojo....

Hasegawa: So if we learn the way of the sword, we can really get free macadamia nuts?


(TN- Hah! Sorachi remembered Hasegawa's dog from like, 200 chapters ago!)


Kondo: Shinpachi-kun!! These arent pupils, these aren't pupils at ALL!! They're just a bunch of unscrupulous dudes!!

Shinpachi: That's fine.

If after the Macadamia nuts,

They begin to grow fond of sword arts...

That's what he would have loved...

To see the sword....no the country of samurai being protected...
Hasegawa: Who gives a shit about swordplay?! Give us our sweet sweet macadamia nuts!!


(Handwritten- Macadamia nuts!! Macadamia nuts!!)

???: SHUT UP!!

No need to get riled up...

(Sfx- Zahhh Sffft)

???: Yeah...if it's nuts you want we'll give you all that you could want and then some.


Gintoki: That is...if you can get an 'ippon'...

on me, the assistant coach of the Tendoumushin macadamian style.

Kondo: Yo...

You all..

Gintoki: I'll make you a deal.

After you guys get your nuts, I'll make an effort to try to get yer asses back into society.

???: Um, why do you sound like someone who works at a correctional facility?

(Sfx- Karran clatter)

Gintoki: And then you have to promise me...

No matter how tough the job hunt goes, or how shitty the job you get is..

No matter how much life kicks you in the nuts so hard that you can't stand...


Gintoki: That your faces...

No matter how few or many teeth are in 'em, will never lose that smile.

That's the Tendoumushin Macadamian style's

Number one unequivocal doctrine.

Ain't that right?
(Post- Coach for Eternity)

(Post- Obi Hajime)

Gintoki: Coach Obi Won?


Hasegawa: Y—You got it!! Everyone, jump 'em!!

(Sfx- Kuwaaaaah ROAAAR)

Hasegawa: Give us our Macadamian nuts!!!

Kagura: Hochaaaaaah!!

(Sfx- Dogooooh THOOOM)

Kagura: Who is next?!

(Sfx- Foooh pheww)

???: Hey! That's not sword play, that's totally kung fu!! Is a kung fu dojo?!

There might be Macadamia nuts there, but being blown out of the dojo in one hit kinda sucks!!

(Handwritten- Wataaaah!!)

???: Don't sweat the small stuff! Just laugh it off!

Don't let it get to youuuuu!!

(Sfx- Waaah!!)

(Sfx- Gyaaah!!)


Kyuubee: Kondo...

Do you get it?

Kondo: Yeah I get it, sheesh.

Heeey!! I ain't about to let all those crummy so-called-samurai have all the fun! Let me in on this!!

(Sfx- Shakkii chink)

Kondo: Bring it on!! I'll whack your shitty willpower into shape!!

Kyuubee: Hmph, big talk.

But those Macadamia nuts are mine!!



(Sfx- Kuwaaaah roaaaar)

???: Now..

It's our turn...

(Sfx- Paan pat)


Gintoki&Obi: Right, Shinpachi?//Shin boy?

Shinpachi: Sure is!!


(Sfx- Toku toku drip drip)

(Sfx- Doko doko droop drop)

Tae: Father...

Obi Won-niisama...

There's no need to worry about us...

The both of us are doing just fine.

So please enjoy your drinks full of sake and gasoline.


Tae: Shin...

And I...

And our...

Dearest friends are...

Having a...

Great day today.

(Handwritten- The return of a genuine smile!!)

GINTAMA LESSON 410..............END.

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