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Anagle Mole 30

Light intensity.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 19, 2012 01:31 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 30

So as I said here I will only be translating one of the last 3 Anagle chapters a month in a (vain?) hope that Fukuchi will return from hiatus before I get done. Considering that last time he suddenly got sick it resulted in a hiatus that spanned a year, I don't have my hopes up.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Aaaaand requests are open again~ Read here for details.

(Side text- Volume two with an eye catching Chiwa on the cover is now out in stores!!)

30th space: Light intensity.

(Side text- Chiwa is currently in this tower launching a reckless offensive against the majin...)



Chiwa: Wah!

Look at all of the people!!

(Side text- In order to become a spy and return to the surface, Chiwa undertakes the 'Majinagram certification exam'!! But what happens from here....?!)

(Sfx- Zuraaaashihhh Sfft)

(Sfx- Gaya gaya gaya rabble rabble rabble)

Chiwa: All of these people are here to take the 'majinagram certification exam'?!

(Handwritten- Amazing...)


(Handwritten- Hey! You just bumped into me!)

(Handwritten- The hell I did!)

(Handwritten- Wait for me!)

(Handwritten- Hah hah)

Luuido: They do testing every day....

Though it is sorta weird this many people are here today.

(Handwritten- Dammit I hate crowds.)

Chiwa: I'll never pass like this!

(Handwritten- It's impossible!)

Luuido: Well, it ain't like you're fighting anyone so the numbers shouldn't matter.

Chiwa: S—seriously?
Luiido: Man, you really don't know anything do you?

(Handwritten- Just from how far out in the country did you come?)


Lil' majin: Keruto, what's your 'light intensity'?

Keruto: Hmmm.

Last time I got around to level 5 before failing...

Lil' majin: Man, you should totally go for at least level '8' this time around!

(TN- Well the kanji reads with the normal reading at first, which is 'light intensity'. After that, they start using the same kanji with a different reading of 'level'. I'll just go with level since that's less to write than light intensity.)

Lil' majin: I'm at '7' now, see?

So Imma kick some ass and get all the way to level '10' today!!

(Handwritten- Oh yeah!)

Chiwa: H—hey there!

Um...what do you mean by 'Light intensity'?

Lil' majin: What? You actually came here without knowing that ya old hag?!

(Handwritten- You retarded or somethin'?)

Keruto: So there are those that don't even know that much...?

Chiwa: Hag?!

(Sfx- Kachi kiiin click click)

Lil' majin: Hm?

She's 'level 0'!!

(Handwritten- No wonder she doesn't know anything!)

(Sfx- Hahah!)

Chiwa: Eh?

Chiwa: What do you mean?

(Sfx- Gaya gaya gaya hustle bustle)

Luiido: Hey, Chiwa.

This thing's about to start.

Announcer: And so without further ado, let today's 'Majinagram certification exam' begin.

Now, Majina..!!!

(Sfx- Bahhh fwap)

Announcer: Gram!!

(Sfx- Baabahhh fwaaafwaa)

Luuido: Geez, that greeting always takes a lot outta me.

(Handwritten- What were you doing?)

(Handwritten- Eh..?)

Chiwa: That was a greeting?!


Announcer: And now could each of you come forward so we can ascertain your 'level'?

(Sfx- Zoro zoro zoro tmptmptmp)

Chiwa: Eh?


(Sfx- Zoro zoro zoro tmptmptmp)

(Handwritten- Where are we going?)

Luiido: Chiwa!

Those here for the first time have to sign in over here.

Desk lady: Chiwaru-san is it?

Since you're entering for the first time, let me give you a simple explanation.

Luiido: Keep it brief.
(Sfx- zuhh swff)


Desk lady: First what is the 'Majinagram certification exam'?

In short...!

It is a test that evaluates how well one uses their majinagram!!

As you can see.

{How well...}

{One uses their majinagram...}

Desk lady: Since there are various types of 'majinagram'...

there truly isn't a test that can 'determine which majinagram is the strongest'...unfortunately.

Desk lady: What we can measure is, in short the relative merits of each...

That is...the manner in which they are 'used'!


Desk lady: So to summarize, we're looking for 'how one uses their majinagram, and what ways it can be used'!

With that equality...

All majin have the chance to become 'strong'.

(Handwritten- Ooh.)

Desk lady: We rank that strength here...

Which is what the 'majinagram certification' exam is for!

Chiwa: Ranks...?

(Sfx- Zuhh Sfft)

(Handwritten- Hm?)

???: Okay!


???: Next up is Oruga-kun!

(Sfx- Zahhh sfft)

Oruga: All right!

Chiwa: That little boy from earlier?

???: Using your majinagram...

Get that 100 kg steel bell from point A to point B!

(Handwritten- Piece of cake!)

Desk lady: This is the 'level 10' examination.

In short...

An examination for those who rank under level ten!

Oruga: Majinagram...


(TN- Both the kanji and the reading are 'to stretch'.)

(Sfx- Bouuhh fwooof)

(Sfx- Nyuuh vooom)


(Sfx- Gyuuuuun fwooooom)

Chiwa: Wah!

(Handwritten- It stretched!)

Oruga: Hah!

(Sfx- Don bump)

(Sfx- Goohh thuuud)

Oruga: aaaaaaand~


(Sfx- Shurururru vummmm)
Oruga: All right!

(Sfx- Guraah wifft)

(Sfx- Goroooh rooooll)

Oruga: waaaah!!


(Sfx- Goooonn thooom)

???: Oruga-kun, unfortunately you have failed.

Oruga: Damn!!

Desk lady: He let it stretch a little too far.

(Handwritten- Had the right idea though.)

Desk lady: That boy is a 'level 7' right now.

Perhaps it was a little hasty for him to take the 'level 10' examination.

It's always important to consider your own ability when taking these exams.

Well then, Chiwaru-sama, what level would you like to take?

{Noooo way! I totally don't even know where to start with this!}

{For one thing, I don't even have a 'majinagram'!!}

{Obviously I have to start at 'level 1' and take it from there!}


Desk lady: How does 'level 30' sound?

Chiwa: It sounds horrible!!

Wait a minute Luiido!!

(Handwritten- What's going on here?!)

Luiido: You'll be fine.

(Handwritten- Let me go.)

Luiido: You're trying to get to the surface right?
In order for that to happen the 'king' has to acknowledge it.

And if that's what you want, the lowest level you can go for is 'level 30'.


Kyousuke: 'Light intensity'?

What the heck is that?

Luchiru: It's a measurement of a majin's strength.

Pishkarif is a place...

That only majin of level 15 and higher hang out!

Kyousuke: Is that...a bad thing? That 'level 15' thing...

Arulu: Those who are 'level 15' and above are called 'rares', and they're usually pretty strong.

Those who are five and below on the other hand are known as 'rocks'.

That's how life down here is divided up.

By the way I'm 'level 22'.

Luchiru is '4'.


Kyousuke: Dude, Luchiru...you're so weak...

Luchiru: If Chiwa is currently at pishkarif....

then it's highly likely we'll have to fight those 'rares'....


Luchiru: Well..

The rares aren't even the worst part....there's something worse.

Kyousuke: Huh?

Luchiru: Well...they're...

there are those above the 'rares'...

over 'level 30'....

Luchiru: Are those who managed to grasp the title of 'Super rare'.

(Sfx- Gogogogogogogo rmmmmmmmble)

???: OMG!!

She's a total cutie pie!!

(Sfx- Gashiii grab)

Chiwa: Huh?


???: This has gotta be fate!!

Hey hun, when this is over, how about we grab us some tea?

(Handwritten- Hows about it?)

Chiwa: Um..


(Sfx- Zuiii Sffft)

(TN- And a thousand shippers set sail...)

Luiido: I don't 'do' tea.

How about we chat over a can of booze?

???: Oh? So she's got her very own bodyguard.

Well please find it in your heart to forgive me.

Eyes: Hey! Get a load o' this!

The chick's 'level 0'!!

Chiwa: Wah!

(Sfx- Pikuuhh throob)

(Sfx- Garururururru grrrr)

Eyes: Yer at 'level 0' but ya think ya got what ittakes to do a level '30' test?!

That's unheard of girlie!!

Chiwa: Too close! Too close!!

(Handwritten- waaah!)

Dude: Ookay, pipe down over there.

I believe that everyone is here for today.

I'll be the proctor for the 'level 30' exam. Caruberas at your service!~

{Proctor//Caruberas//level 26}

Caruberas: Now, shall we get started?

(Sfx- gasa gasa rustle rustle)

(Box- Funtimez box.)

Caruberas: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand.....


Caruberas: Tadah!

Here it is!

(On tag- Shubabababa)

Caruberas: The Shubabababa game!!

Girl: Uwah...The Shubabababa game right from the start...

Luiido: So a high level one first?

(Handwritten- Jeez.)

Chiwa: Eh?


{What's the Shubabababa game?!?)

{Just what kind of examination are we doing?!}

Eyes: It's game over for you luv!
(Handwritten- Haaaah)

Chiwa: You smell like liquor!!

(Side text- Shubabababa....what is it exactly? Next time the reckless challenge begins in earnest!)


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