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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Boku to Majo no Jikan 12

Friend [If I could stay together].

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 21, 2012 03:24 | Go to Boku to Majo no Jikan

-> RTS Page for Boku to Majo no Jikan 12

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Aaaaand requests are open again~ Read here for details.


(Middling text- The newest volume of the Jump Comics #3 will be out in stores on May 2nd!!)

(Side text- Hanging out in Korean town and eating tteokbokki from a hot pot is awesome! But we're missing the most important thing....girls dude, girls!!)

12th Hour: Friend
[If I could stay together].



(Side text- You youngsters! Sweep! Brush!!)

(Handwritten- Oh shit! Roaches!)

(Sfx- Gyaah!!)

(Handwritten- Noriyaaaah!!)

(Handwritten- Uriyaaah!!)


???: Huh? Over here too?

???: Yup, the entire school has to be sparkling clean.

Have fun cleaning this side of the school yard!!

No slacking off boys!

Enji: Ahh...It's too damn hot...

What's with the sudden urge to clean? And outside today of all days...


Susutake: Nothing we can do about it dude. We drew lots, and lost.

More like, come over and help a brotha out here.

Enji: Shut up! I was an idiot for going along with you in the first place!!

You clean the trash on your own, dammit!!

Susutake: Dude, don't throw the trash!! What if it spills?!
….Tsudzuri....clean it up.

Enji: See, it's because this is a private establishment and no one wants to hire help.

Imma go complain to the university president real quick Susutake. You coming?

Susutake: No thanks. I don't hate cleaning or anything like that.


Enji: Come to think of it, does anyone even use the buildings on the old school site anymore? Why do we have to clean it up?

Susutake: Well, I heard they used to keep stuff in there or something.

Enji: Eh? Seriously?

Oh dude, Naitou-kun was telling me about something that sometimes comes out of this building..

Susutake: What? What the hell are you talking about? In fact, do me a favor and DON'T talk about it.

Enji: Apparently this spot is famous for those who are doing tests of courage.

Susutake: Eeeeeeh?

You know, that sorta scares me...


Enji: Where the hell IS Naitou-kun anyway?

Is he slacking off somewhere?

Susutake: Oh yeah. He found some porno hidden in the trash we were taking out and ran off somewhere. I'm pretty sure we'll never see him again.

Enji: I see. He probably went to hide what was hidden.....why didn't we stop him again?

Susutake: Beats me. Anyway I'm thirsty so lets take five.

Enji: Yeah.

(Handwritten- Take some of this!)

(Sfx- Kyahh!)

(Handwritten- It's cooold!)

Susutake: Look at them...celebrating their youth...
They're not even cleaning anything! Let's totally squeal on them to the teacher.

Enji: Jealousy's not a good look for you. Especially since we're just chilling too.


Susutake: And? We're surrounded by filthy trash here! It's not fair!

Enji: Well...we could like put the trash in the can over there then?

Susutake: No waaaay! I don't want to end a youth event like this after a single page!!

You shoulda brought Mizuta-chan to hang out too...I want a rose colored youth...

(Handwritten- You haven't been coming around much either lately...)

Enji: I can't help that Yae and Momo hate you guys.

Susutake: Heh, that fauxpas only occurred because I was a slight agitated. The tension got to me slightly.

Enji: Slightly?

Mari: These are my friends, Y--


Naitou: AA cup!! I cup!!

Momo: What on earth are you two saying?!

Susutake: It gets hard to talk to the ladies when they give you 'that' look...know what I mean?

{That look.}

Enji: While you were talking about...whatever, Naitou-kun came back!

Hm? Did he get hurt or something?


Naitou: Eheh...

I was dared to go hide the porn in the girls changing room, and they ended up seeing me...I think you can guess what happened.

Susutake(?): Dared?

Naitou: But I managed to hide the books somehow...


Susutake: He died....

Enji: He's dead all right. But did what he loved kill him? Or did he die doing what he loved?

Anyway, since you were slacking off you get to clean this trash.

Susutake: Quit it. It's a pain to clean that up dammit.

Enji: No need to worry, It's just the trash left over from our resources. It'll be a snap to clean.


(Handwritten- You gotta be kidding.)

Enji: Who threw a can of booze in here?


(Sfx- Kon clink)

???: Hmm?

What the...is this a cocktail?

{Takeda Genshoku//Rokushou academy's university president. His future dream is to become the king of principals.}

(TN- I know this guy named Luffy who's interested in something similar....)

Enji: P-president?

Takeda: You brats sure got balls trying to drink this at school...


The hell! There's nothing in this!!

Susutake: Eh?! Hey! At least throw that in the trash can!

Takeda: Playing hooky huh?

(Handwritten- Not that you can go anywhere.)

Takeda: Eh, it's fine by me. I'm ducking the vice principal myself.


Takeda: Let me warn you two. Drinking booze on school grounds is forbidden.

Susutake: I would think being on school grounds or not drinking is sorta a problem right?

Enji: Oh!

Why not complain to him about having to clean up?


Takeda: What? You sayin' you don't wanna clean?

But cleanin' is part of your Education too you know?

Though to be frank with ya, we're just cuttin corners since the budget isn't where we'd like it to be.

Susutake: He just said it straight out!!

Takeda: Is what the vice principal said to me.

Susutake: And he's handing off the blame too!

Though you know...

If you don't wanna clean, you guys can do something for me instead.

Susutake(?): Huh?


Enji(?): Whoa, we can seriously go into the old school building?

Takeda: Sure.

This is a room for the academy presidents. Though I mighta accidentally left something important in there, so do you guys think you could go get it?

The place is in bad shape, and the floors are pretty rickety, which is a pretty scary prospect for an old codger like myself.

Enji: Oh, I get it.

Getting out of cleaning is a godsend, but what exactly is in there that's so important?

Takeda: You'll know once you go in.

Enji: Huh?

Enji: We'll know once we go in?

Takeda: Don't worry about a thing.

A Kris like you should...

More than enough luck...

Enji: Huh?!

Takeda: Heheeheh...

???: Don't you think it's about time you told me the truth, academy president?

Takeda: Oh, Maya-chan? I just sent them in after something pretty nice.

Maya: You had me fool those children to come out here, but what for?

You say it's to give them a chance to create everlasting memories of youth..but that sounds fishy.

Takeda: Heheheh...


Takeda: I'm not yankin' yer chain. I'm going to teach them something that Hakuu can't.

Maya: Could it be that you know about those children president...?

Takeda: That's a good guess....as expected Maya-chan.

Hakuu, you should know better than getting those guys involved in this...you've gone past the point of just annoying me.

While I feel bad for that kid Tsudzuri and his buddies, lessons have to be taught.

Heh, this is between me and her in any case.

(Handwritten- Heheheh...)

Maya: I wonder if it's okay to force them into this....

Takeda: For now let's have a toast to those kids!!

May: I don't drink.

Takeda: Eh?


???: Humans have entered Uouh!

Uouh: Those must be the guys the president mentioned, Saouh.

Saouh: So should we scare them like the script says?

Uouh: Yeah, but don't forget. This is a test and we're the proctors.

We're supposed to see how they'd normally respond to a situation like this.

Saouh: Ehehehehe....this'll be fun, Uouh.


Naitou: You said that the old school building is a hot spot for tests of courage?

Susutake: I didn't say it, but Tsudzuri did earlier....

Naitou: But nearly 100 percent of the attempts to concur this place end in failure.

Enji: Nearly 100 percent? Geez, it's that bad?

Susutake: S—stop lying guys...

Naitou: Oh, these are the 7 mysteries of this place by thew ay.

{1: Things within the classroom shake//2: The Windows shake// 3: The Door shakes.//4: All sorts of stuff shakes.//5: The anatomical model moves a little.// 6: The picture of Beethoven moves a little//7: The frog samples croak.}

Susutake: Why the hell are the last three so different than the rest of them?! More like the others are all sorta normal by comparison!!


Enji: Hey Naitou-kun, you afraid of spirits?

Naitou: Not a bit! It's nothing I can't handle!

See I've seen those programs on TV where they discover that a 'Warrior from the Sengoku jidai' is dwelling within a person.

(Handwritten- It appears a ghost of a northern tribesman lives with you.)

(Handwritten- Really?)

Tribesman: Upah.
(Handwritten- Aren't they mainly from the Heian period?)

Susutake: Wouldn't that mean that you're just okay against cavemen ghosts?

Naitou: Besides talking to ghosts is pure nonsense! If we could do that then people who research archeology would be out of a job!

Enji: That's for sure.

If you pick apart everything you have a problem with, then it gets hard to find anything to believe in.


Naitou: Now a female ghost wouldn't be bad to talk to.

And you couldn't like violate her since ghosts can't be touched anyway...

Enji: And I thought they were the scary ones...

(Sfx- Gata gata Shake shake)

Susutake: Uoooh..


It's shaking! It's totally shaking guys!

Enji: Shut up man. This place is so old that I'm surprised it hasn't shaken to the ground. With us tromping around here it makes sense things would shake a bit.

Susutake: I...guess so.

Saouh: Huh? Only one of them was scared, Uouh.

Uouh: I guess they have a little bit of common sense after all?

Well they're still basically by the entrance, so we'll just amp the level up ever so slightly, Saouh.


Enji: Is the classroom over here?

Naitou: Yeah.

{Level 3.}

Susutake: Seee?! It's shaking again dammit!!

Enji: Oh man, I've been craving raven lately...
Naitou: Yeah...

{Level 5}

Susutake: Ugyaaaaah!!!

(Sfx- Pariiin sffft)

Enji: Oh and our store is...

Naitou: You mean that dirty one right?

{Level 8.}

Susutake: NOWAAAHHH!!

{Level 10}

Susutake: GYAHHHHH!!!

Naitou: Is this building all right?

Enji: Things sure are clattering around a lot.

Susutake: This is definitely the work of a ghost dammit!!


Saouh: R—really?!

Uouh: They're at level ten and we haven't scared them at all!!

(Handwritten- They're sorta stronger than they look!)

Uouh: Then we've only got one more shot at this! Flip through the script and...there!! This is it Saouh!

Saouh: Yeah! I gotcha Uouh!!

Enji: Eh?

Doll: Orrahhhh

(Sfx- Zururuuh slisssh)


Susutake: Uoooooooooh!!!

Enji: What the hell is that? What the hell is it?! What the heeeeeelll!!
Susutake: I told you that ghosts were here! But noooo! No one listens to Susutake!!

Enji: This ain't happening! It ain't I tells ya!!


Enji: It ain't happeninggggg!!

Doll: Orrrahhhh






Naitou: Now that I take a closer look...isn't someone in there?

Enji: Quick Susutake! Open the door to the entryway!!

Susutake: I've been trying but it's not opening....


Someone locked us in from the outside!!

Enji: Whaat?!


Susutake: Hey Prez! What the hell's going on here?!

Stop waving at us!!

Enji: Move outta the way Susutake.


What the...even my kick didn't break it...?!

Susutake: Damn...

That friggin' geezer!! He's messing with us!

(Note- You can't leave until you find my important thing.)

Enji: Wait...



Susutake: You kicked the mess out of him man!!


Saouh: Kyah!

Enji: Huh?

Uouh: Owie...

Saouh: Uuugh...

Uh oh!!

We've gotta hide!!

Enji: What was...

Susutake: Hey Tsudzuri, what should we do? I thought I saw runts just now....


Saouh: What should we do?! I think they saw us Uouh!

Uouh: D—Don't be scared...I don't think they saw anything.

Saouh: Besides that, the kid in the jersey wasn't scare of us at all, Uouh!

{Uouh/Saouh: Little demons.}

Uouh: Is he just calm under pressure? Or a moron?

(Handwritten- Owow...)

(Handwritten- Hmm..)

Saouh: We sped through the script, but it appears that the next one is the last....what do we do Uouh?

Uouh: Then we'll have to take things seriously now huh...

(Sign- Academy Principal's room.)

Enji: Well let's look for the prez's important item or whatever....

(Handwritten- I mean, seriously?)

Enji: Or else we can't leave this dump.

Susutake: Tsudzuri what should I do? This wet sensation in my pants is really creeping me out...

Enji: I know we came in like he said and whatever, but where do we even begin looking for this thing?

Susutake: Hey Tsudzuri, can we go to the bathroom together...

Enji: I guess it'd be something expensive....?

Naitou: I found something.

Enji: What is that? Some sorta box?

Naitou: Yeah...without a doubt it has to be this thing he's looking for.

Enji: What are you talking about? How can you be so certain?


Naitou: Cause he wrote it on the box.

(Handwritten- Important.)

Enji: That geezer...

Naitou: But looking inside of it yields a big fat zero.

Enji: Maybe it's something only the old guy understand.

Susutake: Well if we've found what we came for can we get the hell out of here?

(Handwritten- I'm wet...)

Susutake: Preferabily before something weird happens again...

Enji: Yeah, good point.

Well lets get outside and have ourselves an old fashioned geezer ass whupping.


Enji: Gah!!

Naitou: Tsudzuri-kun?!

Enji: Gahah!!

Susutake: Wha?! What's going on!!

Enji: Ow...!!

Susutake: Oh man...he's bleeding!!

???: Ah...


I think I went a little overboard...?!


Cat: I just wanted to shake him up a little bit...


Naitou: A monster cat....?

(Sfx- Jyooooohhh driiiiblle)

Susutake: Ah...


Uouh: You wanna tell them our life story while you're at it?! Just stick to the script!!

Moreover as a monster cat we're supposed to end our sentences with 'meow'!!

Saouh: I—I get it meow! I'll stick to the script, meow!

Cat: Meoow!

I'm a monster cat!! meooow!



They're gone, meow.

Susutake: Uooooaaah!!
I don't get this!! I don't get it at all!!

Enji: T—that has to have been...

Susutake: Who cares! Lets just get the hell out of here!!


Susutake: Tsudzuri!! Is your wound bothering you?!

Enji: N—no! I'm good!

(Handwritten- Thanks!)

{Dammit. I never meant to get hurt in front of them...}

{If they see my wounds heal, they'll know all about my secret side...}

Cat: Meow...

where'd they go?

Naitou: The coast seems to be clear...

Susutake: What the hell is this?! Some sorta dream?!

Naitou: It does seem to be a bit much for a prank...

Huh? Tsudzuri-kun, your bleeding has stopped?

(Handwritten- Let me have a look.)

Enji: Huh?! Oh, no I'm good bro.

Naitou: Stop moving around and let me see. C'mon, please?

Enji: Could you stop looking so happy when you ask that?! It's creepy!!


Enji: Ah!

Naitou: Hmm?

It's healed...?

(Handwritten- Hmm?)

Enji: Um...

Susutake: Huh? Really? But why?

I mean it was dripping out before right?

Enji: So it healed huh? I guess I must be one lucky guy today huh?

(Handwritten- ahahah..)

Susutake: This is past the point of 'Oh cool! I'm miraculously healed somehow'!!


That witch.....

Hakuu-san...she did something to you didn't she?


Cat: Ah..

I found you meooow!

Susutake: Uwaaaaaaaah!! It's heeeeeere!!

(Sfx- Gyaaaahhh!!)

Susutake: It's gonna eat us!~

Naitou: No way...this isn't happening!!

Enji: Che...

No helping it then.

Hey monster cat!

If you don't knock it off, I'm gonna make you regret it!!

Cat: W—wait! Meow!

There's no need to be violent, meow!

Enji: Huh?


Cat: This is..
Medicine for your injuries...

Uouh: Huh, so you have regenerative powers? You're quite the kris....

We've completely lost to you then.

With the help of mimesis, our job is to scare students who come in here back outside. I'm Uouh...

Saouh: And I'm Saouh.

Enji: Job?

Uouh: The Acadamy president asked us to. He lets us live her on the condition that we create memories for the students at the school.

Enji: That old geezer...I knew he was up to something.


Naitou: They're so small! And they even talk Susutake-kun!

Susutake: Should we catch 'em and take 'em home as decorations?

Uouh: We were only supposed to scope out your dispotion for your two supporters...

Saouh: Though maybe we did go a little overboard...

Enji: Supporters?

Takeda: Heheheh...

Maybe I should explain.


Takeda: Heheeheh...

Did you have fun guys?

Enji: Prez!!

Damned geezer!!

Takeda: Heheh...

You might be pretty strong, but I'm the academy president. Are you sure it's okay to grab me so casually?

{They hit him.}
Takeda: Are you idiots serious?! Didn't anyone ever teach you to respect your elders?!

Enji: Why did you send all of us int this building in the first place?

You couldn't seriously have wanted us to get this box right?


Takeda: Heheheh...

Before I explain that, don't you have some explaining to do Tsudzuri?

Enji: What? What are you talking about...? You don't mean to tell them..

Takeda: Heheheh.....well you could say that...

Susutake: Kris?

Naitou: An underground society?

Tsudzuri-kun, you've become involved in that...?

Takeda: Heheheh...

It would have turned out this way eventually....not much you could have done to stop it.

So it's just better to face it and explain things to them.

Enji: Academy president...

There are strict punishments for talking about the underground society....

Takeda: Heheheh...and there's where the real issue lies.


Takeda: The underground society has those who support it from the outside...

these people are given the role of 'supporters'.

There are those who acknowledge the existence of kris and give them a hand.

There are lots of police, doctors, scholars...and even teachers like me among their ranks.

And now Susutake, Naitou, you too will join them...as 'supporters'!!

Enji: Wha?

Susutake: I don't really understand but...

Naitou: Sure, why not?

Takeda: Then it's decided!!

Enji: This isn't something you take on lightly guys!

More like, you two accepted that really quickly!

Shouldn't you ask more...questions or something? I dunno.

Susutake: I mean...dude we both sorta suspected something like this when your hair changed colors. Shouldn't you have expected us to be more shocked...?

(Handwritten- It's like the pot's calling the kettle black.)

Naitou: Seriously.

Takeda: Heheheh...

You guys are coming along just as I had hoped....

Today was my way of testing how you'd react...

In an emergency situation. I wanted to see if your spirits were up to this...or would they fall to pieces?


Takeda: After seeing them in action today, what do you think Uouh? Saouh?

Uouh: Hmm..

The shaggy one was pretty much scared of everything, but..

Saouh: They all rose to action when the time came for it.

And they were able to take us on without a problem...so maybe they'll do fine?

Takeda: Heheheh... Well, that's good enough for me.

Moreso then their powers, having good support is important for kris's well being.

Kris have to deal with the weird on a daily basis so it gets hard to find and keep friends.

You just make sure you don't do anything to slander or defame the kris...

Whether it be Tsudzuri or any of his friends....they're all just like you...kids.


Takeda: Here at Rokushou academy there are a lot of kris...

I believe as 'supporters' that you'll get to know them and befriend them...

Well, of course...

As 'supporters' you can't go blabbing your mouth about kris to the outside world...not unless you enjoy being in a world of pain.

Susutake: I mean...is there really a point to tell anyone else about this?

Naitou: I'm not concerned with anyone that isn't right in front or me anyway. Whether they be hurt or not.

Takeda: Is that how kids are nowadays?

(Handwritten- Cold as ice, geez.)

Enji: Hold on you guys!!

Why are you leisurely accepting this?! The underground society is a dangerous pla...

Takeda: You and Hakuu are exactly the same..

Scary as all hell!


Takeda: You may not be afraid of anything...

But its really when you guys work together that things get done.

Youth runs on through when you're living your life...

And without the fragments known as friendship, youth is impossible.

When things are dangerous you'll be able to protect them...

And when you get hurt they'll be able to save you as well. Nothing wrong with that right?

Enji: And you guys are still okay with that?

Susutake: To be honest I don't get this at all.

And I have a feeling the only way i'll get any answers is if we do this together.

Naitou: I'm interested in learning as much as I can! No matter what worlds we have to go to!! (Sexual meaning.)

Susutake: Well...

If things ever go sour, then like today I'll be the first one to get the hell out of there...no worries.

Enji: Susutake...

Though I guess it's good no one found out about your little accident...you can save some face!

Susutake: I—I forgot!!

Naitou: You're the worst, Susutake-kun.

Takeda: Hehehe...

(Side text- Things'll workout some how! Youth is a special time after all!!)


And that's it. I have no more raws, which means no more translations of the series. Before anyone asks, I will consider picking this back up when I have raws again and If and only IF other translations I am doing allow me time. I'm not killing myself over translations for series that get scantlated fairly slowly.

Boku to majo no jikan....well I picked up on a whim after reading the scantlations, and I can say I rather enjoyed the experience. Arakawa has a snarky sense of humor, something that an asshole like myself can appreciate. Unfortunately while I can admit that it is sorta noble that he doesn't want the series to become a battle manga, that's only really admirable when the series isn't trying it's hardest to become just that. It's like those moms who dress their little boys as girls to satisfy their desire of having a kid to dress up. It just warps everyone involved, and we get a messy ending, be it the kid becoming some sort of Dahmer or Cunanan type person, or a manga being prematurely ended because the mangaka wanted to force it into a dress when it wants to wear pants. I dunno. I haven't seen chapters past this one, so I have no idea if Arakawa managed to pull himself out of a nosedive, but if the Jump SQ TOC's are anything to go by, the series may already be in sudden death mode. I have heard it's selling decently at least, but Jump doesn't let sales dictate a series's future for long.

Now to an issue that somewhat relates to this...I'm a little annoyed at the fact that people don't seem to have a sense of exploration when it comes to scantlating. It's like 'If there are free raws online, then I'll do it. Ahyuk'. I buy raw manga based on looks alone, and subscribe to two Shounen mags. I think I do more than enough to try and find fresh blood that I am at least a little entitled to speak of my distaste of this practice. I've seen many scantlation sites ask for money, but still bitch about not having raws to continue their work. If a guy like me who's using his own disposable income to buy raws can do it, and still translate the stuff for free I'd imagine a site that rakes in at least a few donations a week can stop on Kino, Amazon, or BK1 to buy a few tanks of series that Japanese pirates don't have the time to scan. I have to work two jobs for the sake of survival, so even if I did have a scanner I would have no time to scan manga in, nor do I have a desire to rip apart my books bought with my money. I've recieved countless inquires about scantlating certain series that I have translated, but as soon as I can't/won't provide raws, then suddenly those requests disappear. I realize that with the worldwide economy teetering over the gulf of destruction, not everyone has money to pick up a few tanks, but c'mon. I've said it for a while that I have no more Bokumajo raws, and not a single person has come up and said 'Here BDR, we'd really like you to continue translating, so we'll get the raws for you'. I may be adventurous in what I buy, but Bokumajo is at best a distraction for me. I'm not buying something that I only have a passing enjoyment with. So if this series dies in infamy, it's not my fault, cause even the raws I had I paid for.

In any case, Bokumajo is dropped unless I get raws for it. There are lots of manga out there that are being ignored in favor of those that get regular raws uploaded by 'maaaaagic', and while I'm not saying these series are bad for it, it would be nice to have someone who doesn't mind spending a little bit of cash to continue a series that has potential.

So long Benihi, so long Kris. This is BDR, bidding you and your fans goodnight. Godspeed.

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