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Anagle Mole 31


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 19, 2012 00:22 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 31

As I said in the chapter, I love this title to pieces. With the news that Fukuchi is at least alive and does intend on continuing the series, I thought I should get this out as soon as possible. Also the series reservation is switching hands as of this chapter.

k.i.s.s scans only.

No one else can use these without my expressed permission.

Also; as I said I will only be translating one of the last 3 Anagle chapters a month in a (vain?) hope that Fukuchi will return from hiatus before I get done. This is September's chapter, another (32) will happen in October.

Now on to the Anagle. Enjoy.

Aaaaand requests are open again~ Read here for details.

(Side text- The fake majin Chiwa engages in an extremely reckless challenge!!)

Chiwa: What on earth is...

The 'Shubabababa game'?!

(Circle thingy- Shubabababa game)


31st space: DON'T FEEL, THINK!!

(TN- Love that title Fukuchi.)

Caruberas: Now I'll explain how the game works!

Pay close attention everyone~~

(Sfx- Doki doki doki toki throb throb throb)

(Sfx- Gokuuuh gulp)


(Bottom text- Volume 1-2 of the manga is on sale now!)


Caruberas: Balls with numbers written on them will pass this little gap.

I'd like you to use your majinagram to tell us what these numbers are, kay~?

Chiwa: What? It's just a game show event?! It totally looks like a game show event!!

(Side text- At long last the Majinagram certification exam begins!!)

Chiwa: I...

I think I may be able to do this...

(Sfx- Hoh Sigh)

Caruberas: Now how about we run the game once so you'll get a feel for what you're expected to do?

All right~

Pass 'em through~!

(Sfx- Shubahh shubaba shubaba fwissh fwissh fwisssh)

Chiwa: I can barely see one of them!!

(Sfx- Doooon duuun)

Caruberas: Now please tell me what all five balls have written on them.

It should be a snap! You guys are level 30 after all.

Chiwa: No way....

(Handwritten- It was just an instant...)

Dude: Heheeheh....

It ain't just one girlie!!

(Sfx- Kuwaaah roaaaar)

Chiwa: Please stop doing that!!

(Handwritten- You scare me, and you smell like liquor!!)

Dude: Somethin's gotta be wonked out in that head 'o yers luv!

For a 'Level 0' small fry to think she can do a 'Level 30' test, that has to be tha only explanation! Why not bow out before ya get hurt?!


Chiwa: Uuugh...he's right...!!


The Majinagram Certification exam is only worthwhile if I can clear it at 'Level 30'!!

{It's the only way the 'king' will notice me...!!}

{And I'll be able to return to the surface!!}

(Sfx- Gyuuhh grnd)

{Wait for me everyone!!}

(Handwritten- Chiwa!!//Ooraaaah!!//Hurry up and come home!!)

(Makoto's shirt- Bar)

Chiwa: I'll do it.

Dude: Huh?

Chiwa: I said I'll do it!! I'll do the Shubababababaaan!!

(Sfx- Kuwaaah roaaar)

Dude: Crikey!?

Caruberas: Now...lets see who's first...


Caruberas: Neru-kun.

(Handwritten- How about you?)

{Neru//Level 28.}

Neru: Fuwah?


Luiido: He was sleeping.

Dude: Fast asleep.

(Sfx- Fura fura wibbel wibble)

(Handwritten- The numbers can be between 0 to 100!)

(Handwritten- Kaaay...)

(Sfx- Jiii staaaare)

{I'll see how this majin manages to get the numbers....}

{How can he possibly be able to see them at that high speed?}

(Sfx- Doki doki doki doki doki doki throb throb throb throb)

Caruberas: All right, go for it!

(Sfx- Peta tap)


Neru: Fuaafuaaa!!
(Sfx- Popopopooon fwofff)

(Sfx- Perooon bloop)


(Sfx- Gabiiiiiin)

Chiwa: He's totally messed up!!

Neru: 8-29-11-30-52.

Caruberas: Correct!~

Chiwa: The whole world can see the numbers now!

(Handwritten- It's clear as day!)

Luiido: Huh?


Dude: Gyahahahahaahah!

Yer twistin' me sides luv!

Girl: U—um..

That's just fine!

(Handwritten- Eh?)

Metaru: The Majinagram certification exam is a test that 'examines how you use your majinagram'....


{Metaru//Level 27.}

Metaru: Using your majinagram in various ways isn't just okay, it's required!!

Chiwa: I—Is that so?

(TN- I realize it should probably be 'Metal' but...that's not cute. T_T. Besides, I've decided to go with 'Ru' with Majin names until Fukuchi inevitably embarrasses me by romanizing them otherwise.)

Caruberas: Next up, Metaru-san~

Metaru: O—okay!

Metaru: Th—then here I go~

You can use my entry as reference if you'd like...!

(Sfx- Peta peta tmptmp)

Chiwa: T—Thank you!

{There are good Majin too, huh!}

{All right, I'll just watch that girl and do what she does!}

Metaru: H—here I go!


Metaru: Metal!!!

(Sfx- Bogoooh thooom)

Chiwa: What am I supposed to reference?!

(TN- Majinagram powers do not submit to the aforementioned 'ru' rule....rurrruuule.)

Metaru: 9 and...77...and..


(Sfx- Hyuun hyuun wfft wfft)

(Handwritten- Aahhh...)

(Sfx- Gabiiin)

Chiwa: She's the same as the one who went first....

Caruberas: Next up, Shirukudo Q-kun.

(Sfx- Nuuhh sliiime)


Shirukudo: “Peran”...

(Sfx- Posohh poff)

(Sfx- Poaaaaah fwoooof)

(Sfx- kyukukykukyuuuh sssssssh)
(Sfx- Shyuuruuun sffft)

Shirukudo: Um..

{Shirukudo Q// Level 29.}

Chiwa: That's creepy!!

(Sfx- Pera pera wfft wfft)

(Handwritten- Wah!)

Shirukudo: 25



(Sfx- Shuba shubahh wfft wfft)

Chiwa: I can't possibly compete with these people...!!

They're all freaks and geeks!!


Arubel: Aww sweetie, want me to help you out?

(Sfx- Pon pat)

{Arubel//Level 27}

Chiwa: You will? Really?

Arubel: Yup!

If you go out with me~

(Handwritten- Pay cloooose attention to me.)

Chiwa: This guy is no good either!!

(Handwritten- Look at his fingers!!)

(Sfx- Yuki yuki yuki grope grop grope)

(Sfx- Guwashi grind)

Arubel: Oh, I need the bodyguard's permission first?

(Handwritten- We were just gonna hang out.)
Arubel: I guess I slipped up, huh?

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmble)

Luiido: Might wanna get off your high horse while you can.

Next time you 'slip up', my hand will slip down to your neck in a death grip, you dig?


Luiido: Besides..

Chiwa doesn't need help from the likes of you.

She's better than you...


She's stronger than any one of you gathered here.

Chiwa: Wai..

What are you saying Luiido?!

Arubel: Oooh.

So you're the type of kitten who hides her claws?

Chiwa: Nononononoooo!!

(Handwritten- I'm your everyday weakling! Trust me!!)


Caruberas: Next up is Arubel-kun!

Arubel: Let me get this done real fast, 'kay?

(Sfx- Suuuh shfft)

(Sfx- Shun shubaaah fwwfff fwish)

(Sfx- Kiiiii reeeee)

Arubel: 9, 18, 40, 83, 25!

(Sfx- Bishiiih poooint)

Arubel: How about another game?
(Handwritten- Between us that is.)

(Handwritten- Wha? What did you just do?!)

(Handwritten- Correct!)

Caruberas: Next, Luiido-kun!

Chiwa: Ah!



Luiido: Chiwa.


Luiido: Think hard.

'What is it that I can do right now' or something like that.

You'll do fine. You are the woman who defeated me, right?

(TN- The shipping goggles are on too tight....!!)

(Sfx- Zuun zuun tmp tmp)

{This is impossible, Luiido.}

Luiido: Paras!!

{Because I'm just a human...}


(Panel: Chiwa: Then I welcome you to MY bargain sale.

On display today is a majinagram that brings forth life!!!)

(Panel 2: Chiwa: Majinagram..!!!


{Back then I was just lying to you...I made up a majinagram for the purpose of fooling everyone...}

{That's right...}

{That's just a....}
(Panel: Uurrr// Woof woof woof!//Woof woof!)

(Panel: Grrrrrrr!!)

(Sfx- Piih beep)

(Panel: Hokekyuu *cocadoodledoo)

(Sfx- Piihh beep)

Chiwa: Ah...

(Iphone: Dog//Duck//Cat//)

Dude: Gyahahahaahaha!!

Stronger than us?!

At 'Level 0'?!

Ain't no way!!!

Caruberas: Next up is Ikareru-kun...

Ikareru: Listen up, we're elites that are between level 27-29!! And soon we're gonna be Level 30!!

Were gonna be 'Super rare' Majin!!


Ikareru: “Togaru”!!

{Ikareru//Level 29}

(Sfx- Dogigkyaaah Swwffffit)

(Sfx- Hyuubaaah fwofff)

(Sfx- doggagagagahh Thotkthokthok)

Ikareru: I'd like to see your strength ya little snot!!

Go on! Its yer turn, Level 0!!

(Sfx- Kuru Spin)

(Handwritten- Hahaahahahah!)



Chiwa: Majinagram....


(Sfx- Teiin chime)

(Sfx- shubabahh fwffft)

(Sfx- Tetennn chichiem)

Chiwa: Aaaand...


(Sfx- Suhh Ssfft)


(Sfx- Dodododohhh thoooom)

(Sfx- Doooon)

Chiwa: 6, 29, 41, 74, 100!!

???: Wha...

Ikareru: What in blazes is that Majinagram?!

{I get it now, Luiido!!}

{I've got to keep thinking of what I can do till the very end!!}

(Side text- Her quick thinking brought her victory!!)


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