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Gintama 416

Dudes with huge nostrils also have a lot to express.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 28, 2012 03:00 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 416

I wanted to bitch about the text amount this week, but since Sorachi referenced one of my favorite SNES games, I want to forgive him this week. Not that I will.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Aaaaand requests are open again~ Read here for details.

Shinpachi: Huh?

A poster?

(Sign- Yorozuya Gin-chan.)

(Side text- A sudden proposal!!)

Gintoki: Yeah.

We should make a poster advertising the Yorozuya.


Shinpachi: Why now?

Gintoki: Well, we've been working for so long I figure it's high time we had one. You know?

And it's probably because we don't have one that our work has begun to suffer.

I mean our work is first rate isn't it?

(Handwritten- Is that so?)

Gintoki: If we had more customers we'd be the best show in town. So in that regard we need to bust our asses in getting people in here.


Gintoki: In short, if we had more advertising, we'd be be seeing a stupid amount of customers.

Sorta like Itoi Shigesato's nose is stupidly huge.

Shinpachi: Uh, like no! No one said anything like that. Have you forgotten Mother 1 2 and 3? HE made those!!

(TN- Mother aka Earthbound. We only got the second one in the US though.)

Gintoki: See, even though the insides might be awesome, the fact that anyone who goes in there might come out smeared with shit keeps the customers at bay.

It doesn't matter one bit that he's a famous copywriter or the guy who made Mother. When you look up that old dude's nose it's like a big warning sign. A bar on the entrance way that leads to sales.

Shinpachi: His nose isn't an entryway! Obviously Shigesato has one mean nose hook!!

Gintoki: Listen up everyone! The anime's gonna be back, and we're getting a second movie!!

We have to...no NEED a prop at this point!
Something that screams 'Those Yorozuya guys are fucking awesome!'

If we're gonna try to get into the minds of new customers there's no better time than now!

Which is exactly why you guys are gonna help me make a poster.

So...what inspires dreams and...hopes and stuff?


Kagura: Just saying that will not make a poster happen, nope.

Gintoki: I drafted up a rough sketch...hows this?

It's an advert from some game or something, but I think it works...

{Don't cry until the ending.}


(TN- This was the catch phrase for the Mother games, or well Earthbound. The picture is also from the commercial. Way to pick obscure games Sorachi.)

Gintoki: Here's the catch phrase.

{Don't cry until the ending.}

Gintoki: See that warning there? It's what'll draw the people's attention. It's a single line...straightforward -to the point.

And here's the main visual...

as you can see (sniffle) the advert...image is (sniffle) S—sorry, I just cant do this.

Shinpachi: Don't cry until the ending dammit!!


Kagura: If that's the case we should just straightforwardly draw in a picture of the Yorozuya, yes?

Gintoki: Right. (Sniffle.)

Shinpachi: That's gonna be sorta tough, especially thinking of that catch phrase.

Kagura: We can use Mother's pace in thinking of a catchphrase, yes?

{Has the opening started yet?}



Lesson 416: Dudes with huge nostrils also have a lot to express.

(Side text- This again...)

Shinpachi: Why are you copying the title?! No matter how much you guys want to write this off as original it's still mostly ripping off of Mother!!

Kagura: Ooh I get it. It is like a 'Our battle against an unseen enemy has only begun' type thing? Like a canceled manga, right?



Gintoki: Aww c'mon. You gotta admit that if people see this they'll come running to the Yorozuya.

Shinpachi: Yeah? There's a major problem with the teaser though! It doesn't actually illustrate what it is we do!

Gintoki: Huh. How do we tell people what it is our shop does in just a single sentence? I hadn't even really thought of that..

Kagura: Hmm...what kind of shop are we...?

Gintoki: Well, how about if for example we go with this?

{You can pet her as much as you'd like.}


Aren't you suggesting that we're some kind of sex service place?! More like does the yorozuya have anything like petting?

Gintoki: In these cold and insensitive times, sometimes the heart needs a little bit of petting. Know what I mean?

Shinpachi: We're on the same level as a phone sex line!!

Moreover would you please stop using attacks from Mother?! It's like you're completely entranced by that game!!

Kagura: All men are at the beck and call of their mothers, yes?

Shinpachi: That's not what I mean at all!

Gintoki: Chill out Shinpachi. Mother is a good advertisment because without a mom they can't even be born, and after they're out and about they pursue all kinds of women until they ultimately end up with mom anyway.

Shinpachi: It's just you're slandering the name of mom you know? With the way you're talking, you make it sound like any skank can be a mother.

Gintoki: Okay, then we'll just change the theme of the poster.

The Yorozuya is fine and all, but I guess it would help if we could make an advert that will sell the manga.

Shinpachi: Um...do we really need to push the manga with advertisements now?

Gintoki: Listen, selling this thing isn't gonna work with just looks alone. We gotta come up with something fresh.

Shinpachi: But that's not our job!! That's what Shueisha is supposed to do!

Kagura: How about this then?

{I haven't been able to think of an ending yet.}


That's fresh and lively and whatnot, but it's not an advert at all! It's just the author's abyssal complaining!!

Kagura: This manga has managed to ooze on for more than forty volumes. It's about time we own up to the truth, yes?

Gintoki: Kagura, at one point it seemed that there were plans to end this thing in one go..

But talking about that sorta thing and then being able to actually think about it and draw it out are two different ordeals entirely.


Kagura: Ah, Well then I have decided on a perfect way to end this, yes?


Shinpachi: If you end the author what'll happen to us after that?!

What the hell is this?! I'm not even sure what we're supposed to be advertising anymore!!

Gintoki: Hold on guys. Let's calm down a minute...it's not rocket science or anything. Fine, for now let's just try and decide on something that makes this manga charming or awesome.

{There's nothing special at all.}

Shinpachi: That's really depressing!!


Gintoki: C'mon! I mean we've been running for forty volumes! Of course we've got one thing we can be proud of...

{Glasses aren't special.}

Shinpachi: What do glasses have to do with anything?! Besides the brilliance that sits at the edge of these eyes is incredible!!

{Why won't he shut the hell up?}

{If you don't like it, why not come up with some ideas of your own?}


{We don't need glasses until the end.}



(Sfx- Biriyaaaaah rrrrrrrip)


If we keep this up we're never going to get a poster done!!


Shinpachi: Okay how about we just drop the whole 'ripping off of mother' thing and focus on advertising our place?

Before we can decide on a visual the foundation has to be set right?

So lets go back to the theme of the 'Yorozuya'.

If it's getting the tankoubon to sell, I think the sales department would be better at that than us so lets leave it to them.

Gintoki: True enough. We've got enough of our own shit to worry about....there's no time to lose.

Kagura: Rather than use an illustration we should use a photo, yes?
Gintoki: Yeah a photo works. It'll be easier to remember our faces too.

Though since Sadaharu decided to have our camera for lunch we sorta don't have one.

Shinpachi(?): Huh? Well I didn't know about this whole advertisement thing but I did already take a few photos...how about we use them?

Gintoki: That'll do I guess.

Kagura: Ah! This one will be good, yes?

Gintoki: That's just a photo of you though.

Kagura: To get pretty people you have to use a photo of a cute person, yes?

Shinpachi: Something like this then?

{Do you love the pretty Yorouzuya?}

Gintoki: Huh. I could swear I've seen this before.

Shinpachi: Which do you think is more effective then? Does this work?

{I know let's go to the Yorozuya.}

Gintoki: Nah. Looking at the photo, I don't get the idea that's what she's saying.


Gintoki: Here how about this?

{Do you like the overly attractive Makidai?}


(TN- They're a Japanese band. Sorachi seems to have a thing with them.)

Shnpachi: This has nothing to do with the Yorouzya!! Who are we trying to advertise?!

Gintoki: We were talking about pretty people, so I went with Makidai. Shut your face.

Shinpachi: It's one thing to be pretty, and another to look like a participant in the tenkai ichibudokai!!

Kagura: Then how about this?

Shinpachi: W—wait a sec Kagura-chan...I dunno about using a picture of just me...although I am a little cool looking.

Kagura: The Sakura are beautiful.
Shinpachi: JUST THE SAKURA?!

Kagura: Something like this then.

{The Yorozuya can take care of pesky roaches in one puff.}



Gintoki: Nah, lets go with this.

{Makidai within the pesky mustaches blows them all away.}

Shinpachi: THAT'S ENOUGH WITH Makidai!!

This isn't an advertisement any more, it's just a crappy commercial now!!

We already know he's pretty looking!!

Gintoki: It's Makidai's time to shine you know? Cut him a bit of slack.

Makidai's probably got to use a puff of tonic to keep that mustache looking aweseome.

Shinpachi: What are we talking about again?!

Kagura: Ah! That's....

Shinpachi: What is it Kagura-chan?

Kagura: Behind Gin-chan there's a hand being reflected!! Could it be a ghostly photo apparition?!

Gintoki: Oh no, it's just a photo I took from a different angle.

Shinpachi: Makidai SHOWED UP SO QUICKLY!!

And he's swinging that thing in a short arc!!

Makidai actually showed up here!!


Gintoki: In any case, we're not going to get anywhere if we just pick photos of ourselves individually.

Don't we have any photos of the three of us together?

Kagura: Oh. Here is one.

But it did not come out too good.
I seem to be half asleep with white eyes.

Gin-chan's mouth is open.

Gintoki: Then how about the next one? That one's gotta be usable.

Kagura: Shigesato is too handsome in this one.


How'd we get a handsome Shigesato?! Who is he?! More like how does this exist?!

Moreover, how did the three of you get together to take this bizarre yet strangely beautiful Yorozuya photo?!


Gintoki: Eh, you can't deny that we all look really awesome int hat photo, so lets just use it. It's the only one with the three of us in it.

Shinpachi: The hell it is! What happened to the handsome glasses?!

Kagura: That is right, one cannot be handsome or beautiful alone.

Shinpachi: That's right! You forgot something in that picture!

Gintoki: You mean that one wasn't hot enough!?

Shinpachi: Shutuuup! Enough with that!!

{Urgently searching for a lost hottie!}

Shinpachi: Is this some kind of advertisement for beautiful people?!

{We are looking for this overly handsome man. He was seen around Kabuki cho around September 19th, but since then his whereabouts are unknown. His description is none other than handsome Makidai}

{If you see him please call he following phone number.}


This isn't right either!!

(Sfx- Zubiriraaah slissssh)

Shinpachi: We're not looking for handsome people, but for customers!!

Come on guys, get serious!
Listen, we can't be limited by this.

If there aren't any readily useable photos, then let's just modify one for our use.

It's for our advertisement so we've got to try to think high quality!

So how about we just use these photos?


Shinpachi: These three work, right?

Gintoki: Yeah but they're all separated. How are we gonna use them for a poster?

Shinpachi: Like this.

Gintoki: Oh, I get it that works.

Kagura: I suppose there is that way, yes?

(Text- Yorozuya Gin-chan.)

Shinpachi: The problem now is the catchphrase.

Since there are three photos we've got to find a way to split it up three ways.

How about this?


{Yorozuya Gin-chan}


Gintoki: Dude that's so old fashioned.

Kagura: And lame.

Shinpachi: You're just going to stomp on my efforts?!

Gintoki: Your way of thinking is ancient. You gotta get with the times bro, think like a rapper, not an old dude.

Kagura: And why are you the only one who is hard working? Trying to take all the good part yourself, yes? You mere glasses.

Shinpachi: I was just trying to set an example!! If you don't like it think of some of your own!!

Kagura: You must seek fairness in all things or it is no good, yes?
How about this?


(TN- Japanese singers that were mentioned and have a manga in the Gintama world named after them; Chageth Note.)

Shinpachi: In what way are you using the three spaces?!

You're only happy because you get to be Asuka!!

More like why am I just 'and'?! My being alive is only worth that much to you?!


Gintoki: Calm down spazzes.

Geez. You guys fight over the most meaningless crap.

Well I guess that's why you're kids and I'm an adult. Let me handle this then.

{Love and pain make the heart//grow//strong.}

Shinpachi: AREN'T WE GREEDY?!

Kagura: Even as an adult you're just as bad as us!!

Shinpachi: More like don't you normally have to be forgiven before pain can make your heart stronger?

Gintoki: I'm not done writing yet!! At least let me finish before you start bitching!!

This isn't the time to fight anyway!

Shinpachi: Then we can all think of our own catchphrases!

That way there's no reason to complain about who got what, right?


Gintoki: Then our theme will be this...

Write how enthusiastic you are about working with the Yorozuya.

Shinpachi: Okay, that sounds pretty good.

{I work haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrddddddddd//Everyone here is enthusiastic about their work, but very kind and gentle. Please come by sometime.//Lets do our beeeeeessssssssssssssssssssstttt!!}

It's great that you work hard and whatever, but my face is being completely covered up!!

More like, why did you write so damn much while saying so damn little!? Haven't you ruined the point of this whole advertisement?!

I give up! I don't want to do this with you guys anymore!!

Gintoki: That's my line dumbass! You have no talent at all!!

Shinpachi: You guys should go drink the liquid secreted from Shigatato's nosehairs!! Idiots!!


Gintoki: What was that you asshead?! Do you want me to write a catchphrase with your blood then?!

Kagura: I'd like to see you try!! I'll use your **** to write a poster then!!


(Sfx- Gashaaaa Craaash)

Gintoki(?): Um actually I'm sorry, I got a little too full of myself. I learned my place and it isn't here. Sorry.

Shinpachi: Wait! Stop!! Gin-san! Kagura-chan!!

(Sfx- Aaaaaaaah raaaaaaaaagh!)

(Sfx- Guaaah yaaawn)

(Sfx- Bichaa splish)

(Sfx- Hirahhh flutter)


(Side text- Poster complete?!)


GINTAMA LESSON 416................END.

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