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Hadaka no Taiyou 1

It's embarrassing.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 11, 2012 03:19 | Go to Hadaka no Taiyou

-> RTS Page for Hadaka no Taiyou 1

as requested by neitan666718

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

So this is free for use for anyone. Also;

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Just so I can fill my slice-of-life quota. I actually don't care for the art much, but the story looks like it could be interesting. As long as the text stays light I think I might stick with this. As long as it doesn't become Gintama text heavy.

(Top text- The curtain rises on a high school manga drawing association!)

{Hadaka no Taiyou}

(TN- In English this is 'The naked sun'.}

Delivery man: Home delivery.

(Side text- Mom's not allowed to see it. This box carries a boy's dream!)

Mom: Tai-chan, what's in that box?

???: Oh Um...nothing.

Mom: Oh dear...

Does this have to do with puberty?

(Sfx- Dosaa thud)

(Sfx- Birriih riiiip)

(Sfx- Pakaah fwap)


(Top text- Uneven youth manga club life!!)

Chapter 1: It's embarrassing.

(Side text- Our emotions and pathos...)

(Side text- Head into the world of bringing life to those white pages!)


Teacher: A bit of warning...this next polynomial's degree at it's largest axis..

{Ichinose Taiyou// 2nd year high school student. (16 years old.)}

Teacher: 4x3 splits into 2x which is 2x2....

(Sfx- Sasasasaaahh sssshht)


Teacher: Okay. Does anyone want to volunteer to solve this?
What's the matter? I'm calling on you all....

Kishikawa? You?

Kishikawa: I don't understand this...

Teacher: How about Yamauchi?!

Yamauchi: Um...2x2 is...

Teacher: Are you all okay?!

Fine, Ichinose, how about you give us the answer?

Taiyou: 2x2-3x+1.

(Bottom text- This is a work of fiction. Any relation to actual people or events is coincidental.)


Teacher: Great!

You're amazing....

Taiyou: T—Thanks.

(Sfx- Oooohhh)

Teacher: You all might be getting cushy because you're second years but don't let your guard down for a second!

This second year is your first line to dominate your later examinations! This is no joke!

If you'd like to get into a good college, be more like Ichinose!

Taiyou: Heh...


(Sfx- Kinkon kankon ding dong ding dong)

(Sfx- Wai wai)

???: Ooooh!!

(Sfx- Baaaan)

???: I'd expect no less from Taiyou's notes! They're like a friggin' holy grail!!

Taiyou: It's not even that serious Matsuki....

Girl: Ichinosuke-kun, may I see your notes too?

Taiyou: S—sure.

Girl: No fair! I want to see them too!


{Well it's not as if it really hurts me if everyone thinks I like to study...}

{My parents...the teacher....even the other students don't know....}

{What I want to do as my future occupation...}

{When I was a kid there was one job I really admired....}

{A tough job to break into....}

{And that’s....}

{A secret.}

(Sfx- Gokuhh gulp)

{Though I know all too well what'll happen if I try to take the spotlight..}

{She's a not so shining example....}


(Sfx- Kahhh kahh dsssh dshh)


(Sfx- kaaah kaaah ddshh dshhht)

{Anezaki Runa...}

(Sfx- Kahh kahhh sfffttshht)

{She apparently has the same ambitions as me...or something.}

{So the preparations for the testing in year two is...}

{Like this.}

Runa: Hehehe...
(Sfx- Bikuuhh poit)

Matsuki: Whoa dude. Anezaki's laughing to herself.

Creepy ain't it?

Taiyou: Maybe she finds her manga amusing?

Matsuki: Rather than get ready for the exams, she's drawing boring manga...

Man, otaku are just somethin' else.


(Sfx- Sawaaah grope)

(Sfx- Zowahh fwaah)

Girl: Kyahhh!


Girl: What the heck are you doing Matsuki?!

Matsuki: 'Kyah'? That's good. That's how girls should be.

So how about a quick panty flash...? Just once is cool right....?

(Sfx- Dokaaahhh Thuok)

Girl: Hmph!

(Sfx- Pikuuuhh throb)

Taiyou: Normally girls don't show them off...

{Whether they be girl or guy it'd be too embarrassing to be found out.}

{Of course I'm too embarrassed...}



(Sfx- Gogogogogogogo rmmmmmble)

Taiyou: Waaah!!

(Sfx- Bikuuhh pooooit)
Taiyou: Sh—she's trying to set an expression for her characters...


{I'd die of embarrassment...}

{If everyone thought I was the same as Anezaki...}

Runa: Ni...

(Sfx- Bahhh fwaaap)

(Sfx- Kyorokyoro Spnnspppn)

(Sfx- Zahh zaahh sffft sfft)


Runa: I'm done with my storyboard.

Mind readning it?

Girl: Storyboard?!

(Sfx- Baaahhh)

Runa: For the manga I drew.

Girl: I've gotta get ready to study for the next test...

Runa: Hmph.


(Sfx- Zahhh *sfft*)

Dude: Gaming.

(Sfx- Zaaaah sifft)

Runa: Read..

(Sfx- Zaaah sfft)

Dude: Zzz.

(Sfx- Zahhh)

Runa: Read...
(Sfx- Gaashhiin Grab)

Dude: With pleasure....



{Far too desperate.}

Taiyou: I'm home.

Mom: Welcome back Tai-chan.

Would you like a snack?

Taiyou: Nah, I'm good.

(Sfx- Bataaan shut)

Taiyou: Allright..I should be good now.

(Sfx- Kachaaah clack)

(Sfx- Suuii sfft)


Taiyou: The day to draw this storyboard on manuscript paper has finally come..

{It's been nearly two years.}

{Of course I've planned up to 50 chapters for this story...}

{This work will be my first written contribution...}

{At this rate, it won't be long until the first chapter of a serialization begins...}

(Sfx- Garaaah clatter)

Taiyou: I've gotta get working on a story....

Or I'm gonna be canceled before I can even get started...

(Sfx- Zuzuhh sffft)


Taiyou: First I've gotta do that or I can't even get started.

Where is it?

(Sfx- Gazaaagooh sffft)

Taiyou: Hmm...


(Sfx- Veeeen sffft)

(Sfx- Haah)

(Sfx- Hahh)

(Sfx- Haah)

Taiyou: Ugh....

{I can't believe I forgot the manuscript paper...}

(Sfx- Fuaasaahh zziiip)

(Sfx- Pahhh fwap)

Taiyou: Ugh, hurry up with that register will ya?

(Sfx- Chiraa glance)



Taiyou: She sure is buying a lot of paper for painting..

(Sfx- Dosariii drooop0

{Painting paper?}



Runa: Griiin.

Taiyou: Uuuh!!

Lady: Would the next customer please come up?
Taiyou: Y—yes! Right here!

(Sfx- Chiraaah glance)


Taiyou: Whew....


Why did I go to a supply store that's so far away...?

{That smile of hers...}

{She probably saw me....}

Taiyou: I should really start ordering these online..

(Sfx- Dodododo tmtpmtpmtp)

(Sfx- Kiiiii reeeeeeeh)

Taiyou: Wwah!!


(Sfx- Zuzaaaaaah sssssssssh)

Runa: Found you.


Taiyou: Anezaki-san...

(Sfx- gokuuuhh guuulp)

Runa: Heheheh...

Who would of thought that super student Ichinose-kun...

(Sfx- Jashaaan crash)

Runa: Would be interested in drawing manga...?

(Sfx- Guiii)

Taiyou: She totally knows!!

Runa: I wonder if anyone in class knows?
(Sfx- Ohohohoho)

Taiyou: Well no...since I didn't tell anyone.

Runa: So it's a secret huh?

Taiyou: Well...No! It isn't like that..!


Runa: Say Ichinose-kun...

Taiyou: Y—Yeah?

Runa: This is my manga submission this time....

Won't you read it?

(Sfx- Baaaan)

Taiyou: Eh!?

Runa: Obviously only having ten readers isn't a lot. I need more opinions than that!

You've got to be a bit experienced too.


Taiyou: Um...I'm not really in the position to give advice...

(Sfx- Puiiihh fwwwwp)

Runa: Oh, bring that with you to the Northern park in 10 minutes.

(Sfx- Pitaah tp)

Runa: Oh...

That's right!

You should bring your manga with you Ichinose-kun.

Even if' it's a storyboard.

I'll give you advice.

Taiyou: Wha..?!

{Bring my own manga?!}
{I don't wanna....}

Runa: If you don't show up...

I'll tell everyone...


(Sfx- Zokuuhh throoob)


(Sfx- Zukyaaaah Ssssseehh)

(Sfx- Gasagosooh sfffhttt)


{I brought...}

{My storyboard....}

{I never thought the day I'd show it to someone would come this soon.}

Taiyou: Maaan...

Runa: Wait a minute.

You can't sigh before reading this.

Taiyou: Oh..um...sorry.

(Sfx- Bashihhh sffft)

Runa: Here you go.

Taiyou: Well then...

(Sfx- Gokuhh gulp)


{These drawings are awesome!}

{The lines underneath are a bit rough but they're still really awesome!}

{It seems to be a mystery story...}

{The idea and establishment of the story are pretty unique to say the least...}
Taiyou: …......

This—This is pretty good.

Runa: Eh?!

Taiyou: The main character solving the mystery is pretty convincing...

And the police investigation part of the story feels so realistic...


Runa: Kyaaah!!

(Sfx- baaahhh fwaaaah)

Runa: It was pretty tough coming up with the scenario this time aroun! But I worked hard at it!

It's awesome you were able to see it Ichinose-kun! Amazing!

Taiyou: Y—yeah...

{Wha...? What's with this atmosphere?}


Runa: I talked to the neighborhood policemen and went to see them often...

Taiyou: S—sounds like hard work.

Runa: Hey...look at this autopsy scene!

And then...


Taiyou: Huh, she talks a lot more than I thought.

Runa: Oh and this next page...

Taiyou: Anezaki-san, I was thinking about this here...

This panel with the culprit's face...couldn't you make it bigger?

Runa: Eh?!


Taiyou: See, I like how you can read the culprit's emotions, but if you made it bigger I think they would be clearer.

Oh, and it looks like here the main character should say a bit more....I think it'll convey his feelings a bit better.

Meanwhile on the flip side, I feel like the culprit should say less. His glare does more than enough to provoke a feeling of loathing...

And then...

(Sfx- Baahhh fwap)

Taiyou: Ah..!!

{I think I mighta said too much..!!}


Runa: Wait!!

I'll fix it right away!!

(Sfx- Kahh kahh sfft shfft)

(Sfx- Kahh kahh sffft sffft)

Taiyou: Heh..


Runa: What's so funny?


Taiyou: Anezaki-san, I can see you really love manga don't you?

(Sfx- Pitaaah tappp)

Runa: Oh my...

Let me toss those words back at you.

Because I can tell...you love it a lot too don't you, Ichinose-kun?

Manga that is...


Taiyou: Anezaki-san, if you were to become a Mangaka, what would you do?!
Runa: Hmm?!

Taiyou: At first when one starts a serialization they don't get any money and they're usually all alone.

And even if they do get serialized, if they don't remain popular they get canceled and only have empty pockets to show for it.

I mean loving manga is all well and good....

But I think it's a bit soon to start getting tied up with...

Runa: Hmph!

(Sfx- Suhhh sffft)


Runa: I absolutely WILL become one!

I'll become a manga artist!!

(Sfx- Basaaahh fwaaaap0


Runa: I'm never going to run away from that!

If I do it's all just a waste of time!

What will you do Ichinose-kun?

Will you become a mangaka? Or not?

Taiyou: I guess I can try....

I mean If I could enter a manga that wins a prize, and then get serialized I wouldn't mind that...


Runa: Huuuuh?!

Taiyou: Eh?!

Runa: Whatever.

Let me see your manga!

Once I read it I'll understand you well enough.


Taiyou: Ah! Well, it's not on a level that cane even begin to compare to your mystery story...

I'm not that great...

(Sfx- Iraaahh raaage)


Runa: Then...

Let me see your ass hole!!

(Sfx- Bikuuuhhh throoob)

Taiyou: A—aa---


(Sfx- Zuruhhh draaag)


Runa: When you draw a manga....

You put everything about yourself into it.

How you think, how you feel, all of your experience is transferred as a page...a message you want to convey to others.

A work that you put everything on the line to create for others to read.

If you're going to be embarrassed about every little thing then...

You'll never draw a decent manga!!

Taiyou: Th—then, Anezaki-san, let me see your panties....


Runa: Panties..?


Taiyou: Ah...No...I'm sorry...I didn't mean what I said just now..

Runa: You really are a halfwit aren't you?

(Sfx- Gannn thudd)

Taiyou: Hiiii!!


Runa: Aim to be a manga artist got it?

Or you're dead.


{Wh---wh--what's with her?!}

{Does she not understand shame?!}

(Sfx- Dadaahhh daaaash)

Taiyou: S—ss---


{It's not like I wanted to see them...!!}

Taiyou: NGH!

(Sfx- Bagoooh thuuud)


Taiyou: Owww...

Why'd you...

{Manga magazines...?}

Runa: Choose a magazine you like.

Taiyou: Huh?!


Runa: If you don't want others to see what you have now...

Then until next month in six weeks draw a manga that you would be overjoyed to show others.

Let's have a contest to see who will win a prize with their work!

Taiyou: W—wait a minute...

Runa: If you decide to run off, I'll tell everyone you like drawing manga!

Taiyou: eeeeeh?!

(Side text- No path to run away on! The one who's got the prize winning manga will be?!)


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Thanks Rufi!!
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