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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 418

Be it beautiful or hideous; mirrors do not discriminate in what they reflect.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 12, 2012 01:04 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 418

In before Kagura-with-tail-fanart hits pixiv.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- A quiet morning...)


(Sfx- Shaka shaka shaka shfft shfft shfft)

(Sfx- Shaka shaka Sfft sfft)

(Sfx- Shaka shaka sfft sfft)


Gintoki: Huuurgh


(Sfx- Fuwaaah yaawn)

Kagura: It is early in the morning and you sound as if you are in labor. Quiet down.

Move out of my way. Where is the toothpaste?

Gintoki: Right there obviously. Uunngh.

Kagura: No. I want the new one. Where is it? You said you would buy some. Did you forget?

Gintoki: There's still some left at the end of that one. Just push it a little.

Kagura: This thing is empty. You have already used the rest Gin-chan.

Gintoki: Dammit you're a pain in the ass. Dilute it with water or something then.

Kagura: This is not a can of Setsuko drops, no sir.

(Sfx-Buchiiin riiiip)

(TN- Setsuko drops are a type of candy.)

Gintoki: Dude, maybe back in Setsuko's era stuff like toothpaste was treated like an luxury item, but those days have long past.

Nowadays even Calpis is watered down.

(TN- I'm not sure which Gintoki is talking about here since both fit...Gintama, but Calpis is either a Japanese milk based soft drink, or...cum.)

Kagura: That is normal.

Gintoki: You could stand to be a bit more like Setsuko, and at least act a little bit ashamed of your knowledge about shit and diarrhea and stuff.


Gintoki: In any case, you could essentially use anything to brush your teeth. It's all basically the same stuff.

No helping it I guess...go ahead and take my 'Camilla'.

Kagura: Taking that will really turn me into shit.

Gintoki: You'd better knock it off. Why the hell do you have to bitch early in the morning like this?

I've been drinking for two days now. Did you ever consider that I might be tired? That I need a break?

(Sfx- Oooeeeh huuurg)

Gintoki: What's the matter missy? What can I possibly do to satisfy you?

Kagura: I want Vidal Sassoon.

Gintoki: Fine Dumbass....here's a little bit of pocket money for you to buy some.

Kagura: Kyahooo!!

(Sfx- Datsuuuh dasssh)




Gintoki: Hm?



That's weird.

Did we always have...

A mirror here?

Kagura: I am off!


Gintoki: Hold on Kagura!!

Didn't you hear me say wait!!?

(Sfx- Gigigigi grnnnnnd)

(Sfx- Bataaamu thuuud)

Lesson 418: Be it beautiful or hideous; mirrors do not discriminate in what they reflect.

Sacchan: That was a close one!!

(Side text- You're the closest of them all!!)


Sacchan: I was literally a hair away from being caught...

I had to work hard night after night to get this up...If they had caught me that would have all went to waste.

Maybe I should have put this in a more conspicuous place though....

In any case this is perfect!

(Note- While you were gone I did some remodeling. Don't touch this mirror. Otose)

Sacchan: My little home...

The 1LGK is completed!!

(TN- This is normally a 1LDK or 'One Living Dining and Kitchen' home. Sacchan's version is explained below.)

Sacchan: The Long Gintoki Kintama watching sanctuary or 1LGK!!

This is perfect to see some breathtaking scenery! This magic mirror will allow me to see Gin-san's ****'s bottom and ***** length!! It's so exciting!!

On top of that, it'll be like Gin-san will be watching me every day too!

Him and his stick will be right on display!

Just thinking about it makes my body hot!!

I won't even need heating in that house of mine!! This mirror is amazing!! I'm such a genius!!


(Sfx- Garara claater)

{He's coming back!}

(Sfx- Pataaan clamp)

{I'm ready for you Gin-san!!}

{Just let whatever you want hang out Gin-san!! Whether it's this or that!}

{Because this mirror will reflect everything and see everything!!}

???: Huh?

(Sfx- Zaahh sffft)

Shinpachi: Gin-san? Kagura-chan?

They aren't here...

{D'aww, Geez. It's the glasses container.}

Shinpachi: Hm?

A mirror?

{Go on, get lost! I didn't call a loser like you!}

Shinpachi: Hmmm. When did they have rennovations done?

Though honestly this looks as if it should be in a kitchen rather than a bathroom.

{Thanks for the explanation! Now make like Yamcha and get lost forever!}


{What are you doing....?}

{How long are you going to look in the mirror?}

Shinpachi: I wonder if anyone would notice if I got my hair cut?

{No, It wouldn't change anything and for sure no one would notice or care for that matter.}

Shinpachi: I wonder if I should be more adventurous and change my hair up a bit?

{What kind of adventure would that be? In fact, why not do us all a favor and never step outside your house?}

{Hey, wait...}

{Isn't that enough all ready? Knock it off!}

{You've already decided on that one haven't you?}

{You always have that one, so just keep it as is.}

{Um...you're really bugging me now...}

{What do you want? What do you want to be?}

{No matter what you do your existence has already been set! You can't change it!}

{More like stop staring at that 45 degree angle! It's annoying me!!}

Shinpachi: All right.

{Finally! What's with him anyway? Does he always waste time fixing his hair pointlessly like that every day?}

{A pointless person should have a pointless looking face I say.}

(Sfx- Zaah zaah Sfft sfft)

{Hm? Someone's coming?}


{I said that's enough already!!}

{Why did you come back over here?! To what extent does this idiot love the mirror?!}

Shinpachi: Whatcha doin?!

{What the hell is he doing now?! What are YOU doing?!}

Shinpachi: That ain't right!!

{Waaaait?! Are you practicing your straight man act?!}

Shinpachi: Who's Tom Cruise?!

That's just your hairdo isn't it?!

{Trust me when I say an opportunity to use that retort will never come for all eternity!!}

{First you were fussing with your hair, and now you're doing a straight man act?! What's with you?}

Shinpachi: That's just how you look from a slanted 45 degree angle isn't it?!

{You're retorting to a slanted 45 degree angle?!}

{No one's going to notice so why are you so concerned about this?! Why bother changing!?}

Shinpachi: If you don't stop it, I’m gonna get mad for all sorts of reasons!

{You're the one who needs to stop it!!}


Shinpachi: Okay.

{Please stop, I'm begging you! No one's going to notice!!}

Shinpachi: No bed hair, my nose hairs are fine, and there's no mustache appearing..

{Yes yes, you're a pretty little thing aren't you? Now stop worrying about it since no one cares! You're just a smooth smooth cherry boy!}

Shinpachi: My chest hair...

Is good too.

{Mosaaah sffft)


{B-before your next hair cut, you need to get someone to tame that thing on your chest don't you?!}

Shinpachi: It was a little thinner yesterday, but today it seems to be okay though.

{Cherry boys aren't allowed to have so much hair!! Your character is paper thin, but your body hair is thick!!}


Shinpachi: Though if anyone saw this I don't know what I'd say or do...

{I—I've seen something pretty incredible here!!}

(Sfx- Zori zori sshf ssshf)

Shinpachi: I've got to shave it down properly....geez...I'm going to be removing this sorta hair forever..

{I can't believe what I'm seeing!!}
{This is what Shinpachi-kun really looks like...?}

{It won't do to call him Shinpachi-kun any longer.....I can only see a young general standing before me!}

{This is something I can't tell anyone...I've got to lock it in the deepest parts of my heart...}

Shinpachi: Now for the Baby powder...

(Sfx- Zorii shffft)

(Sfx- Garararaaa claaater)

Kagura: I am back~

{They've returned...}


Kagura: Hm? What are you doing Shinpachi?

Shinpachi: Oh nothing, I was drinking some Cola and started choking is all.

More like, did you come alone Kagura-chan? Did Gin-san come with you?

Kagura: I don't know where he is, no sir.

(Sfx- Zeh hah zeh hah)

Shinpachi: Ah...Okay. You have to wash your face before going out Kagura-chan...

(Handwritten- Your face is dirtier than mine.)

(Sfx- Yoro yoro wobble wobble)

Kagura: Ah I forgot.

Shinpachi: That's no good. A girl has to keep up her apperances..


{He managed to get through that somehow!!}

(Sfx- Basha basha splish splish)

{Why do I have to put up with this sorta thing?}

Kagura: Whew~

Kagura: No eye snot, nose snot or teeth snot!

{You too?! That's enough already!! As the heroine you shouldn't be saying those sorta things anyway!}

(Sfx- Zubooohhh plooop)

Kagura: Ah I forgot one other snot.

{Eeeeeeeh?! Waiii---Eeeeeeeh?!}

{The most unbecoming thing a heroine could ever have just popped out of her behind!!}


Kagura: I have to wash this thing properly...

Ah...this is a pain. Why do we have to put up with this annoying thing anyway?

{Wait, the one other snot you were talking about is...}

{A taaaaaaail?!}

{This girl has a tail growing out of heeeeeeeer?!}

{After 40 volumes being released, we get this kind of surprising revelation?!}

Kagura: If anyone sees this It will be bad news for me, yes? I can't tell anyone about this additional snot, 100 percent no way.

Kagura: Taking care of this thing every day is a pain. I will have to keep this up forever...

{No, this is more than just hair maintenance, isn't it?!}

Kagura: Though if I didn't have this, braiding my hair would be difficult.

{You use it to braid your hair?!}

Kagura: And I wouldn't be able to transform during the full moon either.

{You can transform too?!}

Kagura: Well at least when I put on my battle clothes I can wrap it around my waist like a belt...

{You're pretty much a character from another manga now!!}


{Eeeh?! You've got to be kidding me! I heard her clan thrives on battle,}

{But she's actually one of them?!}

{I can't call her Kagura-chan any more...}

{I can only see Kakarott!}

{What should I do?}

(Sfx- Mosaaah wfft)

{I keep seeing unbelievable things one after another!! What is the genuine truth behind all of this?! How should I react to what I'm seeing?!}

(Sfx- Gararara claattter)

Gintoki: I'm back~

{Oh no!}

(Sfx- Buchiiiii rriiiiip)


Gintoki: Huh? You're back already Kagura? What are you doing?

(Sfx- Bushaaaah blooorsh)

Kagura: N—Nothing. I was drinking cola and it started flooding out of my butt, yes?

I—I left the Vidal Sassoon toothpaste for you to use over there.

(Sfx- Yoro yoro wobble wobble)

Gintoki: H—hey...

Kagura: I will go and buy some medicine for your two day hangover...

Do not forget to take it.


{Um, you guys forgot some pretty outrageous things on the floor!}

{Waaaaaait! What are you going to do about this!?}

{Gin-san is totally staring at it!! The two of them have totally mixed together to make something incredible!!}

{After this if you gather two dragon balls, Shenlong will appear!}
{They've been completely found out now!!}

{Ah...I was wrong for doing this...}

{How can I possibly face them after seeing these things?}


{There are things people try to hide because they shouldn't be seen by anyone else.}

{Whether it's chest hair or anything else, the Yorozuya have a bond...and I don't want to see it be destroyed.}

{Because of an additional snot, these three may split from each other.....}

{I don't want to see that...}

Gintoki: Those guys...

Were they hiding this from me?


They really thought I didn't notice this already?


{No way....Gin-san...}


{He already knows?}

Gintoki: You guys don't have to sneak around and hide things from me...

Cause I already know.

{He already knows about everything between the two of them, and has accepted it all?!}

Gintoki: You guys...

(Sfx- Gashh swffft)

(Sfx- Zuriii sheen)

Gintoki: After all you probably noticed that this on my head is actually a wig....

Thanks for the awesome present...

And to show my thanks I shall accept it without reservations from you both.


Gintoki: Now how should I use this?

Ah. I know. Lately things have been kind of in a slump downstairs...

Maybe I'll use it down there?


Wow, it actually looks pretty decent.

(Sfx- Bakiiin crackle)

(Sfx- Gogaaaahhh craaaaaaash)

(Sfx- Parapara clatter)

Sacchan: S--

Sorry for intruding...

(Sfx- Gararara claaater)


Gintoki: See, a mirror also reflects your ugly side too.

If you're going to try and spy on us, then it's only fair that we spy on you. Peeping on people's unsightly behavior only makes it more obvious that deep down you're a pretty hideous person yourself.

Shinpachi: Um, no matter how you think about it, we're the ones who had our private parts exposed.

(Sfx- Periii riiip)

Kagura: It is fine as long as she is disgusted and stays away, yes?

Gintoki: Even if it's just for a little while I hope she learns to stay way from mirrors.

(Sfx- Dahahaahahahah)

(Sfx- Shaka shaka shfft shfft)

Gintoki: What are you doing?

Sacchan: This hair is surprisingly refreshing.

Now even I...

Can be the mirror reflection of the real Gin-san. Teehee~

Gintoki: Yeah?

Well for one thing I don't wear glasses.

(Sfx- Pariiiin crash)


(Side text- Zero remorse!!)

GINTAMA LESSON 418...........END.

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