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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 419

Set my heart aflame.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 18, 2012 00:03 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 419

For once I sorta hope Sorachi isn't trolling. Though in my pitch black heart I know he is.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Top text- 'Gintama' Volume 46 intensly is in stores everywhereeeee!! The Gintama anime intensely airs every Thursday night at 6 on TV Tokyo and it's affiliated stationsssss!!)


???: Geez...

The sun glare on earth is is damn strong as usual.

{Intense sunlight!!}

(Sfx- kaaaaah sheeeen)

Umibozu: It's like it's peeling my hairline back.

This sort of place is by nature not the sort of planet that Yato like us should call home..

So although Kagura-chan says she's fine here, I wonder if she really is.

Nothing may be going on right now...

But dwelling with these people for so long is bound to have an effect on her.


Ganguro guy: Hey look at that old dude. It's not raining but he's got an umbrella.

Ganguro gal: You know letting your head take in sunlight might allow photosynthesis to vegitate that barren skull of yours.

Umibozu: HEEEEEEEY!!

(Sfx- Gahh grab)

Ganguro gal: Kyaaaaaah!

Umibozu: Wh—what happened to you people?!

Your bodies are fried pitch black!!

(Handwritten- The hell you doing, old man?)

Umibozu: Just hang on there for a moment! I'll call an ambulance!

Ganguro gal(?): No, someone call the police!!

(Handwritten- Gyaaaaahh!!)

{I knew it...this planet is dangerous!}
{If I leave Kagura here any longer...}

{She might turn pitch black too!}

{And then she'll come back with a pitch black boyfriend..}

Fat! Kagura: I know you're against it, but we already did that~

{Before long another pitch black organism will sprout from them!}


{And then they'll have no choice but to have a pitch black wedding!!}

{Though in merely a few months their pitch black marriage will become even pitch blacker!!}

Dude: This ain't burnt black enough, bitch!!

{Raising a pitch black child as a single mom isn't easy either...}

Fat! Kagura: Oh my sir...

To think you're THIS pitch black...

{So she'll have to work in a pitch black shop!!}

{And then...}

{Her heart will become pitch black...}

(Sfx- Shuboooh fwoof)

Dude: Um, it appears we found this burnt pitch black will and testiment.


Daddy is firmly against anything becoming pitch black!

If I leave her here, something's bound to be burnt pitch black!!

I knew it! I'm going to have to take her home with me before she's completely fried!!

(Sfx- Datshh dasssh)

Salesdude: Hey pops, we're allowing free samples for a limited amount of time..

how about it? I can give you one spray and turn that head black for ya.

(Sfx- Pushuuuh fwfff)
(Sign- Whiskers powder Pitch Black. Free testing in progress.)



The only thing that needs to be pitch black is Daddy's head!!

That's all that's necessary! Just Daddy's hair!!

Daddy's hair and your life on earth has gone on long enough!! It's time for you to say so long to this...



{Oh good! It looks like she's not pitch black!!}

{Huh? What's going on there?}

Boy: Um...here you go.


Boy: Y—You can answer...

Next time we meet...

See ya.

Kagura: Ah....hey!

What is this?

To Kagura-chan...

Ever since I met you, I haven't been able to get you off my mind.

(Sfx- Tara tara shake shake)

(Sfx- Meki meki Griiiindd)

Kagura: I know you normally play with me and the other guys...

But I can't keep these feelings secret any more.

(Sfx- Bukii bukiii cracckle)

(Sign on pole- Be careful from this point!!)


{Go out with me.}

(Sfx- Gaaan craaash)

(Sfx- Gagooofuu doooosh)

Lady: Kyaaaah!!

(Sfx- Bwooooh fwoooosh)

{My heart has been...}

Lady: He's being electrocuted!

That man is being shocked!!

(Sfx- Biribiribiri zzzzzzzzzt)

{Burnt pitch black...}

{By my overwhelming love for you.}

Lesson 419: Set my heart aflame.

(Side text- A premonition of Kagura's first love?)


(Sfx- Hyuuuuuhhh wheooooooow)

(Sfx-Dogashaaaah craaaaaaaash)

Shinpachi: What the....

What the hell just happened?! What's going on here?!

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmmble)

Gintoki: Pattsan...

I asked for a spoon dude.

Don't you think this spoon is kinda...huge for eating pudding?
(Sfx- Zathhh sfft)

Umibozu: Actually I think it's just fine...


Umibozu: For a final supper...

(Sfx- Baki baki crack crack)

Umibozu: Don't you?

Shinpachi: U—Umibozu-san!

Gintoki: Oh? 'Sup Pops.

You shoulda called or something if you were gonna stop by. I only got one pudding left.

But thanks for bringing some along..

Some Pecchin pudding.

(Sfx- Pecchin rub)

Umibozu: Who's head is pecchin pudding?!

Gintoki: What's up anyway? You just show up outta no where....are you out of puttsun pudding or something?

???: Don't you think that's a bit rude?

Umibozu(?): Isn't likening someone's head to pudding a little bit rude? More like I don't want to hear that from you!

You son of a bitch! How the hell are you raising someone's most important only daughter?! Are you even paying attention?!

You've got some balls neglecting her, asswipe!!

(Sfx-gahh graaab)

Shinpachi: Eh? Did something happen to Kagura-chan?

(Sfx- gararara claaater)

Kagura: I have returned~


Kagura: Ah! Papi! You came, yes?

It has been a while.

Gintoki: Kagura!!

Kagura: This is good. I have good news for everyone, yes!

(Handwritten- Noooo. I don't want to hear this....)

Kagura: Teehee!

I have...

A Boyfriend!

(TN- Page 8 has become Page 9.)


Umibozu: Hold on a minute...

I thought it was just a love letter you got...


Kagura: I have a date tomorrow...

I wonder what I should wear~

(Sfx- Garara clatter)

Gintoki: Um...


What's a 'Boyfriend'?

Is it this?

Shinpachi: That's 'kareki'.

(TN- Rotted wood.)

Shinpachi: There's a 'shi'. 'Kareshi'.

(TN- Kareshi is the word for 'boyfriend'.)

No..that's more like 'Kareshi DEATH'.
(TN- Shinpachi's 'Kareshi desu' got turned into Kareshi DEATH, which sounds the same.)

Shinpachi: Here. Try separating the tree from the human.


(TN- Chris was mentioned during the scandle arc. He's a Gay Television personality in Japan.)


Umibozu: Daammiiitt!! How did this happen?!

He said that he'd wait for her answer next time they met, but this is too fast!!


Going out is already okaaaaaaay?!


(Sfx- Gachaa clack)

Gintoki: Dude, simmer. This is just some sorta bad joke. You think Kagura of all people would be able to get into and maintain a relationship?

Umibozu: Right! This has to be a prank or bad joke! Or maybe even a bad dream.

Gintoki: Obviously. I mean who's going to like a crude, vulgar, vomit spewing heroine?

(Handwritten- Someone's totally going to jump out and say we've been punk'd.)

Gintoki: She's got your genes and shit old guy. Have more confidence in your offspring.

Umibozu: You're absolutely right! She was swimming around in my filthy ballOack after all! Wait...who's daughter came from a filthy ballOack, dammit!!

Gintoki: Um, no one went that far old man. How about you quiet down...

Umibozu: I'm begging you, I just need a moment to calm this ballsOack looking head of mine down..

(Sfx- Ugaaaahhh roaaar)

Gintoki: Don't worry. It doesn't look that way to me.

Umibozu: But it doesn't not look that way right?

Shinpachi: Girls have quicker development than guys...

So it's not strange for them to have gone out with a boy at around elementary school.

Kagura-chan might look like a child, but she's 14 years old right?

It may be a stretch, but I think it's a good idea for us to start thinking of her as a beautiful young lady...

Umibozu: Hey...what do you mean by elementary school?!

Shinpachi: Wai...

Umibozu: So you mean tot tell me on this planet kids do that sorta dirty stuff? Earth's become a real cesspool hasn't it? Maybe it's about time someone annihilated this planet. Maybe Daddy here should show what he can really do.

Shinpachi: Calm down! They're just elementry school students!!

When I say go out I mean something like going to play tag or something together!!

Gintoki: What do you mean going to play tag?

Shinpachi: YOU TOOO?!

(Sfx- Meki meki grind grind)

Gintoki: Are you telling me you forgot about the stuff that happens in the Japonica encyclopeidas huuuh? You're not just tossing those out are yaaaa?

If that's the case you'd might as well attach a jet ending to your backpack and fly out to the ends of space. If you want help I can get you a backpack and everything.


Shinpachi: Would you two please calm down?!

This is a 'what if' scenario! You're getting too overly excited!

If it bothers you that much why not just ask Kagura-chan directly?!

That'd be the fastest way to find out right?

Umibozu: You do it.

Gintoki: Um, why? She's YOUR kid.

Umibozu: Shut your pie hole. It's BECAUSE she's my kid that I can't jauntily just walk up to her and ask these sort of things.

She's bound to feel more relaxed if you ask so hop to it!!

Gintoki: What's with that pathetic crap you're spewing?

….Shinpachi, ball's in your court man.

Shinpachi: WHY ME?!

Gintoki: Shut up!! Adults can't decend the stairs of adulthood after they've already made their way up!!

Times like these are made for life forms who are standing on the same level! That would be you!

Shinpachi: Excuse me?! Are you comparing me to an amoeba?!

Fine! FINE! I'll go ask her then!

Gintoki: Hold on, time out.

Shinpachi: Wh? What is it?

Gintoki: Um...yeah. You know what..?

Maybe it's better if we don't know.

Shinpachi: WHICH IS IT?!


Kagura: Ah! I am hungry!

(Sfx- Gararara clatter)

Kagura: Has dinner been prepared?


That is red rice, yes?

What has happened? Did something good happen to someone?

Umibozu: Eh...Something?

Yeah...something! Right Gintoki-kun?

Gintoki: Yup..it's that thing..

You know...c—c--

Curry came from your dad's crotch.
Kagura: What does that mean? Is it good?

Umibozu: Well, um...it's been just so hard to go lately!! So this is a celebration to commemorate the tunnel being opened!! Buwahahah...


Gintoki: That's why we should have had curry instead of eating red rice, right pops?

Umibozu: Well it was just rushing out so much that I think a little bit of blood might have been mixed in...

Kagura: I have lost my apeitite.

Guys: Wait wait wait wait wait!

Gintoki: Listen, we didn't mean to start talking about that stuff during dinner.

Umibozu: That's right. Now have a seat. Shinpachi-kun went through a lot of trouble to make this..

Kagura: Okay, thanks for the food~

Gintoki: Hey..

Any day now baldy. We're waiting for you!

Umibozu: Who the hell are you calling baldy you white haired punk?! You think cause you have that tuft on your head that you're not bald? That's a big mistake! This old guy knows about your gel!

Gintoki: I don't want to hear that from an old guy who's head looks like it needs more gel!!

Umibozu: We've got her eating this red rice, so don't miss this chance dammit!

Gintoki: What are you trying to curse my hair follicles because yours have been completely annihilated?!

Umibozu: Who's hair follicles have been annihilated?! The game's still on up there! This is just half time, that's all!!

Gintoki: Quit acting like a little bitch and face reality! Your daughter is growing up!! Is that really so scary?!


Umibozu: I ain't never scared! I just don't want her having to put up with the heartbreak that is a long distance relationship here on earth!

You do know it's because she thinks you'd be lonely that she stays here right?!

Gintoki: The hell with that!! I'd actually be relieved! I just don't want her to get all sweet on some guy and start screwing up work!!

I'm so happy about all of this that I'm going to eat red rice until I explode!!

Umibozu: Screw you!! That's my share dammit!!

(Sfx- Gahh crab)

(Sfx- Gohh thok)

Gintoki: Shut the hell up! That azuki bean is for me because I'm younger!!

Umibozu: That's for me dammit! I'm older so I get all the azuki I want!

Gintoki: I've got more hair follicles and roots so I get the azuki bean!!

Umibozu: I've got more follicles that are dead so I get to have it!!


(Sfx- Bata bata dsshsdssh)

Kagura: What are those two idiots doing?

Shinpachi: Um..Kagura-chan...

It's about what you said earlier...

Do you really...

Have a Boyfriend?

(Sfx- Gatsu gatsu glop glop)

Kagura: I am not sure.


Shinpachi: Hm?

Kagura: I got a love letter, but I am not sure of what to do.

I do not understand matters of love and stuff like that.

But he did work hard to write this letter and give it to me, so I will at least go on a date with him.


Kagura: Uwah!!

(Sfx- Gashaaana Craash)

Gintoki: Going out because you pity or feel sympathy for someone is the rudest thing you could ever do! You'll end up hurting the other person's feelings with your rash decisions, Kagura-chan!!

Umibozu: You should just break up with him, right Gintoki-kun?

Gintoki: Yup. You don't want to sell yourself short, right Pops?

Kagura: Hmm...but I won't know if I like him or not unless I go out with him, yes?

You said this about your shotgun marriage, yes? Papi?

{There's a type of love that begins on the bed too.}

(Handwritten- What kind of bullshit have you been feeding your kid?!)

Gintoki: You're the source of the problem aren't you?!

Umibozu: Wait! That's not what I meant when I said that at all!

Kagura: Since I am going on a date tomorrow, I will need to go to bed early.

Umibozu: Wait right there Kagura-chan.

If you want to go on a date that's fine.

But before that....

You will introduce this boyfriend of yours..

To Daddy and company.

(Side text- The premonition of a gale force storm...)

GINTAMA LESSON 419...........END.

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