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Anagle Mole 32

The remaining weapon.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 18, 2012 18:01 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 32

Kaji references! A strange allegory to the current hiatus! A panty shot! This chapter has everything!

k.i.s.s scans only.

Next chapter is the last one Fukuchi drew before the hiatus. The translation by yours truly will be out on or around November 18th. After that if Fukuchi doesn't return, I will go back and re translate the chapters I missed. Lets all pray that he makes a full recovery and the series makes a return before the end of the year.

{In order to return to the surface, Chiwa takes on the 'Majinagram certification exam' alone.}

{But all she has to rely on is her brains and her Smart phone!}

(Side texts- Her weapons are her smart phone and her bluffs!!)

Space 32: The remaining weapon.

{Can she pass the 'Level 30' exam and gain the recognition of the majin leader 'King'?!}

(Side text- Volume 1~2 of the manga is now out in stores everywhere!!)



(Sfx- Geko geko geko geko geko geko geko geko geko geko Ribbit times 10.)

Caruberas: Allrighty~

How many times did this frog ribbit just now?

(Top text- Chiwa's reckless challenge continues.)

Chiwa: Majinagram....



(Sfx- Pihh beep)

Phone: Geko geko geko geko geko geko geko geko geko geko


Chiwa: 10 times!!

Caruberas: Correct~

(Sfx- Jaaan *chime*)

Arubel: Wow! She made it so the frog's voice came outta that black thingy!

Metaru: Moreover, that majinagram she's using is different than the one she had before!

Caruberas: Allrighty! That's the end of the 5th exam of the Level thirty certification.

Everyone passed the 'Ribbit ribbit game' with flying colors!

(Handwritten- Now shall we be off to the 6th examination room?)

(Handwritten- 'Kay~)

Metaru: That's amazing Chiwaru-san!!

Arubel: She ain't kidding! You're always full of surprises aren't you?

(Handwritten- I'm falling deeper for you.)

(Handwritten- Th--thanks?)


Chiwa: I can do this..!!

With my smart phone I might just pull this off!!

{And so without any regards to the danger she could be in, Chiwa continued forward to the next stage.}

(TN- And now let the Kaiji parody(?) begin~)

{But the sweet, cake like miracle that had allowed her a steady advance...}

{Would soon pass it's expiration date, leaving it inedible.}

Chiwa: Hey Luiido.....

How long does the level 30 test go for anyway?

Luiido: Beats me.

(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)

Luiido: What I'd like to know...

Is just how many majinagrams do you have there?

Chiwa: A..ahahahah...


(Sfx- Pashaaah fwaash)

Caruberas: And our next game is here.

(Sfx- Dodododdododododo rmmmmmmble*)

Caruberas: The '8 card'!!

(Sfx- Dodododododdo rmmmmmmble)

(TN- Sounds sorta like E-card, don't it? :))

Chiwa: 8 card?

Caruberas: Let me explain the rules~


Caruberas: See these 8 cards arranged down there?

I'm going to need you to read off the numbers written on the undersides to pass, mmkay?

Of course you can't touch the card like I'm doing now~

(Sfx- Kuruuh spnn)

Caruberas: Moreover...

Using tools and the like to touch the cards...

is also a no-no.

(Sfx- Peraaah peeek)

(Sfx- Bubuuuhh bzzzzt)

Chiwa: Wa---How will we know what's written if we can't touch them?!

Caruberas: Very true~


Caruberas: That's where this 'table' comes in...

Chiwa: Huh?

(Handwritten- Table?)

Luiido: This color....

It's Pikanechum ain't it?

(TN- The kanji reads 'Light emitting stone' but the actual reading sounds cooler.)

Caruberas: Correct! This table was made from Pikanechium.

Pikanenchium emits a light for a brief moment when it is struck!

Ikareru: No kiddin'?

I get whatcha mean. In the time that rock lights up, we'll be able ta' see the numbers written on them cards right?

(Sfx- Kaaan thoook)

(Sfx- Boyaaahh fwooof)

Caruberas: Yessir!

But you only get one chance to hit the stone!

After that, we'd like to see you use your majinagram to complete the test!

{So we only get to hit the table once...}

{No problemo! With my smart phone I can make a movie and be absolutely sure of what is written where!}

(Sfx- Piih beep)

(Sfx- Boyaah fwoff)

{This game is in the bag!!}

(Sfx- Pihhh beeeep)

{Battery died.}

(Handwritten- Do you all understand?)

(Handwritten- Yeeees~)

Chiwa: Lu...


(Handwritten- Boooosss)

(Handwritten- What?)

(Handwritten- Sobsobsob)

Caruberas: Now....Chiwaru-san, would you like to kick things off?

Chiwa: WAAAH!!

(Handwritten- So suddenly?!)


Ikareru: Nice job getting this far missy...

Chiwa: Huh?!

(Sfx- Pikuhh *pppoit.)

Ikareru: I ain't never seen a majinagram like yours before...

Especially one that does multiple things...

But a level 0 majin passin' this exam is a no-hoper.

It's fair go time....you better just admit yer a faker...and show your true self.

(Sfx- Bosoooh sffft)

Ikareru: Heheheheh...

I'm gonna enjoy shavin it off of yah...

That fake monster bit you've been carryin'...

Luiido: What's wrong Chiwa?

{N—no way...he...}

{He seriously doubts I'm a majin?!}

(Sfx- Do do do do do do do thump thump thump thump)


{What should I//Do?!}

Chiwa: Do I just say something like 'Oh um, my majinagram is actually a fake'?!

Nononono! Then they'd know for sure that I'm not a majin!!


(TN- That BG is totally kaiji dammit.)

Chiwa: The only thing I can do is to continue using my 'fake majinagram'...!!!

But how?!

I don't have the smart phone or anything else up my sleeve anymore!!

Caruberas: Chiwaru-san?

Chiwa: Y—yes?!

(Sfx- Pikuhh throob)

Chiwa: If that's the case, desperate times call for desperate measures!

I'll just say something like 'this is the majinagram memory' and remember the numbers after the instant light gives out!!

Here I-I go!

{The moment you kick the table, you have to memorize all 8 of those cards Chiwa!!}

Chiwa: Majinagram....


{Think hard.}

{What is it that I can do right now?}

{That's right.}

{I can't give up and stop thinking!}

(Sfx- bitaaah tmp)

(Handwritten- She stopped?)

{I have to think.}

{Is there really nothing I can do...?}

{There's something only I know how to do here...}

{Not as a majin...}

{But as myself...}

{Not as a majin....}


Chiwa: Caruberas-san.

You said that we can only hit the table once right?

Caruberas: Y—yes?

(Sfx- Zuihhh siffft)

Chiwa: I still have...

(Handwritten- That black thingy again?)

Chiwa: Something left!!

A weapon much better than anyone else's!!



Chiwa: Reverse!!!


{My family!!!}

Chiwa: Grandpa what are those?

Seijuurou: You tellin' me you don't know what Menko is, Chiwa?

(TN- Menko is a game of slapping cards down to reveal the opponents card.)

{They all flipped over!!}

{That's so awesome!}

{Gahahaah! That's all skill!}

{The key to Menko is the angle you snap your hand back when ya throw!}

(Sfx- Pita drip)

{If you master that, then you've got it in the bag!}


{This game becomes a cinch to win!!}

Arubel: She flipped them...

All eight of them..!!

Metaru: And she didn't even have to touch one of them!!

Ikareru: Bloody hell!

{Even though I'm so far away, you still came to my rescue...}


(TN- The face I made when the hiatus for this series was announced. T_T In fact this whole page could be an allegory to the hiatus...)


{I'll definitely return home...}

{I won't give up until I do...!!}


(Sfx- Dokaah dokaah dokahh tromp tromp tromp)

Luchiru: We've finally made it Kyousuke!!

Kita city!!!

(Side text- Her quick thinking got her through another game, but now Chiwa is without her smart phone!! Will Luchiru and the gang make it to her side in time...?!)


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