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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Six Trigger 2

Tin soldiers.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 21, 2012 04:25 | Go to Six Trigger

-> RTS Page for Six Trigger 2

Chapter two. I think this one was a little bit better than one, and the rest of the volume is pretty decent. The current arc in the magazine is actually a bit exciting, and volume two is due out next month. Someone expressed interest in a scantlation buuuut the rules still apply.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

As well as..

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.


(Sfx-Jijii vvvtt)

2nd bullet: Tin soldiers.


Girl: Ooh.

Right on.

Despite our distance from the target you hit him. You're quite the sniper.

You're ignoring me aren't you?

Tsubame: Penguin, switch with 'me'.

Girl: Shirty little brat, aren't we?

Oh right.

Shall I give you a chocolate?


Girl: Aren't we cute!


I don't have any more.

You're mentally clicking your tongue aren't you?

Ooh! And here's his guardian, Tsubame!

Tsubame: Who's his guardian?


Tsubame: Don't go giving my sniper candy got it?

2nd Bullet: Tin soldiers.

Girl: You are SO his guardian.


Girl: As always you do good work.

Here's your recompense for this job.

I'm still unable to wrap my head around it...

That left hand 'Mekando' that allows you to become different people...

Your 'multiple bodies'.

Tsubame: There's not anything for you to figure out.

Girl: Ooh thorny aren't we? Keep that up and you'll die all by your loansome.

Tsubame: Really now.

Girl: There's you the main body 'Tsubame'

The dual gun wielding 'Suzume'.

And the sniper 'Penguin'.

Are there any others?

Tsubame: If there are, why should I tell you?

Girl: It's fine I suppose.

They're rawther useful, those other personalities of yours.

They exist without leaving a trace of themselves behind...


Girl: It quite a shame that you're wasting them on assassination.

Tsubame: As usual you have a tendency to talk too damn much.

Girl: Sorry.

Oh my cellphone is going off.

That's right you don't have a celly do you?

Tsubame: It's cause of those rumors that those things emit harmful electric waves.

Girl: I invite you to the twenty first century with the rest of us.

Hello? Mimoza Sarada at your service.

Tsubame: Your name is Mimoza Sarada?!
(TN- Apparently this is a type of salad. Hence Tsubame's reaction to hearing it as a name.)

Mimoza: Okay..



Go ahead and transfer the data over.

Tsubame: Is 'Mimoza Sarada' your actual name?

Mimoza: If that was my actual name, I'd go to the municipal office and change it immediately.


Mimoza: That's not important anyway.

I've got your next job here.

Mr. Assassin.

He is the target this time...

Inugami Yukio.

Tsubame: His outfit suggests that he's a stiff necked bastard.

Mimoza: His clothes aren't the most unusual thing about him.


Mimoza: He was apparently part of an experiment with this organization I know; Shinapz, that modified cell construction.

Apparently they have created a special blood transfusion that can be inserted into the body which then inserts itself into cells. Normally this would threaten the body, but it can grant special abilities to some as well.

As these cells begin to multiply in the body they replace normal cells with themselves and can even make recovery from injuries faster, and grant superhuman abilities.

Tsubame: So those Shinapz guys are doing human experimentation?

Mimoza: Even with just that, Shinapz is a mighty force indeed.

Our job is to make sure that officials in this country don't catch wind our business.

Tsubame: Yet, such a 'huge force' is asking a freelance assassin to do it's dirty work?
Mimoza: Oh, now you've said it.

You'd better learn to keep that nasty tongue in your mouth.

Shinapz is a huge organization. It moves about in the shadows....a litteral kingdom of darkness.

Meanwhile you all are existences that are 'unknown'. Perfect for this sort of work.

Tsubame: So what, this country's supposed to be Mr. Hyde or something?

Mimoza: Whatever your fancy I suppose. Hyde's supposed to be a part of Jekyll's personality after all.

Tsubame: That's true.


Mimoza: Either way I think this is more trouble than it's worth.

I've got my eye on you, and it wouldn't do much good if you went and bought the farm on me.

Tsubame: Whether this country has a problem with Shinapz or not, they can't do shit about it. I know that much.

Mimoza: Oh?

So you can't turn this one down.

Tsubame: That's a different matter completely.

Mimoza: Are you listening to me?

Tsubame: I could care less about trouble, but this Inugami guy's got me sorta curious.

Mimoza: Oh? So that's what you fancy?

Tsubame: I get he's pumped up with a bunch of special cells or whatever, but why do I have to kill him?

Mimoza: Inugami went and completely wrecked Shinapz's lab.

The Doctors couldn't do anything to stop him, not with those special cells of his. Inugami had his way with the lab and then escaped.

Tsubame: Pretty shocking for such a huge organization.

Mimoza: So how about it?

Do you feel like possibly getting your fingers burnt to catch this fellow for Shinapz?

Tsubame: Can I blast him a new one with my gun?

Mimoza: You could say he is a poison without an antidote.


Mimoza: With the researchers all gone, there isn't a means to simply stop him any more, especially with those special cells in his blood.

I reckon Inugami will be a rather tough customer to kill.

Do you think you can do it?

Tsubame: Don't worry about that. He might be special or unique...

(Sfx- Gachaa clack)

Suzume: But we're pretty unique ourselves.

(Sfx- Gigann click)

Mimoza: Well...

At any rate, that multiple bodies thing of yours is wicked cool.

Suzume: Thanks~


Mimoza: Inugami has a special tracker placed in his body.

We can use the computer terminal on this cellphone to pursue him.

Suzume: Though isn't there a pretty low chance that the tracker is actually working now?

Tsubame: Nah, it should be working, and I doubt he'd take it off.

Suzume: How do you know?

Tsubame: Intuition.

Suzume: Huh?

Mimoza: Who are you talking to? Is it Tsubame?

Suzume: Yeah, he's in my head.

Mimoza: How convenient.

Though why did Tsubame change to you Suzume?

Suzume: Cause he sucks with computers and stuff.

Mimoza: I see so that's why he has no celly. How lame.

Tsubame: Tell her to shut up for me, Suzume.

Suzume: Anyway if the tracker activates then...

Tsubame: What?

Suzume: He's here...

Tsubame: You caught the signal?

Suzume: There's that, and....


Suzume: The blood lust he's giving off is thick enough to cut with a knife...

Tsubame: Why'd he come here?

Suzume: Don't ask me!

He's making a really creepy face!


Suzume: Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!!



Hey! You'd better hide...

You already are!!

Inugami: Fool...you're not a normal person at all are you, fool...


Suzume: Gah!

You sonnova...!!

(Sfx- Gyuu chink)

Suzume: Nnnngh!!

Bitch! You're fucking dead!!

I'll kill you!!


Inugami: Fool, you think you can kill me fool?

We will see who will kill who, fool.

Tsubame: Suzume... switch to 'Owl'!!

Suzume: Whaat?

You think I'm gonna pack up and go when I haven't busted a cap in this guy's ass?

Tsubame: Cool down and think, dammit. Your death means the end of all of us.

Suzume: Dammit...

I don't really like it but....there's no other way!

You'd better kill him dead,




Mimoza: That mask is wicked! Is he a macho gorilla?

Inugami: Hoh...

Fool, you're interesting fool.




Mimoza: Is he an ally of justice?


Inugami: Fool..

You're quite good.




Inugami: That tickled a little.


Tsubame: The thing is about him...

Mimoza: He's got special cells, Macho Gorilla!

Using those bloody cells he can recover from his injuries really quickly!

It's my first time seeing this but I think it might be something close to immortality!

Tsubame: And she just sums it up so simply...


Inugami: Fool. You were speaking about justice were you fool?

But that justice you were talking about isn't enough to break my body.

Fool, do you think you can do it fool?

You saw it did you not, fool?

My body cannot be broken nor can I die.

Mimoza: Creepy...

Inugami: But you know fool...

having this body that won't die is kind of like having a disease.

And when I grant death to others it feels like I am granting them solace...a cure.

Owl: Hmph...

Sounds like the ramblings of someone who is lonely to me.

Owl: I shall put an end to your foolishness here.

Inugami: Fool...

You sure are impertinent aren't you?




Inugami: You are impertinent fool!




(Sfx- Guiii reeeeh)

Inugami: That hurt quite a bit...

Tsubame: He's trying to protect his head.

Owl: His head?

I see!

Tsubame: Putting an end to this should be easy.

You can replace the other organs, but a head shot means the end no matter who you are.


Owl: Guwah!!


(Sfx- Monya monya blssh blssh)

Owl: Lets see you...

Stop this one!!

Inugami: Take this!!


Owl: Head butt, head butt, head butt head butt, head butt!


Owl: This is it.

Inugami: I see.



Tsubame: Owl?

What are you...

Mimoza: Macho Gorilla?

Inugami: Fool..

You disappoint me fool....

You disappoint me fool..!!


Tsubame: Owl, you bastard...

Inugami: Fool, fool, fool, fool, fool, fool, fool, fool!


(Sfx- Zuuh sfft)

(Sfx- Myuuh wiifft)

Tsubame: Gufoh!

Mimoza: Tsubame!!

Inugami: Fool. You were foolish in thinking you could kill me

Well? Anything to sa--

Tsubame: This is my job.

Now die for me.


Tsubame: Good job Penguin.

Mimoza: I see. Even if he has abilities on the ground, there's nothing he can do when in mid air.

Inugami: I finally get to die..

Tsubame: He's still alive?

Mimoza: Stone the crows...don't tell me he lives even after he's been blasted in his noggin?

Inugami: So this is death...

It feels like my life force is dripping out of me....I understand this feeling now.

Penguin: Hey...

Mimoza: He speaks!


Penguin: Why didn't 'Owl' shoot?

Why did you want to die so bad?

Inugami: You don't understand brat?

I wanted to..

Penguin: I don't understand.

Why did you want to run away so bad...?

You're supposed to be an adult.

Inugami: ….You're right.

I guess...

I'll just thank you for killing me.


Mimoza: Is he dead?
Penguin: Hey Tsubame...

Tsubame: What?


Penguin: That guy was pretty pathetic wasn't he?

I mean he thanked me for killing him.

There's a lot more to be thankful for...

When you're alive, right?


Tsubame: Yeah.

Mimoza: Ah...Tsubame's returned.

What were you and the shirty little brat talking about?

Tsubame: You know, I hate women who try to pry into other guy's journeys of self discovery.

Mimoza: Meanie.

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