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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 420

Climbing the stairway of adulthood means being confined and unable to rise.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 24, 2012 07:38 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 420

I too refuse to climb the stairway into adulthood. Instead I translate manga meant for Japanese teenagers at 3:30 am when I have to be at work at 7:00 am. So my continued fight against maturity continues long into the night...morning....

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- The band of savage fathers!!)


(Sfx- Koton tmt)

Umibozu: One more serving..

Gintoki: For pops.

(Sfx- Hiku hiccup)

Shinpachi: Y—you two are drinking far too much!!

Don't you think that's enough? Tomorrow you're going to be meeting Kagura-chan's boyfriend right?


Umibozu: Shuduup! What boyfriend ya talkin' about you bastard!

Do you think Imma just let any Tom, Dick or harry date my daughter? If so you're an idiot!

Gintoki: That's right, stupid bastard. That brat's a hundred years too early to be thinkin' about having hot and steamy sexual affairs.

Tryin' to ride the escalator to adulthood and shit....who does she think she is?

Who the hell does she think raised her this far? That stupid idiotic bastard...

Umibozu: Um...I kinda think those words should be exclusively reserved for this old man here..I mean when did YOU start raising her?

Gintoki: Considering you abandoned your hair and your responsibilities to raise her, I don't see how you think it's cool to act like a dad now.

Umibozu: I didn't abandon anyone dammit! I still take personal responsibility for my hair and my daughter!! The two of them just studied abroad for a bit is all!!

Gintoki: You say they studied abroad, but in the end neither one of them actually wants to come back do they?

Umibozu: They'll be back!! My hair will be bright as gold when it returns too!!

Shinpachi: C'mon you two! Please don't fight...

I know you're both worried about Kagura-chan, but lets put a stop to this here okay?


Shinpachi: Whether it's too soon or too late to start thinking of her as a daughter, this day is already upon us.

We'd do better to prepare for it wouldn't you say?

I think it would be a good idea to believe in Kagura-chan a bit more too.

Anyone she'd acknowledge couldn't be a bad person. In fact I'm sure she has good enough judgement to pick out a good kid for her boyfriend.

Yet here we are unable to accept her choice...

We're going to embarrass Kagura-chan if we behave this way.

It's a little bit sad but...

Kagura-chan is going to grow up someday.

That's why we too...

Should grow up into proper adults.

Well, I’m calling it a night.

Pops, make sure these two don't drink any more for me please.

You two try to prepared to act maturely tomorrow....you have an important promise to face.


Umibozu: More adult huh...

I mean I know it's just one boyfriend and all..

And I'm not being very mature about this...

I get that perfectly well.

I was overjoyed to watch her grow up when she was just a kid.

It seemed like every time I managed to come back from work she had just learned to walk, or just learned to talk. My mind was never able to sit at ease.

(Handwritten- Papi!)

Umibozu: I'd like nothing more...

Than to watch her become an adult...and honestly be proud of her.


Umibozu: Some day....

To see her happiness and sadness before I go ahead.....

Gintoki: I know us adults have our role to run out before our kids as the advance guard...

But in the end we're the ones chasing after them.

With that though, I think the adult's biggest role is...

To send them off with a smile.


Not that I’ve even started the race that is.

Umibozu: Heh....That's true enough.

You and I...

Are still brats after all.

So lets climb up that stairway...

the one that leads to adulthood.


(Top text- Volume 46 of Gintama is in stores everywhere!! The anime of Gintama airs on TV Tokyo and it's affiliates every Thursday at 6pm!!)

(Side text- Being a dad is tough...)

Lesson 420: Climbing the stairway of adulthood means being confined and unable to rise.


Shinpachi: I wonder if those two are okay?

They seemed pretty determined to rip Kagura-chan's boyfriend limb from limb yesterday...

Well they did promise to act a bit more adult when they meet him...

So I guess they should be fine.

(Sfx- Gashaaaaaaan craaaaaaaash)



Shinpachi: GYAAAAAAAAH!!

Both: Oh, it's just Shinpachi-kun.

Shinpachi: What the hell are you two doing?! You nearly gave me a heart attack!!

Gintoki: Our bad! We've been waiting by the entryway since yesterday for her boyfriend to show up...and we're maybe a smidgen jumpy~


Gintoki: We've even been practicing our big smiles so we could meet this guy and make a good impression.

It's been like 'hows this smile' and whatnot? Hell, we've even been trying to figure out how to write 'smile' down. That's the loop we've been doing.

Umibozu: So that's why even now we're smiling! Are we?

Shinpachi: YOU ARE, BUT YOU'RE NOT!!

Gintoki: We wanted to be more adult and stuff for Kagura...we're not going to embarrass her so don't worry about it.

Shinpachi: HOW IS SMILING LIKE THAT ADULT AT ALL?! I mean it's great you want to change your ways, but your spirit is too fierce!!

Could you please tone it down a bit and act more naturally?

Umibozu: Okay, we get it Shinpachi-kun! It's just I want to meet the guy who will make her his bride..

Gintoki: I guess if we look exaggerated like this it might put undue pressure on her boyfriend and whatnot..

We just need to act like we normally do.


Umibozu: There's no need to worry. Today we're adults. We've grown up.

Gintoki: That's true, but finding clothes for huge adults like us is a issue huh.

(Sfx- DOOOOON thoooom)

What the hell are you idiots doing?! What's a huge adult?! Does growing up have this sort of meaning?!

Gintoki: Eh? What?

Shinpachi: Eh? What? My ass!! You're obviously trying to intimidate him aren't you?!


Gintoki: You sure you're not imagining things? Cause this manga has always had body proportions that were about this height.

Shinpachi: When did this series start to take on Captain Tsubasa's worldview?!

(TN- It's a famous Soccer manga.)

Gintoki: Simmer Shinpachi. You're the one who's acting unnatural.

We're more than ready to receive this guy, so just have a seat and wait.

Shinpachi: You're the one who's unnatural! I can't not notice how huge you are!!

Wha..is that yesterday's newspaper? Would you throw it out?

More like what are you reading?! Quit reading papers that make this house seem more complex than it is!! You just want to look impressive don't you?!

(Paper side- Mother nature Gods group newspaper.)

Umibozu: Hey mom, maybe we should include Kagura-chan's boyfriend in our worship of mother nature.

It might be the birth of a new follower.

Shinpachi: Heeeeeeeeey!! Why are you putting ominous altars like that in our house for?! What are you trying to worship?! What image are you trying to give this house?!

Gintoki: Obviously we're trying to portray the feeling of the utmost normalcy around here.



Shinpachi: With the room like this, forget her boyfriend we couldn't even bring Kagura-chan's friens in here!!

(Sfx- pinpon ding dong)
Kagura: Hey! I have brought my boyfriend~!!

Shinpachi: We have to hurry and clean everything up or else!!

(Sfx- Bata bata thmp thmp)

Shinpachi: You two don't have to do anything other than smile, laugh and sit the hell down!!

Gintoki: You remember the deal we made right?

If one of us starts to go crazy, the other guy has to stop him.

Umibozu: As Kagura's guardians...her dad's we have to at least act like adults who wont embarrass her.

Gintoki: But we can't underestimate him...

If we've got something to say, we say it. Flat out.

It's our responsibility to ensure that they have pure interaction as a boy and girl....on terms we agree with, and make sure they know it.


Umibozu: Don't worry, I didn't see anything but his back but...

as far as I could tell he looked like a normal kid.

He should understand a honest conversation with huge adults like us.

After all we're large and in charge.

This isn't anything us huge adults haven't seen before.


Gintoki: Kagura, what are you doing?

(Sfx- Piishaa shfft)

Umibozu: Where's your boyfriend?

Kagura: He cannot come in.

Gintoki: What? Is he unable to bring himself in?

Kagura: I did say he cannot come in, yes?

Gintoki: Man, I guess it can't be helped...is he scared or something?

Hey Boyfriend! You can come on in! We're not scary or anything I promise!

Geez, this kid's more pathetic than I thought. I wonder if he'll be okay?

Umibozu: Eh, don't be too harsh on him. We are large and in charge. No wonder he's scared.

Whether he's a kid or a big kid it's completely understandable.


(Sfx- Dogashaaah craaaaash)

(Sfx- Kara kara kara claater)

(Sfx- Kashaaaaan craaaaaash)


(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmble)



{He really is a big kiiiiiiid!!}

{For get being large and in charge adults, this kid is huger!!}

Kagura: I will introduce you, yes? He is my boyfriend.

He comes from giant planet. His name is Dai-chan.

Shinpachi: W—wait EEEEEEHH?!

Kagura-chan you're with a giant?!

Gintoki: Hey...um..WHAT THE FREAK IS THIS?!

Yous aid you saw him from behind and he looked normal, but this is a huge problem in a very big way!! That little back of his is kinda huge!!


Umibozu: Um Kagura-chan....what about the kid who gave you the letter?

Kagura: Oh. That was one of Dai-chan's friends delivering it on his behalf.

Dai-chan cannot write a letter without a large sheet of paper since he is too big, and beside that it would be hard to deliver.
Shinpachi: D—did you always have friends who are this huge Kagura-chan?

Kagura: No. Soyo-chan introduced us.

Shinpachi: Hime-sama?!

Kagura: To be honest, Dai-chan is actually the prince of giant planet.

His planet has a deep friendship with earth so he often comes to the castle. He is so big however that he cannot play with anyone there.

So when I have free time we go by the river and play to our heart's content, yes?

(Handwritten- Achoooooh!!)

(Handwritten- Ugaaaaaaah!!)

Kagura: I'd miss playing with him when he had to go..


(Sfx- Gogogogogo Rmmmmble)

(Sfx- Gyaaaahhh!!)

People: Monsterrrrs!!

(Sfx- Kyaaaahh!!)

{Missing him? More like...}

{It looks as if they've come to take over eaaaaaarth!!}


Kagura: Hehehe! It is awesome!

I may be able to marry into money, yes?


{Sure he might be pretty high ranking...}

{But his rank is sorta big don'tcha think?!}

{The difficulty of this whole thing outranks that of a Gundam!!}

Kagura: Anyway I know you must be nervous Dai-chan, so have a seat.

(Sfx- Zugaashaa dssssh)

(Sfx- Gyaaahhh!!)

{Um..er..what do we do?}

{This is a boyfriend? This sorta thing? What kind of kanji do you use to write boyfriend again?}

{Calm down.}

{He's a bit big, but he's still her boyfriend!}


{If us dads underestimate him as a boyfriend it's the end!}

Umibozu: So you're Kagura's boyfriend...?

Thank you for looking after Kagura for us.

I'm her father.

(Sfx- Peko bow)

{As expected of Umibozu from space!!}

{Despite this boyfriend being huge, he didn't hide anything and with dignity established he's the father!}

(Sfx- Gurari bow)

(Sfx- Goaaaahh THOOD)

(Sfx- Dooooon Thuuuud)

(Sfx- Gogogogo rmmmmble)


(Side text- Pooooops!!!)

GINTAMA LESSON 420..........END.

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#1. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2012
I told you to take your time on this shit, dammit... I just know I'm gonna be up to 3:30AM editing...
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