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Bullet Armors 19

Tremor researcher.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 30, 2012 02:25 | Go to Bullet Armors

-> RTS Page for Bullet Armors 19


Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Techno 19: Tremor researcher.

Bullet: Kyu kyu kyu kyu kyu kyu kyu

kyu kyu kyu kyu kyu kyu...




(Sfx- Patan thunk)

Bullet: Kyuu...!!


(Sfx- Pushiii veeeen)

Bullet: Gyuii!

Gyuii gyuui!!




(Sfx- Kachaah clack)

Dude: Marche!

Why did you come into the storage room?!

If you don't watch the monitor...!!

Marche: Let me go!! I just felt like it, okay?!

Researcher: What's going on?

I heard this loud noise...


Dude: Ah...nothing!

The tremor was running a little wild...
{Researcher: Batz}

{Chief Researcher: Marche}

Marche: It's great this tremor is so energetic...

But just two of them isn't enough!

Researcher: Not enough you say?

Marche: Today's report had three tremor on it!

Yet only one is here!!

Researcher: Hmm...I wonder why...

I'll go try asking the beika in charge then..


Researcher: I haven't seen the others myself...

so until I’m able to confirm their whereabouts just continue your research on that one.

See you.

Marche: We'll be able to analyze this runt in no time!

Rather than waste time investing that little tiny tremor...

Why not research that huge one instead? As long as we're not caught it'll be fine right?

Batz: No way!!

they told us not to touch that without permission!

Lets just dissect the other one for now!!

Bullet: Kyuii?!


Marche: Hmm..

We've been seeing more tremor like this lately..

Batz: A single arm tremor?

Marche: Up until now we've only been seeing earthworm type tremor...
But now more and more tremor of various shapes have been appearing.

Here are the materials.

Batz: Hmm....

Maybe tremor evolution is a truth that's coming to light now...

Though this is a bit extreme..

there's not a trace left....


Marche: Figuring out how this evolution is occurring is the job of us researchers.

Let's go to the monitor room.

Batz: Hmm...

Tremor evolution...huh?

Bullet: Kyuh..


Bullet: Kyuii! Kyuui! Kyuui!?!

Marche: Now...

(Sfx- Chatuhh shfft)

Marche: Shall we get started?

Bullet: Kyuui!


Bullet: Kyuuii!!!


Ion: Bullet?!

Aibrock: I didn't hear anything.

Ion: I get it...!!

It's nearby!!

Aibrock: Hey!

We might get found!!


Ion: Ow!


Aibrock: Don't be stupid!!

If someone finds us, then what will you do?!


Aibrock: Does he think this is some kinda joke...?

What are you doing?

Ion: Quiet!

(Sfx- Gachaa clack)

Ion: Huh?



Beika: Then until next time..

???: Hm.

Ion: It's a beika!

He doesn't look like a researcher though.

Why is he in the research labs?

???: Your supervision for today is over.

Good work.


Bon: But man, that huge tremor sure had some kick to it huh?

Beika: Right over here.

Bon: Why not break it into pieces and look on the inside? That'd be easy right?

Dude: Though we've gotta consider what might happen if that thing starts moving.

Having it alive down there is a little bit concerning.

Dude2: Use the stopper, and there's no problem.

If they move after that, destruction is permissible.

???: For the sake of ensuring humanity's safety we must have them research it.

We must find out what energy source a huge tremor like that would need.


???: If it comes down to breaking it, us beika are up to the task.

{Sulejinova supreme commander: Gilbert.}

{Supreme commanding unit.}


Researcher: Inspector Bon, do you have a minute?

Bon: What? I don't have a lot of time.

I'm kinda busy.

Researcher: The tremor you gave us aren't enough...

Bon: Ah...

You mean one isn't enough for you?

Researcher: Well, it's more like the number we received is lower than what's indicated on the report..

Bon: They were weaklings, see?

So I just did you guys a favor and broke 'em.

Gilbert: What's going on?

Bon: It's nothing for you to worry about supreme commander.

Not a problem at all.
Gilbert: Continue with the plan then.

No playing around, Bon.


Bon: Hahahah...

Though, Commander Gil, you're really quite something huh?

You've been leading excellently since you assumed office!

As a young commander, the energy you put behind this work is incredible!

Ion: Aibrock...

Dude: The guy running things before just sucked is all.

You'd best not compare the expectations we had for him with this guy.

Bon: Heheheeh


Dude: Quit that Iyattsu.

Talking bad about the former commander is bad form...

Woman: He's got the younger beika training and in good shape...

They'll make excellent battle units before long.


Gilbert: Yeah...

Young heroes are necessary.

Dude: Even if they're not all sensitive and stuff that's fine!

I mean if your little bro were around he'd be a beika...


What's with you Guragon...


Gilbert: My brother is DEAD.
Never mention him again.

Dude: Ah..yeah...

Sorry I forgot.

Gilbert: We're at the turning point.

You all should stay focused.

Everyone: Understood.

Dude: Understood.


Ion: Looks like they're gone.



Ion: Are you okay?

You look a little weird...

Aibrock: Yeah, it's nothing.

Lets hit it.

What's this?

Looks like pieces of a bunch of Tremor..



Ion: Bullet!!


Bullet: Kyuuui!


Marche: What's with this one..? It's tough!

Batz: No matter what we do, we can't seem to cut through it..
Marche: It's because of the Metoschin alloy!

If that's how it's gonna be, I really want to see the insides now!


Batz: Are you crazy?!

No matter what you think, this stopped being research a while ago!

Marche: Not a single scratch....


No way..

(Sfx- Jijijiji zzzzzt)


Marche: Amazing..!!

The latent energy within this little tremor is on par with tremor twice it's size!

Batz: You're kidding right?!

You ARE kidding right?

Are you saying this one has the same energy latency as that one?

At this size?


Batz: We've got to call the other beika!

This tremor is too dangerous!

(Sfx- Pachin click)

Batz: I won't let you talk me out of this!

It'll be too late once an accident happens!

We've got to call the other beikas to throw this thing outside before...!!


(Sfx- Shiin silence)
Marche: Dealing with unsafe things is the basis of being a researcher...


Batz: The power...

Marche: If the right hand alone has this much energy...


Marche: Imagine what the whole body will contain!!

With this there isn't a single opponent we humans couldn't defeat!

Batz: She's...overjoyed?!

Marche: Aren't you excited?!

(Sfx- Boroh flop)

Marche: I've never had a finding like this before!!

And to think that they may have the potency to evolve past this..!!


Marche: I can't stop researching here!!

I'll get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding this tremor no matter what!!

Batz: Y—yeah..

Marche: First is cracking this tremor open...

Batz: How did I end up getting employed here with her..?


Batz: T—tremor?!


Marche: What are you doing?!

Aibrock: Don't make any sudden moves...!!


Batz: You guys are...!?
Marche: You control tremor...

so you two are breeders?

Ion: Just calm down!

I've come to save my friend!

Marche: Friend?


Marche: That tremor is his friend?!

That thing isn't a pet!

It's a dangerous weapon!

Aibrock: They ain't our pets or our weapons...

They're our partners.


Marche: Either way I'm not going to hand it over!

This right arm is far too dangerous!!




Batz: The disposal area?!


Aibrock: You're in the way too, buddy. Why not go join him down there?

Batz: Wah..



Aibrock: Things have gotten kinda complex huh?

Marche: I knew I remembered that voice....Aibrock, it's you!

How surprising.

I would have never thought in a million years that the little brother of mine who ran away from home would go and become a breeder...

Aibrock: Nice to see you too...




(Bullet Armors Mechanical manual.)

{Bow L 500 Bespa}

{Bow A2 Pile lancer.}

{Bow 505 Panther}

{Bow M-5 Autaz}

{Bow-508 Thunder Artz}


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