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Hadaka no Taiyou 3


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 1, 2012 20:49 | Go to Hadaka no Taiyou

-> RTS Page for Hadaka no Taiyou 3

Apparently there should be a color page to this chapter that wasn't included in the raw. If someone has it, I'd appreciate if they could send it over so I can translate that as well. It doesn't seem as if it affects the flow of the chapter much, but at least we'd have a chapter title?

Dark murmur only.

(Can- Big sized// Wild Soda// Vitamin C and Caffeine.)


Taiyou: Gugh...

{I thought I had found something cheap and effective...}

{So I bought it...}

{But now I can barely drink this...}

Taiyou: I already took off the lid too...what should I do?

???: That was too half-hearted!

Girl: You should have cut off more of your hair.

Girl: You think so?

Runa: You really are halfassed.

Taiyou: Ngh....


{I can't possibly become a mangaka...}

Taiyou: I can't be like you Anezaki-san...

{Yesterday I thought for sure I was giving up the path of mangadom...}

{Yet I still showed Anezaki-san my manga..}

Runa: Heh...


{Anezaki-san smiled at my manga...}

{That means it has to be at least interesting right?}

{Maybe my mangaka debut isn't just a dream?!}

People: I just read Ichinose's manga! It was awesome!

I'm sure it'll sell lots too!

I hope it becomes an anime quickly!
{W—wait! There's no way I'll have a debut like that...}

Dude: Your manga sucks kid!

(Note- Denial.// Sorry but we cannot use this manga at this time.// We await your next submission.//Weekly Shounen Zank editorial committee.)

Taiyou: No cash this month either...

(Sfx- Gurururu grooowl)

Taiyou: Ngh....



{What the hell should I do...}

Taiyou: Ngghghhhh

{What should I do about this juice...}

{As well?!}

Taiyou: Wah?!


Matsuki: I saaaw you.

Taiyou: M—Matsuki?

Matsuki: Don't play dumb with me Taiyou!!

You were hanging out with Anezaki yesterday weren't you?


Taiyou: Won't you look at my manga?!


{Found out!!}

Matsuki: This guy likes drawing manga guys!

Whatta otaku!


Matsuki: I had no idea that..

You were into that Taiyou.

Here dude!

(Title- Capturing chicks with glasses.// Special edition// The plan on dating glasses chicks// You'll land a date for sure// Choosing the right frame color.)

Matsuki: Read and learn that.

Taiyou: Capturing chicks with glasses? What is this?

Matsuki: You and Anezaki are obviously going steady.

Taiyou: Eh?!

{I thought he found out about my manga ambitions...}

{But this is a bit of a problem too...}


Taiyou: A—Anezaki-san...

Runa: Dating...

Glasses chicks...

Encouraging the girl with black glasses into a private room alone...

Taiyou: T—that's Matsuki's....


Runa: Okay. Shall we go on a date today?


Taiyou: D—date?

Runa: I've got something good for you when you come.

Taiyou: Um....


Runa: All right, see you after school.

{I guess there's nothing wrong with accepting her invitation...}

{But this is really suspicious...}


Taiyou: This is the old school building...

{It's filthy!}


Taiyou: This place reeks....

???: Chichichi...

Taiyou: Is that someone's voice?

Um...why would we come to an abandoned place like this?

Runa: We're here.

{She wants us to go...}

{Into that room?!}

{Is this the girl with black glasses...}

{Encouraging me into a room alone?!}


Runa: We're all alone now...


Taiyou: A—Anezaki-san...this is...we can't do this...


Runa: What are you spacing out for?


Runa: We're coming in...

Taiyou: Meishi?

Thank goodness....it seems like someone is in there..

???: Hey...

Lady Runa.

Don't you think...

Love is a cruel mistress?!


Runa: I guess.

Are you still working on your manuscript?

Meishi: Heheh..


My love is...

Not enough it seems!!



Meishi: Uuugh..

Taiyou: He's...crying while doing that to his manuscript?

Meishi: Uuugh..


Meishi: UNGH!!

Runa: How many times are you going to redraw that?!

This is why our club even till now has nothing to show!!


Meishi: I want my characters to shine more brilliantly...!!

I have no interest in showing them to others!
Runa: You know...

If we don't come up with something to show from our club's activities...

we're going to be in big trouble.

Taiyou: Club?

Um Anezaki-san...

This is...

Runa: Hm?


Runa: What?

Didn't you read our poster board?

Taiyou: ….

Poster board?

(Poster board- Manga club.)

Runa: This is...

A manga club.


Taiyou: A manga club?

Runa: Obviously when those who love manga get together they can trade art and knowledge. Ergo make a club.

You understand that much right?

This person here is a third year. His name is Haibara Meishi.

He doesn't look it, but he's actually the club president.

Meishi: Whaddya mean 'doesn't look like it'. What's up with the rudeness?

Runa: Of course I too felt obligated to join.

It's like fate.

Meishi: Hmph.

This is a java finch. To you he's Vice president Petta. Oh, and Lady Runa here is the one in charge of chores.


Runa: Get a feeling for how things are here?

Taiyou: Ooh?

{Anezaki-san is part of a manga club?}

Taiyou: So why did you bring me here?


Runa: Would you like to be...

a mangaka's assistant?

Taiyou: Me? An assistant...?

Runa: Could you help this simpleton out?

If not he'll never get done.

Plus I think it'll help you mature as a mangaka.


Meishi: I heard from Lady Runa that you happen to draw manga Ichinose-kun....

I certainly hope you'll prove useful to me.

Taiyou: Um, Anezaki-san? Remember how we had made a deal that you wouldn't tell others that I draw manga...? You did promise....

Runa: Promise?!


Runa: I won't tell anyone that you like drawing manga.

I won't tell anyone...

In our class that is....

Taiyou: Th—that's not fair...
Runa: Work hard after this then.

I'm going to buy some more matter for painting.

Taiyou: Eh?!

Runa: Bye bye Petta.

Petta: Chirp.


Taiyou: I'm really supposed to be his assistant? Wait....


{'Am I supposed to' isn't good enough. It's more like you have to.}

{Meishi's obsessiveness over the manuscript isn't half hearted at all.}



Petta: Chichihi.

Taiyou: I've got a bad feeling...


(Sfx- Potaah drrip)

Meishi: Ichinose-kun.

Taiyou: Y—yeah?

Meishi: Do you know what's most important when drawing your characters?

Taiyou: When drawing the characters...


That's making sure the body proportions are in balanced, and setting the mood with proper facial expressions...stuff like that,


Meishi: Naive!!

Taiyou: Eh?!


Meishi: I give my characters...


Whether they be young, old, man, woman, enemy or even mob character...

I give them a mother's love!!

What's most important....

Granting your characters life.

{He has immense intensity....}

{I wonder what kind of drawings he does?}

Meishi: Finish the linework!

Taiyou: Yessir!!


Magical girl: Magical Ravinku!

Taiyou: It's a magical girl mangaaaa?!




Meishi: What's so funny?!


Taiyou: No..I mean...I was just expecting the manga you drew to be more...intense...

Meishi: Hmph.

I'm drawing what it is I want to.

What's so funny about that?

Taiyou: Ah..
Meishi: What other's expectations are doesn't change my sense of value!

Being a pro is nice and everything..

But I want to be a pro on my terms! What others think doesn't bother me in the least!

Only one thing matters.


Meishi: To draw the manga...

that my heart desires.


Runa: I will absolutely,

Become a mangaka!

{The means they use are a bit different....}

{But their goal to walk the path of mangadom without hesitation is the same!}

{Meanwhile I hesitate...}

Petta: Gyah


(Sfx- Pota pota drip drip)


Taiyou: Ah...

Meishi: How much love do you think I put into this manuscript?!

Taiyou: S—Sorry Meishi-san..

Meishi: Guh...


Taiyou: Ah...

Meishi: I apologize...

I'll draw you good as new right now.

Taiyou: Meishi-san...there's no ned to..

go that far...

I'm sorry.

He's mad...

{Well, why wouldn't he be? I laughed at his drawings and messed up his manuscript.}

{And I haven't said anything worthwhile either...}


Taiyou: Whoops! I came out of the panel a bit~ Oh well, a little doesn't hurt.

{My attitude towards drawing manga...is far too naive...}

Runa: You're really halfassed aren't you?

{Anezaki-san is absolutely right.}



Taiyou: Meishi-san...


Taiyou: I'm...


I really want to be a mangaka but I'm really worried about what my future will hold so I hesitate.

I' not sure whether I want to go to college or draw manga.


Taiyou: Although there's a chance my manga could be interesting I'm afraid it'll be called boring..

And get embarrassed so I can never show it to anyone.

And even today...

I bought a cheap 500 ml can of juice and couldn't even drink the whole thing.
That's why I don't think I can be any help to you or your manuscript, Meishi-san...


Taiyou: I'm sorry..

(Sfx- Ton thump)

Meishi: Wait.


Meishi: Paint in the white spaces.


Taiyou: Eh?!

Meishi: What?

Will you or won't you?

Taiyou: Well um...but..

Meishi: Manga is the manifestation of my heart.

It's not the sort of thing that guys who only look at the surface and not with the heart can understand.


I think I understand what you were saying just now all too well.


Meishi: That's why I want help.

From you, Ichinose-kun.

You're halfassed?

Hmph! That's fine.

As long as it's just the you of now.

Taiyou: Eh?! Meishi-san w—wait...


Meishi: Don't you love manga?!

{I get it...being halfassed isn't a bad thing..}

{Because I love manga so much...}

Meishi: Hey! You're coming outside of the panel! What the hell are you doing?!

Taiyou: S—sorry!!

Runa: Talking about giving up manga....

yet you seem to be having a great time, Ichinose-kun.

Maybe I should invite him to be a member of the manga club...

(Side text- Overflowing enjoyment. Anezaki who watches over the honest Taiyou's expression is...?!)


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