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Gintama 421

Passion and intimacy.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 1, 2012 23:10 | Go to Gintama

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It's only in Gintama that one can actually sigh with a bit of apprehension and say 'Possibly another galactic peace treaty gone wrong?'

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- Cry out fathers!!)

Lesson 421: Passion and intimacy.

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)



Shinpachi: Umibozu-saaaaaaaan!!

The only thing left of Umibozu-san looks like a single tes*icle!!

Gintoki: Ah no...not a tes*ticle but his head.

???: Ah...my bad..

Damn. I guess I over did it.


Dai: Y'know, it hasn't been long since I came to Earth...

I don't get all this bowing and greeting stuff.

More like I don't much like doing all this formal stuff man.

Don't let the fact that I'm a prince bother you pops. Let's just have a frank discussion from the get-go.

No need to worry about nothin' though, pops. I know as Kagura's dad we gotta be buddies.

Oh, how about you tell me your e-mail address?

Umibozu: I see.

Yeah, I'll tell you...



(Sfx- Goohh thoood)


Umibozu: Calm down dammit! You promised to act more adult!!
Gintoki: YOU CALM DOWN!!

You said he'd be nervous meeting his girlfriend's dad, but if my eyes aren't fooling me, isn't he the calmest person here?!

(Sfx- Puuh fwwwf)

(Sfx- Kucha kucha chew chew)

Shinpachi(?): It's cause he's a giant! He's just being a HUGE showoff! He's nervious deep down, I know it!

Everyone's boyfriends are like this! Right?! Right?!

Gintoki: Anyway just calm down dude!

If you let a kid get on your bad side like this, it'll never end! Let me handle this.

Y-yeah, I mean earth customs are a bit complex aren't they?

We were just interested in meeting Kagura's friends you see. But yeah, lets just drink some tea and chill out.

Dai: Nah, I'm good. I got some gum.

Gintoki: Cool, cool. How about some tea snacks?

(Sfx- Kucha kucha kucha chew chew chew)

Dai: Nah seriously, I'm good. Earth food never does anything for me.

Gintoki: Oh okay...


{This bastard's shutting me down all over the place....is he just here to literally look down on us?}

Gintoki: So then what do you normally eat? I mean with a body that huge it must be problematic huh?

Dai: Hip hop.

{Yeah, you can't eat hip hop.}

Dai: The stuff on earth that's actually pretty decent to me is Hip hop and Reggae.

That's what sings out to our souls. To the soul. Check dis out.

Kagura: On Dai-chan's planet, everyone is a B boy.

{You guys are all literally B(ig) boys!}

(TN- I think Kagura's 'B-boy' is 'Beat boy, and Gintoki's is sorta obvious.)

Dai: Other than that, all your customs are stuffy, old fashioned and lame man.

{Someone dressed like Fred Flintstone shouldn't talk about other people being old fashioned.}

Dai: For real I was sorta surprised that my girl wanted me to come to her house and say whats up to you.

Gintoki: Huh? Isn't that normal?

Dai: Well I mean what's most important is the feelings in the hearts of the actual couple. I mean what's so great about talkin' to the folks? Seriously it's lame. More like earth is really stuck in the past.

Gintoki: Yeah. Well I don't get all that stuff but whatever. We're behind.

But knowing what kinds of folks our daughter is friends with is sorta normal around here. Right Kagura?


Dai: Um, I sorta noticed you've been talkin' about us as if we're just friends...I ain't her friend..

I'm her boyfriend.

Gintoki: Oh, sorry. Boyfriend?

To be honest with you, us Earthlings don't have that sorta word. Right Kagura?

Dai: While we're bein' honest here, can I ask who you are to Kagura?

I mean I get her Dad's deal and all that stuff, but people who aren't related to her shouldn't be getting all familiar with her...calling her so casually...

She's my shortie, my woman. Dig?

Kagura: Dai-chan, I told you this before yes? Gin-chan is my earth....father? Brother? He is more like pubic lice.

{So I devolved into pubic lice?!}

Dai: More like I thought you were going out with me right? So why'd you bring me to meet your former boyfriend?

You need to cut yer ties with that guy fast. I don't forgive shorties that act funny.

Yo. Imma need you to stop associatin' with Kagura.
If you do anything to my woman, it'll spell disaster for earth.

I think I should tell you that if we want it Earth could come to an end.

All I gotta do is give the word and a bunch of bad dudes that I happen to be friends with will come runnin here.





(Sfx- Goh THOK)




Gintoki: Is it just me, or is that B(aka) Boy dissing our sweet Kagura?! His mouth has nothing but filth oozing from it!!

He's talking about destroying the earth, but the only thing that needs to be destroyed is your hair roots right?! RIGHT?!

Umibozu: Okay now...there's no need for that. Just calm down.

There's no need for you to be suspicious of these two Dai-kun. Kagura simply lives and works here.

To be honest, I'm rather against my daughter working in a place like this before marriage.


Dai: Seriously? Well I gotta agree with you. This workplace looks like it sucks.

But no need to worry pops.

(Sfx- Buru buru shake shake)

(Handwritten- Calm down!)

Dai: Imma finish up work here real soon and head back to my hometown.

'Course Kagura will be coming wit me.
Umibozu: What?

Kagura: Dai-chan, what do you mean by this?

Dai: Be quiet. I'm not talking to you.

Umibozu: Um...what DOES that mean?

Dai: My feelings for Kagura are the real thing. I ain't messin around here.

We plan on getting' married.


(Sfx- Dogyaaaah WHOK)

Shinpachi: Hold on you twooo!! What are you doing!?

(Sfx- Pota pota drip drip)

Umibozu: Maybe it was just my imagination, but I thought I heard him mention marriage just now..

Gintoki: Yeah..but we were just imagining things. Definitely.

Kagura: What are you talking about so suddenly! I did not hear anything about marriage, nope!

Dai: Shut yer trap! The men are talking important things right now!

Gintoki: Um...I don't really get what's going on but hasn't this conversation kinda skipped a few steps?

What about starting with friendship? More like has a friendship even begun here?

(Sfx- Yoro wobble)

Dai: No worries dude. I got Kagura.

After all we're soul mates. Her soul resonates with a part of mine...our feelings are totally in synch.

(Sfx- Ton pat)


Gintoki: Oooooh! Is that so?!

(Sfx- Gofuuhh thuuuud)

Umibozu: Now now. You guys are still young. You probably don't yet know much about passion...you're blinded by these white hot feelings.

(Sfx- Zeh hyuhh huff puff)

Umibozu: I understand your feelings and everything but you should spend time getting to know each other...you might learn about weaknesses and problems that might drive you up the wall. There are plenty of them I'll bet.

Dai: Nah, we don't have any of those.

To be straight up, there's nothing about Kagura I don't like. I embrace everything she's got man.

Umibozu: Oooooh I seeeee!!

(Sfx- Gougaaah thuuud)

Gintoki: No, I mean right now you might be saying that...

(Sfx- Geho goho cough cough)

(Sfx- Zeh hyuhh huff puff)

Gintoki: But she'll seriously eat your food when you sit down together. Like for real, you'll probably end up starving to death.

Moreover the only thing she knows how to make is recipes involving eggs, and if you think she's gonna make a good housewife that cleans up and does chores, forgettabouit.

Umibozu: Yeah, and then there's that 'yes' thing she does all day long. She never shuts up with the 'yes-yes' thing.

(Sfx- Zeh hyu zeh zhyu huff puff)

(Sfx- Yorohh wobble)

Umibozu: And guess what. Pretty much 100 percent of her children will be bald.

I mean there's not a single good thing about her is there? If I were you I'd just leave her behind,. She's a girl who's barely on the level of associating with much less marrying.


Kagura: Oooohh! Is that soooo?!

(Sfx- Dodofuhh thooook)

Kagura: Fine then.

If as a daughter I am that annoying, I suppose being a wife would be problematic.

That is fine, yes? I do not care.
I do not like doing things halfway either.

Dating him will be the prerequisite to marriage, yes?

Umibozu: Waaaaaaaaaait! Anything but that!

Dai: Well there ya have it. Even Kagura feels this way.

Even you guys gotta see what we have.

Shinpachi: Okay let's all just calm down.

I get that you want to take Kagura-chan with you..

But do you think you'll be able to learn her true feelings without ever going out with her?



(Sfx- Gagoshaaah thuuud)

Umibozu: A cherry boy with no love experience at all should just shut his damn mouth!

Do you think I'm gonna let her get married at this age?!

(Sfx- Gah gohh thuud thudd)

(Sfx- Gyaaaah!)

Gintoki: You don't get a damn thing about love!! Love is just an illusion!! Real love only begins when you're able to wake up from that dream damn brats!!



Umibozu: It's because we're adults that we know these things! So listen up!!

Shinpachi: What the hell is an adult?! I don't get this at all!!

More over they've already gone out on their date it seems...



Kagura: Aah, this is annoying, yes?

I did not know dating was this big of a problem.

Maybe it will be better to just remain friends, yes?

It is the same anyway. We can just continue to send letters as usual.

Dai: No, up until now we've just been writing to each other when we've got time. Now I want to be more mature about this.

More over I don't feel the same way about anyone that I do about you Kagura. I don't want someone else to give them to you.

Kagura: I do not need to date you or anyone for that matter. From what I remember, I am my own person not to be monopolized by you or those idiots.

Dai: Don't be stupid! It's different when someone loves you.

I don't want to give you to anyone else. These are feelings that only I have for you. That's what dating is all about.

Kagura: I do not necessarily care if you are with someone else.

You are just someone I play with and nothing else.

Dai: Ah, you're still thinking like a kid! You don't even notice that you're in love! This is how a relationship begins!

Kagura: So then those idiots who do not want to give me up to anyone else are also in love with me, yes?

Dai: That's different from passion. Intimacy and and affection are all different.

But sometime you'll get it...you'll realize the affection we have for each other and that you won't find it anywhere else.


Kagura: Hmmm..

I see...

But those guys too...

Their love is love, yes?


Dai: Hey Kagura?

Why are you smiling to yourself?

Kagura: It is nothing.

Ah, I am tired out from everything that happened today.

We can continue our date another time.

Dai: Eh?! Why?

We still gotta head back to my hometown and begin living with each other! If you don't come nothing will begin!

Kagura: I do not understand the specifics, but I think a long distance love affair is not a bad thing.

Passion is a prerequisite for marriage, but passion is something you can find anywhere.

Dai: Hey..wait a minute! You're just going to break up with me like that?! Why?!

Do you want people to start thinking you're playing fast and loose?!

Kagura: That is what I mean Dai-chan.

Love is something that can be picked up anywhere.


Kagura: But the love I can get from those idiots...

is the type only found here.

See you.

I will write a letter.

(Sfx- Zuooooh doooom)

Dai: I can't let you go Kagura.

I don't recognize a long distance relationship as passion or love.


Dai: I finally found someone who can inherit these robust genes from the giant clan.

(Sfx- Goooohhh fwoooof)

Dai: And you're crazy if you think I'm going to leave you in the hands of the bumpkins on this planet.

(Sfx- Ooooooh whoooooooh)

Soyo: Eeh? Kagura-chan and Prince Dai are that close?

I had no idea that they were in that kind of relationship?

Though now that you say it...Prince Dai...

Has given Kagura-chan attention that he gives no one else.

But it's ever so good someone stopped treating him as some sort of sickness and with the same informality as everyone else.

Heh but I have to admit I'm ever so jealous.

(Handwritten- That Kagura-chan has someone.)

(Sfx- Jyakkii clank)


Both: We're burning up too.

This ain't somethin' trivial to grumble about. Tell us where they hang out or...

We'll burn this castle to the ground.

Soyo: Aaah....

Shinpachi: Wait! What the hell are you two doing?!

Hime-sama had nothing to do with this! She didn't do anythign wrong!!

Gintoki: But she IS the person who introduced them.

Where the hell do you go play huuuh? What love hotel is it? Which gym bleacher underside do you hold your sex orgies?

Soyo: You're mistrusting us too much! We don't play in those sorts of places!


Soyo: Um...we usually play by the riverbed....the one in the park.

But I don't think they're...

(Sfx- Hyagaaaan fwooooom)

Soyo: But I don't think anyone is there now!!
Shinpachi: ….And there they go.

Hime-sama, what do you mean that no one is there? You seem to know something..?

Soyo: Um...I do recall hearing that Prince Dai intends to marry Kagura-chan..

Shinpachi: Um...but doesn't going out preclude dating?

Soyo: Oh no...then this is a problem!

The clans of giant star might give off a prehistoric feeling at first glance,

but they are in fact rather docile when they're listening to hip hop.

But one point that tends to be misunderstood is there is one point that changes them from docile to class S dangers.

In order for the royalty of giant planet to marry they go to other planets in search of a mate.

That is to say they go looking for planets with information with the best genetic information it seems.


Soyo: It's only after they get this genetic information that their behavior...

deviates from the norm...

(Sfx- Dodooon thooom)

(Sfx- Zuzuunn thuuuom)

(Sfx- Zoooooooo fwooooom)


Soyo: They then monopolize...

this genetic information.

Which is to say they find one with the best genetic information, make them into their spouse..

And as such that spouse becomes the property of their clan severing them from any other.

(Sfx- Kyahhhhh)

Shinpachi: Eh?

Th—that means...?

Soyo: The planet of where they pick their bride..

has a piece of it's genes eradicated.

(Side text- Sudden development?!)

GINTAMA LESSON 421............END.

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