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Gintama 422

Bald dad, Grey haired dad, and Glasses dad.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 7, 2012 08:05 | Go to Gintama

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Poor Kagura. With Dads like those guys you'd might as well give up on having any lasting relationships with the opposite sex.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Soyo(?): When the giants clan procures a spouse with the proper genetic material..

They then take action to prevent this genetic information from spreading to other races through separation.

(Side text- Danger draws closer to the fathers...)

Soyo: In short,

The giant that has chosen Kagura-chan to be his bride....

will then ensure her mother planet Earth and the earthlings

will have no traces of her genetic information.



Shinpachi: Ka—Kagura-chan's boyfriend...

and his race the giants are going to destroy the earth?!

Soyo: Yes...Apparently he thinks Kagura-chan is an earthling.

So he'll eradicate earth in his misunderstanding believing that this planet is the one of her origin.

There's no one on the planet with better genetic information than Kagura-chan apparently..

so now they'll just view the other earthlings as threats and hindrances to their own races.

Shinpachi: This whole situation is insane....!

Although we're not willing to give her up, eventually she'll become a bride and we'll be like the mother-in-laws that have our home destroyed!

Why is it the husband's gotta trash our home like this?!

Are we the bad guys?! Are we like the noisy mother in laws or something?!

Soyo: I rather doubt that's the problem here...

It's not really so much that they came to pick up a wife...

As much as it is they came to pick up the earth.

Shinpachi: So rather than wrecking our palanquin throne...

they've come to break the earth up into little pieces?!

Soyo: In any case you should stop them right away!

I shall tell my brother right away so the Bakfu can act quickly.

This isn't a matter where we can concern ourselves with diplomatic relations.

We have to protect Kagura-chan and earth...

Shinpachi: There's no need to concern them there.

(Sfx- Furari slump)

Soyo: Eh?

Shinpachi: The ones who need to be stopped aren't those giants...

The ones who are really fearsome...

Aren't them either.


(Top text- Gintama Volume 46 is in stores everywhere!! The TV Anime airs on TV Tokyo and it's affiliates every Thursday at 6!!)

Lesson 422: Bald dad, Grey haired dad, and Glasses dad.

(Side text- This week the dads are a must see!)


(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmmble)

Hanano: Everyone as you can see...

Giants have suddenly appeared within the city of Edo.

And now they have summoned what seems to be a giant ship that hovers in the skies of Edo.

What do they hope to accomplish here....?


(Sfx- Gagatsuhh shffffhh)

(Sfx- Goshooh dooosh)

(Sfx- Szuuun fofuhh dhooom dooosh)

{From the mothership hovering in the sky...}

{Formally dressed Giant soldiers disembark upon us!!}


{This is...!!}

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmble)

Giant: Citizens of Earth...

We of the giant clan would like to express our deepest gratitude for your people and your planet.


Giant: That after 46 hundred thousand years...

you were able to raise the perfect genetic specimen.

We will accept the bride that you have offered upon to us...

with our deepest gratitude.

And now your long service to us to us has come to an end...

with the offering of this sacrifice.

(Sfx- Dogashaaah dhoooom)

Giant: But if your planet were to suddenly disappear from the universe...

you needn't worry as your genetic material would live on within us.

Rejoice. As this occasion marks your wonderful union...

With our clan...and an eternity of walking down a path of prosperity.

(Sfx- Doohhh thooom)


Giant: Shall we celebrate this blessing together...?

This bonding between earthlings and the giants clan?
By bearing witness to these two's blessed marrage.

Hanano: Is this...a marriage ceremony?!

No way?! The Giants have destroyed the city in order to make a wedding chapel?!

Ah! There's an earthling girl there!

The giants have captured a single girl!!

Priest: Doth thou take her in times of prosperity and times of sickness?

Shall you love and protect her always?

Do you vow to keep your Chasity and honor?

Dai: I do.

{Could it be that they intend to make this girl that giant's bride via this marriage ceremony?}

Priest: Doth the one designated as wife

Doth thou take him in times of prosperity and times of sickness?

Do you vow to keep your chastity and honor and walk beside this man and abide by the rules of marriage?

Dai: She does.

{And is this ceremony to serve as a sacrifice that ushers in the destruction of us earthlings and our planet?}


Priest: Then...

Vow and kiss.

Hanano: Whaaat?

{Is this girl's innocence going to be stolen by a giant pair of liiiiips?!}


{Now your sturdy genes that are the envy of the Giants will be mine.}

{I won't let anyone else have you.}

{Those annoying dads of yours will soon be nothing but space chaff.}
{You only need me to pay attention to you.}

{Kagura the only one who can love you in the whole universe...}

{Is me.}


Shinpachi: HOLD UUUUUUUP!!

(Sfx- Gagoooh thoonk)

(Sfx- Dogoshaaah thuuuud)

Dai: Ungaohh!

Hold on here father!!

You're no good! I don't swing that way!! Father?

(Sfx- Piku piku throb throb)

Dai: Fatheeeeeeer!!

Shinpachi: Dai-kun....sorry but...

(Sfx- Ooooohhhh fwoooofh)

Shinpachi: I can't give Kagura-chan to you.

You don't...

meet the qualifications to call yourself Kagura-chan's boyfriend.

Dai: Y—you're?!

Hey! You polluted my marriage ceremony and my first kiss dammmit!!


Shinpachi: Sorry. While at first I believed you were pure and going to associate with her normally...

You've gone and done something a boyfriend has no right to do.

By trying to monopolize Kagura-chan to yourself you've trampled over her feelings...

and stolen something important.

Whether you're a crown prince or holier-than-thou doesn't matter...I won't acknowledge you.
Dai: It has nothing to do with you!! Quit trying to get in--

Shinpachi: Do you get it...?

What it's like to have the daughter you raised being taken by some unknown man …

and still having to send her off with a smile when she finds a boyfriend..?

A bald father's feelings?

Do you understand...

having to separate from a person you've continuously watched over....

when she chooses a man to believe in...

having to put your sword aside?

A white haired father's feelings...?

Do you...


How lonely it is to give her up but knowing it's for the best?

Biting down tears for Kagura-chan's sake? The feelings of...

the straight man role glasses father?!


Dai: What the hell are you going on about?! Dad this Dad that!! How many damn fathers does she have?!

You sticking your face in the business of a couple is damn sickening, retard!

If you can't let go of your kid, then I'll rip you guys apart with my own two hands!

Destroy any noisy monkeys that try to disrupt the ceremony!!

She's a sacrifice for our marriage ceremony!!

(Sfx- Douu douu douhh fwoom fwooom fwoom)

Dai: All units attack!!

{Oh no! Now all of the units from the mother ship are moving in to attack!!}

{Its as if we're bearing witness to the end of the earth!! No..at this rate the world really will end!!}

Dai: Ahahahah! Smell ya later pops!!

Your cute little girl is...

Her boyfriend; Dai-sama's property!!

(Sfx- Potaa dripp)

Dai: Hm?

What the..

(Sfx- Sasuuh sfft)

Dai: I didn't ask for a rice shower....


(Sfx- Pota pota drip drip)

People What the hell..?!

What is this?!

{Th—this is?}

{A deluge of blood?}

{For some reason rather than a rice shower from above, we're getting a blood red downpour instead!}

Hanano: N—No way...then...

{Then this is the blood of the giants!!}

{This isn't an attack by the titans, but an attack ON them!!}

Dai: N—no way....

Th—this is...

Shinpachi: We're sickening?

That's fine.

Boyfriends who desire to monopolize their girlfriends...

For the sake of having their great genetically information to themselves...a clan of monopolization like yours...all men would seem creepy when compared to that.


Shinpachi: But if you think...

with just that level of greed..

You'll be able to stop fathers who don't want to give up their daughter...

To curb their sickening monopolization....

You're dead wrong.


Dai: Hiiiii!!

Th—this is stupid!!

All of you guys...

By just two of them...

the entirety of us giants...

Gintoki: 'Sup boyfriend.

We reconsidered a few things.

Considering you're willing to go as far as destroying the earth to be with Kagura...

I suppose we could give you our daughter that we raised with so much care.

Though you're gonna need the vigor that comes with taking down a whole planet.

Umibozu: Yeah...

Gotta give as much as you get.

Dai: You idiots....for one girl...

For her sake you wanna destroy our planet?

Umibozu: You think that for a little dirty kid like that us big adults would do something so drastic?

Gintoki: We get you're really quite prepared for this. So because of that we'll let you go ahead and take that brat with you..

Just one thing.




(Sfx- Dopahh sbploosh)

(Sfx- Gara gara clatter clatter)

(Sfx- Para para clatter clatter)

Gintoki: You finally said something adult huh?

Umibozu: Yup at long last we're finally great adults.

(Sfx- Zathh sfft)

Both: Wait...


Both: did we forget that Kagura's on there?

(Sfx- Gahhh grip)

(Sfx- Dopaaah blooosh)

(Sfx- Dopaaah bloosh)

(Sfx- Don don thok thok)

Shinpachi: Wah! Wait wait!

What's with that huge letter Kagura-chan?

Kagura: Dai-chan wrote me a letter once he returned to his country, yes?

You guys can read it as well.

Shinpachi: Huh? From the prince?

Hey um...is this going to be okay? I know we were protecting earth but I think we sorta went a little overboard...


Shinpachi: Whoa, it's not a declaration of war?!

He just wants to keep writing letters to Kagura-chan! What should I do Gin-san?

Gintoki: Shinpachi reply to him right away.

Umibozu: Our daughter is a bit rude but thank you very...

Shinpachi: 'During my stay on Earth I believe I caused you all sorts of trouble'....huh?

(Sfx- Gararaa clatter)

Shinpachi: 'After experiencing foreign cultures I too have decided to take this chance and embrace and treasure my family. As well as learn from my experiences.'

It's like he's a different person!!

(Handwritten- Did the prince really write this?)

Umibozu: He's probably only creative when he writes letters.

While my love for Kagura-chan hasn't yet ripened, I hope that next time I should meet her..

my past bad habits won't keep me from becoming closer with her family.

Especially her fathers. I will ensure that I hold them in proper esteem and never ever cross them.

It seems like he's developed some sort of father trauma..

Umibozu: Mhmm. Well lots of things happened but alls well that ends well.

She didn't slip away from us, and us fathers all managed to take one step into maturity.

I wonder if those giants are gonna do things differently on their planet?

Gintoki: Doesn't loko like it.

Shinpachi: Eh?

{PS, Recently I've become interested in someone with great genetic information.}


{It seems...}

{Fathers are really amazing.}

Shinpachi: Um...This is different, but won't their planet be destroyed..?

Gintoki: This is your fault dude. You're the one who awakened his feelings for that sorta thing.

Shinpachi: Hey! Don't blame me for this!! You guys are the ones who went overboard!

Gintoki: Hey that's a father thing you know? I'm not a dad.

Umbiozu: What are you saying? I'm more like a brother if anything.

Gintoki: You're not a brother. Your hair's completely retreating.

Umibozu: My hair didn't retreat, it's making an attack on kejin!!

(TN- Kejin is literally 'hair man' it's supposed to be a parody of 'Shingeki no kyoujin' or Attack on titain'.)

{To Dai-chan.}

{Thanks to you I've learned a lot of things as well.}

{I'm not sure of the difference between passion and parental affection..}

{But for now...}

{If its a boyfriend....}

{These guys are more than enough.}

(Side text- Fathers are great aren't they!!)

GINTAMA LESSON 422..........END.

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