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Anagle Mole 33

Operation rescue Chiwa commences.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 18, 2012 18:51 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 33

k.i.s.s scans only.

(Top text- With her smart phone broken, she's in a pinch! They've got to save the reckless Chiwa!!)

Luchiru: We've finally made it Kyousuke!!

Kita city!!

33rd Space: Operation rescue Chiwa commences.

Kyousuke: So Chiwa's here...?!

Luchiru: Yeah!

(Handwritten- I think.)



Luchiru: Train-gou...

We're going to have to part for a little while buddy.

When we've rescued Chiwa we'll send you a 'signal'.

So just hang out here until then!

Train: Bururun.

(Bottom text- Volumes one and two are in stores now! Go pick 'em up!!)

Luchiru: When we head back to the surface you'll be able to run to your heart's content!

This time though it'll be under a clear blue sky!

Train: Bruruun.


Kyousuke: Luchiru!

I see a guard!

Hang on to me! We're outta here!

Luchiru: All right Train!

Train: Bururunh.

(Sfx-Dattun shifft)

Guard: Hm?

Kyousuke: Ooooooorah!!


{We're coming to save you...!!}

(Sfx- Dobunn blloop)


(Sfx- Oooooooojh fwhoooooh)

(Sfx- Dododododo thmptmmptmpp)

(Sfx- Dokaah dokaah dokaah dhoof doof doof)

(Sfx- Gyuuuunn fwooooom)


Guard: Huh?!

An abandoned runaway caaaaaaaar!!!

Train: Bururun...

{Can't stop on his own.}

(Sfx- Dogoooonn thoooom)

Guard: Bwahhh!


(Sfx- Wai wai wai)

(Sfx- Zapaan ploosh)

Kyousuke: Pwhaaah!

Where are we?

Arulu: A rations room.

(Handwritten- Right?)
(Handwritten- Yeah.)

Arulu: Okay...

Now what?


Luchiru: Kyousuke, change into majin clothing and wait here with Arulu.

Bahamu and I will go looking for Chiwa's location.

Kyousuke: Wha?!

H—Hey Luchiru!

Luchiru: Don't worry, I'll be wearing a mask.

Once I find out something I'll contact you guys using the 'miguards'.

Ask Arulu how to use 'em'.

(Handwritten- This?)

Luchiru: Awwright.

I'm out!


Kyousuke: Ah!!

(Handwritten- Wait...!!)

(Handwritten- Hup!)

Kyousuke: That moron...

(Sfx- Doki doki doki throb throb throb)

Luchiru: Getting anything Bahamu?

(Sfx- Kun kun Snif snif)

(Handwritten- Dammit this time I'll go for level 10!!)

(Sfx- Kun snif)

Bahamut: Yeah! Without a doubt she's in the city!
Though I can't get a reading on exactly where...

Luchiru: Ooh!


Bahamut: Our best bet is to remain steady and retrace her steps.

Luchiru: Okay. Got it.

Bahamut: Don't forget that you're a wanted man Luchiru....

You'll have to act with discretion!

(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)

(Sfx- Kuru Spin)

Luchiru: Hey buddy. You seen this girl around here?!

(Handwritten- A portrait received from the stalker.)

(Handwritten- Huh?)

(Sfx- Doooon thuuum)

Bahamut: Luchiruuuuu!!

Dude: Don't know her.

Luchiru: Look closer dummy! She's a pretty girl with long hair!

Bahamut: Luchiruuuu!!

Dude: I'm telling you I don't know her.

Luchiru: Open your eyes and look dammit! Open all of those weird eye like thinges on your body and look with your entire being!



Kyousuke: Hey Arulu!

Arulu: Hm?

Kyousuke: I'm not feeling these clothes!

Actually they're sorta embarassing!!

Arulu: What are you babbling about?

(Handwritten- Likes the taste.)

(Sfx- Mochi mochi mochi chew chew)

(Sfx- Majiiiiin)

Arulu: Lately the ripo ripo brand has been totally in.

It's all about being ripo ripo y'know?

Kyousuke: I have no idea what that means!


Arulu: The thread that makes up your jacket was woven by 'titanium spiders'.

(Sfx- Jiro jiro Stare stare)

(Handwritten- Huh?)

(Handwritten- Hiyah~!!)

(Sfx- Doon thump)

Kyousuke: Ungh!!

Arulu: Which should increase your defensive capabilities.

(Sfx- Moko mokyo chew chew)

(Handwritten- If you weren't wearing that, you would have died just now.)

Kyousuke: I'm telling you that you don't have to test it like that...

(Handwritten- She's scary as hell..)

Kyousuke: I just wonder if Luchiru's gonna be okay...

(Handwritten- With that disguise or lack therof.)

Arulu: Hey human.

Kyousuke: Huh?

Kyousuke: What do...

(Sfx- Nunn staare)

Kyousuke: You're too close!

(Handwritten- It's scaring me!)

Arulu: You...

Don't get...

Luchiru it seems.

(Sfx- Zun zun zun tmp tmp tmp)

Kyousuke: Hm?

(Sfx- Don thud)

Arulu: I already said it...

There's really very little that a guy like him can't do.

Yeah he's a coward.

He can't even take down simple majuu that others have no problem with.

(Handwritten- Gulp...)

(Handwritten- Eeeeeee.)

(Handwritten- What's up Luchiru!?)

(Handwritten- Go man go!

(Sfx- Garurururu Grrrrr)

Arulu: He's always watching his back when he's washing his hair...

And if you say things like 'the wooden celing looks kinda like a face', he'll cry a river.

Kyousuke: Little bro, all the things you're scared of sound pretty...humane.


Arulu: But you know...

beyond all that is a strength that only he posesses.
Arulu: That's why I know he'll be fine.

Kyousuke: Yeah...

You're right about that.

{Dude there are totally people down here too...}

{Who see the real you, Luchiru.}


Guugrus: Hey guys! Whatcha talkin' bout?

I'm pretty sure I heard 'Luchiru' here and there...

(Sfx- gahh grab)

Guugrus: Or am I hearing thinigs...?


Arulu: Guugrus...

We've got a troublesome one here...

Kyousuke: Huh? Who's he?

Guugrus: And who might you be?

As far as I can see you seem to be a level 0 lackey.

Kyousuke: Wha?!

(Sfx- Kachiin pooit)

Arulu: Keep your pants on. He's a higher level than me...

Just follow my lead. I'll make up some lie to get him to leave.

(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)

(Handwritten- Yeah...okay.)

Arulu: Speaking of lackeys, I'd like to introduce you to mine.

(Handwritten- Lack---)

Arulu: If you must know we were discussing how he can make himself more useful than Luchiru.
Kyousuke: Yup, that's how it is!

(Sfx- Pecha slap)

Guugrus: Yeah..now that you say it...

He does have the face of a lackey.

Kyousuke: Gotta stay cool...gotta stay cool...

(Handwritten- Nice to meet you.)

Kyousuke: We-well I look forward to hangin' with ya boss!

(Handwritten- Heheheh...)

Guugrus: Arulu....

First its that crappy Luchiru and now this?

You should quit while you're ahead, unless you're looking forward to another Luchiru style betrayal.


{The Lackey got pissed.}


(TN- That he did.)


(Sfx- Dogoooo thuuud)

(Handwritten- Crap!!)

Kyousuke: Wha?

The strength of my human punch decked him?

Arulu: Of course it didn't.

(Handwritten- I kicked him from behind because he's a pain in the ass.)

Guugrus: It's because you're involved with Luchiru that this is happening...


Arulu: Yeah? And I think it's time you stopped breathing MY air...

(Side text- Because of their anger, a clash with Guugrus is inivetible?! Next issue this series will be on break. It will continue in issue 35, look forward to it then.)


(TN- Haaaaaaaah It's issue 50 and still no chapter. :()

I know what you're thinking (or not thinking.) BDR you only put comments down here on final chapters! (Or series you can't or won't translate anymore!) Well the thing is, this is the final chapter of Anagle mole that was printed before the series went on hiatus back in August. As of right now there are no other chapters available, and it appears that for now at least there are no more coming out for the time being. The reason Sunday's editors (and Fukuchi himself) gives is that he's in 'poor physical condition', and true enough he has been complaining about aches and pains. My hypothesis is that he's been doing a lot of work alone which deteriorated his condition which would also explain why there was a three week hiatus before this indefinite one. It would make sense since he's been asking for assistants for a while too. In any case the only major update I've seen on his twitter is that now rather than saying 'when re-serialization has been decided it will be announced, The new notice says 'When the issue of re-serialization has been determined it will be announced. The distinction here is before it seemed as if no one knew when if at all it would return. Now at least it sounds like the return is coming, and the editors and Fukuchi himself just need to decide on an issue. Of course I'm not in the industry and don't know anything so take that with a grain of salt.

The notice itself for the curious:


I too intend to translate the chapters I missed due to not having raws, and kiss scans has said they'll scantlate them due to the problematic translations that exist now. I'll announce when later. Like Fukuchi, I intend to translate the series once he starts drawing it again. Lets just all keep him in our prayers and remember to buy Anagle mole if it's available in your region.


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#1. by kiss ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2012
thanks :D
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