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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Six Trigger 3

Cross Road Blues.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 21, 2012 01:12 | Go to Six Trigger

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And now for another exciting episode of Tsubame and friends.

Easy going scans only.

Tsubame: Ow.

3rd Bullet: Cross Road Blues.

Lady: Oh,

Sorry, but I'm in a bit of a hurry...

Tsubame: Sure...

Actually, wait a minute.

I'm going to need my wallet back lady.

Lady: Wh-wha-wha...

What are you talking about?

Tsubame: Dammit this is a pain in the ass...


Tsubame: Okay. How about I trade you for this photo here? It must be kinda important since you went through the trouble of hiding it within your coat pocket.

Lady: When did you...?!

Tsubame: You sure you're cut out for pick pocketing?


3rd Bullet: Cross Road Blues.


Mimoza: Okay,

This fellow is the target this time....

Johnny Kakizaki.

Tsubame: An assassin?

Mimoza: Right on.

He's an assassin who works for Shinapz.

He took the organization's money and scarpered off.

Apparently he had something he needed to settle, even if it meant dying.

Tsubame: Booooring.

(Sfx- Fuuuhh fwoof)

Mimoza: I remind you that we choose your jobs, and not the other way around.

(Handwritten- You can't jolly well keep ignoring me.)


Tsubame: Listen, this world's full of assassins who take more than their share and skip out. It's tough but those are the breaks.

Mimoza: I wonder about that. You might be right if the only thing shinapz was after was recompense.

Money's the root of all desire.

That's how the normal world function.

Ridding themselves of all enemies is exactly the reason why the organization needs money to begin with.

Tsubame: Hey...hold on a minute.

Mimoza: Hm?

Oh? You couldn't possibly be saying there's something more important than money could you?

Tsubame: Lemmie see the picture on that plank.

Mimoza: ….Plank?

That's all of Johnny Kakizaki's data.

Has something there caught your fancy?


Tsubame: No...

Mimoza: Hmmm?

Rather there's something I had wanted to ask you before...

When you receive payment for services rendered, how do you split it amongst...yourselves?

Tsubame: And why would I tell you that?

Mimoza: Come now. You can tell me that much.

Tsubame: ...Geez.

Considering I'm the foundation of this get up, people pay me directly,

And I’m the only one who reaps the benefits. Period.

Mimoza: That's ace! You're raking it in then!

Tsubame: That kid's picture bugs me though...

Suzume: 'Tsubame' do you like kids?

Tsubame: Hell no.

I hate kids who refer to themselves in the third person just as much as I hate women who do the same.

Suzume: I know right? You being fond of kids makes me think of a horror movie.


Suzume: Though...

After reading the target's info, why didn't you call up 'Owl' or 'Penguin' to take care of this? Why just little ol' me?

Tsubame: There are certain 'reasons' why Owl wouldn't do this...and Penguin's only decent if we just need a quick headshot.

Suzume: I guess that's about right.

So basically I get to blast this Johnny dude a new breathing hole right?

Tsubame: Yeah. I ain't particularly interested in this one.

Suzume: What's with that?

Tsubame: I thought you were into older men?

Suzume: You'd think you'd know me better! My liking doesn't cover middle aged dudes.

Tsubame: ….Aren't you...

Just a brat?

Suzume: I ain't a brat!

Tsubame: All brats say that.

Suzume: Why you....

Tsubame: Pay attention. We're in the same line of work as the target.

Suzume: Yeah, whatever.


Suzume: Huh?

(Sfx- Gacha clack)

Tsubame: What?

Suzume: It opened....

Tsubame: Be careful. Its stuff like this that's really scary.

Suzume: Ah..

(Sfx- Pihh beeep)

Tsubame: Hm?


Johnny: Sorry bout that toots...

But I gotta do what I gotta do.



Johnny: Wha...

Who the hell are you...

Where's the girl from earlier....?!


Tsubame: Hey 'Suzume'! You weren't supposed to change to 'Owl' dammit!!




Johnny: Damn...

What the hell is that muscleheaded idiot playing at?!

(Sfx- Basu basu basu basu basu toom toom toom)




Tsubame: 'Owl'! Knock it off and switch to me!!


Tsubame: LISTEN!!

Johnny: Dammitall...this guy's one tough customer...!!

Tsubame: 'Owl'!!!

Johnny: But...I....

I can't die until I meet my daughter!!

Tsubame: You idiot!!

Owl: Daughter....?


Owl: Could we talk for a moment?

Johnny: Eh?

Tsubame: Dammit Owl...You're weak to situations like these!!

Johnny: To be honest I had no idea this whole time...

That I had a daughter out there...

Tsubame: Hey...when did your relationship with him get so deep?

Owl: Is that so?

Johnny: Have a look at this...ain't she a cutie?

Tsubame: What the hell does that have to do with you two?

Owl: She sure is.


Johnny: Heh, it's a screwed up story really. I've been living for myself all of this time..

By the time I realized that I had a daughter it was too late for me to start living a respectable life.

Tsubame: Why are you bearing your soul to us?

Owl: I see...

Even if it's just once...I'd like to have a daughter to hold in these arms...

….Sniff, it's so hard on me.

Tsubame: Why the hell are you crying?

Johnny: To your passionate heart.

Owl: To your daughter.

Tsubame: Don't do a toast here!

Stop getting along.


Tsubame: No singing.

No walking on rail tracks.

No gazing off the peer into the twilight either!!

Johnny: Dawn sure is lonely...

Owl: Yeah...

Tsubame: Knock this shit off Owl!!


Johnny: It was great meeting you...
But I’ve got to hit the road.

Tsubame: Stop him 'owl'!

Owl: No can do.

Tsubame: I said stop...


Owl: I'm sorry about this Johnny, but I can't let you leave.

Johnny: Why?

Owl: It's quite simple actually...

You took the organization's money and fled.

Now it's different story if you give that back....

Johnny: Can't do that compadre. I need this cash.

Owl: Think about this Johnny. Taking this money with you means 'certain death'. Do you really want this?

Tsubame: You're not in a position to haggle with him!


Johnny: You're the type who wears his heart on his sleeve huh?

One day you're gonna get killed over something pathetic.

Owl: Don't treat it as a handicap.

For lives are lost trying to protect that which you call pathetic.

Johnny: It seems like you've been through some stuff yourself.

Owl: Everyone has their sadnesses and pains to shoulder.

Johnny: It's a cryin' shame.

Owl: I feel the same way.

I was hoping I could stop you without a fight.




Owl: It's over.

Johnny: I wonder about that.


Owl: Stop that.

Not knowing when to give up is uncouth.

Johnny: Yeah...

But you know men have a funny problem....they never seem to know when to give up.

Owl: Damn...!!!

Johnny: My bad. To be honest, you're actually a pretty good guy...


Tsubame: Don't just kill me off...

Cause I ain't ready to die.

Johnny: What the hell?! Where's 'Owl'?!

Tsubame: Your eyes aren't fooling you. We've switched places.

Johnny: Damn! You mean the rumors of an assassin with multiple bodies is the real deal?

Tsubame: That's right.


Tsubame: Now...

Die for me.

Johnny: I see....yeah, you're definitely different than 'Owl'.

Tsubame: I hate getting swept up by feelings just as much as I hate a bunch of women getting together to discuss bullshit.

Johnny: Can I talk to 'Owl' again?

Tsubame: Nope.

Johnny: I see...

Tsubame: You think if 'Owl' comes back out he won't shoot you?

Johnny: Hmph.

Then could you do me a favor...?

I know you don't owe me anything but could you make sure this money reaches my little girl?

Tsubame: That's a no go too.


Tsubame: Your daughter died a long time ago.


Tsubame: You sure you're cut out for pick pocketing?

You can look at me and tell I'm not easy pickings or some honest Joe.

You don't have to listen to me or anything but if you're gonna walk around with a picture of your daughter, you oughtta get honest---

Lady: She's dead.

She had a terrible sickness and I spent the entirety of my life savings to keep her alive!!

And in the end she died and I've been reduced to living like this!!

Tsubame: It's a screwed up story to be real honest with you.

I mean, here you are stealing money to give to her, and she up and dies without you knowing a damn thing.

Johnny: Can I ask something?

Tsubame: Huh?


Johnny: Does 'Owl' know about all of this?

Tsubame: He...

Doesn't know anything.
Johnny: So he's just a big softy.

Tsubame: That he is.

Johnny: Sorry 'Owl' but...

I can't die here!!


Johnny: What that case contains isn't money but a plastic bomb.

It's packing enough heat to blow you to smithereens.

Tsubame: You'd take the heat too...

Johnny: It's pretty much 100 percent that I'd die...

But even when the odds are against him, a man's gotta take a gamble.

Tsubame: Why?

Your daughter's no longer alive.

Johnny: ….Is it so bad that I want to go to her grave and apologize?

Tsubame: Pure nonsense.

Johnny: You're one badass assassin buddy.


Tsubame: Hey!

Who the hell are you?!


Lady: I haven't seen you in such a long time....but your penchant for getting into nasty situations hasn't changed has it...?

Tsubame: You're...


Sumika: Nice to see you again, Tsubame-senpai.


Tsubame: Sticking your nose where it doesn't belong....

Sumika: Aww what's with that attitude? I came to help you out of a jam...

C'mon, praise me!

Tsubame: You were completely unnecessary there.

Sumika: You haven't changed at all...

So cool..


That's right...

Whatdya think of me now huh?

I know you haven't seen me in a while, but I’ve grown up in various ways. I'm a total sex idol now~!

Hey! Look at me!


Tsubame: As usual you're still loud as hell, and annoying to match.

Sumika: I'm so happy to see you again Senpai!!!

You're just as dark and cold as you were before!!

Tsubame: And you still need to seriously take a chill pill.

What the hell are you doing here anyway? I doubt you came just to bail my ass out of trouble right?

Sumika: Yeah, that's right...


Sumika: Senpai, you have to come back to 'Theme park', the place that raised us....

Because it's about to erupt into war.

Tsubame: I figured that was going to happen eventually.

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