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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Six Trigger 4

Bon Voyage Wharf.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 21, 2012 03:05 | Go to Six Trigger

-> RTS Page for Six Trigger 4

Volume one is almost done. Like for real. One more chapter and it's finished. Pretty decent arc should begin in Volume two, and if the last issue of Gessan that I got is any indicator, even more stuff is set to happen. It'll be fun on a bun.

Easy going scans only.

Sumika: Senpai, you have to come back to 'Theme park', the place that raised us....

Because it's about to erupt into war.

4th Bullet: Bon Voyage wharf.

Tsubame: Sorry Sumika.

But I ain't getting involved with 'Theme park' any more.


4th Bullet: Bon Voyage Wharf.


Sumika: Izzat so.

Tsubame: Huh?

Sumika: It's all good then...

I just came to inform you of 'Theme park's' intentions...

It's not like they asked me to come back with your head on a silver platter or nuthin!

Well that's 'for now' anyway.

Tsubame: Figures.


Mimoza: Here's your target.

Tsubame: He's a kid.

Mimoza: And it's the young who do the most outrageous things...

He went and knicked off with the life of one of or men in middle management.

The man you're going to kill this time around is Hiyama Torao.

Tsubame: Management must be really something if a punk can kill one of them.

Mimoza: You really should learn to curb that attitude.

He might be a little punk, but he killed one of Shinapz's men.

Underestimating him could put your life in shambles.

Tsubame: Yeah, sure.


Mimoza: Ah,

Hold on a moment.

Tsubame: Hm?

Mimoza: You wouldn't have happened to talk to someone from 'Theme park' would you?

Tsubame: And if I did...?

Mimoza: Oh nothing. I'm merely a tad curious is all.

Tsubame: We didn't talk about anything important.

Mimoza: Oh really.

You were raised in 'Theme park' were you not?


Mimoza: Well it's nothing to be surprised about I suppose...

Since 'Theme park' participates under the supervision of Shinapz...

Gathering orphans and raising them to become assassination experts....

Then...you'd be an orphan too?

Tsubame: I forgot stuff like that a long time ago.

Mimoza: Ah,

I see.

Always acting cold...


Sumika: Here you go.

Tsubame: Still the same annoying idiot as before...

Sumika: Teehehee.
Tsubame: More like, where'd come from this time?

Sumika: Since you and I were raised in 'Theme park' together senpai, I've always looked out for you. It would make sense I'd get used to your movements too!

Tsubame: You were looking out for me?

Sumika: Don't you remember Senpai?

Tsubame: Nope.

Sumika: Listen to me then.

'Theme park' picked me up when I was an abandoned kid with nowhere else to go.

Of course at the time I had no idea that they'd be teaching me the way to kill.

Since a lot of the people training and raising us there were skeezy old men and stuff...

I ended up being bullied a lot in 'Theme Park'.

Since I've always been really adorable and all.

(Handwritten- You were adorable?)


Sumika: And to me...the one who saved me back then became my hero.

That person being you of course, Senpai.

Tsubame: I saved you?

Sumika: GAH!

…..That's just like you Senpai...

Tsubame: Really now.

Sumika: Senpai...where were you and what were you doing up until you joined 'Theme park'..?

Tsubame: I forgot.

Sumika: ...Do you remember anything?


Tsubame: So...

What's the point of this long-ass story?

Sumika: Come back to 'Theme par--'

Tsubame: No.

Sumika: I told you before, there's a war going down!

There's gunfire everywhere now!

Tsubame: Doesn't concern me.

Sumika: ….You know...

I said that if a war broke out, I'd bring you back with me Senpai.

Do you even have a reason to turn me down?

Moreover upper management is pretty much dead set on having you back.

They really want manpower which I get and everything, but I wonder what else they're thinking about?

Tsubame: Probably nothing.

Sumika: Hmmm?

Tsubame: More over I don't think it does any good to start believing in every little thing the organization does.

Especially since they're in bed with Shinapz.

Sumika: I get what you're saying...

But I really don't know what else they're up to.


Tsubame: Use your head for a minute. You're not just some chess piece to be tossed when it's all over.

Rather than putting your belief in 'Theme Park' or Shinapz, you should start believing in yourself.

Sumika: Well...

I won't say I’m not happy to hear that from you...

But I’d be happier if you believe in me Senpai!!

Tsubame: I do.

Now go home.

Sumika: That's one thing...

This is another.

Tsubame: Which is which?

Sumika: Geez...you really aren't listening are you?

Or maybe I should keep what I know about Hiyama Torao to myself?

Tsubame: What? You know about Hiyama?

Sumika: You could say I have a bit of business with him myself...

To be exact it's more his lack of confidence that I'm interested in.

Tsubame: What? He can't go back or something?

I hate guys who try to act like they're big shit jus as much as I hate women who talk out of turn.


Sumika: It's really not a complicated thing.

I mean everyone knows why young guys decide to stick it out on the lam.

Tsubame: …..

A woman right?

Sumika: Ding-ding~

Ya see, the guy in Shinapz he killed was an old guy with a wife named Kaori.

And it's because of Kaori that Hiyama blew him away, like 'bang'.

Tsubame: And where is she?

Sumika: Out playing around. You know it's that sorta story.

Tsubame: Pain in the ass...

Sumika: No, but Senpai! That guy and the woman are...

Tsubame: And?

Where's that little punk Hiyama at now?
Sumika: He ran away to meet that woman at the port apparently.

Well, if she shows up that is.

Its a Naniwabushi.

(TN- A variant of sung narrative that was popular during the Edo period.)


Tsubame: Sorry...

Your lady ain't comin'.


Torao: Wha..

What's going on?! Who are you?

Where's Kaori-san?!

Tsubame: I said she ain't coming.

Did you seriously think she would?

She's playing a game and you lost kiddo.

Torao: Th—that's not true!!

Kaori-san is...!

Sumika: There's nothing going on in that empty head huh?

Did you really think the wife of an assassin would get sweet on some little punk?

Tsubame: Geez. If you're going to say mean shit like that he'll die right where he stands.

Torao: A—Assassin?

That old dude was an assassin...?

Tsubame: And you didn't even know that much huh...? Well I think you should know what's gonna happen next.


Tsubame: You've had a great albeit short life...

So now...

Sumika: So coool~!!

Torao: HYAAAAAH!!!

Tsubame: ...Hey he ran away.

Sumika: That he did.

Tsubame: Goddammit.

I think I hate punks who protect women who don't even give them the time of day more than anything now!

Torao: Dammit!! I ain't gonna let them catch me!!


Tora: UWAAH!!

Sumika: Wow.

You sure know how to make things flashy....I'll give you that.

Tsubame: Dammit...this is a waste of freakin' time.

Sumika: Hey,

Come on out...

Sumika: Looks like he ran off.

Tsubame: Goddamn that brat....


Torao: Hah




They won't find me here....

Sumika: You doin' okay there?

Tsubame: Did you really think a wet behind the ears punk would be able to out run me?

Torao: Whoaaa!

Tsubame: Now...

Give it up...


Sumika: He's great at running away.

Tsubame: Knock that shit off dammit!!


Torao: Gyaaah!!

Tsubame: Dammit!

Sumika: I'm actually sort of impressed. He's got guts if anything...

Torao: If I can get to that duct and crawl out the other side, I'm safe!

(Sfx- Hah...)

(Sfx- hah...)

Torao: At my size I'll fit in there if only barely...

That dude is too big and the chick's tits are far too huge for them to squeeze through!


Tsubame: Ah...


Sumika: I'd never be able to fit in that little space! I’m going to go around the outside!

Tsubame: Well, it actually is a big help that you left.

I can't have the whole world knowing about the multiple bodies.

'Owl' Toss the case outside.

Owl: GOT IT!!

Tsubame: 'Penguin', I'm leaving the duct to you.

You should be able to fit with no problems, right?


Torao: Heheheheeh...

I got away from 'em!

Now to wait for Kaori-san...



What the?!

Torao: A brat?!


Torao: What the hell do you want?

Kids shouldn't be playing around in a place like...


Tsubame: Hm. If I didn't know any better, I'd say your face looks like someone who just ingested poison.

Torao: What is this?!

What the hell are you?!

Tsubame: There's no need for you to know that.


Tsubame: Since you're about to die anyway.

Torao: Hi..


Tsubame: Quit bitching.

Even a punk like you had to know that you weren't gonna run forever.

Now hurry up and die for me.

Torao: Hah...


I ain't gonna die...!

Tsubame: You still wanna talk shit?

Well...you got guts don'tcha.

Sumika: How'd you get here first Senpai?!

Torao: I'm waiting for Kaori-san!

What's wrong with me waiting for the woman I fell in love with?!


Tsubame: You think you're some kind of pure angel or something?

All that waiting just makes you a moron...


Torao: What's that?!

Tsubame: Hoping for a woman to come and save you is the same as asking to die.

Sumika: I won't forgive you for that.

Torao: It's not over yet.

I have the secret weapon Kaori-san gave me...!

Tsubame: Huh?

Torao: She told me not to use it until a situation like this came up though.

Hypnotism Gas!!

If I use this, then even you won't be able to do anything to stop me!

Tsubame: Wha...



Tsubame: Damn...

Torao: Heheheh...



Sumika: Oww..

Tsubame: Are you okay?


Sumika: A






Tsubame: Dammit. I didn't think the little bastard would commit suicide.

Sumika: Yeah...poor guy.

It's a real shame.


Tsubame: I wonder...

Would something like this bring an idiot like him happiness?

Sumika: Waaah! Love sure is scary!

Tsubame: More like...what's the real reason you came with me?

Sumika: Ah...

Kaori(?): So you came back! I've been waiting.

You're special to me so it's worth it.

Dude: Oh Kaori-chan, don't you say that to everyone?

Kaori: Of course not.

Dude: Geheehe...I see....well see you again.

Kaori: Of course.

(Handwritten- Hehe...)


Sumika: Kaori I presume?

Kaori: Hm?

And who might you be?

Sumika: It's a real shame....a name like that being wasted on a cheap floozy.

(TN- Kaori means 'fragrance' BTW.)

Kaori: You'd do well to watch your mouth.

Do you know who I am?

Sumika: A shitty woman who'd hire a kid to kill her husband?

Kaori: Wha...

What are you saying...

Sumika: Hiyama's dead just as you wanted.


Kaori: N—no! That's not it!

I had no other choice! We were already growing apart by the year, and I couldn't stand being the wife of an assassin!!

Sumika: Don't care.

You shall be...

A tribute to the man named Ishida...

Kaori: Wh...

What are you saying...

Sumika: A man who was one of us...a member of 'Theme park'.

A man foolish enough to be done in by his woman...

You really should have been the one to die first you know.

Kaori: He..



Sumika: Love isn't....

something you use against others.


Sumika: Yes...


It's just as you said...

Senpai really is the one with multiple bodies.

He's always answering 'yeah'.

Just like when he was back at 'Theme park'....

Though now his hair is completely white though.

Of course he didn't tell me why.

Yup he hasn't changed a bit....he pretty much turned me down when I asked him to come back.

Yeah, I get it. I'll keep trying to persuade him.

Tsubame: Rather than putting your belief in 'Theme Park' or Shinapz, you should start believing in yourself.

Sumika: I'd really like to believe in you Senpai...

But now I’m not sure what I should do.


Sumika: Kaori's dead by the way.

Tsubame: Oooh.

Sumika: Eh, she was kind of a detestable bitch anyway.

Tsubame: Hmph.

You act like you know something about her death.

Sumika: Nope, I don't know anything.

Tsubame: You say that, but I get the idea it's not the whole story.

Sumika: Or so you think.

Oh, senpai...

Let me get a light.

Tsubame: Sure, whatever.


Sumika: Hey Senpai...

Tsubame: Yeah?

Sumika: Do you have someone that you like?

Tsubame: Not really.

Sumika: You say that, but I get the idea it's not the whole story.

Tsubame: Or so you think.

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