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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 426

Both idiots and katana have their uses.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 6, 2012 02:22 | Go to Gintama

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Being forgotten one week at a time...

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Lesson 426: Both idiots and katana have their uses.

(Side text- The fate of that katana is...)

(Sfx- Kan kan kan bang bang bang)

Tetsuko: Whew....

All right, I'm done.

Kagura: Have you finished with your repairs, Tetsuko?

Tetsuko: Yup.

Shinpachi: Th—then you're finally completed it?

The reborn Kusanagi-san?

Tetsuko: Yup.

Somehow I just barely made it in time for you fuel tomorrow.

As a blacksmith I pushed my self to complete this job.

Everything now rests on how how he's wielded. It might be a named sword, but it's still blunt.

Gin-san, I'm leaving the rest to you.


(Sfx- Mougii grnnd)

(Sfx- Gashaaan craaash)

Kusanagi: No, ain't nothin' finished no way, no howwwww!!

This is a band aid solution on a major problem!!

(Handwritten- That's mah bottom half down thereee!)

Kusanagi: What is thhiiiiisss!!! What was that kankan sound earlier?! Is this what a blacksmith does?! It looks more like Noppo-san's handiwork!!

(TN- Noppo is a character played by Takami Ei on a Japanese TV show called 'Can you do it?' Which was sort of a handwork show.)


Gintoki: You did a good job Tetsuko. He's not blunt any more....

Why, that punchline was sharp as a blade.


With me bein' all short and small like this...

Forget winnin' that duel, I ain't even gonna be able to face Sayako!!

Gintoki: Don't bitch about the little things dude. Sure you're a little broken up on the outside right now, but it's what's inside that counts.

Besides your wife was broken up from the beginning since you guys **** a bit too much right? So this suits you.

Kusanagi: Who **** huuuuuh?!

Tetsuko: I—I'm sorry...I really wanted to do more but...

I would have never imagined that you'd break after one swing of my iron hammer....

If I had known the katana was this chipped, I would have been a bit more careful...

Gintoki: No need to worry yourself about it. I'd say it's a huge achievement to have that bastard out of my ass.

An eddy katana like this wouldn't do any good in a love hotel much less a duel. Let's just boycott the duel and...

Kusanagi: Ain't happenin'.

(Sfx- Dosuuh thuud)


Gintoki: Y—you bastaaard....you mean to tell me in the broken tip there's a remote control?!

Kusanagi: I know yer objective has been getting' rid of me since tha very beginnin'.

If I take yer body, then winnin' that duel ain't gonna be nothin!!

(Sfx- Bushiiii bllooorsh)

Gintoki: Hell no! How's an eddy katana like you gonna fight/!

Kusanagi: Shut up!! A man's gotta be long and fast!

Gintoki: And fast he says!! It's all over! There are no good points here!

Kagura: It is fine. As a man Gin-chan is neither fast or long.

You will have to fight for several rounds. We will need to develop your recovery skills, yes? For this we will have you alternate between burning sand and ice! You will place these on your sword as special training!

(Sfx- Geshiii kick.)

(Handwritten- Aaauuuughhhh!!)

(Handwritten- Jyaaaaaaaaah!!)

Shinpachi: What part of that is katana special training?!

What should we do Tetsuko-san?

(Sfx- Gyaaaahhhh!!)

Tetsuko: It's pretty difficult to repair a big sword...but if it were a short one maybe..

The question is, will Kusanagi's body be able to bear the repairs?

His sword length is completely shattered, and since he's old it goes without saying the consitution is weak.

That might be the cause of his older scars I believe.


Shinpachi: Old scars?

Kusanagi...is that the reason why you've become blunt now?

Kusanagi: I guess there's no hidin' nothin' from Tetsuko-han.

Once a long time ago...

In order to take Sayako back, I got into a fight.

Gintoki: What? You mean that woman was the property of another katana before you? Sounds pretty sluttish to me.

Kusanagi: Who's a slut?! That ain't what's goin' on here! Ain't at all!

Sayako wasn't my scabbard the entire time ya know...she belonged to that man.

That is, Sayako and I are...
Shinpachi: So wait, you were bedding down with others and not Sayako-san?

Kusanagi: If ya wanna think of it that way, I can't stop ya...maybe her lookin' around lately and shackin' up is just karma at work.

But back then no matter what I had to have Sayako.


Kusnagi: Her hubby was from Excalibur star...the sorta guy that everyone knew about...since he is a first class sword after all.

The demon sword Maganagi is his name. A blade of calamity that no one could escape from.

He could probably cleave stone clean in half, and his ability to cut ain't but half of his power...there's also his brutal personality.

We from Excalibur star are vampiric organisms, but we exist to be used.....but Maganagi was different.

He would eat his master and his fellow people.

Which is to say he devours his own clansmen.

He'd become extremely strong by devouring his fellow clansmen energy and incorporating it within himself.

He had comitted the taboo of killing others of our clan...but that's what ensured his sharpness would never dull.

Whatever scabbard he chooses as his resting place would fall into tragedy.


Kusanagi: With him devouring more and more katana by the day, the energy he'd absorb would cause these scabbard to rot.

I'm not sure what interested him in Sayako to begin with but...

Sayako is the childhood friend I treasured most in this world.

There's no way I could bear to see her pained face and turn a blind eye...even if it is the demon sword Maganagi...

Tetsuko: I see...so your old scars are from back then...

Kusanagi: Obviously Maganagi beat me good back then...within an inch of my life. But I was successful in saving Sayako from him.

Tha real reason I came ta' earth is cause I was runnin' from Maganagi.
I worked my arse off tryin' to save Sayako....

And now somethin' like this had to go 'n happen..

I got separated from Sayako....

And to top things off, Maganagi is here...

Gintoki: Maganagi? What are you talking about?

Kusanagi: Ya'll saw him too didn' ya?


Sinister appearance of his...


(Sfx- Kata kata shiver shiver)

Okita: Come on out.

There's no point in hiding.

My katana...

Is ringing out too.

(Sfx- Kata kata clatter clatter)


(Sfx- Gabaaah fwisssshi)

Okita: Manslayer Senbee...

No way, dude...

You've got one of these too?

(Sfx- Zaaah shfft)

Senbee: That would be my line...Shinsengumi first unit commander Okita Sougo.

Today is certainly a lucky day for me.

To think that I'd find two of the things I've been looking for over many years on the same day...

Senbee: This is good. I've devoured many dullards in this country to get here...

Now I can take back my cute little prey from that man who stole her from me before I devour him...

Well it's fine...before I take that back...

I suppose I'll have to do something about this man who appeared here as well...

Okita: I'm not sure what you're talking about...

But it seems like my lil' Saaya's quite popular huh?

This is good for me too. I can't seem to get to bed without spilling a little blood yous ee.

Before I take on the boss...

I can go for some light exercise with you, not that you're really up to par with me....



Not?Senbee: Senbee?

Who's that guy?

Gintoki: Wait...

You don't mean that guy carrying around that katana earlier today?

Shinpachi: Are you saying Maganagi chased after you from your home planet to here on earth Kusanagi-san?

Kusanagi: Ain't no mistakin' it. I noticed his presence.

It ain't gonna take him no time to find out where Sayaka is.

(Panel- How many people I've cut...)

Kusanagi: This ain't no time to be concernin ourselves with my old scars...

If ya can make me stronger Tetsuko-han, do it. I don't care what you gotta do to me.

We gotta hurry this along now....it ain't just Sayako...

But anyone who runs into that calamity of a blade that will be in trouble.

Gintoki: Is this katana that scary?

I mean, wouldn't this all depend on the dude who's using him?

Kusanagi: That ain't it.


Kusanagi: Sure ordinarily we're just tools who's use is completely dependent on the one who wields us.

But he's different. He ain't the sort who's content bein shoved up his user's ass, thats for sure.

(Sfx- Mekii grind)

???: Don't misunderstand...

I am not Senbee.

(Sfx- Meki meki grrrnd grnnnd)

(Sfx- Mishiii ssssht)

(Sfx- Miki miki grrrndddd)

???: My name is...

(Sfx- Girooo glaaare)

Maganagi: Maganagi.....


Maganagi: The demon blade...


Kusnagi: It don't matter one lick who uses him...

You know why?

Cause he turns the user into HIS tool.

And takes control of their entire body.

Rather than piercing someone's ass....

Maganagi's blade runs through their soul.


(Sfx- Gooohhh fwoooosh)


Okita: Sorry Senbee-san.

Today's 'Rakugomono' is about to start airing....I'd better get home.

(TN- Rakugo is a comedic story usually perfomed by one man, and can end up being pretty lengthy.)


{Wait a sec!!}

Okita: Geez. Why do the Rakugo shows have to air this late at night? It'd be better if they were on earlier....

{Three weeks of buildup ends with thisssssss?!}

{I did my damned hardest to look pretty awesome too!!}

{More like, who the hell is that guy?!}

{To do this to the great Maganagi in one strike...}

{E—earth has these sorts of monsters living on it's surface?}


{No way....she's being used by a monster like that?!}

{This is beyond my expectations!! If only I didn't get stuck with a tool such as this....}


{Wait Okita Sougo!!}

{Hey! Forget about the Rakugo for a minute...}

(Handwritten- What? How old are you?)

(Handwritten- Umm...I'm actually 16 years old...16)

(Handwritten- Hi-fu-mi-)

Maganagi: If it's 'Rakugomono' you want, I've got them all recorded on DVD! So just hear me out...


(Sign- Tankaichi Shitoukai)

???: That Yorozuya bastard is late.

Don't tell me he got cold feet now....


Yamazaki: Um...moreover do you think the boss still has that sword stuck up his ass?

Kondo: Wait...I haven't seen Sougo or Toshi either....What? Are we the only ones fired up about this?

Yamazaki: Commander Okita hasn't returned since yesterday.

And the Vice Captian left this morning to respond to a report of the man slayer Senbee being found collapsed on the roadside.

Kondo: Senbee?! Who the hell took him down?!

Yamazaki: Dunno. He looked pretty messed up though...

Guys: Hey wait! Here he comes Captain!!

It's that Yorozuya bastard!

???: We thought you lost your nerve and decided not to come Yorozuya.

Well, at least it looks like you got that weapon in your ass taken care of, huh?

Gintoki: Weapon in my ass? Are you referring to my 'Alien slayer' here?



Gintoki: What?

Shinsengumi: What our asses! There's no way that hugeass sword was pulled from your ass!

Gintoki: Dude this wasn't easy for me or my ass. The portion that was in my ass led into this huge thing.

Shinsengumi: Whatever asshole! You're the one who's not making this easy! Didn't you stipulate in the rules that this would be a duel to find who's the most suitable for the scabbard for their sword?!

{It was far too big an object to be considered the thing that came out of his ass.}

{It is after all, too big, too unwieldy, too heavy and rough around the edges....so it would have to be a lie.}
Shinsengumi: Don't interject your regrets with Berserk type narration!!}

(TN- Berserk is a manga. Wiki it. I'm tired.)

Gintoki: Shut up. If it's a sword that's stabbing me in the ass, then this short one at my side here should do fine right?

Besides Samurai always carry two swords to a real bout like one of these. It's totally the samurai thing to do nowadays.

Shinsengumi: That's totally not a Samurai at all! A real samurai wouldn't be spouting the bullshit you're saying!!

Tetsuko: Gin-san, I knew it, this is going no where..

We should have gone with this from the start.

Shinsengumi: That really isn't the problem here! Changing it from Berserk to Final Fantasy isn't going to fix anything!!

{It had evolved much too far for it to be considered Final Fantasy.}

{Because at best he could only claim to like FF 3 or 4.}

Shinsengumi: What are you talking about?!


Okita: Now now, just let him do whatever he wants.

Kondo: Sougo!!

Okita: After all this is a death match, so choosing the weapon you like most is

what makes things interesting, right boss?

Gintoki: Damn, I lucked out. He's totally getting in on this.

(Handwritten- Thank God he's an idiot.)

Kusanagi: We can do this! We might be able to pull this off!

Okita: To be honest I found myself...

A new weapon too.

(Sfx- shuuraaah sssffft)

Okita: Isn't that right Senbee-san?

Maganagi: Um...I'm not Senbee...

I keep telling you I'm the demon blade Maganagi.

(Side text- An overwhelming disadvantage?!)

GINTAMA LESSON 426.............END.

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#1. by nightastronomer ()
Posted on Dec 6, 2012
Forgotten? Come off it.I'd never forget you as Gintama's 1# translation slav*cough*I mean person.XD But seriously I was kinda worried about you. On topic: That sword seems like a Benizakura 2.0. Can't wait for next week.
#2. by phoenixmarco ()
Posted on Dec 6, 2012
Nopes.. we didnt forget you.. infact i was surprised when i saw that Kewl has did the translation bcoz you went for a break/holiday... anyways WELCOME BACK.. :)
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