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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 427

In reality coiled shit goes around twice before it's limit.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 13, 2012 02:46 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 427

One day I'll translate something other than Gintama and Nejimaki Kagyuu. One day.

T--that's a fucking unlucky number of translations....once again going to Gintama....maybe I should quit.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- The katana's whereabouts are...?!)

Hijikata: Senbee.

Hey Senbee...

Dude: Ever since he regained consciousness he's been like this.

Perhaps because of his injuries?

Hijikata: His injuries weren't enough to damage his brain though.

To be frank, if it were that bad he'd probably be in a casket right now.

Last night a Shinsengumi regimental soldier found this guy and he had only been run through once.

To be able to take down Senbee the man slayer in one hit without taking his life and leaving him like this...well I can only think of one guy who could pull all of that off.

Dude: You don't mean Commander Okita do you?

I see...I suppose that sadist can be pretty scary.....

Hijikata: No, my theory isn't that this guy was messed up today or even the day before that.


Dude: You don't mean to say....that Senbee was out being a manslayer while in this condition are you?

I mean if he were in this condition the whole time, forget about committing crimes one after another...living an ordinary life would be out of his control!

Hijikata: I wonder if that's impossible....

In short it means that the manslayer Senbee isn't really this guy.

Other Shinsengumi: Vice Captain, we have a witness's account here...

And it is without a doubt....

That it was Senbee.

However it is possible that the one who committed the act of 'man slaying' wasn't this guy.

Where's his weapon?

The katana he was carrying?

Dude: W—well when we were investigating we only found the scabbard, and nothing else...
(Sfx- Gata gata clatter)

Senbee: A---aaaagh!!

Hijkata: Senbee?!

Senbee: N—noo!

I don't want to be consumed anymore!


Shinsengumi: C—calm down Senbee!!

Senbee: I---I don't know anything! I don't know anything at all!!

The—the next one to be devoured....

It's him..!! It's his turn!!

The man slayer is...

That man!!

(Sfx- Datsuh dash)

Dude: Vice captain!!

{My bad feeling was right on the mark...!!}

{A normal person would laugh this sorta thing off...}

{But I know all too well...}

{The true terror of a katana!!}

{The man slayer Senbee...}

{Isn't this guy....}


{It was actually...}

{His katana the whole time!!}


{And now he's....}
{In the hands of a man who's more fearsome than Senbee could ever hope to be!}

{And if that guy seriously managed to get it from him...}

{Forget a man slayer....}

{It'll be the birth of Satan himself!!}

Lesson 427: In reality coiled shit goes around twice before it's limit.

(Side text- The sadist is serious?!)


Shinpachi: Th—that...

No way that Katana....


{It's the demon sword Maganagiiiii!!}

Kusanagi: Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyy!!!?!

Why does that guy have Maganagiiiii?!

Okita: I sorta picked it up by coincidence last night....

I just had to make it my beloved sword. Besides it makes sense for an excalibur to sit in this scabbard ya know?

To think on this wide world we'd find three Excalibur right here in Edo.

This must be some kinda fate too ya know?


{That's not wrong...}

{You knew that my search would eventually bring me to this place andw e'd meet again...}

{Right, Kusanagi?}

{Moreover this duel will decide who takes this scabbard....}

{Heheh...if this isn't fate what else could it be?}

{This is your destiny Kusanagi.}

{No mater where you run, no matter how much you fight against it...when you cheated me you cealed your fate.}

{Kusanagi your form as a blunt katana isn't even enough to cut the thread of your fate.}

{And now you can no longer run anywhere.}

{And now without your scabbard or your beloved woman...}

{You can die and return to soil.}



Okita: Um ma'am this poop dropped....

(Handwritten- That's no good. As a pet owner you have to begin by cleaning up after it...)

(Handwritten- I'm sorry.)

Maganagi: AAAAAUUUGH!!

What the hell are you doing?!

What on earth would make you think to use a demon sword to cut this?!

Okita: Shut the hell up with all of your bitching. Did you get something twisted?

I have no real interest in your scabbard or shittaliber or anything like that.

This ain't your duel. It's a match to see who's stronger between the boss and I.

Maganagi: No fairs~ You lied to me. You promised we'd do our best together, right master~

I'd only get my full use when in your hands master....our enemies wouldn't stand a chance....the world could be our...

Okita: Boss, before we start our duel, I kind of need to do a little bit of cleaning....there's just so much dog crap on the road...

Maganagi: I'm sorry!! I won't speak out of turn anymore master!!

Kusanagi: I...I can't believe what i'm seein'...

(Sfx- aaaaaaaghhh!!)

Kusanagi: That guy's got that demonic blade wrapped around his little finger...just what kinda scary dude is he?

Gintoki: It seems the sword that is the worst possible one we could fight against has appeared in the hands of a guy who's the worst possible person to wield it.

Kusanagi: This is the worst...I don't even know what we can do about this...if we lose this match, then its tha end of Sayako and me...


Gintoki: Aint this for the best though?

The guy who loses hope in a real sword fight is the one who loses.

Hope isn't the sort of thing that rolls in front of you...

(Sfx- Shuraa Sfft)

(Sfx- Dotsuh thud)

Gintoki: It's something that a dude who didn't think ahead or hadn't thought of before bets on in a single instant like goldfish shit swinging from a guy's ass.

Right now...

the sword that was piercing me in the ass is good enough.

(Sfx- Jakiiin claaang)

Okita: Hmph, what's with giving me a false impression?

Isn't that the same old bokuto?

Well whatever. If that's what you're planning on using Boss...

Then I'll dedicate my scabbard's future to the unknown and unseen too.

We'll see which will swing off first....be it your goldfish shit or this sword...

But this sword won't go down...

(Sfx- Jakkiii claaang)

Maganagi: Um, there's something already hanging off! It has nothing to do with going down or not!


Gintoki: Fine by me.
We'll see just who's shit will be hanging by the end of this.

Kusanagi: Why do you have to have somethin' swinging off too?!

???: At arms...!

(Sfx- Dohhh sffft)




(Sfx- Dosu dosu plock plock)

(Sfx- Dosu dosu plock plock)



Kusanagi: Waaaaaaaaait!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YA DOIN?!

Shinpachi: What the hell is this!? What kind of battle is this?! Is it this sorta duel?!

Maganagi: Ow! Wait! Stop!! That hurts!!

Shinpachi: You're only hurting your katana!! What the hell are you sadists doing?!

Both: Take thiiiiiiiis!!

Shinpachi: 'Take this' my ass!!

Are you having a battle between cavemen?!



(Sfx- Hichagagagagaga dshsshssshh)

Shinpachi: They're using some amazing moves!! And this is actually pretty impressive but...


(Sfx- Hyaaan fwaaaf)

(Sfx- Dotsuhh shssslf)
{In the shadow of that poop...}


(Sfx- Hyaaan fwisssh)

{But this too is...}

{A feint!!}

(Sfx- Dotsuhh htoook)

Gintoki: I ain't over there....

I'm over here.


(Sfx- Dotshhh thook)

Okita: I ain't over there...

I'm over here.

(Sfx- Dohhh thoomp)

Gintoki: I ain't over there, I'm over here.

Okita: I ain't over there, I'm over here.

Gintoki: I ain't over there, I'm over shit.

Shinpachi: Just how fast can you toss poop dammit?!

Moreover you're covering this river beach with crap!!

Kagura: Gin-chaaaan! Hold on a second! I'm bringing reinforcements!

Shinpachi: Those aren't reinforcements...it's just more crap!!


Okita: You really are interesting Boss...

Your form is so haphazard that I can't read what direction you're coming from.

Shinpachi: Heeeey!!! The camera's focus is on a weird spot!!

Gintoki: Heh. Trying to make a calm face now are we? I look forward to seeing your expression on the next page.

Shinpachi: We're seeing quite a nasty look here already!! It's almost as if the crap is the one doing the talking!!

Kondo: This is one crazy ass duel they're having....I would have never imagined it going this way...

You guys make sure to pay close attention. It's seldom you get to see a duel like this.

Shinpachi: You've got something pretty outrageous going on there too!!

Kagura: Gyaahahah!! Hey Gorilla! You have crap on your head, yes!

Cross your fingers and make a barrier! He is dirty!

Kondo: I've got a barrier up too~

Shinpachi: You're both covered in shit dammit!!

Heeey!! Knock this off already!! This entire page looks like it's smeared in crap!! What kind of manga is this supposed to be!?

T-wait!! Who's that?! Who put glasses on that pooooop?!

(Sfx- Dofuuhh ddosh)



{This ain't halfassed...}

{You ain't halfassed at all...}


{Yer actually competin wit...}

{The demon sword Maganagi....}

{You're on even footin in this fight against Maganagi.}


{I knew it....}

{This man...}

{He's a far different vessel than Senbee.}
{At long last..}

{At long last I have found it...}

(Sfx- Dohhh thooom)

{A vessel...}

{Fitting me...the great Maganagi...}



{The man you found might be outstanding...}


{Even if he is...}

{A perfect vessel....}


(Sfx- Gakatsuhh craaack)

{The swords the two use...}

{Are as different as heaven and earth.}


Gintoki: The sword...


(Sfx- Gaah sfft)

Okita: Heheh...it didn't disappear...

It was devoured....and rests in my stomach.

(Sfx- Yurariii wibble)

Okita: Your sword...

And this man....

(Side text- Okita's big pinch...!?)

GINTAMA LESSON 427..............END.

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#1. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2012
Quickly post something else to get rid off it :)

And as if you could quit :)
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2012

And I sure could quit. I just don't feel like it. /tsundere.
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