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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Hadaka no Taiyou 4

Joining a club?!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 20, 2012 01:59 | Go to Hadaka no Taiyou

-> RTS Page for Hadaka no Taiyou 4

Remember how I said someday I'd translate a manga besides Nejimaki and Gintama? Today is that day. :-D

Dark murmur only.


(Tags- Curry Rice//Udon)

(Side text- Frozen in front of lunch!! This is the nature of a man who can't choose!!)

Taiyou: Hmm.

{The curry rice looks really good...}

{I can smell that delicious scent from the kitchen...}

(Tag- Curry rice 300 yen.)

{But it means abandoning noodles...}

{And the Udon, Soba and Wadashi smell really good too...}

Matsuki: You're taking a long ass time there Taiyou! Imma leave you behind!!

Taiyou: Matsuki....could you wait there for just a minute...


(Side text- Eat without hesitation!! That's the Anezaki method!!)


Taiyou: A---Anezaki-san...

(Side text- Both hands are occupied!!)

(Top text- Uneven youth manga club life!!)

Chapter 4: Joining a club?!


Chief: Thank you for waiting.

Curry udon.

{Curry and noodles...}

{Since I couldn't get both, I decided to put them together into one...}

Dude: H—Hey...look at her go.
That woman sure can pack 'em away.

She's eating Curry, Pasta, Udon and Omurice...

Taiyou: Hah....


(Sfx- Kuii swfft)

Taiyou: She's calling me out...

Guy: Dude's being called out by that gluttonous woman.

What? For real?


Taiyou: W—what is it Anezaki-san...

Runa: Sit.


What the hell are you eating?

Taiyou: Eh?!

Well I mean...it's curry udon...

Runa: Wait, that's it?!

Taiyou: Y—yeah...


Runa: A mangaka's body is the number one priority...

So you need to think of your nutrition!


{Saying my lunch doesn't pass?!}

Taiyou: You called me over for that..?!

Runa: Of course not.

Taiyou: Eh?!
{There's something else?!}

Runa: Ichinose-kun.

Taiyou: Y—yeah?


Runa: Won't you join...

The manga club?

Taiyou: J...Join?


Runa: Didn't you have fun assisting Meishi before?!

Taiyou: That's...

Runa: If we can get more members...

It means you'll be able to grow more and compete with others, right?!

Taiyou: I—I guess so.

Runa: Besides, if more people gather there it'll be more fun.

Whether we eat...


Runa: Or draw manga.

???: Absolutely right.


Meishi: I don't suppose I can mingle with you all?

Taiyou: Meishi-san...


Taiyou: He's just eating salad...

Meishi: Ichinose-kun, you'll be coming to the manga club again today won't you?

Taiyou: Eh?!
Meishi: What? I'm not saying to come for free.

Have some shrimp.

Taiyou: Into my Curry udon....

Meishi: I hate shimp you see..

Runa: Meishi...

You aren't eating well either...

Just having greenery won't help your stamina...drawing manga requires a lot of hard work.

Meishi: Hmph. That doesn't matter.


Meishi: I'll eat what I like and draw what I like.

The protagonist of 'Buchikamashi' looks pretty pathetic.

See, it's because he over exerted himself just so he could be at the summit of the sumo world.

(On mag: Weekly Shounen Zank// Buchigamashi)

(TN- Buchigamashi is the name of a strike to the face in sumo wrestling.)

{That's this week's Zank...}

Runa: His father yelled at him this week... 'How can you expect to win if you don't eat?!'

Do you want me to pop you one?! That dad...

Taiyou: Yeah...yeah...

Meishi: The father's too strict on the protagonist...

Runa: What are you talking about?! This pro level of consciousness and expression can't be found in any other manga!

(On page: How can you expect to win if you don't eat?!//uggh..((

Meishi: See look, he's crying!

Runa: He has to be prepared for that much at least...

Taiou: But...that's the protagonist...

Matsuki: Taiyou?!

Oh so you're over here?

Taiyou: Matsuki...

Matsuki: What were you talking about...?!

Taiyou: Ah...well..

{Join the club huh....?}


{That was close...}

{If I had slip and started talking about manga in front of Matsuki...}

{If he found out I draw manga...}

Matsuki: Dude, you're an otaku.

{He'd probably say something like that.}


Taiyou: Uh..



No one's here...


Taiyou: They told me to come..

And no one's here...

We're gonna do something awesome today!!

Meishi-san said that too....

{Though yesterday was a lot of fun...}

{It's a completely different story....}

{If I'm really to join...}

Petta: Gyah..


Taiyou: Uwaah!

Um..you're Betta right?


Betta: Chichichi

Taiyou: Hm?

Oh it's the new volume of 'Buchikamashi'...

I haven't bought it yet...

Wow! Now that I look at it, there are lots of comics here..

Whooa! It's volume 110 of 'Sniper G'...!

Though I could probably never read this manga in one go...


{I read a bit in a ramen shop and thought it was pretty cool though.}

{One day I'd like to buy all of it...}

Taiyou: Whoa!

Lunar surface sisters is here!!

It looks pretty good...

Huh?! Makuhari Kazoku is here too!!

(TN- Curtain pulling family.)

Meishi: Iv'e got these too


Taiyou: Meishi-san!

Sorry! I didn't mean to snoop around reading your stuff..
Meishi: Read 'em if you want.

Taiyou: EH!?

Meishi: That is after you...

become a club member.

Runa: Attention!!


Runa: Here's what were' going to do today!

(Board: Manga club's activities for now on.)

Taiyou: Anezaki-san...

Runa: Ichinose-kun, if there's anything you want to do let it be known...

Taiyou: Eh? But—I haven't decided on joining yet...

Runa: All right, take a seat.


Runa: First up, we're going to have a summer training cap this year.

Taiyou: Training camp? That sounds sorta fun.

Meishi: We can use the training camp to gather information for my manga “Mahou Shoujo Mei'.

Runa: Denied.

What I was thinking this would be 'storyboard training'.

Every day we would be grading storyboards.

Taiyou: That's good...

Runa: Those who fail, don't eat.

From the moment we rise it's into a storyboard hell..

If you die from starvation, it's not my fault.

Meishi: It is the chief's opinion that this be deinied.

Runa: For the culture festival...

It is customary for each person to put their manga up for display.

This year we'll have those in attendance cast a circular on which is most popular...

The one who's votes are lowest will suffer a penalty...

This will be a 'Battle royal culture festival'.

Taiyou: A penalty?! W—what is it?

Runa: After that each person will make a poster....oh and a physical fest, and winter training camp...and of course a welcome party for new members...

Taiyou: I was ignored...

Runa: I've thought of all kinds of activities, so look through them, okay?

Taiyou: That's thick!!


Meishi: Well...I guess we'll need more members before we can even touch this..

Is there anything you'd like to do Ichinose-kun?

Taiyou: Eh?! Me?



Wouldn't you guys like to see...

A pro's workplace?


Meishi: A Pro huh? Well...if Lady Runa agrees...

Runa: Naiieve!!

Just going to see it is halfassed!!

If you want to be in a pro's workplace it should be as an assistant...

Taiyou: Y—yeah...

Runa: Around the time of a deadline....

Taiyou: Eh?

Runa: So you can experience the scene of carnage that is a pro's workshop...

Taiyou: It would have been better if I didn't say anything!


Meishi: Well it does sound kinda fun, so why not do it?

Manga is entertainment after all...

Taiyou: Meishi-san...

Meishi: I got that line from this manga by the way...

'Have fun with baseball! It's entertainment after all'.

Taiyou: Ah! Ambitious Nine! The director Shimizu said that right?

Runa: Hey wait! What are you talking about Meishi...?

Meishi: Hm?

Runa: Have you even read volume 6?!


Runa: Only after making it through painful and bitter practice....

Can one seize the ticket to glory!!


{The Rival prestigeous school's...}

{Director Inukai is heeeeere!!}

Meishi: But you know just as well as I do about volume 8, Lady Runa...

Director Shimizu's team who enjoys baseball wins and goes to koushien...

(TN- Koushien is the big leagues in Baseball in Japan. Most high school teams aim for it.)

Runa: But you only managed to win once...

Get off your high horse.
Taiyou: Th—this scene...

Meishi: Humph! My students are all smiling...

Unlike your students...

Runa: Are you trying to insult my students...?!

Meishi: I'll say it as many times as it takes! Having fun is wha tmatters!!

Taiyou: Ahem...


Taiyou: Both of you directors hit the showers!!

(On page: Both of you directors hit the showers!!)


Runa: Ahahaah!! That was the line from the umpire in volume 10~

Meishi: That timing was just epic wasn't it?!

You're pretty good Ichinose-kun!

You get it!!


{You know...}

{This is...}

{Pretty good...}


{To think that absurd manga conversation could be this much fun...}

{I've wanted to talk about manga like this...}

{Since I was back in sixth grade....}


Runa: Oh yeah, I wanted to give you something Ichinose-kun.

Taiyou: Eh? Me?
Runa: If you're gonna help out, you can start by taking this and bringing it back.

It's the club note book.

It's the issue from the 4th year.


Taiyou: Whoaa!!

Meishi: The cover is Betta.

Awesome right?

Betta: Chichichi.

Runa: For now I think 30 copies is good Meishi.

That should be enough to distribute them around the school.

Taiyou: It's like a real book...

{This is...}

Anezaki-san's manga...

(On page- The judgement is...//not guilty.)

{It's a courtroom manga...}

{That's so like Anezaki-san.}


{Meishi-san's manga is a Mahou Shoujo...}

{I helped out with it so I know.}

(On page, Majikal Sweet hole!)

Taiyou: Heheh...it's one strange magazine...


Those are the concentration lines I drew!!

Wow they look pretty good...

And this tone here...
{My own work is being featured in a book....}

{I can't help but feel...sorta moved...}


Runa: The book we put together...

Isn't too bad is it?

Taiyou: But wow...I'm just so glad I was able to help out a little..

Meishi: You were a part of our book too.


Meishi: Ichinose-kun..

Won't you join...

Our manga club?

Runa: Besides if more people gather...

It will be fun.


Taiyou: Ah...

(Table of contents// 'Legal Killers' Artist: Anezaki Runa....Page 5// Mahou Shoujo Mei Artist: Haihara Meishi....page 27)

Meishi: Hm? Something the matter?

Dude: Hey look, here's Ichinose's manga...what the hell is he thinking?

He joined the manga club?

Taiyou: Umm..

With this....

Wouldn't the whole school find out about it?


Runa: And?

Taiyou: It'd be sorta difficult for me if everyone found out...

Runa: And there's Mr. Shyguy.

Taiyou: Ugh...

I love manga and all..

And I really want to improve and such..

But right now I still suck at it...and I don't want everyone to laugh..

I'm just saying that my school life is important to me...


Runa: Do you want to join?!

Or not?!

Which is it?!


Runa: You really love manga don't you?!

Meishi: Don't you love manga...?

Taiyou: I want to join...

Runa: What? I didn't catch that.

Taiyou: Ah...um..

Meishi: Ichinose-kun.


Meishi: Would drawing manga under a penname be better for you?

Taiyou: Heistating between curry and noodles...

Making something like curry udon....


Taiyou: Are you sure it's okay for a guy like me to join?

Runa: Heh.
Meishi: You're really an interesting one.


Meishi: Allright...

You're in.

All right Ichinose-kun...

We've got work to do.

Taiyou: Okay.

Meishi: Take these.

Taiyou: These are...?!


Meishi: 30 copies.

Go distribute them will ya?

Meishi: Start by putting them places where people will read them.

Taiyou: Distribution....

Runa: Be sure to hit up every classroom.

(Paper: 1st year's classes// 2nd year's classes// 3rd year's classes// library...)

Taiyou: Eh?!


Taiyou: If I distribute these....

I'm pretty sure even with a penname I'll be found out..

Runa: Now's not the time to say such naiieve things...

This is a fight!

Taiyou: Wha?


Runa: Between Meishi and I.

Runa: A battle to determine who's manga is more interesting..

(Handwritten- Victory)

Mei: Magic is invincible!!

Meishi: It'll be fun to see which manga the readers will choose...


{I've joined one troublesome club!!}

(Side text- A magazine battle beyond expectations explodes!!)


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