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Yuuyami Tokkoutai 1

Bizarre! See the love stricken ghost that appears in the boys bathroom during June!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 24, 2012 21:01 | Go to Yuuyami Tokkoutai

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Folklore scans only.

Yup. Consider this a preview for things to come. Folklore scans and I plan on bringing this 11 volume (So far!) Epic to your keyboards once we've finished Doll's folklore which should be soonish...maybe January?

The art is crazy, the protagonists defeats spirits by beating the shit out of them with her fists, and the main character goes hulk when you make him mad. What's not to like?






Case One: Bizarre! See the love stricken ghost that appears in the boys bathroom during June!
Case Two: Trembling with fear! Take an excellent photograph after school of the ghost at the old school building!
Case Three: Seeking the Bizarre! Overcome the mystery of the bizarre serial deaths on the road!
Case Four: Terror! Rescue the targeted siblings!
Case Five: Move out! Chase the wandering laughing ghost!
Case Six: Take 'em back! The lost memories!
Case Seven: See the bloodstained past with those eyes!!

(Left: Hanaouka Yayori: Commanding officer of the Spirit detective club. Second Year.)

(Right: Koshijima Kaede: Spirit Detective agency member and 2nd year in school. In charge of information gathering. Nick name: 'Kae'.)

(Further Right: Tsuji Shouhei: First year student who swore revenge against the spirit who killed his beloved sister.)

(Bottom left: Number 2: Second generation special evil sensing dog. Number one died in action.)


Shouhei: This is it...

The club that claims that no matter what kind of ghost appears they can exorcise it.

The rumors say there's a person with great spiritual power here....



Case One: Bizarre! See the love stricken ghost that appears in the boys bathroom during June!

Shouhei: What's going on here? This atmosphere doesn't suit a clubroom...

I feel like I'm a guy who's in debt nervously waiting in a loan office....

Kaede: The Commander should be back soon I believe...so please just wait a bit longer...

Shouhei: Okay...
So the rumored person with great spiritual power is called 'Commander'?

{Just what kind of person would have the title of 'great spiritual power user' anyway....?!}

{Maybe he's the sort of person who looks like a God?}

(Sfx- Gachaaan clatter)


Shouhei: And who the heck is she?!

She looks like a lame sports team's manager.

Yayori: Kae, When did you become the sorta dirty chick who brings dudes into our room?

Kae: Commander, he's our customer...

Shouhei: C—Commander?!

Yayori: Seriously? I mean he's got poor written all over his face so I didn't know...!

(Handwritten- Ya really can't tell from looking at him!)

Shouhei: She's...


Yayori: Ohohoho....Sorry about that sir!

Where's my tea dammit?

{Sh—she's a person with great spiritual power?! N—No way...!!}

{There's a legend that someone with strong spiritual power went to a ghost hotspot outside of town, and cleaned house!! I thought it was someone awesome but...}

Dude: They're just ruins now!

(On shirt- Tears.)

{Was it...}

{Really her...?!}

Yayori: So? Tell us the details of your request.

Shouhei: Eh?


Yayori: No need to worry. No matter what kind of ghost problems you're having...

We'll deal with it quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Now about our advance payment policy...

Kaede: Commander, are you trying to sell us out again?

Yayori: What? You gotta problem with me?

(Sfx- Pokatsuh thuk)

{Advanced payment...?!}

{Selling out...?!}

Kaede: Owwie!

{Do they know you're not really supposed to be selling club activities?!}

{Who are these people?!}

Shouhei: U—Um..

Yayori: Huh?!

You say you wanna join us?


Yayori: The hell-----!! I friggin' thought you were a customeeer!

Shouhei: Aren't people usually HAPPY when someone asks to join their club?!

Yayori: Listen, brah. Our club isn't some kinda gathering place where occult maniacs can get their jollies off, hear?

If you come up in here halfassed you're liable to actually lose your damn life. It's that sorta stor---club!!

Shouhei: I—I get that. I have my own conviction as to why I'd come here...

Yayori: Heeeh? Conviction?


Dude: Big trouuuubble!!

It came out!! It's really out!! The June spirit in the boy's bathroom!!

Kaede(?): Principal...your wig...it's slipping...

Shouhei: Principal?

Yayori: The June ghost? Whazzat?

Kaede: I've got that info riiight here!

{Four years ago in June, a female student with overflowing feelings for a boy finally confessed to him.}

{His words in response were as follows....}


Dude: Uh...I'm good?

{The shock was too much for the girl and she committed suicide right there on tie tiled flor.}

{And as for what place that was...}

Yayori: Who the freak confesses in the boy's bathroom?!

Kaede: Since then, every June in the boys bathroom on the third floor...

The spirit of the girl who committed suicide appears upside down in the boy's stall.

Principal: That's right...and apparently it's taken the appearance of a monster...

Which chokes the boys who use that bathroom!!


Principal: C'mon Yayori-chan!! Give a principal a hand!!

I'll be in all sorts of trouble if these incidents of students getting hurt gets out!!

Yayori: I get it already, so back up.

Hey you. Name.

Shouhei: Tsuji...

Tsuji Shouhei.

Yayori: Tsuji! You'll go check out the scene of the problem right now.

Which is to say go to the boys bathroom.

Shouhei: What?! Me?! Alone?!

Yayori: What's up man? Scared?

I dunno what kinda conviction you have, but but if yer scared on the first day, what are you gonna do from here on in?


Yayori: Number 2!!

Shouhei: Number 2?

Uugh...that dog looks like an idiot.

(Handwritten- Food please!)

Yayori: I'll lend this guy to you.

Number one died in the line of duty, and he's the second generation, hence 'Number 2'.

He's an awesome spirit sensing dog, so he should be useful to you!

Now yer off buddy! See ya!

Kaede: Take care~


Dude: It's said if you use that bathroom, something will choke you!

For real?! Who'd do something like that...?

{Why involve people who had nothing to do with the whole matter?}

{Just because they're guys you're mad at them....?}

{That's friggin nuts!!}

(Sign- Boys bathroom.)


Shouhei: I want the strength to face ghosts because I hate them...

But I'm paralyzed by fear and weak...

{Sis....Give me...}

{Give me courage...!!}


Shouhei: So this is where that female student committed suicide...

I really don't see anything so great about this place that it was worth dying in..

{Moreover why would those guys so readily believe in me...?}

{Or is it that those shady girls really just find me annoying and sent me away?}

{And then there's the fact that I'm hanging around the boys bathroom after school with a friggin' dog! It's causing me no end of anxiety, dammit!}

{Am I really okay...!?}

Shouhei: Uuuh?!

What's with that ooz-y sound?!


Shouhei: Hey!! Come back here you useless looking dog!!



More like, this is exactly the type of thing I should use as a reason to get the heck out of here...

What am I doing...!!



Shouhei: U...



Shouhei: AAAAAUGHHH!!!

Yayori: Hmmm?

So this is the boy's bathroom huh...?

The amount of privacy in here isn't as much as the girls bathroom huh?

{This voice is...}

{Yayori-san!! She's come so save me...?!}


Shouhei: S-she looks so bold there..!!

{Even with a fearsome evil spirit being so close and giving her the evil eye...}

{She doesn't look like she's bothered at all!!}

{She looks like she's watching a kid whom she caught playing a prank...!}


Yayori: So boys are the ones you hate the most huh?

Shouhei: A—aaah!!


(TN- No text, just DAYUM gurl!)


(TN- Falcon punching ghosts is pretty much the most badass thing one could do.)



Shouhei: No way!! A spirit has no physical body yet....

{I can't believe this!!}

Kaede: The commander has been endowed with a special constitution that allows her to sense and touch spirits.


{The commander's greatest weapon is putting the fear of pain into spirits.}

{A power that controls fear with fear}

Shouhei: Controlling fear with fear?!

(Handwritten- What the hell?!)

Yayori: I've heard your story....up until today you've strangled 36 boys here huh?

You're a bad little girl ain'tcha?


Yayori: Two choices. Disappear from here, or I send you 36 floors down to hell.

Which suits ya best?


Kaede: The fear that the commander grants to the spirits destroys any lingering attachments or unfinished businesses the ghosts have on this plain.

{Completely eradicating them from this world.}

Yayori: Hey Kae, go write up a bill of sale for that topee touting geezer.

(Handwritten- 'Kay~)

{What a scary person....she's outright fearsome!}


Shouhei: Y—Yayori-san!!

Please---Make me your student!!

I want to to have the same power as you...

A power that will never be broken down by spirits!!


Shouhei: 9 years ago my gentle big sister...

Was irrationally killed by a spirit.

Since then I've been looking for those who can help me take revenge against a vengeful or evil spirit!!

But as I am right now...I'm powerless!!

You gotta help me!

I'll do anything for power like yours Yayori-san!!


Yayori: Don't go bowin' to me in the bathroom...


Shouhei: Uuggh.

Yayori: You said your name is Tsuji?

Next time you just casually call me Yayori-san, I'll friggin' kill you.

For now on you'll call me Commander Hanaoka.

Shouhei: Yayori---Commander.

{And so I joined the commander in the Spirit detective club.}

Yayori: Hey newb! Get me some coffee milk on the double!

(Handwritten- I want soy milk!)

Shouhei: What am I? A gopher?

(Side text- CASE ONE END.)

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