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Six Trigger 5


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 26, 2012 02:43 | Go to Six Trigger

-> RTS Page for Six Trigger 5

And finally before the end of the year, Volume one of 6 trigger is complete! I'm waiting for raws of volume two which is when the series gets into a pretty awesome arc that only recently concluded. On another note, I've now rediscovered my seething hatred for translating omake manga! Why the hell can't they be written in the same font as the manga itself, for frick's sake...

Easy going scans only.

5th Bullet: Place.


{After not seeing Senpai for a while, when we meet again I notice that his hair is completely white, he's always wearing glasses....basically he's had a weird visual overhaul.}

{Back when I knew Senpai, he had black hair and didn't wear glasses....I sorta wonder if having those multiple bodies has done a number on his physique?}

{What this basically means...}

Sumika: Is that I...

Don't know anything about Senpai.

???: Okay brats, listen good.

Here at 'Theme park' we gather up urchin like you that have no relatives and raise you ourselves.


Dude: Do you think you can wrap your crainiums around what I'm saying? This worl is a tough place, and doesn't give a fuck if you're sad.

You're either food or you eat.

And if you guys don't want to be food then you gotta work yer asses off.

(Handwritten- There are plenty of your kind all over too.)

Dude: As for paying us back...

You can do that by becoming great assassins in the name of 'Theme park'.

Sumika: Keh. What kinda payback is that?

It's not like you guys feed us anything edible to begin with...

This 'Theme park' place is just a pigs trough.

Boy: He can hear you idiot!!

Dude: W—Wh--Why are you whispering over there!!

Boy: See..!

Dude: W—W-W-What's with those eyes?!



Dude: Y-Y-Y-You little!!

B-B-B-B-Bastard! Gonna try to rebel...


B-B-B-B-Bastard!! What are you doing?!

???: My bad dude.

My hand slipped.

Dude: Y-Y-You...

Getting a big head you little bastard?! You think you're hot stuff because Tsuda-san himself picked you...?

???: Ugh.

Listen, I don't give a rats ass.

But if my hand slips again, It'll go a little something like this. Know what I mean?


Dude: Y-Y-Y-Y-.....


I'll remember this!!

I'm going straight to Tsuda-san to report you!

???: Cool, whatever.

Kid: T—this is bad Senpai! Even if Tsuda-san's interested in you, you can't go smacking the instructors around!

???: Shut up man.

(Handwritten- Tsuda this, Tsuda that.)

Sumika: H--


M-My name is Sumika!

Thanks so much for saving me!


???: I didn't do it for you or anything.

That pissant was getting on my nerves is all.

Sumika: Oo




{Tsubame-senpai was a celebrity in the ranks of Theme park.}

{Because he was considered a genius of assassination, his upbringing was far from ordinary.}

Tsubame: Man, fried oysters sounds kinda good.

{It had been said that since long ago, senpai was one that the higher ups had their eyes on from first glance.}

{Before I knew it I had become attached to Senpai.}

Tsubame: Don't follow me.

Sumika: No.

Dude: Tsu...


I-It is my opinion that the brat known as Tsubame needs more discipline sir!

Tsuda: Ah...Is that so? I guess he's been horsing around a little too much huh?

So what,

You got beat up by Tsubame and then came crying to me about it?

Dude: Eh?

Tsuda: Put your hand here for a moment.
Dude: Eh?


Yes sir.


Dude: GYAAAH!!


Tsuda: For God's sake Tsubame, you're testing the limits of good taste.


It seems like we're gonna have a moxibustion problem if I don't do something.

Say Tsubame. I ain't gonna complain about you bein' energetic and all.

But do me's a favor and keep that energy outside for me? Ya get me?

It ain't just that piggy, but all the instructors yer beatin' up tellin me you need to be educated...


Tsuda: ….Seems like he's getting' too big for his britches...

{He'd never talk about where his injuries came from...}

{But I figured that it has to do with his constant beating of the instructors.}

(Handwritten- What happened to you?)

(Handwritten- I fell.)

{Whether he did it to save me or because he really just wanted to beat up the teachers....}

{I wasn't sure what his reasons were, and to be honest either was good enough for me.}

(Handwritten- It's torn!)

(Handwritten- Let me fix it.)

(Handwritten- Can you really?)

{Although it wasn't often I had free time during my training in 'Theme park' I still spent it with senpai.}

(Handwritten- All done!)
(Handwritten- Why's the sleeve been screwed up?)


Sumika: Senpai!!


From today on, I'm part of the 'suits group'!

Tsubame: Huh, so you've become an assassin now?

Sumika: Sure have!!

{The 'Suits' group was proof that you had graduated from the reserves group. By wearing it you had become an assassin for 'Theme park'.

{I had secretly tried to break the record Senpai had set for the shortest time to graduate into the 'Suits group'...

But Senpai is just that amazing.

Sumika: He's staring at me...

Tsubame: Looks like a horse cart driver to me.

Sumika: Even if it was just a little bit, I worked with zeal to get closer to senpai.

I really believed if I made a name for myself I could get closer to senpai.

{One could say that the effort bore fruit,}

{Since one day I was entrusted with a job that teamed me up with senpai.}

(Handwritten- Looking forward to working with you!)

(Handwritten- Yeaaah!)

(Handwritten- What the hell is that?)


Sumika: What the hell! There are so many of them!!

Tsubame: Is that bitching I hear?

Sumika: Nope! I was kidding!

{For the first time, Senpai had entrusted me with his back.}

{I was happy. For us gathered in theme park, we were all used to solitude...}

{And I had managed to be promoted to a spot where I could seize my place of belonging.}

{Right after that though...}

{This world which could never be so accommodating pierced stomach with bullet shrapnel.}

Tsubame: Bastard!!

Dude: Gyaaah!!

Tsubame: Hey! Sumika! Are you okay?!

Sumika: Ugh...it really hurts..

Tsubame: I'm gonna stop the blood! Take off your clothes!

Sumika: Uuuuugh...


Tsubame: …..Dude, you're a chick?

{The day where I first smacked Senpai...}

{Was the same day I started to let my hair grow out.}

{It was around this time that I developed physically,}

{And the guy's mocking voices started to become audible.}

(Handwritten- Oh shut up.)

{I refused to see any other man but Senpai...}

{So I ended up having to shoot the arm of many persistent idiots.}

(Sfx- Gyaah!)


Sumika: Senpai's current job sure is taking a long time...

He hasn't come back in a few days.

Who the hell would come here at this time....

Tsubame: Hey, It's been a minute.


Sumika: What happened to you!! Those injuries...

Come inside, quick!!

Tsubame: Yeah...

I was gonna do that anyway.

(Sfx- Boohh fwaah)

Sumika: Okay.


Tsubame: Sorry about your bed.

Sumika: It's fine. Now please rest.

Your injuries are pretty serious.

Tsubame: Yeah...

I will.

{I was overjoyed that Senpai wanted me to look after him.}

{It was the first time that Senpai thought of me as a place and person he could rely on...}

{So I held onto that illusion.}

Sumika: Hey Senpa---

He's already asleep....!

{Yeah...it was all an illusion.}


{When I woke up the next morning, senpai had suddenly disappeared...}

{And not just from my sight, but from Theme park.}

{Apparently he had fled because Tsuda-san had roped him into some unbelivable job, and as response he had left 'Theme park'.

{That night he had returned with all of those injuries was apparently the night he had put the finishing touches on the job.}

{In the end, maybe I hadn't once been on senpai's radar or even in his line of vision....}


Sumika: Someday if he needs me to be his refuge...

I've decided to be just that.


???: What have you decided on? Or so it feels.

Sumika: Uwaaah!

Don't scare me like that!

???: But this is the appointed time we were to meet, or so I feel.

More importantly than that is Tsubame-san's case....how does it feel?

Does it seem that he'll return to Theme park? Or does int not feel that way?

Sumika: I don't really feel like telling you.

???: That's going to be a problem, or so I feel.

Tsuda-san asked me to inform you of this or so I feel...

If he should turn you down next time...

Sumika: I know that.

...I'll bring him back by force.

???: That's it....or so I feel.


Sumika: Senpai, won't you come back to 'Theme park?'

Mimoza: ...Who's she?

Sumika: Don't worry about it.

Mimoza: I shall, thank you.

Tsubame: Remember how you thought I was with someone in 'Theme park'? She's that person.

Sumika: Hey! Don't just out me so easily, Senpai!

Tsubame: You are?

Mimoza: I'm not sure what it is you're planning, but 'Theme park' is in cahoots with Shinapz you know?

Maybe you aren't aware, but Tsubame is no longer associated with 'Theme park'.

Sumika: Senpai, lets go back together.

Mimoza: Are you listening?

Sumika: Tsuda-san is calling for you.

Mimoza: Tsuda...?

Tsubame: Um...


Tsubame: What Tsuda and 'Theme park' want isn't the same as what you want right?

I said it already....rather than believe in them, believe in yourself.

Sumika: These are orders handed down to me by 'Theme park'.

But to be frank, I want you to come back too, senpai.

Tsubame: Then let me put it straight for you,

I have no relationship with 'Theme park' or Tsuda. I've got my own shit to attend to.

Sumika: You're that kinda guy aren't you senpai...?

You're just too cool.

So while it's gonna hurt you more than it hurts me, it appears this is the only to bring you back.


Tsubame: Sounds fun.

Let's see if the gears of the machine have backbones.

Mimoza: Keep your hair on!! I don't want to be involved!!


Dude: Gyaah!!


Mimoza: Wha...

Who the bloody hell are they?!

Tsubame: You sure about this?

If you team up with me, you'd might as well kiss your spot in 'Theme park' goodbye.


Sumika: Want me to be honest? Whether I become a gear of 'Theme park' or a gear of yours, senpai...

Asking me to choose either one is a pretty stupid question.

Tsubame: You...

Sumika: It's no biggie.

Since either way I'm not gonna get rewarded.

It's been a while since we've been back to back like this...

Tsubame: Yeah.


???: This is disappointing, or so I feel, Sumika-san.

Betrayal is it? Or so I feel...?

Sumika: Betrayal?

You're kidding right?

I've been Senpai's partner since the very beginning, ya dig?

???: I didn't think I'd have to put this much effort for you, Sumika-san.

I'll grant you death then if you want it so badly, or so I feel.

Tsubame: What's he talking about?
Sumika: Dunno?

I won't let them use love against me.


Whichever you choose...


Sumika: Senpai and I are invincible!

Tsubame: Don't hold me back.

Sumika: The same could be said for you.

Mimoza: I've got to chivvy along somewhere else!

Tsubame: Damn.

It'll be a big issue if Sumika sees my multiple bodies...


Sumika: I gotta say....

I'm really happy you're depending on me!

Tsubame: He's the last one...

Die for me.

Sumika: We really cleaned up here.

Tsubame: For god's sake. That bunch was friggin' annoying.

???: Fuhh..


I'll enjoy the feeling of killing you!!!

Sumika: !



Tsubame: Sumika!

Mimoza: Wha...

Tsubame: Hey! Sumika!

Hang in there!

???: I can't die here....or so I feel.

Tsubame: You idiot! This is why I said you shouldn't betray 'Theme Park'...!

Sumika: Senpai....you really don't get anything.

I didn't betray them...

Since the day you saved me, I've always been your partner.


Sumika: Senpai...are you awake?

Tsubame: I'm sleeping.

Sumika: Then I guess I'm just talking to myself.

Can I...

Be the place that senpai takes his refuge?

Tsubame: …I dunno...


Sumika: Well...if I can selfishly say it...


Wanted to be your place of refuge Senpai.


Mimoza: I won't tell you not to get emotional here....

Tsubame: I hate women who get emotional after drinking whisky with nothing but ice in it.

Mimoza: Then...I suppose it's fine.

But you sure are calm..
I'd be in shambles at least a little in this situation...


Mimoza: After all, 'Theme park' is where you came from isn't it?

Tsubame: 'Theme park' is my past.

It's a place I have no need for.

Mimoza: Was Sumika your past too?

Those 'Theme Park' blokes wanted to drag you back into Shinapz despite you leaving without consent...

You were bound to be punished by 'Theme park' before long for opposing them.

Tsubame: Pretty much.

Mimoza: But you make killing your emotions look like a piece of cake.

You really are made to be an assassin....



Tsubame: I'll...

Give the punishment.




???: Greetings.

I'm the writer of Tali, Takafumi.

???: I'm the artist, Ginko.

???: Lots of things happened in this first volume.

???: They sure did.

{First Bullet.}

???: What's wrong?!
???: Ugh, my temperature has gotten close to 40 degress...

???: You should go to the hospital...

Doctor: It's Pneumonia.

???: Hyaaah!

{Second Bullet.}

???: Dammit, that idiot gets sick when we're super busy...bastard...


???: Shut up already...

What's wrong?!

Doctor: It's Accute Enteritis

???: Hyaaah!!


{Third Bullet}

Dude: Tour du request~

{On December 30th Yokoyama Yuji Sensei came to hang out.

Gessan's 'Tour de Honya-san has started serialization!)

Yokoyama: I'm not done with my storyboard yet...

???: That's fine, it has nothing to do with me.

Yokoyama: I see..

{We drank till morning.}

(Handwritten- No matter what you do, that won't come off of Takafumi's head, Yoko-san.)

(Handwritten- He's still chugging those...)

???: Each day doesn't change...

Yokoyama: That's true.

(Handwritten- More like, let go.)
(Handwritten- No way.)

{End of the year.}

Yokoyama: I'm not done with my storyboard yet.

??? I don't care.

???: Why?

{For the third bullet, Yoko-san drew like a jitterbug and helped out!}

(Handwritten- Where you ask?)

(Handwritten- This storyboard never ends!)

(Handwritten- Look for it.)

{In the middle of the fourth bullet...}

{After drinking too much, he threw up on a street corner in Shinjuku.}

???: You shouldn't drink too much!

(Handwritten- Stop!!)

(Bottom panel: A storyboard is a drawing under the drawings. Splitting of the panels and the words themselves are decided here.)


{During the Fifth Bullet...}

(Handwritten I'm A type...}

(Handwritten- My parents are B type...)

{The adults went to sing before the public.}

{And took some damage.}

???: What's wrong?

{During the release of the tankobon...}

???: Flower watching!!

{The next day.}

???: What's wrong?

???: My head hurts.

Doctor: You drank too much huh?

???: Yeah..

???: You shouldn't drink too much!

Thank you for sending the letters and voting in the polls. To the readers who hold this book in their hands, Thank you so very much!


(TN- Tour du Honya-san is a sorta parody manga that runs in Gessan (The mag this manga runs in) every month. From what I've read, it tends to parody the events in manga that ran that month. Apparently Yokoyama is the mangaka for it.)

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