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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hadaka no Taiyou 5

A serious match.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 27, 2012 02:02 | Go to Hadaka no Taiyou

-> RTS Page for Hadaka no Taiyou 5

I have to say that it's intriguing the protagonist's manga isn't shown right off the bat. Makes the build up to when he actually DOES draw something a bit more exciting. I do hope this new chick is fun though, this series needs a less manic heroine, IMO.

Dark murmor only.

(Side text- What kind of fight is this?! Filled with anxiety he distributes club notebooks!)

Taiyou: I'm supposed to distribute...

30 of these around the school...

Though if I hand these out...

People are bound to realize I joined the manga club...


Runa: Now's not the time to say such naiieve things...

This is a fight.

Meishi: Yup.


Runa: Between Meishi and I...

A battle to determine who's manga is more interesting.

(Top text- Uneven youth manga club life!!)
Chapter 5: A serious match.


(Side text- Right after joining the club, a fight blazes up!! Meishi VS Anezaki-san in a manga fight to the finish!!)


Runa: First up is the first years classroom.

Meishi: Fresh readers are extremely important.

Taiyou: Umm..

Meishi: Mm?

Runa: What is it?

Taiyou: So...how will you determine whether the manga is interesting or not?

Runa: A reader's questionnaire.
It's how actual magazines on sale determine these things right?!

Taiyou: Eh?! Th—thats?!


Taiyou: Wait, you mean the postcards that people send in for gifts?

And the questionnaires on the postcards which have them choose which manga they found interesting, therefore determining which manga currently serializing are popular...?!

Meishi: Sorry but we don't have any gifts...

Our mags do have these though...

A home page address.

Runa: This is my idea.

They can visit the home page of the manga club and cast their votes as to which manga they found more interesting!

Doesn't that method just cause your blood to race?!


Runa: this is a four match four win battle!

And I give it my overwhelming support!

Meishi: Grrrrr....

Runa: Isn't this just a great way to seperate the manga champ from the manga chump in our club?

Club chief Meishi?

Meishi: Humph!!

Today I'll take the initiative and lead our club...

And then I'll make my summer of magical girl training camp a reality...

Runa: That camp is denied.

Taiyou: It seems you can't even win that much, Meishi-san...


{Anezaki-san's manga is...}
{A manga about an unprecedented lawyer protagonist in a courtroom...}

{Legal killers.}

{Because it's a courtroom thriller manga, there's a lot of dialog, and difficult intercity...}

{But I think considering the readership here is pretty much all highschool students, she may not do too badly.}

{But then there's...}

{Meishi-san's manga...}

Taiyou: Gulp.


Mei: I'm the Magical girl Mei...

{Readership would have to be elementary school or below...?}

Taiyou: Informing Meishi-san of this might be a bad idea though.

Meishi: Allrighty, how about I hand this one...


Runa: Why not allow the readers from last time to decide?

Meishi: What?!

Taiyou: Um...Meishi-san...

Is it really okay to just leave one copy in that classroom?

Meishi: That's a naiieve way of thinking, Ichinose-kun!

Taiyou: Eh?


Meishi: When in a battle with Lady Runa that will decide the more interesting manga...

Getting people to read your manga....

Means fighting a battle besides distrubution.

{They're playing games huh..}

{Well it's after school...so that's not a bad number of people.}


Dude: Wh—who?



Runa: You can only read Legal killers in the club notebook!!



{Whoa...talk about lording it over others...}

Runa: You'd better read it, 'kay?


Dude: O—okay...


Runa: The basis for a female character is the tsundere.

That's just obvious.

Taiyou: Um, Anezaki-san?

They're...totally not reading the notebook.


Meishi: Dehahaha. It appears your methods had no effect!

Runa: Guh...

Meishi: Now the next class is my turn.

If it's advertising the manga club...

Watch and learn from the chief himself.


Runa: You've got confidence, I guess.
Girl: Someone's coming in...

Girl2: Who's that person?

Girl3: Eww...he's sorta creepy.


{Whoa—what intensity...!!}

{Could it be..?!}


Mei: You've gotta read.

{Yup...i figured it'd be...}

{That sorta picture.}

Meishi: Of course a manga's charm is it's pictures. This is what the manga club is all about.


Meishi: Heheh...so how was that?


Runa: They were quick to erase it.

Meishi: Agah....

My masterpiece....

Runa: Let me put it to you straight....you're annoying.

Now to the next stop.

Meishi: Uuugh...


{Whether you consider A or B classes's reaction, the fact is they both weren't that great.}

{But I really think...}

{Both of their mangas are interesting though.}

Taiyou: Anezaki-san, we're done with the first year classes...
What's next?!


Runa: What's after the first years?

That's obvious isn't it?

We go to the second year classrooms!!

Taiyou: Um...that's the year I'M in, and thus there are LOTS of people who know my face..

Runa: And there he goes with that 'I'm embarrassed' nonsense...

Meishi: Relax yourself Ichinose-kun.

I prepared something special just for this day.




{Inside of a magical girlllll!!}

Taiyou: Sure my face is hidden...

But now I stand out like...a lot!!

Meishi: How is it?! Now no one will know your true identity!!

I created this thing just for you...


Runa: You created this for Ichinose-kun's sake? Quit lying.

You've used that thing plenty of times in the past...

Meishi: Oh? Is Lady Runa displeased?

Runa: We're supposed to be using the contents of our manga to battle. Having your protagonist out on display is unfair and you know it.

Meishi: Oh dear. I guess we can't help it...could you take that off Ichinose-kun?

Taiyou: B—but I don't...

Meishi: See? He doesn't want to take it off, Lady Runa.

Runa: Guh...!


Meishi: Now Ichino---no, Magical girl Mei!

Taiyou: Y—yeah?!

Meishi: You're off to class 2-A!!

Taiyou: M—ME?!

Meishi: Show them the magic of love!!

Taiyou: Uwaaah!!

Taiyou: Nghhh!!


Girl: Eww, what's that?

What's it covering?!

Maybe it's gonna do a magic trick for us!




{They're laughing!!}

Taiyou: F—for now I'll just appeal to them about the notebook...


Taiyou: They're mubling something...?

Girl: Gotta get the man with a mask that appeared in class...


(Sfx- Hah...)

(Sfx- Hah..)
{What the heck...}

{Am I doing...}

Meishi: Why'd you run away...?!

Ugh...I could taste the success....

Taiyou: U—Um...Anezaki-san...

Runa: Hmm?

Taiyou: B—By doing this...

will anyone actually read the notebook?


Taiyou: The reactions to these things has been either really bad or...laughter.

We haven't been able to hand one of the club notebooks to a single person..

Meishi: Well..the last issue...

Pretty much found itself a home in the garbage bin...

Taiyou: G-Garbage?

Runa: Yup, that was pretty tough....

We had to go through all of the trash bags...

And re distrubute them...

Taiyou: That must have made you pretty mad Anezaki-san..

Runa: Are you kidding? Of course it did!!


Runa: Mad at myself for drawing a manga...

that no one wants to read.


Taiyou: Eh?!

At yourself?!

Meishi: I admit that I'm not that grerat myself.

By it's very nature, manga is supposed to be read...

So if a manga is unread it's pretty much worthless...

Runa: Oh?! That's quite the opinion you have there, Meishi.

Taiyou: But...


Taiyou: To work your butt off drawing a manga that no one wants to read...

Is sorta sad isn't it?

Thinking and over thinking the story...

The overuse of your arm to wipe the sleep out of your eyes while you draw..

I know my manga is pretty half hearted...

But yours Anezaki-san is one I'd love to read...

Runa: I don't know anything about...

All that hard work you're speaking of.


Taiyou: Eh?

Meishi: I mean all of the readers think the same thing.

Runa: Okay then, when you're reading Shonen Zank...

Do you really mean to tell me you're thinking about how hard the artist worked on what you're reading?

Taiyou: Th—that's..

Runa: You're only thinking of whether the manga you're reading is...

Either boring or interesting right!?!


Taiyou: That's true but....

Runa: Hm?!

That guy over there...

Isn't he one of your friends, Ichinose-kun?


Runa: This is fantastic.


Runa: Go to him and give him...

A copy of our notbook.

Taiyou: WHA?!

Wait, that's asking for too much...

Runa: Whatever. Get moving.

Taiyou: But Matsuki would never read the note--

Runa: Go.

Taiyou: Ah...


{Why do I have to do this....?}

Matsuki: C'mon. Just a little while's good right?

Girl: Eh...

Matsuki: Hm?!

Girl: Yes?

What's the deal with this person?

Matsuki: Dude, stay away.


Matsuki: Whaddya want?

{Matsuki would never read one of these...}
Matsuki: The hell? Taking drawing manga so seriously...

Loser otaku....


Matsuki: The manga research club?

What are you a member?

You want me to read this book?!

Girl: Uwah, what's this? An otaku book?

No way. And what's that on the cover?!

(Sfx- Gokuhh gulp)


Matsuki: I'm returning this!!

I ain’t gonna read this crap!!

{I knew it...}

Matsuki: Hey...


Matsuki: I'm in class 2-D.

Make sure you leave one there for me, dig?

Taiyou: Eh?!


Matsuki: Hm?

Taiyou: Crap! My voice...!

Girl: Hey, what are you whispering about over there?!

Matsuki: Ooh..

Oh and Iwas like, 'Next time you stop by', lemmie get at them chests.

Girl: Eww! I know it has a girl's face and stuff, but it's obviously a guy wearing that mask.
Matsuki: Then lemmie at your chest.



Runa: Now doesn't he remind you of somoeone?

Taiyou: Uugh...

Runa: That guy is a surprising one.

To think he'd read this...

To get someone to read a manga is a lot of hard work but...

If you draw an interesting manga...

Someone will certainly read it.

(Phone: Legal killers// 2 Votes.)


Taiyou: Ah!!

There are votes already!!

(Phone: 2 votes.)

{There are already two people...}

{Who have read it...!!}

Taiyou: Hahah...

Meishi: HAHAHAH!!

Behold! I too have two votes!!

I won't lose to you this time, Lady Runa!!

(Phone- Magical girl Mei// 2 votes.)


Meishi: Hahahahaah!!

Runa: Ah. I got one more vote.
It appears my win is a possiblity.

Girl: Manga club huh....

(Side text- Just who is the girl who watches them...?!)


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