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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 429

An invisible scabbard.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 28, 2012 03:49 | Go to Gintama

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Oh whatever should I do with my two weeks without the textiest manga in Jump?

-Visit Family.
-Pick up a less stressful hobby.
-Make friends.
-Make love.
-Make a pie.
-Make a child's dream come true.
-Run for office.
-Run out of office.
-Translate something else.
-Translate nothing else.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Okitanagi: I said this before did I not? Kusanagi...


(Side text- Confrontation!!)

Okitanagi: I said it didn't I? When was through scheming this plan...your fate had already been sealed.

When you took her from me, I decided...

I would then take everything from you.

If you must curse something..

Curse that blade of yours that can cut nothing.

Curse the foolishness that made you believe you could oppose me, Maganagi.

Kusanagi: Ma...

Maganagiiii!! Stoppit!!!


Kusanagi: Not her...

She's my...

Only daughter...

Shinpachi: Kusanagi-saaaaaaaan!!!

Okitanagi: No need to worry, your daughter will soon follow you...

Father and daughter both will happily return to their mother's side..

And now this is over...


(Sfx- Mishiin ddssh)

(Sfx- Mishhih misshih ssfft shifft)

{I can't move...}

Okita: Wait.

Let's not be hasty.


Okita: It's a bit too soon to...

end my scabbard.

(Side text- Revival?!)

(Side text- JC Volume 47 is in stores everywhere!!)

Lesson 429: An invisible scabbard.

Maganagi: Yo---

Kokdon: So...





(Sfx- Mishihh sssft)

Okita: Draw.


(Sfx- Zuzuhhh sssssh)

{He's returning me to the scabbard...?!}

Okita: I said draw, dammit.

{This is ridiculous....impossible...this man...}

Okita: The match isn't over yet....

{I cannot control him....}

Okita: They're not...

Done yet.


Maganagi: What foolishness are you saying...

The match has been decided.

What does he intend to do with that dull and rotten blade...?

Kusanagi is dead. No matter what he does, it's all over.

Kusanagi and the scabbard he searched for are nowhere to be found.

You fools have lost to the great Maganagi.

Gintoki: I've got a scabbard..

Right here.

What, you can't see it?

Even if when separated, this scabbard will continue to protect it's katana...

An excellent scabbard which will protect father and daughter until the bitter end.


Gintoki: You can rot away as many blades as you want...

But the soul will always emerge without a scratch.

You mighta splintered the blades of genuine sharp blades...

You might be able to break the wick if you smack it enough times...

but with a hot enough flame, it'll be revived without fail.

The flame isn't out yet, Kusanagi.

It's right here!!!

The flame of my life force!!

(Sfx- Dooon thoook)


(Sfx- Bushiiii bloooorsh)

Kagura: Gin-chaaaaaaaan!!
Tetsuko(?): N—No way....

He's used the sword on himself....

(Sfx- Bushiiii blooorsh)

Maganagi: R—ridiculous...

That man...

Gintoki: Consider this last haemorrhage a tip, ya bastard!!!

Drink as much of my gushing blood as you'd like dammit!!!

Maganagi: R—ridiculous...

(Sfx- Kaaah Sheeeen)

Maganagi: He's giving his blood to Kusanagi...


(Sfx- Ooraaaaaaaaaaaah!!!)

(Sfx- Meri meri meri grinddgrinnd)

{He's trying to....}

{Revive his bladeeeeeeeee?!}

Maganagi: Does that man regret his life that much....

Okita: Heheheh...

For a samurai he's a complete joke.

Rather than using a sword to protect your body, instead you protect the sword by becoming it's scabbard? Some samurai you are...

But this is interesting..

(Sfx- Charaaah clatter)

Okita: I knew the boss was...

One interesting dude.

(Sfx- Doohhh thook)


Kondo: So..


Maganagi: Y—You bastard....what is this..

Okita: Fighting a real match the fair and balanced way is boring as hell.

If he's gonna get eaten, then I'll let you eat too.

Go ahead and..

Try to consume me.



Shinpachi: Gin-saaaaaaaaaan!!!


(Sfx- Gakaahhh FSHEEEEN)



(Sfx- Gagaashhhh sheeeeeeeeeen)

(Sfx- Dofuooohhh fwooooom)

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmmble)


Shinpachi: Gi—Gin-san...


Kusanagi: Maganagi...


Kusanagi: Seems like..

We found us a pair of badass scabbards ya know.
Maganagi: Heheh..

You're not lying.

(Sfx- Paraaa clatter)

Maganagi: I came here with the intention of devouring..

But it turns out...

I was the one who was devoured.

(Sfx- Perori lick)

Maganagi: It seems that the dull one was..

Me apparently..

(Sfx- Gefuhh belch)

(Sfx- Zushaaaah dsssssh)


Gintoki: Hey..

Okita: Boss...

Next time...

Lets do this without any interruptions.

Gintoki: Heh.

Shinpachi: Gin-saaaan!!


Kagura: You did itttt!! You did it, yes?!

Shinpachi: You won Kusanagi-san!! Awesome!!

Kusanagi: Yup...

Thanks to all of ya.

I'm right thankful to all of yah.

In tha end I was finally able to be a famous blade...
Shinpachi: Ku---



Shinpachi: Why..why is this happening?!

Kusanagi: It's all good...I guess I's met my limit...I had long prepared for things ta end this way...

Sayako risked her life to protect somethin'...

So if I gotta use this body to protect it too, then I can meet 'er in the other world with a smile.

Shinpachi: Why are you saying lifeless things?!

You finally got to meet your daughter....worse yet, you haven't even been able to introduce yourself to Saaya-san....or were you planning to at all?

Kusanagi: She'll grow up to be a real fine lady...

She's just like her momma after all...

I just wanted to see that beautiful scabbard one more time...

That's more than enough for me.

I've been a rollin' stone from here to there...ain't no need to burden my girl with knowin' her good for nuthin daddy's gone and kicked the bucket.

No matter what katana she ends up goin' with, as long as she can live happily and in good health...

Then I...and Sayako....can be satisfied..

But if ya could..

Could ya put me in that pile of steel sand there...

I know that Sayako's sleepin...

In a grave for an Excalibur planet natives...


Kagura: Kusanagi...

(Sfx- Dosuuuhh thud)

Kagura: Gin-chan!!
Gintoki: I don't really have words for you...They've gone a pretty long way ya see...

But you've got a connection...something more than that.

After all...you are..

Pretty blunt.

Right down to the bond you have.

With you guys...

And us..

Kusanagi: Gintoki-han.


To meet a scabbard like...

like ya'll in the end..

I thank my lucky stars...


Saaya: Ooh Sou-kuuun.

You're really buying new sword just for me?

Okita: It's cause I’ve been using weirdass swords this whole time that using a normal one doesn't sit right with me.

You're the same right? Using the Kikuichi monji just isn't satisfying. I'mma buy something new...like if it has a pearl or vibration functionality that would be pretty awesome.

Saaya: Eww! You're a pervy guy Sou-kun!!


Tetsuko: Sorry but I don't have dirty blades like that around here.

Okita: Really now.

(Sfx- Kan kan thunk thunk)

Okita: I thought I heard of someone picking up a pearl?

I mean weren't the four of you looking desperately for something like that?
At least that’s what it looked like to me.

Tetsuko: Oh..that was just gravel from steel dust is all..

Just...within that gravel..

There was the hope that a pearl more valuable than iron would be mixed in.

If that sorta thing was found I was thinking I could beat a katana out of it.

Okita: Seems like that'd be a lot of work.

Well...if you can pull it off let me know.

Tetsuko: You sure about that?

It'd probably be the dullest blade in the universe.

Okita: That's cool.

It doesn't have to cut anything.

In any case there's no need for it to be..

A sword or a scabbard again really.

(Sfx- Snug tightly into it's scabbard....)

GINTAMA LESSON 429...........END.

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