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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 431

A bowl full of ramen

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 23, 2013 20:58 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 431

Recently Sorachi sure seems to be fond of bringing back characters who haven't appeared in literally years. This one is so old that he actually went through the trouble of telling us what chapter and volume to look for him in. With the way things are going, maybe this is his way of wrapping things up?

Hi wa mata noboru only

???: Here…
A bowl of ramen.
(Side text- ‘Gintama’s’ newest volume #48 will hit stores (Monday) February 4th!!// The Movie version of ‘Gintama’ is projected to hit theaters this (TN- Spring is crossed out) summer! Check out the Movie’s twitter page @gintamamovie)
(Side text- Cold days are all about these!!)
Lesson 431: A bowl full of ramen.
{On the night of New Year’s Eve a shady man would come before the new years had started and ask for a bowl of ramen.}
Dude: I won’t be able to finish all of this…
{The man would say this and my husband and I would split the ramen to three small plates and offer him one.}
{And with an insatiable desire he would chow down on his ramen in mere moments.}
{Upon finishing he’d wander back into the night, his stomach growling.}
(Sfx- Guuuuuuuu *grrrrrrrr*)

{With each passing year…}
{Right on New Years, the man would loiter into our shop.}
{And he’d always come with a small amount of money and ask for a huge bowl of ramen.}
{And just like that we would give him what he had asked.}
{My husband would silently split the ramen servings into three}
{And give the man the one serving of char siu,}
{And the three of us would silently sip the broth from the ramen.}
Husband: Ikumatsu.
This is to us, an established end of the year event.
If anything should happen to me, you make sure that old guy gets his fill.
{That would be…}
{The final bowl of ramen my husband would make.}

{As for the end of year tradition shared between the three of us…}
{It ended then too.}
Ikumatsu: That man didn’t come this New years eve either…
My husband died, and I haven’t seen him anywhere.
(Sfx- Chatsu *shfft*)
Ikumatsu: He was a strange old man…he’d clearly not have any money but still request enough ramen for the three of us to eat, and after eating his go home despite still being hungry.
He had to be pretty lonely….
I imagine that he had no family or home if he kept coming here like that …..maybe that man didn’t come here for the ramen but for a place to sit happily with others.
I wonder what he’s doing now…? I was hoping to fufill my husband’s will…
I even prepared some char siu for us to eat. I’ve been waiting for him.
All right, a bowl of rame—
(Sfx- Dopaahhhn *bloorsh*)

Gintoki: Shut the hell up. Answer this, who won the pachinko which bought this? Go suck some broth, brah.
Ikumatsu: Geez, you all have not a shred of decency do you? You’re just going to drink up that old guy’s ramen?
Though if he’s as energetic as you three then that’s good too.
(Sfx- Bata bata *ddsshsshh*)
Ikumatsu: I’m worried that something may have happened to him…
Katsura: Ikumatsu-dono there’s no need to worry about that.
If this gentleman was coming here for a safe and happy refuge from his loneliness each year,
Then not seeing him is good news, is it not?
His daily life might have stabilized,
And he may be eating not just ramen with someone, but a complete new years meal.
Of course there is need to factor in the possibility that the ramen you serve here is disgusting Ikumatsu-dono…
Ikumatsu: Here, have a bowl.
(Sfx- Goooshaaaah *dpbloooosh*)

Shinpachi: Th—that’s not the case at all, Katsura-san!!
I-Ikumatsu-san’s ramen has to be the best in Edo….no, the universe!!
I’m sure that guy’s itching for a bowl of his own!!
Right, Ikumatsu-san?!
Kagura: He is probably a fat person who does not have any gratitude and takes char siu for granted, yes?
If he has money, he should come here and buy us some ramen as well.
(Sfx- Mogu mogu *chew chew*)
Gintoki(?): That has nothing to do with you.
Ikumatsu: Looking after that man until the very end was a job entrusted to me.
So while it’s fine that he doesn’t come to the shop, It makes my work feel incomplete, and I don’t want any regrets.
In the end I wasn’t able to return this hood to him either.
But you’re probably right, he more likely than not forgot about this boring little ramen dive.
I really wish for his happiness wherever he is now.
Either way I just wanted to…
Be able to make him ramen here, but it appears I won’t be able to…
Gintoki: Hey Zura, we don’t have the same free time you seem to, bro.
Zura: Not Zura, but Katsura.
Gintoki: I’ve got appointments and stuff. A game of dice and hanafuda are waiting for me.
(TN- Hanafuda is a set of Japanese playing cards that use flowers as a motif for the suits.)
Katsura: Should a dunce who’s bad with his money really talk big like that?

Katsura: I am sure you were party to Ikumatsu-dono’s lament weren’t you?
Gintoki answer me honestly, what do you think of this man Ikumatsu-dono is waiting for?
Gintoki: He’s a dude without a house or family who likes to hang out around there each year?
So at best he probably died in some ditch somewhere.
Katsura: That seems to be the case.
But I would wager he’s not just homeless…
The hood that he apparently forgot there….
It’s old and worn, but the quality is quite good.
If someone were to see a man who is simply homeless out and about with something like this on his person, surely he’d stand out to them.
While it is true that searching for him may literally lead to a dead end….
It might serve you well if you were to forgo your appointments and help. Perhaps you may even become the sort of character who can use the hokto shinken.
(TN- This is the main attack of the protagonist in the Hokuto no ken series.)
Katsura: Doesn’t this interest you?
Gintoki: Not one damn bit. There is something that DOES interest me here though…
Zura, could it be you…
Want to **** Ikumatsu?

Katsura: WHAAAAAAT?! Why are you being so crass?! That’s embarrassing!!
Gintoki: Dude, it’s pretty weird that lately whenever we go to eat ramen you’re hanging out there too.
If it’s no big deal you can easily eat ramen and hang out somewhere else right?
(Sfx- Pan pan *pat pat*)
Katsura: Don’t even joke about that! As if Ikumatsu-dono and I would ****** or ******* and after all of that is over we’d ********* too?! That’s absolutely unfounded and ridiculous!!
Gintoki: Yeah, um…no one said anything even resembling what you said.
Oh I get it, I’ve pegged you for a while as a shy dude….so now you wanna give Ikumatsu a hand in this case and stuff?
You shoulda just said that sooner. If you need a wingman to play cupid, I can do that on the cheap~
(Sfx- Pusupusu *heheh*)
Katsura: Who asked you to do such a thing?!
Gintoki: Now now, no need to play dumb. I’m pretty familiar with your interests. You’ve always had a thing for married chicks.
(Handwritten- That’s an unexpected weakness…)
Gintoki: If I remember correctly, when you were kid, the first person you fell for was a neighborhood widow….
(Sfx- Dosuuuh *thuuud*)
Katsura: If you continue this mockery of my warrior code, I’ll even cut YOU down.
I do not like married chicks as you so ineloquently put it….
I happen to like NTR!!!
Shinpachi: Um…there’s nothing warrior like about that. More like that’s quite the explosive revelation you’ve made there, mister.
(TN- Netorare or NTR for short are sorts of eroge or well…anime tropes that cause the player or audience to have sexual jealousy. That really IS an explosive revelation considering Katsura…or not really, considering all the males in Gintama.)
Katsura: Morover, I haven’t fallen for Ikumatsu-dono,
But the flavor of her noodles!!

Katsura: My only interest is handing over the man that Ikumatsu-dono’s husband asked her to care for.
I only wish for them to meet each other one more time, and that is it!
So she can honor her husband’s promise…
And serve him a bowl full of ramen.
Gintoki: Well ain’t that commendable of you.
You’d even go as far as assisting with a promise made by your love rival?
Katsura: I’m sorry to inform you, but that man isn’t a love rival of mine.
And he never will be.
In Ikumatsu-dono’s eyes…
Are the reflection of only one man.
Hobo: Hey what’s this?
Aren’t these newbies a little on the young side?

Katsura: Greetings to those seeing me for the first time!!
(Sfx- Gatsuhh *shfft*)
(Box- Tangerines.)
Katsura: I grew tired of the way of the samurai, and resinded my blade! I have instead chosen to thrust myself upon the path of cardboard!
My name is Katsura Kuzutarou! I look forward to dwelling amongst you!
(TN- Kuzu is the word for trash. So his name could be ‘Trash boy’, though it’s more likely just a lame adaption of ‘Kotarou’ his real first name.)
Katsura: For simplicity’s sake, you may refer to me as Kuzura!
Hobo: Hey now, It sounds like you had a pretty good life there, Kuzura-san, why’d you go givin’ it up?
Katsura: Not Kuzura, but Katsura!!
And this is my partner in arms, Kuzuta
(Sfx- Goburshaaa *thuuuud*)
Gintoki: Hey…why’d things turn out this way….?
Hobo: Now that dude there has the same eyes as us. Welcome to the ditch, Kuzuta-san.
Gintoki: Oh wow guys! Thanks for…NO WAY IN HELL! DON’T LUMP ME IN WITH YOU!!
Katsura: In order to fool the homeless , you must first appear homeless.
You were wary enough about these people to put on a disguise and such but you’re fittin in pretty much right away, just as I expected Kuzutoki.

Gintoki: Dammit, if I had known this is what was gonna happen, I woulda went with Shinpachi and Kagura to find the store where that hood came from…
Katsura: Excuse me, but is there a person among you dwellingless folk that I inquire to for information?
There are plenty of things I’d like to learn about life among the cardboard…
Hobo: Oh, if that’s the case we’ll set up a meet and greet with ‘Kami-sama’.
Katsura: Kami-sama?
Hobo: Yeah, he’s the one who takes control of the homeless in this area…a ‘chief’ of cardboard, hense use calling him ‘Kami’ sama.
(TN- It sounds like the word for ‘god’ but the kanji used is ‘Paper’. That’s why I’m writing it ‘Kami-sama’ rather than God.)
Hobo: If you talk with Kami-sama, he’ll most likely be able to take care of any problems you might have.
(Sfx- Gatsuhh *sfftt*)
???: What’s going on? I see things are bustling over there.
Hobos: Ah…
It’s Kami-samaaaa!!
Kami-sama has descended!!!
(Sfx- Paaaah *fwaaaaah*)

Gintoki: Hey….
What the hell are you doing Hase---
(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
Musashi-like person: Everyone, expel these foreign elements from our Eden immediately.
Gintoki: Um…what? What are you talking about? What’s Eden?
(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
GIntoki: Imma need you to stop that translation crap. You’re completely made in Japan aren’tcha?
Musashi-like person: Those people will only bring us calamity.
Gintoki: Uh dude, I don’t want someone who’s pretty much the Webster’s dictionary definition of disaster to talk smack about me like that.
Besides I’ve asked you plenty of times how long you intend to keep this up? What are you still doing here at your age Hase….
(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
Musashi-like person: Cease and desist your mutterings of the death curse ‘HASEGAWA’.
Gintoki: That’s your friggin’ name isn’t it?! And talk to me directly dammit!! This is beginning to piss me off!!
(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
Musashi-like person: The commonality of the outside world doesn’t apply to us here in Eden. This is a different plane where those who have found nirvana gather.
Gintoki: Is that so? Well whether you’re Kami-sama or Hasegawa-san, you’re pretty much cut from the same fibre of shit.
Hasegawa(?): Who’s shit?!
Gintoki: While we’re talking, could you tell me more about this hood…
Musashi-like person: I will not answer.
I said it already haven’t I? The people here are those who have separated themselves from the ouside world ascended into true freedom.
(Sfx- Gonyo goyo *whisper whisper*)
Musashi-like person: Unnecessary inquires about our pasts is completely and utterly unforgiven. Moreover we have nothing to say with those who remain on a terrestrial plane.
If you truly want to become one who is among our rank…
Offer 30 empty soda cans, and 60 boxes of convenience store lunches to me.

(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
Hasegawa: Do you understand man known as Kuzutoki? This is…
(Sfx- GOnyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
Hasegawa: The entry point for those who come from the outside world, the lowest form of humanty, one who has no choice but to be controlled.
(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
Musashi-like person: Fuhahahahahah!!
Musashi-like person: Fuah…
(Sfx- Gohhh *THUD*)
(Sfx- Doshaaaaah *dhuuuud*)
Hasegawa: Gonyo gonyo
Musashi-like person: GURAAAAH!!
Hobos: Kami-samaaa!!
???: Bring empty cans to you?
You should sleep talk when sleeping, bastard.
(Sfx- Zaaah *ddsssh*)
???: We’ve been telling you that this is our turf!!
(Sfx- Zaaan *doom*)
???: All of the empty cans and convenience store lunches belong to us!! So get the hell out of our park!

Gintoki: What the hell is that?
Hobos: Nishigumi!
(TN- Western group. Seemed cooler in Japnaese.)
Hobo: They’re a group that dwells in the western section of this park! A cardboard battle armament group!!
Gintoki: And what’s a cardboard battle armament group?
Hobo: They’ve been using violent force to take control of the park! Their influence has slowly turned them into a new fearsome power!!
Gintoki: Eh? Really? You mean some sorta cardboard sengoku jidai has started while we weren’t paying attention?
(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
(Sfx- Gatsuhhh *Thuud*)
Musashi-like person: Back with you!! This is an eden of freedom! No matter how many times you come here, we’ll never give it back!!
Gintoki: He stepped on Kami-sama right in the middle of his reply!!
Musashi-like person: We abhor using violence! Rather than use it for violence we live with the cardboard!
Gintoki: You’re sure using a lot of violence on Kami-sama who’s under your foot there! More like he’s not saying anything anymore so how are you translating it?
Hobo: Translation? What are you talking about Kuzuta-san? That’s Kami-sama there…
Gintoki: Eh?
Then what the hell is that?! Why is he hanging out with that cool looking old dude?!
(Sfx- Doooon *thooom*)
Hobo: That’s just whispers, the guy who is at Kami-sama’s beck and call.
Gintoki: So even in this brave new world, you’re still at the bottom of the bottom!!

???: Now there’s a nostalgic face ….
In the midst of this trash heap, there’s a person buried here I didn’t think I’d see agan.
I see…
So even a bastard like you ended up coming here huh?
(Sfx- zaaaan *doom*)
(Box- Bannanas.)
???: Katsura.
Katsura: Yo—
(Sfx- Gonyo Gonyo *Whisper whisper*)
Gintoki: Who are you again?
Bastard….don’t tell me you forgot?
{From Volume 7 Lesson 55.}
(Panels: I just came to see how you were doing// C’mon, a little bit won’t hurt I’m in a jam here.// Money again? You need to stop this…// I will definitely grant heaven’s punishment…)
???: Because you did that for that woman, I got ignored and ended up becoming homeless!! My fall from grace is your fault!!

(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
Gintoki: I see, we met at Karin towr right? I would have never imagined you’d return as a cyborg….
(Box- Apples)
(TN- Dragon ball joke. All though Tao Pai pai is pretty awesome.)
Katsura: I remember…you’re Ikumatsu-dono’s little brother in law….
To think I’d meet you again here….it must be fate.
???: I don’t want you to make this into something as simple as fate bro.
Because I’ve been thinkin this whole time…
About you…Katsura, and Ikumatsu…I’ve been livin down here thinking about you…
Thinkin’ of ways to get revenge on you two for ruining my life…and now the opportunity I’ve been hoping for has plopped right into my lap.
Katsura: Oh? So you’re the general of this cardboard mountain?
Your revenge is rather roundabout.
???: But now you’re standing right in front of me aintcha?
I already get it Katsura….you’re looking for that man too aren’tcha?

Katsura: To what are you referring?
???: Don’t act stupid with me. I already know so it does jack shit for you.
How when my big bro was alive
He’d come and search frantically for that old dude…
{Ikumatsu-dono’s husband….?!}
???: The fact that the old dude would visit that filthy ass ramen store every year…
His wandering back and forth…
Who that old dude really is.

???: Um excuse me, but where did you get this handkerchief?
Shinpachi: Well, we’re looking for the owner of that as well…
Old lady: Well I’m certain that the character written under the lining here is without a doubt our store the Nijikiya.
Kagura: You are certain? Can you remember if a dirty old man bought something like this from here?
Old lady: But this isn’t something that can be purchased…
But something belonging to the owner of the Nishikiya.
Kagura: The owner? You mean the president of this store, yes?
Old lady: Yes…I remember quite vividly how he’d wear this stylish little hood whenever he had to make a trip.
Shinpachi: Where is he now?! Where did the owner go?
Old lady: He died about 20 years ago.
Shinpachi: So why is that sorta thing around now…?
Um…did someone give it to someone else after he died? Do you know if he had a family or anything like that…?
Old lady: He has a single daughter.
But when her father died, she was still no more than a wee little thing, so she probably doesn’t remember anything.

Old lady: This Nishikiya is a fabrics store that the owner and his wife built up in one generation.
There was a time where the owner was down on his luck, but he overcame these obstacles…
But after that the landlady, his wife was left alone to manage a store of this size on her own. But she ended up leaving this to her daughter six years ago…
Moreover she lost her husband not too long after marrying into his family….
So I’m pretty sure she doesn’t remember anything.
When she sees this…
I’m certain that the daughter will be most pleased.
???: Now…
I wonder about that.
Snatching the hood without permission…
And going around to places and inquiring about her business…
Might upset even the gentlest of daughers…
(Sfx- Dosuhhh *thud*)

Ikumatsu: Juuuuust kidding.
Here’s your order Osono-san.
???: Katsura….do you not get it yet?
Let me put it to you straight then.
I have come here…
To find that dude and kill ‘im.
The person who died 20 years ago….
(Side text- A father with many mysteries….)

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#1. by Goral ()
Posted on Jan 24, 2013
When I've read your introduction I naively wished that Ikumatsu would appear (but knew there was like 0% chance of that happening since my favourite character and favourite pairing have been abandoned by Sorachi). Day later I see a Chinese scanlation and have an OMG reaction right off the bat.

Thanks BDR for this awesome translation of this awesome chapter.
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 24, 2013
No problem. Favorite character & paring? Who would that be exactly, Goral-kun?
#3. by Goral ()
Posted on Jan 24, 2013
Favourite character: Katsura
Favourite pairing: Katsura x Ikumatsu (especially since real Katsura married Ikumatsu)

My other favourite paring is Gin x Tsukky but that's the most popular pairing I think.
#4. by Naelok ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2013
Don't even joke about Gintama ending.

But thanks for the translation!
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