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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 432

A single bread crust.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 31, 2013 05:16 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 432

I really wanted to do more than one translation tonight...but this thing's contents were more than worth the time it took to get it out.

In semi-unrelated news, I'm running a campaign to nomiate Sorachi the czar of Chekhov's gun. All proceeds can be sent to kewl. Maybe then he'd spell my name right on the credits page...

Translation 700! Wow, I'm totally not, not a loser.

Hi wa mata noboru only

(Side text- Ikumatsu’s past revealed…?!)
Lesson 432: A single bread crust.
???: So that’s it.
You’re looking for the homeless man who has this hood?
For goodness sake. You really should have told me sooner.
I feel bad that you’ve been running around for my sake.
That hood belongs to the owner of the Nishikiya Nishiki Matsugorou who died 20 years ago.
And I am Matsugorou’s daughter Nishiki Ikumatsu.
Shinpachi: Wow…I mean, to think that you’re the lady of the Nishikiya…I—Ikumatsu-san..
Ikumatsu: Hahahah…I’m sorry to keep quiet about it. It just didn’t fit me.
I think the image of the female owner of a ramen shop is more me.

Ikumatsu: After all even though the Nishikiya looks the way it does now…
Being a top brand high grade goods store…
We had to live in the muddy waters of poverty until the store turned a profit.
Though even when our funds were lacking memories of happiness were not.
Even when there was little to eat, our family would still gather together as parents and child and live.
Although that familial bond and way of life is all but broken now.
Ironic isn’t it?
Shinpachi: Excuse me for prying Ikumatsu-san, but how did your father pass away?
Ikumatsu: I was still fairly young at the time, so I don’t know.
Furthermore my father was living somewhere else with another woman.
Despite him being in the vicinity of where I work, he never tried to reach out to me either.
Mom chased my good for nothing dad out of the house…
And from there I heard that he passed away due to sickness.
Although he was the sort of villain who would abandon his daughter and wife…
Talking about it now all I can remember is how sad mom looked back then.

Ikumatsu: I don’t know the particulars behind how that homeless man managed to get my father’s hood, but..
In the end that man too had a woman scorn and abandon him…
And maybe he and the old man spent some time together.
I suppose no matter how I try to rationalize it, I suppose I thought of that old man as more than just a stranger.
I’m sorry, because of that you went through some unnecessary troubles.
People in the end..
Should do their very best to live through today. I think if they can do that much they’ll be fine.
Seeking things such as prosperity and wealth are unnecessary and cloud vision to what’s important.
Back then I think it was clearly visible….
What was really important.
If it weren’t for that certainly…
Certainly that man wouldn’t have lost sight of us…
Certainly we…
Would have been able to forgive that man as well.

Katsura: Ikumatsu-dono’s father….
Is alive?
Little bro: That’s right.
Her old man who was said to have died 20 years ago….
Is actually alive and kicking it around this dump right now.
Katsura, my whole reason for coming here was to kill that dude dead.
I want revenge against Ikumatsu and you other bastards…
Who were the reasons I ended up falling this far.
Katsura: No way…
Then you’re trying to tell me…
The homeless man who’d pass through Ikumatsu-dono’s shop was…
Little bro: Hey…wait…Katsura. Seriously?
You really had no idea? Wait….not just you but…

Little bro: Ikumatsu didn’t notice either?
That the old dude is actually her pops…?
Man, this story’s a laugh riot.
You’re tellin’ me that the old dude’s own daughter forgot what he looks like?
Well, he did go and toss out his bride and his daughter to go hang out at some other chick’s place. So it makes complete sense she’d go and forget his mug.
I wonder what kinda expression he had when he was hangin’ out at his daughter’s ramen dive?
Hey! I ain’t got all day.
He’s here isn’t he? Hurry up and drag his ass here.
Well I guess we got a little time to play with right now eh?
Cause I doubt Katsura-san the boy scout is gonna just sit back and let us off the old fart.
So how about you guys go ‘head and look for the old dude in my place?
I’m asking ya to help me out here. Until we find that old guy, not even a rat is gonna leave this park.
Or course this means you ain’t allowed to go looking for empty cans or food. Basically, unless you find her pops, this place is gonna be your grave.

Little bro: Katsura, if you don’t want any more victims,
I suggest you join in our little search party, find pops and bring him to me.
Oh and don’t go thinking anything funny bro, cause I’ve got the entire city’s homeless population in my back pocket.
I’m pretty sure that the Hokuto Shinken’s trash…
Is a gathering spot for homeless guys too.
Katsura: Bastard…!!
Little bro: This is all a part of my revenge.
Now be a good boy and bring me the head of the father of that woman you've fallen in love with.
On a silver platter.
Hey, I’m pretty sure even Ikumatsu would be overjoyed to the point of tears…
If you bring that worthless head to her!

(Sfx- Pachi pachi *crackle*)
Homeless dude: Kami-sama…
What should we do now…?
It’s just as you said Kami-sama….with that lot around, only disaster will befall us..
We have to hurry and chase them out of here.
Who on earth is Ikumatsu’s father?
I’ve never heard of that guy…
Musashi-like person: No need to worry…
We’ve already found Ikumatsu’s father.
Now hurry and let us deliver sunglasses here to that man at once.
(Sfx- Gagoooon *droop*)
(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
(Sfx- Gonyo gonyo *whisper whisper*)
Katsura: Hasegawa-dono, please try to bear this for now. Ikumatsu-dono is a hostage in this situation too it seems.
Gintoki: Tao Pai Pai won’t keep quiet about this drop in quality dude. We’ve got no other moves in this situation.
Hasegawa: Before worrying about Tao Pai Pai’s drop in quality, about about we do something about Commander Ikari’s degredation?!
(TN- I suppose he means Ikari Gendou from Evangalion. Finally Sorachi acknowledges the similarity in character designs for those two.)

Musashi-like person: Listen up. You guys will use sunglasses there as a decoy….but act with caution.
Meanwhile I’ll use this secret path to escape from the park and away from those people.
Homeless dude: Kami-sama…
Musashi-like person: There’s something more important you guys can be doing moreso than looking for this Ikumatsu person’s father.
First and foremost you need to make sure she’s in a place safe from danger. That would be for the greater good, no?
Of course what I should be doing for the greater good is protecting others! Whether they be someone’s father or a useless bum!
Hasegawa: Um, what about the useless bum with sunglasses here? Doesn’t he deserve your protection?!
Musashi-like person: You’ll help out here.
Homeless guy: What are you saying Kami-sama?
You’re acting as if you’re going senile, but you’re supposed to be our guide!
Musashi-like person: Who’s going senile?! I was born with a paper fan in my hand!! I was born to be the straight man!!
C’mon!! Follow me!
(Sfx- Dopaaah *sblooosh*)

Homeless guys: Hey, we’ll take good care of things here…
So we leave Kami-sama…
To you guys.
???: So in the end, I’m the leader of these idiots uh…?
I hate this…when I get out of here, I’m gonna find a job for real.
This is just a temporary retreat isn’t it? It can’t be helped since it’s not like they’re gonna find anyone in the end.
Katsura: This is incredible though…how did Ikumatsu-dono’s father become homeless?
And then he’s go to meet his daughter without anyone knowing.
To see the family he had turned his back on…
He would hide his face…
If this is the case why would he suddenly decide to hide his face anyway?
Did he think his daughter wouldn’t be happy to see him?
Gintoki: What father would be happy to see his daughter shacking up with a long haired weirdo?
Gintoki: Shut up dude. What do you think will happen if those guys above hear us? Moreover, if you’re not used to being the straight man don’t strain yourself.
Musashi-like person: That’s right. Leave the straight man act to me.
(Sfx- Dooonn *blooosh*)

Hasegawa: Kami-sama’s being swept away!!
Gintoki: Nah, it’s not like that Hasegawa-san. See now this time this dude can act like a real straight man unlike how he’s been in regards to Ikumatsu’s…
(Sfx- Dopaaah *splaaaash*)
???: Geez you guys…
I dunno if we’re looking for someone or whatever…
But at this rate we’d better forget the beauty that is the surface.
(Handwritten- Here, have some bread crusts.)
Musashi-like person(?): I said it before didn’t I? Everyone there has pretty much forgotten their pasts.
They’re not going to be able to get anything decent out of them.
Hasegawa: Nah, If you’re talking about forgetting pasts, that didn’t happen.
Deep down, rather than not remembering it’s more like they don’t want to remember.
They’re just a bunch of guys with pasts that drag them down is all.
Old lady: I’m sorry…
I’ve been hiding things from you all….
Not just you people, but M’lady Ikumatsu-sama…

Shinpachi: You’ve been hiding things?
Old lady: But M’lady seems to trust you all so I felt that I should tell you this…
At one time before he died, her husband had come inquiring about this situation just as you had.
The land lady was still in relatively good health, but the two of them seemed to be arguing about something and I happened to overhear…
Husband: Why won’t you tell Ikumatsu the truth of the matter, mother?
If this continues then she’ll always misunderstand her father’s intentions.
Mother: That’s fine. That man has already died once…
When he abandoned Ikumatsu and I.
Husband: He didn’t abandon you…
He simply forgot didn’t he? ….He can still be saved.
Mother: Oh? And what should I tell her?
That her perfect father went out and rescued a child who was drowning in a river?
And after believing that he’d never be seen again…
He actually completely forgot about us and ended up in the arms of another woman?

Mother: That man is no longer the person we know, nor is the person we know anywhere to be found.
At this point it is too late to do anything.
With things as they are, this is the best path for that child.
Hasegawa: But that old guy hasn’t forgotten anything.
He has a memory defect? Maybe. Even what happens today to that guy will be forgotten by that guy tomorrow.
In the end after rolling from here to there he ended up being carried in with the trash.
Just like that he was an old man without memories of his relatives or his past…
Until on a certain day a man appeared before him.
Dude: After all of my searching….
I finally found you.

Dude: I’m sure you don’t remember me…
But I haven’t forgotten the moment that I made that obligation to you.
If you don’t remember, then you don’t need to.
If you don’t want to come with me, then I won’t force you to.
Just please…one more bowl…
Won’t you come and eat one more bowl of ramen with us?
I don’t think I can ever repay the obligation I owe you…
(Sfx- Pota pota *drip drip*)
Dude: That I’d let you become this ragged…and end up in this state…I don’t think I can ever make up for it…but…
At least if you can come to our place and see that your daughter is healthy….that’s all I want.
And at that time I can be the one to save your life….
Please honor this youngster’s request.

{Ikumatsu. This is to us, an established end of the year event.}
{If anything should happen to me, you make sure that old guy gets his fill.}
Hasegawa: As the guy petitioned his elder he gave him a sideways glance…
Just to find that the old man was just staring up at the sky.
However at the end of the year…
He would decide to set out on his own somewhere.
He was a man of habit…
It was a strange thing…he had no memories left, but it seems that much he’d never forget.
Lil’ Ikumatsu: Daddy!

Lil’ Ikumatsu: Can’t we have a bowl full of soba for this year’s New years meal?
Mom: Don’t be selfish Ikumatsu.
Dad: IT’s just as your mother says. This is more than enough.
Moreover we can split this into three…
And here.
Ikumatsu: Really? I can have this Daddy?
It’s so much for just me!
Dad: That’s fine. Dad and Mom will eat after work.
Besides there’s no way Daddy will be able to finish this…
(Sfx- GUuuuuuh *grrrowwwwl*)
(Sfx- Ahahahaahaah)

Old lady: Daigo-sama seemed to be so happy.
{I ain’t gonna be able to finish this on my own.}
Old lady: In the end…
They were able to eat together as a family of three.
His memory impediment has probably become full blown senility…
So he’s probably completely forgotten his appointment with the ramen shop but…
(Sfx- Bushii *riiip*)
???: I ain’t gonna be able to finish this on my own.

Ikumatsu’s dad: Want some?
(Sfx- Guuuuuh *rrrrrrrrh*)
(TN- Bitchsmacked. Sorachi style. I I can’t even….alhtalthaolry83238lt5y2ql.)
???: It seems that…
He hasn’t forgotten that much even now.
Gintoki: This old guy….
Hasn’t forgotten anything.

Katsura: If he remembers this much…
(Sfx- Mogu mogu *chew chew*)
Gintoki: That’s good enough.
Hasegawa: Gin-san, Zuracchi?
Little bro: I see…
Welp, I’d like to thank you gents…
For bringing Ikumatsu’s dad to me just as you promised.
Katsura: Y—you bastards!! Why are you here?
Little bro: It’d be trouble for me if you go underestimating my web of homeless people.
Anywhere without roofs is a part of our stronghold.

Little bro: And now the flames have been lit.
I had a feeling you’d try to make a move Katsura…
(Sfx- Garaaaa *clatter.*)
Little bro: Don’t worry, I sent an invite out to Ikumatsu too.
After all, she’s the main heroine in my little story about revenge.
(Sfx- Guraaari *wibble*)
(Sfx- Dorshaaaa *craaaash*)
Katsura: This presents a bit of a problem.
(Sfx- Shyuurii *slifft*)
Katsura: As we have an appointment at a certain location…
For a bowl full of ramen.
(Side text- Danger approaches!!!)

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Congrats.. :)
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